How To Write The Best Special Occasion Wishes

There are so many special occasions in our lives. So many opportunities to tell the people that we love that they are appreciated. But finding the perfect words to convey those special occasion wishes can be a bit tough. 

Whether it is a new job for your hubby, the graduation of a girlfriend, or just to say Happy 1 Year Anniversary to your girlfriend,  do not miss the opportunity to let special people know that you recognize them and that you are proud.  Other times there may not be an occasion, but you just want someone to know how you feel. Waking up with a certain “urge?” Let him know with a naughty text.  Thinking about her at bedtime. Send her your love

Below you can find links to articles containing hundreds of sayings, greetings and wishes to help you commemorate the celebration of the important life events that happen in our lives and the lives of those we care about. Use them freely, that’s why we put them together.  Along the way you may find useful links to get cards and unique gifts as well.