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Sweet Retirement Sayings for Husband

When your husband decides to retire, you want to make him feel special, and help ease the anxiety that sometimes comes along with this exciting chapter in life.   As your husband enters this new phase of life, it’s important to let him know how proud you are of all he’s accomplished.

Let him know it’s been an honor to watch him work hard every day, and you know he’s going to enjoy this well-earned retirement.

Let him know how much you are looking forward to spending more time with him and doing more fun things together.

This list of  over 100  retirement wishes for husband, will help you to do just that.  

Coming up with some great retirement wishes for husband will celebrate his dedication and hard work, and show him just how proud you are of him, and what an amazing husband he is.

Sweet Retirement Wishes for Husband:

  • Wishing my hard working husband a very happy retirement.
  • You have done enough my amazing husband, now it’s time to chill!
  • Now we get to spend time together darling husband, enjoy retirement!
  • Have fun enjoying your free time, my wonderful husband.
  • Enjoy your retirement, I am excited to spend some quality time with you.
  • Now, we get to finally live life the way we want to!  
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What Can I Write to my Husband for Retirement?

🏖️ Wishing you a retirement where we can finally spend time together doing the things we both love to do.  Wishing my husband all the happiness in the world.

🏖️ Now we get to live life the way we want to.  I am excited to enjoy this new life of ours.  I want to finally spend some quality time with you, I love you!

🏖️ Since I met you, you have always known what to do with your time. You have raised wonderful children, held a wife in her moments of triumph or darkest hours, and taken charge of incredible projects. Take it from me, you have successfully made your mark… I could not be more proud of you, honey. Congratulations on your retirement and cheers to us on the next chapter of our life. 

🏖️ Cheers to my husband’s retirement.  We no longer have to plan our time together around your week anymore.  It brings me great joy to spend as much time as I can with the love of my life.  Cheers to us honey.  

🏖️ I know you’re going to enjoy your new retired life, and now you get to do exactly what you enjoy doing.  Welcome home my amazing husband!

🏖️ On the eve of your retirement, I want to thank you for all that you’ve done for our family over the years.  You have enjoyed a very successful career, been your own boss, we are so proud of you.  Tomorrow you get to start a new job, as my husband and just that!  Cheers to all the retired years ahead of us.  I am excited to enjoy every minute with you!

🏖️ Wishing a very happy retirement to my amazing husband, this is a new chapter in your life, and I can’t wait to spend time with you more often.  Happy retirement sweetheart. 

🏖️ Now, you get to finally enjoy life, and all the new adventures we have ahead of us.  I’m so glad you’re finally home, I love you xo.

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What Are Some Good Retirement Quotes?

No matter how long you’ve been married, seeing your husband retire is a big deal.  After years of hard work, he deserves a well-earned break.  So what do you say to wish him all the best in this next stage of his life?  Here are some ideas to get you started.

🏖️ We were both so uncertain of ourselves when we first met. Throughout these many years together, we have helped each other in making our dreams come true, and I am so grateful for that. We have made this place our home, and I am so glad to be enjoying it with you around more. 

🏖️ I have never known a time when you did not work. You give attention even to the smallest things in our house. Now that you’re retired, I hope that you can give that much attention to yourself. No one deserves it better than you, gorgeous.

🏖️ Okay, what do you say in a retirement speech?  First of all, I am so happy for me, now I get to have you home all day.  I get to hang out with my wonderful husband, and try out all the new adventures I have been planning for years.  Are you still sure you want to retire????

🏖️ Enjoy your newfound freedom and your well deserved retirement, my beloved husband.  

🏖️ You have had the most remarkable career, but now is the time for us to start living life!  I want us to enjoy this well deserved retirement and start planning fun vacations.  This is going to be a fun new chapter for us.

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🏖️ While you were away at work, our children have finished school and married. Our grandchildren have learned to walk, read, and converse. Neighbor’s have come and gone.  Many seasons have changed. The one thing that has not changed is how hard you have worked to make our lives better, and how much we love you. Happy retirement darling, and welcome back home!

🏖️ A new chapter in your life begins with you not working anymore!  In your youthful years, you were free to explore the world and leave your legacy in it. In your middle-aged years, you taught our children how to do the same. It’s about time that you reap the rewards of your hard work. I’m just super excited to be spending more time with you, my one and true love.

The trouble with retirement is that you never get a day off

🏖️ Since you’re retiring, my full time job officially starts now… just kidding! I’m really looking forward to having you home with me, not only throughout the nights, but also throughout the days. You have always taken care of me, now it’s my time to take care of you.  Happy retirement day my dear.

🏖️ Dear husband, I am so glad to hear that you re finally retiring. After all that you’ve contributed to that company, you will undoubtedly be more than missed. Now,  we get to enjoy retirement together.   

🏖️ Your retirement announcement has filled my heart with immense joy and excitement. I know that no matter what you’ll do with your time, it would be something  fun (as always). Happy retirement darling.   

🏖️ Happy retirement! My soul was so filled with happiness when you first told me about your decision… you can finally sleep every night without much worry. Remember that even though one chapter of your life ends, another one opens, and this is a super fun one!  

An older couple hugging after his retirement

What is a Good Happy Retirement Message?

Put one of these retirement messages in a retirement card, put a bottle of bubbly on ice, and get ready to celebrate his well deserved retirement!  

🏖️ Happy retirement, sweetheart! Do you remember all those things we said we’ve always wanted to do, but couldn’t because you were always busy? Well, now we get to go do them!

🏖️ Dear Husband, may your retirement be filled with many new adventures, meaningful moments, and much laughter. 

🏖️ I only want to say one thing: for your hard work and dedication to our family, you deserve the best retirement one can ever dream of. I will be there for you as you step into this new journey. Good luck and happy retirement.

🏖️ Have fun with your new-found freedom! Cheers to making your retirement a dream come true! Much love from your loving wife.

🏖️ Sending only the best retirement wishes to the man who has been my oh so reliable partner in crime, caring best friend, and love of my life! Wishing you (and me) a very happy retirement.

older couple enjoying retirement

Retirement Wishes for My Husband

Check out some of these sweet retirement wishes for husband you can use to send to your own on his retirement day!

Pick out a retirement message that speaks to you and write a note to your amazing husband on his retirement!

🏖️ Are you looking forward to venturing into this new land of retirement with me? I think I am! Let’s really enjoy the retired life, happy retirement sweetheart.

🏖️ Love, you have been very successful all your life. In retirement, I know that you will be blessed with new opportunities and escapades. 

🏖️ Congratulations on your retirement, hubby! You’ve worked extremely hard these past few years, so I want to wish you a happy life with me, our children, grandchildren, friends and family. You have more than earned it.   Happy retirement day my darling.

🏖️ You are the only one able to make me cry tears of joy, because you are the reason for much of my happiness.  There is no-one I admire and respect more.  Please accept this retirement card as a token of my love for you, and cheers to the joy retirement will bring us, happy retirement day my love.

🏖️ Congratulations! You must be so proud of what you’ve achieved. This chapter of your life may be coming to an end, but I know that new and exciting adventures await you in the next one. I love you more than anything, sweetie. 

🏖️ Husband dearest, the day has come that you can finally enjoy life to the fullest. Enjoy your nice retirement day!

🏖️ My love, you have been nothing short of a massive inspiration for me. And I am very proud of you and your career. My life’s most treasured achievement is our marriage and I am so excited to be able to spend more time with you now.  Happy retirement, and here’s to many memorable retirement days together!

🏖️ Today, my wonderful husband is finally coming home.  He is such an important person in my life and I miss him when he’s at work.  Retirement means I get to have him home more, we get to go on dates, start new hobbies together and have lots of fun together.  He also gets to have some free time to focus on him.  Enjoy your retirement, my love, you deserve it. 

🏖️ Dear husband, I will be by your side as you start this new (and relaxing) beginning. Cheers to a fantastic retirement.

🏖️ Retirement is a new adventure for us!  I’m looking forward to exploring new hobbies with you and spending more time together.  Happy retirement my love. 

🏖️ Retirement means traveling more, staying up later, not caring what day of the week it is.  Sending happy retirement wishes to the best man I know!

🏖️ My darling husband, you are everything a woman could dream of: a true gentleman. And a true gentleman like you deserves to be treated like royalty every day of his life, including on this special day. May this day mark a wonderful new beginning, happy retirement love.

Retired husband and wife enjoying bike ride

Retirement Speech for Husband

🏖️ Thank you all for sending the most wonderful retirement messages to my wonderful husband.  Although this is a new chapter for us, we are excited to get started.  Enjoy your retirement my love. 

🏖️ Retirement is a time… a time to feel glad to be alive, grateful for the relationships we have fostered, and proud of all that we have achieved. Life does have its ups and downs, but it is nevertheless good! I can’t wait to finally travel the world with you, simply because there is absolutely no one I would rather do it with.  Happy retirement day my love.

🏖️ Dear hubby, happiest of retirement to you! I wish you all the best in this brand new chapter… where I am your boss.   Let’s cheers to retired life!

🏖️ To my newly retired husband.  Ready for a new challenge? You’re stuck with spending every day with me now!  Are you excited to start life with me?

🏖️ Retirement means no stress, no pressure, no headache… unless you play chess. Anyway, may you have a wonderful retirement!

🏖️ As one chapter ends, another begins. Consider this an extended vacation that never ends. Congratulations and welcome to your new-found freedom! 

🏖️ Now that you’re free from the grip of that company, you can finally do whatever you want… as long as you do them with me, of course. Happy retirement!

🏖️ I’m scared now, cause they say that a wife’s job officially starts when her husband retires… Joking! Like I haven’t been taking care of you my entire life? Happy retirement, dear! 

🏖️ When you reach retirement, your wife gets twice the ‘honey”  but only half the money!  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there’d be a shortage of fishing poles.

Congratulations On Retirement Sayings

Choose from these cute retirement message for your farling husband and write him a cute card for his happy retirement day!

🏖️ The key to great retirement is to find joy in the simple things. Good Luck to you!

🏖️ The money may not be better in retirement, but the hours sure are! Let’s make the most out of it. Here’s to a great one! 

🏖️ When you retire, you switch bosses, from the one who hired you to the one who married you. So as your new boss, I would like to welcome you to this prestigious company. Happy retirement!

🏖️ Congratulations on your retirement, dearie! As you leave your old boss in the past, its time to face your new one: your lovely wife. You are expected to report to me on everything. 

🏖️ What do you call someone  who enjoys a  Monday morning? Retired! Congratulations on your retirement! Along with happy Mondays, I wish you even more cheerful Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Now, let’s celebrate this milestone. Happy retirement my love.

🏖️ When ‘I’m too old for this shit’ becomes your daily mantra, you know it’s time to exit the game. And its about time… happy retirement! I hope your retirement years will be full of adventures and many more special moments…….with me! 

🏖️ Bye Bye Tension, Hello Pension. Your full-time job is done, now let’s make the most of your retirement!

🏖️ You may be old enough to retire, but I know that you are still young at heart. Best wishes to you on this new and exciting chapter in our lives.  Happy retirement sweetheart. 

older couple enjoying some red wine

Retirement Wishes for My Husband

🏖️ You have more than made your mark and paid your dues. Now, put on your party pants and dance with me! Happy retirement, sweetie.

🏖️ Behind most retired man is a wife wishing he would go back to work. But that’s not me. Or maybe later. I will let you know! Congratulations on your retirement!

🏖️ Sending you the heartiest wishes for your retirement! Can’t wait to see you soon and give you a proper hug.

🏖️ All the best for an amazing retirement! Enjoy this new chapter in life, where no one can tell you to do anything… except for me.

🏖️ You may perceive retirement  as boring, but with me around, it will be anything but!   but think about it… now you never have to ask for a day off again.  

🏖️ None of us could have asked for a better boss, and I’m lucky to also have you as my husband. My heart is overjoyed. Wishing you relaxing years ahead! 

🏖️ As one chapter comes to a close, another one is ready to be discovered. Congratulations on your retirement!

🏖️ Happy retirement to the greatest man I know! Are you ready for that golf trip you were always telling me about?  Best wishes on your retirement.

Welcome home in pink

Retirement Wishes To My Husband

🏖️ Along with your funny moments, you will always be remembered for your accomplishments. Thank you for all the guidance you have provided our team with. You always put in so much effort in everything you do.  Now you get to do that for yourself. 

🏖️ Even though you’re retired, people will always know you as a hardworking man. Indeed, retirement less responsibility and no more work… except those to do tasks around the house, of course! 

🏖️ Now that you’re retired, I can ask you to do more stuff around the house… Like you always say,  lady needs her help, doesn’t she? 

🏖️ Here’s to a fascinating and relaxing retirement! Enjoy the fruits of your hard labor from all these years.   You can switch bosses now and hand the reins to our son!

🏖️ You have made us and our business better, and for that we thank you. Hope your retirement life will treat you well!  Enjoy all your free time.

🏖️ I’m so happy to see you finally reach your goal! Retirement signifies new beginnings for you, so go seek out all the best things that life could possibly offer. 

🏖️ You’ve worked your entire life to be where you are today, and you more than deserve it. Happy retirement, handsome! 

🏖️ You are more than just a spectacular husband, you are also an exceptional co-worker. You have taught me the best little tips and tricks to deal with many issues. Enjoy your much-deserved retirement!

🏖️ Thank you for being a shining star for me and our team. Your hard work and dedication have been super inspiring. I love you for that and so much more, honey. Happy retirement. 

🏖️ Thank you for always believing in us and pushing us to realize our potential. Enjoy all the beautiful retirement messages from everyone who loves you.  

🏖️ What to say in a retirement message to my wonderful husband?  Honey, you have worked so hard, putting in long hours,  and dealing with a lot of stress.  Now you get to enjoy your golden years with me.  Your co workers will miss you, but I am excite to have you home!

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Retirement Sayings For Husband

🏖️ All the wonderful things you’ve done for us will forever stay in our hearts. Enjoy your retirement and live the good life!

🏖️ Fret not, retirement is here! Leave your past behind and embrace your new future.  Have a fantastic retirement

🏖️ Retirement is all about being thankful for yourself and all that you’ve worked for. Enjoy the years ahead! 

🏖️ With this letter, I wish you an absolutely amazing retirement life. Although, it does feel like you just started working yesterday!

🏖️ All the best wishes on your early retirement. I know that new opportunities and rewards await you in your retirement years.

🏖️ Thank you for always motivating us to be our best selves. You are really pleasant to work with, not to mention to take home… Your work will never be forgotten.

🏖️ The way you for always driving us to do our best. We wish you a splendid retirement with years of glee to come!  

🏖️ It’s hard to say goodbye, but know that the grass is definitely greener on the other side. A happy retirement awaits you!

🏖️ We hate to see you go, but knowing that you’re on your way to getting the rest you deserve gives us happiness. Congratulations!

🏖️ It will be tough to find someone that works as smart and committed as much as you are. Nevertheless, the rest of the team and I would like to wish you a lovely retirement! 

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Congratulations on Your Retirement Husband

Pick a retirement message that speaks to you and write it in a retirement card for your wonderful husband’s retirement!

🏖️ You can now finally bid farewell to slow weekdays and pointless staff meetings. I’m excited for you!  Welcome to retirement life!.

🏖️ You make a fantastic co-worker, and an even more delightful husband. Happy retirement, my dear! I’m just glad I that I won’t have to say goodbye to you at home…

🏖️ Congratulations, my hubby! Retirement is the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. Let’s that it is just as good, or even better!

🏖️ I’m glad that you’re finally having your freedom. Here’s to all your success, treasures, and happiness! I’m excited for all the things we can do now that I have a retired husband at long last!

🏖️ Now that you got your boss off your back you can do what you want, when you want… as long as I approve of them, of course! You can never get rid of me.

🏖️ I know that you’ve never pictured yourself in retirement… Well, by the marking in your calendar of this day, I’m sure you’re at least looking forward to it. My love, very big congratulations.

🏖️ You’ve worked so hard for your family and deserve to take a break. Let’s raise a glass to my amazing husband!

🏖️ I can tell that you loved your job. Today, I pray that retirement brings you just as much joy and fulfilment.   Wishing you a very happy retirement, I think you’re going to enjoy a retired life. 

Sample Retirement Speech for Husband

🏖️ You’ve broken your back so many times for your career… I truly hope that your new found freedom in retirement brings you jubilation, relaxation, and pride for all that you’ve done.   Happy retirement love.

🏖️ The staff hopes that you enjoy your retirement as much as they’ve enjoyed having around the office. Lucky for me, we still sleep in the same bed… Here’s a retirement gift to commemorate the day! Happy retirement honey.

🏖️ As soon as a husband retires, he’s fully responsible to his wife. Glad to see you got promoted to the toughest job around!

🏖️ Very few people were brave enough to walk the path you did. Now, I’ll see to it that you take some (plenty) of time for yourself and that you’ll get back to your hobbies. Again, congratulations and happy retirement sweetheart!  

🏖️ On your retirement day, I would like to say that you are an irreplaceable gem, and always will be. That’s why you will be deeply missed in the workplace. 

🏖️ Make sure you savour retirement like you enjoyed working with all of us! Also be sure to send us a postcard from your next trip.

Congrats on a wonderful retirement in blue

Sincere Retirement Wishes For Your Hubby

If your husband is about to retire and you want to to write some sweet retirement wishes to him, check out these happy retirement wishes for husband – we know he will appreciate these very happy retirement wishes.

Put these retired husband wishes in a birthday card and see how much they mean to him.

Happy retirement wishes just for him.

🏖️ I’m beyond lucky to have a man like you as my husband. You’re not just hardworking and brilliant… you never fail to make me laugh. Congratulations on your retirement, you funny man!

🏖️ Although you’re no longer getting paid days off, at least you have the freedom to sleep anytime you like. Happy retirement! For you, Monday will now be just another day. No need for fear or dread on Sunday night. What a life you’ll be having,

🏖️ Travel, relax, enjoy life and spend all the kids’ inheritance (they shouldn’t know?). That’s what you get for making your dreams come true! 

🏖️ In retirement, I wish you good health, wealth and happiness. I will continue to support you in anything you do, sweetie. 

🏖️ To my husband retiring, I don’t know of anyone who puts in as much effort in a job as you!  Your hard work is greatly appreciated by your former bosses, and now it’s time for a long vacation!   

🏖️ Now that you’ve retired, you can start experiencing all of the wonderful things I’ve heard you talking about over the years! Let’s start with the long-awaited retirement party.

🏖️ Leaving your job doesn’t mean you’re off the hook… you still have your wife to please, remember? Best of luck!   Welcome to retired life – you’re going to love it.

Retirement Sayings for Husband

When a man retires and time is no longer a matter of urgent importance, his colleagues generally present him with a watch.

I always likened retirement to falling off a cliff, and then you have to kind of brush yourself off.

Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.

I never had the sense that there was an end: that there was a retirement or that there was a jackpot.

It’s paradoxical that the idea of living a long life appeals to everyone, but the idea of getting old doesn’t appeal to anyone.

I think that retirement is the first step towards the grave.

Often when you are at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.

The company gave me an aptitude test and I found out the work I was best suited for was retirement.

I have long been of the opinion that if work were such a splendid thing the rich would have kept more of it for themselves.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if retirement is a reward for a lifetime of hard work or a punishment.

100+ Retirement Sayings For Husband