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Deep Quotes About Love and Pain

Deep quotes about love and pain!  There is no greater pain than to love someone in vain.  For countless centuries, philosophers and poets have wrestled with the idea of love.  its meaning, its purpose, its power.  And yet, for all our understanding of love, we still find it so often elusive, slipping through our fingers like sand.  To love and not be loved in return is perhaps the most painful experience of all.  Yet even in the face of unrequited love, we continue to search for that one special person who will understand us and love us unconditionally.  Because in spite of the pain, love is still the most beautiful thing in the world.

All of us have been hurt before. And all of us have loved. These two experiences are inextricably linked, because to love is to open yourself up to the possibility of pain. But even though we know this, we can’t help but wish for our loved ones nothing but happiness.  Here are some deep quotes about love and pain, these sad quotes can be used for yourself, or for someone you know who is broken hearted.  

Woman crying as ex boyfriend walks away

What Is The Saddest Quote About Love?

One of the most painful things to go through is a breakup.  If you yourself are going through a break up, or you know someone who is heart broken, grab some tissues, and let the tears flow with these deep quotes about love and pain.  When relationships fail, it’s almost like a death!  You have all these memories with your loved one and your heart is breaking.  So, take some time for yourself, and wallow in your sadness and tears!  If you are looking for the right words to send your friend, these sad love quotes should help.

💕 Sadness can spread over your life like a fog, but fog clears up when you let the sunshine in.

💕 Love is what makes us better people and it is worth fighting for.  So, even though love can sometimes be painful, it is always worth it in the end. 

💕 Love is worth the pain, it’s natural to ensure a broken heart, when you break up with someone, but we should always remember the good times, acknowledge the bad times, and realize it’s best to move on. 

💕 Because you’ve been deeply hurt, your love story had a terrible ending. Your heart’s broken, but keep the door open, because your one true love is out there waiting for you.  

💕 He will not remain in your heart forever, he will remain there until your true love comes knocking!

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💕 Unrequited love is some of the worst pain that you can feel, but you can always love someone else, but it will take time to get over him.  Give yourself the time you need.

💕 Going through life broken hearted isn’t fair to yourself, so have a good cry, but then move on.  Your person is still out there, you just haven’t found them yet!

💕 Relationships have to be mourned before you can stop loving the one who made your heart break. 

💕 Even though it hurts to have a sad love story ending, we’ve all gone through it.  When you find the person you are going to spend your life with, this too shall pass. 

💕 Experiencing the way that love hurts doesn’t mean that you should be afraid to fall in love again.  Let your feelings out, and remember your person still hasn’t found you yet!

💕 You can’t control if someone leaves you broken hearted, but you can choose NOT to break someone else’s heart break.

💕 Having your heart broken doesn’t mean that you’ll stop loving someone right away, and that is the greatest pain!.

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💕 Just because love hurts sometimes doesn’t mean that it always will!  When you finally meet your person, you’ll know why you had to go through this pain!

💕 Although on the surface you’re calm, I know that your unrequited love has you in agony.  If you’re lonely heart needs come company, call me.

A female friend helping another friend through a breakup

When You’re Hurt By Someone You Love Quotes

Every relationship has its ups and downs, but when you hit a tough patch, it’s important to remember that you’re not alone.  Breakups are hard, and when relationships fail, it can be the saddest thing at that time.  Here are some sad love quotes to help comfort your friend or sibling.

💕 Suffering is inevitable in any love story; only, very few have a happy ending.

💕 Comparing pain isn’t right when sad love stories are being shared.

💕 Without pain, we would never know how precious and fragile love is.  We would never appreciate the joy and happiness that it brings into our lives.  Pain makes us stronger and more compassionate.  In the end, love is stronger than pain.  It’s what gives us the strength to keep going, even when everything feels hopeless.

💕 Hurting each other doesn’t mean you didn’t fall in love, but it does mean it’s time to move on.

The word ‘happy’ would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness

💕 Never give 99 percent of yourself when someone else is only willing to give 1 percent, or you’ll be destined to have a  broken heart.

💕 Love hurts at times no matter who it comes from, so just focus on being with someone who’s worth the pain.  

💕 When you’re with the person you’re supposed to be with, the hope is that your love outweighs the pain you go through.

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Hurting Relationship Quotes

You will never forget the one who caused you to have a broken heart, unfortunately we have to go through a lot of frogs until we meet the special person who becomes our real love.  These sad love quotes are perfect for someone who is dealing with a broken heart.

You won’t forget the person who broke your heart, but all the little pieces of broken heart will come back together when you meet the one!  Use these sad love quotes to cry a lot, allow yourself time to grieve, and when it’s time to move on, get back out in the dating pool.

💕 Sometimes love hurts so badly that you don’t care if you ever fall in love again. My hope is that you will fall in love many more times.

💕 Some people would prefer a leg break to a heart break.

💕 When love hurts so badly that it leaves physical scars, it’s time to move on.  

💕 Hearing sad love songs won’t heal your heart, but it’s a good way to grieve the relationship.

💕 In some cases, the same person that hurts you the most is the one you fell in love with.

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Sad Quotes About Love and Pain

Loving someone can be a painful thing, it’s not like a natural death where you won’t see that person again.  Instead, you may end up running into this person time and time again, and then you will have memories flooding your head.  It’s imperative that you go through all the pain of a breakup, to get over the person.  Use these sad words and sad love quotes to have a really good cry over him, and only then can you start to move past this.

💕 Being broken hearted is like living with a permanently empty heart.  

💕 The prospect of staying in love can sometimes make us feel that we don’t care if we have to change who we are. 

💕 Disappointment at the time you’ve lost is part of why sad love stories hurt so badly.

💕 Trying to fall in love after a breakup can be like climbing a mountain after falling off.

💕 You think when you meet the right boy, that you will be with that boy forever, unfortunately that doesn’t always happen. 

💕 Being in love is amazing, until it isn’t!

💕 When you meet him or her, you have hope that this is the one!  You have all the symptoms – the pounding heart, the sweaty palms, and the gigantic smile.  sometimes it is the right one, and sometimes it isn’t!

💕 You were the only boy I ever loved.  I still have all the butterflies when I see you.  Breakups are hard!

💕 You have to fall in love a million times, until you find your forever boy!

💕 We all have hope that we will fall in and out of love at least once in our lifetime!

It is sad not to love, but it is much sadder not to be able to love.

💕 Respecting yourself also means not tolerating abuse from anyone else, even if breaking away leaves you broken hearted. 

💕 Loyalty doesn’t mean refusing to stop loving someone regardless of how they treat you, but rather, it’s trusting someone who’s earned it from you.

💕 The greatest joy in life is falling in love with someone.  The most painful thing is falling out of love with a person.

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Painful Love Quotes For Him

💕 Maybe you feel like your only choices after a heart break is to forget her or wait for her; however, you can learn from your memories and move on altogether.

💕 When a love story turns into a nightmare, it can feel like getting out of bed is less possible than slaying a dragon.

💕 Words can make you fall in love, and just as quickly they can leave you broken hearted.

💕 Just because you stop loving each other doesn’t mean you stop caring.  Allow yourself time to grieve

💕 Unrequited love is a sweet, yet sad, song that plays for no one.

💕 Life is a hallway full of doors so that you can shut out heart break and open the door to a new love story.

💕 A sad love story is like a candle that stops burning half way.

💕 Nothing makes you feel more alone than to fall in love and be rejected.

💕 Because you would always find comfort in the one that caused you the most pain, love hurts in a special way.

💕 The same kind, loving, positive energy in you that attracts people is what leaves you broken hearted when they take advantage of you.

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Love Pains Quotes

If you or someone you know is going through a breakup, use these sad love quotes to grieve with them and acknowledge their feelings.  They are feeling sad and lost, and alone in this world.  Be there for them, but let them grieve this loss.

💕 Letting someone hurt you doesn’t mean that they won’t stop loving you.

💕 Never make excuses for someone taking advantage of your unrequited love.

💕 Good morning,  I am checking in to see if you need to talk today.  I am here if you do.

💕 Heart break is the worst way that you can hurt someone, because it’s entirely your decision.

💕 It’s hard not to hate the person you just broke up with, but remember you were in love with them once, You can feel sad, but try not to hate what you once had.

💕 I don’t care how old you get, you can fall in love or experience heart break, just like a teenager.

💕 Moving on is more than to stop loving someone, it’s the process of learning to love yourself again.

💕 Being in unrequited love is like bungee jumping without a harness.

💕 Fancy gifts, cards with love quotes, and endless texts won’t save you from heart break if their mind is made up.

💕 Preserving your love story isn’t worth having your life force drained.

Gifts For Friends After a Breakup

Quotes About Pain and Love

💕 Knowing you’ll stop loving each other as quickly as you move on.

💕 Feeling like they don’t care that you poured all of yourself into the relationship.

💕 I have laid awake thinking of you, until finally sleep arrived.  I am finally over the other side.  I miss you, but I don’t love you anymore!  

💕 Sad love stories are often full of betrayal, lies, and cheating.

💕 Having your heart break because doing what’s best for you means turning your back on someone else.

💕 Thinking that everyone else knows about your relationship drama, and having to pretend that you don’t care.

💕 Not wanting to admit that you were wrong about being together forever.  

💕 Remembering how much you did together, and realizing that you’ll be doing those things without them.

💕 Realizing that you fought your hardest to keep your love story intact, but your partner just gave up.

💕 No matter what age you are, breaking up with someone is heartbreaking!

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Being Hurt By Someone You Love Quotes

💕 Forgetting someone who gave you your best memories is impossible, even if they stop loving you.

💕 If you were listening when you broke up with me, you would have heard my heart break.

💕 With the wrong person, love hurts; however, I’m hopeful that I can find love that feels good in the future.

💕 Although you said you don’t care how I feel, I know it’s because unrequited love isn’t a problem you’ve ever had.

💕 Hearing our song, watching our favorite movie, or seeing someone similar to you will always be a reminder of our sad love story.

💕 It’s hard to stop loving you, even though you don’t care to be around me any more.

💕 There’s a special place in my heart for you, so I guess I’ll always be a little broken hearted.

💕 I’ve been thinking that if love hurts this much every time,  I’ll try not to fall in love again.

💕 Everything about our love story was a tragedy except for falling in love, so I’m kind of relieved that it’s come to an end.

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Pain in Relationships Quotes

💕 The harder you fall in love, the harder it hurts when someone stops loving you.

💕 Living with pain to keep a love story alive isn’t really living at all.

💕 All of the excuses for hurting your feelings won’t make you forget the cause of your pain.

💕 If no one’s there to hear it, does a heart break make a sound?

💕 Regardless of how many times you say you don’t care, it isn’t that easy to stop loving all at once.

💕 Memories of yesterday’s love hurts just as badly tomorrow.

💕 Pain is necessary for growth, so being broken hearted now means having a stronger heart later.

💕 Without some heart break, a love story isn’t that interesting.

💕 After you’re pricked by a thorn, you don’t care as much about the beauty of the rose.

💕 Like plunging into dark water, to fall in love is an uncertain and sometimes terrifying endeavor.

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Quotes on love hurts

💕 Heart break is real, my chest is burning with a pain that can only mean that something is broken.

💕 Emotional scars don’t show on the outside, but love hurts as much as any injury.

💕 Because you don’t care about me anymore, it hurts me even more that I can’t stop loving you.

💕 Broken hearted is an understatement, because my whole world is in shambles.

💕 Enduring the pain of unrequited love is like forgetting how to be cheerful.

💕 Listening to sad love songs and eating ice cream are only minor side effects of a heart break.

💕 Just like how your heart pounds when you fall in love, it hammers away when you’re rejected.

💕 I will continue to fall in love, and probably have my heart broken, until I find the one.  

💕 Absorbing all of the emotions from others is dangerous when you surround yourself by the broken hearted.

💕 Emotion isn’t something that you can run away from, so embrace it.

💕 Marinating in your pain will season you to fall in love again, and experience new flavors in life.

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Love Hurts Quotes for Her

💕 Crying a river won’t bring you back, but that doesn’t make me want to stop.

💕 Regardless of how good it feels to be free, severing from love hurts as much as being betrayed.

💕Heart break may slow you down in life, or even stop you for a while,  but you can still move on.

💕 Battling between feeling broken hearted and not being able to stop loving someone is a fight that’s all your own.

💕 Experiencing betrayal, anger, and sad love life regrets can make you feel that you don’t care if you ever fall in love again. 

💕 Another chance to fall in love isn’t out of the question, but you won’t get another heart.

💕 Larger than life but hidden from sight, my heart break is worse than wounds from a fight.

💕 Thinking that someone you adore can just stop loving you can make you feel permanently blue.

💕 Like riding a bicycle, being in love means falling hard and having to pick yourself up; however, love hurts a lot worse than a skinned knee.

💕 Numbness is worse than feeling sad!  It’s the absence of all feeling, even if the cause is a sad love story.

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Hurting Relationship Quotes

💕 Before you start watching sad love movies and eating junk food, give me a call: I’d like to join you!

💕 No one can change the things that are awesome about you, even if they leave you broken hearted.

💕 Sharing is what friends do, whether it’s good times or heart break. Therefore, feel free to share your pain with me, and then we can share a good time!

💕 Even if you feel like no one loves you, I’ll never stop loving you as your friend.

💕 Because I’ve felt the way that love hurts, I understand that unrequited love is as painful as any other loss.

💕 Talking to you always cheers me up, so I hate to see you broken hearted.

💕 Words won’t ease the pain of your heart break, so I won’t waste inspirational love quotes on you- however, you can always look to me for encouragement.

💕 Painful love story endings are softened at least a little when you fall in love again.

💕 Perhaps you’re so stricken by unrequited love that you think I don’t care, but if you only ask for comfort, I’ll be right there!

💕 Having your heart broken is a symptom of being a wonderful, loving, and caring person.

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Short Sad Quotes About Love And Pain

💕 True love is a flame that can lead you through darkness or consume you with a fiery heart break.

💕 Committing yourself for life to someone just to have them quit is one of the ways that love hurts.

💕 Holding a special place in your heart from someone doesn’t mean they won’t stop loving you.

💕 Hearing a sad love song made me think of you, because you made me fall in love and now you make me blue.

💕 Even after everything, I will always love you.

💕 Worse than any other feeling, being broken hearted is realizing that your only love can stop loving you in an instant.

💕 Not in my life but always in my heart, I wish I didn’t fall in love from the start.

💕 Crying over how you made my heart break would flood the world again.

💕 Dark, depressed, sad quotes about love and pain are all that speak to me as I realize that love hurts like nothing else.

💕 Like a gloomy day, my thoughts are a thunderstorm that leaves my body shuddering from heart break.

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Inspirational Messages About Pain And Love

💕 Enduring pain from heart break is the best way to grow your future relationships.

💕 For the chance to fall in love to come by again, you have to move past your pain.

💕 Hardships, like sad love stories with painful endings, are the building blocks of life.

💕 Perhaps you don’t care to step out of your comfort zone, but it’s the best way to achieve greatness.

💕 Suffering is never in short supply, but niether are friendly people with love in their hearts.

💕 Among all deep quotes about love and pain, there’s always opportunity to fall in love and feel the pain all over again.

💕 Ending your insecurities is as easy as realizing that it’s easier if you don’t care what others think about you.

💕 Among all of the wonderful things about being in love, there’s the risk of being broken hearted.

💕 Be willing to say that you don’t care how many times you get rejected because you can always fall in love again.

💕 Despite the heart break of your unrequited love, you can look forward to new beginnings now that you’ve accepted an ending.

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Why Does Love Hurt So Much Quotes

💕 One thing that you can count on in life is that love hurts more when you put all your heart into a relationship, but your other half was barely contributing.

💕 Making yourself happy is necessary to be happy with someone else, so don’t be content with an abusive, painful, or sad love connection.

💕 Loyalty should never come before your self respect. I don’t care how much time, energy, or emotion that you’ve spent on someone, staying with them isn’t worth losing your identity.

💕 Like hugging a cactus, unrequited love stabs you in places that you didn’t even know could hurt.

💕 Cutting your losses and ending a painful relationship doesn’t mean that your time together was wasted, but rather, none of your future will be wasted on someone that doesn’t appreciate it.

💕 Writing your love story was a full time job for you, but a side gig for your partner. Having said that, it’s no surprise that your sad love story ended with deep quotes about love and pain.

💕 Don’t beat yourself up if you fall in love with someone who breaks your heart, because it’s not only possible but almost inevitable.

💕 Feeling like you have to convince someone to be with you is a sign of unrequited love, and an excellent opportunity to abandon ship, before you’re forced to walk the plank. After all, there are those who would throw you a life preserver rather than throw you overboard.

💕 Letting someone go might not mean that you stop loving them right away, although you’re broken hearted, angry, and frustrated. Even still, you have to put distance between you and focus on yourself so that you can move on with your life.

💕 Never lose yourself to heart break; if you only dwell on the pain, you’re punishing yourself for something that you didn’t do. In order to get your chance to fall in love again, you have to give yourself permission to be happy.

Painful Love Quotes For Her

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

We can ignore even pleasure. But pain insists upon being attended to.

Don’t cry about your past. Life is full of pain. Let the pain sharpen you, but don’t hold on to it. Don’t be bitter.

My focus is to forget the pain, mock the pain, reduce it.

Much of your pain is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self.

Pain and pleasure like light and darkness, succeed each other.

Pain is immune to love.

The pain of the little finger is felt by the whole body.

Sometimes pain can drive a man harder than pleasure.

There is nothing more suitable for the purposes of the universe than pain; never a day when you suffer is a lost day.

Deep Quotes ABout Love And Pain