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Best Comebacks for Shut Up!

We’ve all been there. Someone tells you to “shut up,” and you don’t know how to respond. Well, don’t worry, that’s going to change right now we I get you prepared with some witty comebacks for shut up!  These snappy comebacks are sure to get the message across without escalating the situation. Here are my favorite comebacks for shut up.  Enjoy! 

Just remember not to stoop down to their level; stay composed and remain confident in yourself and your opinions. 

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How Do You Respond Back to Shut Up?

We’ve all been there, you’re in the middle of a conversation and someone tells you to shut up. It’s one of those moments that can really throw you off balance, but don’t worry! We have some ideas for witty comebacks to respond and handle the situation with confidence. Here are creative comebacks for shut up that will show your antagonist that you won’t be intimidated and your humor won’t be squashed. Most bullies won’t know what to do with a witty comeback, except look stupid!

😃 I’m sorry, what was that? I couldn’t hear you over the sound of my awesomeness.  Trust me, they will stop talking when this witty comeback comes out of your mouth!

😃 I’ll stop talking when you start making sense.  This is a really effective response because it shuts the person down straight away because you just embarassed them in a smart way!

😃 Thank you for your input! I’ll be sure to take it under advisement.

😃 I appreciate your opinion, but I respectfully disagree.  I like this playful response, because you’re not really being rude back when someone tells you to shut up, but this response will indeed shut them up!

Snappy comebacks to shut up!

😃 Silence is Golden – Sometimes, the best response is no response. When someone tells you to shut up, try just giving them a blank stare instead of engaging in a verbal sparring match with them. The longer you can hold back from responding, the more uncomfortable they will feel about their own words. Plus, this comeback shows that you don’t let others push you around!

😃 Please do – This witty comeback is simple and straightforward but still has a lot of impact. It instantly puts the other person on the defensive by turning their words right back onto them. Plus, it shows that you won’t take disrespect from anyone!

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Good Comebacks to Shut Up

Here are some snappy comebacks for shut up when you don’t particularly want to remain silent or remain calm!  So the next time someone tells you to shut up, try using these funny comebacks and see what happens.  The best comebacks usually get the other person to stop talking immediately, and ‘vacate your space’!

😃 I’m sorry, were you talking? I couldn’t hear you over my own voice.” This response works well when someone tells you to stop talking.  It throws a bit of sarcasm into the mix, which can be very effective when faced with an aggressive person who doesn’t want to admit they were wrong in the first place.

😃 You know what they say, if you don’t have anything nice to say…shut up!” This response is both cheeky and lighthearted, making it perfect for those situations when you just want to diffuse a potentially tense situation with a joke or two.

😃 Feel free to walk away!  I like this response because it makes dumb people look even dumber!  

😃 I’m sorry did you just fart?

😃 I’ll stop talking when you start making sense.

😃 Your opinions are like assholes: everybody’s got one and they all stink.

😃  I’m not going to dignify that with a response.

😃 Sorry, I didn’t hear you over the sound of how correct I am.

😃 Thanks for the input, now please go away.

😃 You’re entitled to your opinion, but you’re not entitled to my attention.

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Good Comebacks for Shut Up!

When someone tells you to shut up, you should always have some witty comebacks in your back pocket!  Most rude people don’t expect any witty comebacks, so if you have one, they tend to put their tail between their legs and leave.  Here are the best comebacks to get annoying people to shut up!

😃 That is great advice, feel free to follow it!

😃 Are you having a bad day, do you need a hug?

😃 What important person are you to tell me to shut up!

😃 Shutting up would require effort on your part, and we both know you’re not capable of that.

😃 Why are you still talking?

😃 Oh be quiet!

😃 Find someone else to annoy.

😃 Nobody cares, go away!

😃 Talk crap to someone else!

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Roasts That Will Make Someone Shut Up

I don’t like rude people, they make me mad!  Most people when they don’t like what someone is saying, they walk away or ignore what the person is saying, or wait until the conversation gets good.  Unfortunately there are really dumb people in the world who enjoy trying to make people look bad.  They talk rubbish, and offer unsolicited advice.  The next time someone decides to tell you to shut up, I want you better prepared with the best comebacks possible! 

Here are the best comebacks when a rude person tells you to shut up.

😃 The middle one’s for you.  Start walking!

😃 Are we friends?  No, then why would you think I care what you have to say!

😃 Somebody has too much time on their hands.  Keep walking.

😃  I’m not going to dignify that with a response.

😃 If I did shut up, would you say something interesting?

😃 You’re entitled to your opinion, but you’re not entitled to my attention.

😃 I’m sorry, did you hear me ask for your opinion!

😃 Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

😃 I’m having too much talking with my friends, why are you here?

😃 Are you going to be a stupid ass your entire life?

😃 Like, your opinion is important for me to hear!

😃 I see your mouth is moving, but nothing of value is coming out of it!

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Good Comebacks for Guys to Shut Up

Sometimes the best thing to do when someone tells you to shut up is to ignore the person and keep talking.  This can drive them crazy because their rude comment didn’t make you mad!  Other times though, the best thing to do is to talk back and show up the rude person.  Embarrass them in front of your friends and make them look stupid!  Here are examples of a good comeback you can use!  These snappy comebacks will help put them in their place!

😃 Do you feel better now that you got that out?

😃 Does that make you feel like a big person?

😃 I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that. Could you please repeat it slowly and loudly? I don’t want to miss a word

😃 Thank you for your input! I’ll be sure to take it under advisement.

😃 Your opinion is very important to me! Please continue sharing it , oh I’m sorry, I thought we were sharing jokes.

😃 Wow, I had no idea you knew so much about the subject! Please speak, tell me more. I’m all ears.

😃 Oh I’m sorry I didn’t realize you were such an important person…..NOT!

😃 Laugh – when a rude person tells you to shut up, laugh and poke fun at them.  Watch them get quiet within minutes!

😃 I was trying to figure out what you were saying, but I got lost somewhere around “blah blah blah”.

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Smart Comebacks to Shut Up

You should always have good comebacks to shut up in your back pocket.  Unfortunately, you are going to be told that by at least one person in your life.  When someone has a bad day, they tend to lash out at the happiest person they see and jump in full of hate!  

Here are some funny comebacks to shut up that will hopefully help the other person see they are doing the wrong thing and walk away.  If not, you will at least make your friends laugh out loud, and make the person feel like a fool!

😃 I’m sorry I zoned out for a minute, were you saying something important?

😃 I’m sorry, I didn’t realize that you were an expert on any subject.

😃 Did someone invite you into this conversation?

😃 That’s a really rude thing to say!

😃 Are you being funny or just rude?

😃Have you been an asshole your whole life?

😃 Please continue talking, what did YOU want to add to the conversation? 

😃 I guess your mother never taught you that if you don’t have something nice to say, shut up!

😃 This is one of my best comebacks to shut up!  Is there an off switch for you somewhere?

😃 I’m all ears, let’s hear what amazing things are going to come out of your mouth.  We’re all waiting quietly to hear what you have to say!

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Witty Comebacks for Shut Up

 It’s a universal truth that there will always be someone who tells you to shut up. Whether it be in the workplace, at home, or out and about in public, having someone tell you to shut up is one of the most irritating experiences. But rather than letting this person get the better of you, why not use some of the best comebacks for shut up, that will leave them speechless.

Check out our best comebacks for shut up.  I hope you enjoy them.

😃 Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed.  Why don’t you head home and try again tomorrow.

😃 Speak now or forever hold your breath.

😃 Don’t you get tired of making mistakes, like interrupting people who are waaay smarter than you.

😃 Your mouth keeps moving, but noting intelligent is coming out!

😃 I’m all ears.

😃 Is there a reason you’re being a b**** today?

😃 Do you ever have the ability to say something nice?

😃 Is there an echo in here? Because I could have sworn I just heard you say ‘shut up.

😃 Thank you for your input. I’ll be sure to take it under consideration as I continue to be awesome.

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Most Creative Comebacks for Shut Up

Everyone needs a witty comeback for a jerk telling them to shut up!  We’ve compiled the best comebacks to shut up.  Use this great advice to make the ignorant, rude person look like a fool!  A witty comeback is no match for a fool!

😃 Stop talking, you’re embarrassing yourself!

😃 Wow, it’s amazing how much hot air can come out of one person’s mouth!

😃 Sorry, I don’t speak idiot.

😃  Thank you for trying to bring me down to your level, but I’m just too darn awesome for that.

😃 Please stop trying to ruin my day with your negativity. I’m just too darn happy for that!

😃 Oh, were you still talking? I’m sorry, I drifted off for a minute thinking about how much better my life is without having to listen to you.

😃 Thank you for your input, now please be quiet so I can ignore it.

😃 Now we all know why you don’t have any friends!

😃 Is that the best you can do?

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Shut Up Comebacks

A witty comeback is the best way to get back at someone who tells you to shut up!  These snappy comebacks will put them right in their place!

😃 I’m guessing you’ve never won ‘the most popular’ award in school?

😃 Why are you even here?

😃 You first!

😃 Thanks for sharing.

😃 Buzz off.

😃 Oh, I’m sorry, I thought we were having a grown up conversation!

😃 What did you just say?

Best Comebacks to Shut Up!