Upcoming Card Giving Holidays


We all have the need to connect with others. The tradition of sending a hand written card or note is too often forgotten in today’s fast paced world, which makes it all the more special to receive. Even a text with the right quote, or saying can make a big impact in the life of someone you care for. When a friend is ill or in need of some inspirational message, or when you just want to tell a co-worker that you are thinking of them, use this site to find the right greeting. 

For life’s special occasions, a well written message is just the right thing.  Sending your best wishes to a loved one for their birthday, wedding, or special occasion lets them know that you care. But finding the words to convey your feelings is not always easy. That’s why we have created this site. To help you find a special way to let your loved ones know you are thinking of them. 

Do you need to send birthday wishes to your lover?  Has a friend or loved one had a special occasion in their life, but you didn’t have the right saying for the event? Or is it just one of those times that you want to let her know how deeply she is loved? Maybe you always want tp be one of those people who send a card for all the special holidays? We are here to help. Just browse through the menu to find hundreds and hundreds of sayings, wishes, greetings, and quotes that you may feel free to use as often as you wish. 

If you have an awesome wish you’d like to share with the world, just let us know- we’d love to add it to our list. 

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