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Thank You Note to a Dog Sitter

If you’ve ever had to leave your furry friend in the care of a pet sitter, then you know how nerve-wracking it can be.  You want to make sure that your dog will be well cared for in your absence. So, once you’ve found the best pet sitter, don’t forget to show your appreciation by giving a thank you note to a dog sitter that is reliable and you can trust.

If you’re not sure what to say to your pet sitter, check out our thank you notes below.

African American female pet sitter with German shepherd

What to write in a pet sitter thank you note?

Just like anyone else who does a good job, your pet sitter deserves to be thanked for taking such wonderful care of your dog!  Caring for another person’s dog is a big responsibility, and pet sitters put in a lot of work to make sure your pets are happy and healthy while you are away.  A simple thank you note goes a long way in showing your appreciation for all that they do!

🐕 Thank you so much for the great care you took with _________ this past month.  This unexpected work trip came up, but I knew he was in good hands with you.  I am extremely thankful to have you in our lives.

🐕 Thank you for watching our dogs while we were away on vacation, you truly gave us peace of mind!

🐕 To our dear petter sitter thank you for taking such good care of our pet cat.  She is getting older, and needs some extra tlc, and we can see that you did that.  Thank you for spending time with her, we appreciate you more than you know.

Dog sitting is an important the dog owner.

🐕 You have been a gift to this family!  I hope you know how much we adore having you as our pet sitter.  We are so thankful for you.  Our hope is that you never tire of us lol.

🐕 Thank you dear pet sitter, we always feel secure when we leave our pet cat with you.

🐕 Thank you for taking such good care of my dogs.  They almost look forward to me leaving, so they can spend time with you.  That’s how good you are at pet sitting.

🐕 Again, thank you so much!  We’ll be sure to call on you again for pet sitting the next time we go out of town.  And please feel free to come and visit us any time, our dogs love visitors.

How Do You Say Thank You to a Dog Sitter?

Looking for ways to thank a great pet sitter?  Check out our thank you note examples below!

If you are lucky enough to find a good pet sitter that takes really good care of your animal.  Take the time to send some thank you notes from time to time.  Sending a thank you note to a dog sitter makes the pet sitter appreciate you too.

🐕 We have told all our friends and family about you, and your dog sitting service.  Prepare to have lots of new dogs for you to walk.  It gives us peace of mind having a responsible dog sitting service such as yours. 

🐕 We really appreciate all the effort you put into taking care of our dog and taking her on fun walks while we are at work.  She seems to love your treats more than ours!

🐕 Thank you for being the best pet sitter, our dog adores you, because you take such wonderful care of him.

🐕 Thank you for agreeing to pet sit on such short notice.  Your pet dog sitting services are so important to my husband and I.  We just wanted to take a moment to express our gratitude to you.

🐕 If you are lucky enough to find a pet sitter you can reply on, even though you are paying them for their service, it’s nice to buy them gifts from time to time.  So, if you are ever in  a pinch, they will be happy to help out, because you have been so thoughtful to them.  A gift goes a long way!

Dog Sitting Gift Ideas

Thank You Note to Dog Sitter

Did you know that good pet sitting services are hard to find?  If you are lucky enough to have found the best pet sitter, take the time to thank them for taking care of your pets.  Check out our best pet sitting  thank you notes below.

We have compiled the best thank you note wording you can send to your pet sitter to say thank you.

🐕 Thank you so much for taking care of our dogs last weekend, I couldn’t believe you even took the time to feed our rabbit and our cats.  You have our full gratitude.

🐕 We know our dog can be a handful sometimes, but you are the one person she behaves for.  We are so glad to have you in our life.   THANK YOU!

🐕 Your pet sitting service has been a life saver for us this past year.  Thank you for taking care of our dog again, on such short notice.  You are an awesome pet sitter!

🐕 Thank you for being flexible with your schedule and accommodating our last-minute request for your pet sitting service!

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Pet Sitting Thank You Notes

Everyone has been in the position of having to leave their dog while they ae away, and it can be difficult to find someone to trust someone else with your furry friend.  When you are lucky enough to find great pet sitting services, make sure to send some pet sitting thank you notes so you stay on their good side!  

Remember they have new clients contacting them every day!  Dog owners are always looking for a new favorite pet sitter.  You want to make sure yours is well taken care of.

🐕 Thank you so much for pet sitting this past weekend, our dogs loved having you around.  We’re so glad to have found you!

🐕 Thank you for being such a responsible and reliable pet sitter, our pets adore you.

🐕 I wanted to take a moment to send you a note to thank you for taking care of my dog this week, and making sure she was fed.  It sounds like a small thing, but my pet and I appreciate you.

🐕 Dear pet sitter,  my hope is that you NEVER LEAVE ME.  My rabbit feels the same way too!

What Do You Write on a Dog Sitter Note?

Most people know that thank you notes are a polite, classic way to show your appreciation.  But what exactly do you write in pet sitting thank you notes?  

See our thank you note wording samples below and send some to your pet sitter to let them know how much you appreciate them.

🐕 Thank you so much for house sitting last weekend, you are a true friend to step in like that for me.  My pet says thank you too!

🐕 I have recommended your pet sitting service to anyone and everyone I know.  I cannot express my thanks enough for all that you do!

🐕 Our pets mean everything to us! Thank you for treating them like family.

🐕 We are extremely thankful to have your pet sitting service.  You are an incredibly caring person, and our pets just love you.

🐕 I am writing this note to let you know how much we appreciate your thoughtfulness, we look forward to continuing your services for a long time.

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Send a Thank You Note to Your Pet Sitters

Letting your pet sitter know how much you rely on them to take such good care of your pet, is always a good idea.  Here are some ideas for what to include in a thank you note.

🐕 Thank you so much for watching our dogs while we were away!  We really appreciate it, we know they can be a lot of work, but we love them to bits.  Thank you for taking the time to play with him and his sister.  

🐕 Your pet sitting service is one in a million!  We appreciate all that you do!

Sending a thank you note to a dog sitter can put you at the front of the line the next time you have an emergency!

Thank You for Pet Sitting