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Make Someone's Day Brighter - Send a Get Well Message Now!

Being sick is a tough time and let’s face it, being sick isn’t fun!  There are many ways to lift someone’s spirits during this time. One way to cheer up a friend or family member who’s under the weather is by sending them some heartfelt get well messages. Not only will such a message communicate how much you care, but it will also let them know they are not alone in this.

If you’re not sure what to write, we have put together the best and most creative get well soon messages that are sure to uplift your loved one’s spirits.

Get Well Message for a Loved One:

  • Wishing you a swift recovery and brighter days ahead
  • Sending healing thoughts your way for a speedy recovery.
  • Get well soon; you’re missed more than words can express.
  • May you find comfort and strength in these challenging times.
  • Hoping each day brings you closer to a full recovery.
  • Rest, recharge, and get well soon; we’re all rooting for you.
  • Sending you healing vibes and warm wishes for a quick recovery.
  • Wishing you a quick and complete recovery; looking forward to seeing you back on your feet soon.
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What Do You Write in a Get Well Soon Card?

When it comes down to what to write as get well messages, it’s pretty simple really – let the person know you are there if they need anything, and continue to check in on them.

The get well soon message will differ a little bit depending on who you are sending the get well soon messages to.  If it’s a family member or friend, the card will be different than if it is your boss or coworker!

Check out the best get well soon message below!  Always remember whatever you do, they will appreciate the thoughtful gesture.

👍 Dear friend, I just wanted to remind you that you’re stronger than you think, and this sickness is just a temporary hurdle. Your courage and spirit inspire me every day. Wishing you a speedy recovery and sending you all the positive vibes in the world. I hope you feel better soon.

👍 I wish you a quick recovery, and that you get back to your amazing self soon.  I hope you feel better, I know that ______ is taking extra good care of you!

👍 I know you begin treatment today and I wanted you to know that I will be thinking about you.  I hope you get better soon, just know that I am here if you need anything!

👍 Wishing a speedy recovery to my dear friend, get well soon _____, I will be by later to check on you.  I’m sorry you have to eat hospital food, I will try to sneak something in later for you.  

Friendship is the greatest healing therapy!

Get Well Soon Messages for a Family Member

Sometimes, all your loved one needs are some warm and sincere get well soon messages that will brighten their day. You can choose to write a personal message telling them how much they’re missed, how special they are, and how their presence in your life has made a difference.

You can also express words of hope, love, and encouragement for a swift and easy recovery.  When you’re feeling unwell, any well wishes are welcome

Get Well Soon!

👍 I know this time is tough, but please remember that you’re not alone. Your strength and resilience are incredible, and I believe in your ability to overcome anything. Take it one day at a time, and soon, this will be just a distant memory. Sending you healing thoughts, good health, and warm hugs.

👍 I was sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well, please let me know if there’s anything I can do for you, I’m around, I hope you make a fast recovery, I know how much you hate being sick!

👍 I hope you are feeling better, please let me know if I can help in any way.  Please take all the time you need to heal, and remember that I’m here, ready to support you in any way you need. Wishing you a swift and smooth recovery.

👍 I wanted to write you a get well soon message because I heard you weren’t in good health, and I hate being so far from you. I hope you feel better soon

Get Well Soon Gift Ideas

Wishing Well Messages for Friends

Here are some get well soon messages to help someone feel better.  There is nothing worse than feeling sick and poorly and it makes a big difference when someone reaches out to you with a personal message to wish you well!.

Here are some get well quotes to send some healthy vibes to a friend who is not feeling well.

👍 I want you to know that you’re not alone in this journey. Your friends and family are here to stand by you, supporting and loving you every step of the way. Take your time to heal, and remember that each day brings you closer to wellness. You’re in my thoughts, and I’m sending you all my love and positive thoughts, and of course lots of well wishes.

👍 These get well wishes are for you, I know that ____ will take extra good care of you.  I’m sure your hospital food tastes horrible, so I will make sure to have your fridge filled with homemade cooking for when you get home.   May godbless you and keep you safe, lots of love.

👍 I know these days might seem endless, but please know that your strength amazes me. Your positive attitude and determination are inspiring, and I have no doubt that you’ll conquer this challenge. Remember, it’s okay to have bad days; they remind us of how strong we are. Wishing you comfort, strength, and a speedy recovery. You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

👍 I know how much you hate to get sick, but this too shall pass.  Your dad said you are on the road to recovery, which I’m so glad about.  Keep up your positive attitude of yours, I’m here if you need me.

Get Well Message

Being sick is tough, and sometimes all it takes to brighten someone’s day is a few kind words. If you have a loved one who is feeling under the weather, you might be wondering how to send a get well message that will make them smile.

Look no further! With these thoughtful get well message ideas, you’ll be on your way to writing the perfect get well message in no time.  All anyone needs is a little encouragement to start feeling better!

👍 Take care, rest up, enjoy your hospital stay (if you can)and get well soon; your resilience inspires us all.  Make sure you get enough rest, and you’ll be up and around before you know it!

👍 Get well sunshine,  I’m looking forward to feeing you tomorrow, I hope you feel a little better, please let me know what I can do to help.

👍 Wishing you a speedy recovery, I can’t wait to see you next week, please make a fast recovery, so we can hang out.

👍 Sending lots of love your way,  I can’t remember you ever being sick like this, feel better soon friend.

Sorry to hear you are not feeling well, hope you get better soon.

👍 So sorry to hear you are unwell, wishing you a swift recovery and lots of love. We’re all sending you well wishes, feel better.

👍 These thoughtful get well wishes are just for you. I sincerely hope you get better soon.

👍 Sorry to hear you are not feeling well.  I hope you feel better soon and make a quick recovery so we can get together real soon.  Please let me know if I can help in any way.

👍 I look forward to seeing you soon, please get better, there is a nasty flu going around.  Please accept my best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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Get Well Soon Wishes

Sending a get well soon message to someone who is feeling under the weather is a kind and thoughtful gesture that can make their day. When you’re feeling under the weather, it means a great deal when someone you know reaches out with some get well soon messages.  

If you don’t know what to write in a get well soon message, think about these ideas.  Think about the person you’re writing to and what they might appreciate. Do they have a favorite TV show? A hobby they love? Incorporate those personal details into your message. It shows that you put thought and effort into the message and makes it more meaningful. 

So, next time someone is sick, don’t hesitate to send them some get well wishes to let them know you’re thinking of them.  Start with these thoughtful get well wishes to send them.

👍 Get well soon hone,  I seriously hope you feel better soon.  Make sure you get plenty of rest, so you can get back to your amazing self.

👍 I hope you feel better soon and can get back on your feet, I know you’re not happy when you’re down!  I’m sure you’re inundated with well wishes, as we all miss you so much.

👍 Feel better soon, may god bless you and keep you safe.  Let me know if I can help at all.

👍 Sending healing vibes your way. Take care and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Woman at computer trying to work but sick

A Collection of the Best Funny Get Well Wishes

Sometimes the best medicine when someone is feeling sick is a funny get well message or soem silly gag gift that makes them laugh out loud!

Laughter can be the best medicine, so try adding a bit of humor to your message. A witty one-liner or a silly pun can go a long way in lifting someone’s spirits. Just make sure to keep it light and appropriate.  Check out our funny get well soon message that will brighten them up!

👍 Who knew sick days were actually used when you get sick!  Best wishes, I hope you feel better soon.

👍 Hurry up and get well; we’re tired of doing all your chores, and receiving all the well wishes that are meant for you. Who knew you were liked by so many people!

👍 Consider this your doctor’s prescription: laughter, love, and rest. Get well soon, we’re tired!

👍 Heard you were under the weather. Just remember, germs are like your exes – they can’t handle your awesomeness for long! Get well soon.

👍 I’m no doctor, but I prescribe a double dose of laughter and a Netflix marathon. Get well soon, and let the healing binge begin.

👍 Just felt like a rest huh?

👍 Bad news: you’re ill.  Good news: you get to stay in bed and let everyone else take care of you.

👍 I’ve heard laughter is the best medicine. That, and unlimited servings of ice cream. I think we should start there!  Get well soon!

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Speedy Recovery Message for a Friend

Here are the best get well soon messages to send someone who is under the weather!  Make them feel better with a thoughtful gesture like a gift basket, some movies, or bring them over some soup!

These thoughtful get well soon messages will help that special person feel good about themselves, it lets them know someone is thinking of them.

👍 Get well soon; we’re all thinking of you.

👍 Hoping you feel better soon. Take it easy!

👍 Sending warm wishes for a improved recovery.

👍 Get well soon; your strength is inspiring.  Thinking of you and sending healing thoughts.

👍 Wishing you a quick recovery and brighter days ahead.

👍 Get well soon; you’re in our thoughts and prayers.

👍 Sending you my heartfelt well wishes during this challenging time. May your strength and determination guide you through your recovery journey. Take care, and know that you’re in my thoughts, I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.

👍 My well wishes and positive thoughts are with you as you navigate through this difficult time.  Keep your chin up; you have an army of well-wishers cheering you on.

👍 During your period of recovery, please know that you’re surrounded by well wishes, love, and support. Your well-being is at the forefront of our thoughts, and we’re sending you the most positive vibes imaginable.

Get Well Wishes Quotes

Here are some get well messages and get well wishes to send to someone who is not feeling great.  These get well wishes will help them to feel better and feel loved.

What should you write in a getl well message While it’s great to include heartfelt sentiments, don’t overload your message with too much detail. A short thoughtful get well message will be much more impactful than a long and rambling one. Plus, when someone is feeling under the weather, they might not have the energy to read a lengthy message.

👍 Hoping each day brings you closer to recovery. Get well and enjoy all the well wishes, you are missed!

👍 Hoping you feel better with each passing day. Take care!

👍 Sending good wishes your way, hoping you make a full recovery soon.

👍 These get well messages are from all of us here at the office.  You are sorely missed, we need our Executive Assistant back soon, we don’t know what we’re doing.  Take extra good care of yourself and get better soon.

Get Well Soon Messages for a Sick Friend