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Sisters are one the most special people in our live. They can be -in equal parts- friend, mother, protector, antagonist. But you can always count on your sister to be there when you need her. But birthday wishes and birthday cards for sister can be hard to find.Β 

It’s your sister’s birthday, but you’re not sure what to say or how to write a good card that will make her day. You want it to be personal, sincere, sweet yet funny at the same time. And it has to be short enough so she’ll actually read it all!

The Write Greeting is here with all the perfect messages and quotes for your sister on her special day! We have tons of different types of messages including cute quotes about sisters, heartfelt birthday wishes for sisters from brothers, funny quotes about being sisters together forever…and more!

No matter what kind of relationship you two share today (whether you are close or far apart), these messages are just right for celebrating her big day in style. Pick one out now – we guarantee they will bring a smile to her face when she reads them!Β 

Best birthday wishes for sister

What Can I Write In My Sister's Birthday Card?

🎈 Wishing you a very wonderful birthday, sister dearest! Lots of love!

🎈 Happy birthday, sis! Thank you for always making me feel heard when no one else could.

🎈 Dear sister, I feel like the luckiest girl to have you as my family. You mean the world to me. Happy birthday! 

🎈 I’m a bit upset that you took all the good genes from our parents, but anyway… Happy birthday, my lovely sister!Β 

🎈Our parents might have made us sisters, but we became best friends on our own, Happy b’day, fellow princess.Β Β 

🎈 Much heartfelt wishes to my darling sister, today. Have a great birthday! 

🎈 Happy belated birthday, dear. I wish you a year of immense success, abundant happiness, and undying love.

🎈 Happy birthday! We will always be best friends and partners in crime, but you are growing older and wiser by yourself! 

🎈 It is truly a blessing to have such a loving sister. I hope you’ll have a memorable birthday filled with the things and people you love best!Β 

🎈 Sisters are just like a box of candy, full of surprises and sweetness. Happy birthday, beautiful sister!  

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Heart Touching Birthday Wishes For a Sister

🎈 On your special day, I promise to hold your hand through thick and thin for the rest of my life. Have a nice day! 

🎈 I am grateful to have the most adorable, smart, and kind sister. Happy birthday! 

🎈 Happy birthday! I just want to say thanks for being the best person to cuddle with.

🎈 Happy birthday! You’re now officially my SBFF- Secret Best Friend Forever.

🎈 I know that we share a last name, the same parents, and even some clothes… but today is your day. Have a wonderful one, Sis!Β 

🎈 Sisters are God’s way of reassuring us that we will never be alone through life’s journey, and I am so lucky to have you as one. Wishing you happy birthday!Β 

🎈 Happy birthday! Today, I hope I can pay back all the joy you have given me over the years. 

🎈 Happy birthday to the most wonderful sister! I’m so glad our mom and dad decided to give each of us a friend for life.Β 

🎈 My amazing sister deserves a birthday she can cherish forever. Have a spectacular day!  

🎈 My sister, you are truly an invaluable part of my life. Happy birthday, gorgeous!  

You know full well as I do the value of sisters’ affections; there is nothing like it in this world

🎈 You’re the best sister anyone could ever have. You deserve the best today!Β 

🎈 Happy birthday, sis! You are just incredible. 

🎈 I would like to wish you a very happy birthday… and apologize for what might happen in the near future.Β 

🎈 It amazes me how you’re so smart, steadfast, and encouraging. You are truly my inspiration. Happy birthday!Β 

🎈 Happy birthday, my dear sister! Please never lose that beautiful smile.  

🎈 Clothes come and go, so do boyfriends, some friends… but a sister is for life. Happy birthday! Thanks for being my shelter.Β 

🎈 Thank you for being my best friend since day one. Happy birthday! 

🎈 You are so important to me, I love you more that you will ever know. Happy birthday, my sis. 

🎈 I wish you a wonderful birthday! Know that I’m so grateful to have you as my sister.

🎈 Happy birthday! I would probably never say this again… but you are my idol. Throughout these tough times, I have seen how resilient you are. From now on, I will always be there for you like you have been there for me.Β Β 

Fun Ways To Say Happy Birthday Dear Sister

🎈 Cheers to the most lovely, one of a kind, sister. Happy birthday!

🎈 Happy birthday, sis. Please let me spoil you today. 

🎈 Although we don’t talk every day, we still have an unbreakable bond. Have a great birthday!Β Β 

🎈 Sometimes, you are just as delightful and witty as I am, I forget we’re not actually twins. Happy birthday!

🎈 Sisters are like diamonds… shiny, invaluable, and a girl’s best friend. Happy birthday!Β 

🎈 Happy birthday! The least I can do for your special day is make you a scrumptious dinner.

🎈 Thanks for always keeping an eye on me, even from afar. Happy birthday and I wish you all the best!

🎈 I hope my amazing sister will have a big, fat, unforgettable birthday! 

🎈 Happy birthday, hun! Like a pair of Louboutins, I am worthless without you. 

🎈 Happiest of birthdays to the most compassionate person with the most unique personality! Love you, sis.

Two sisters sitting on steps laughing together

Birthday Wishes for Younger Sister

🎈 I am so happy to be able to celebrate your birthday with you today. Hope you’re having a blast!Β 

🎈 On this special occasion, let’s eat plenty of cake and raise a glass to my sister’s success. Happy birthday!Β 

🎈 Happy birthday, gorgeous! There are countless sisters on this Earth, but you’d certainly be number one on the list.Β Β 

🎈 Happy birthday to the smartest and kindest personΒ I know! Now, since we share a lot of things already… can I borrow your car?Β 

🎈 My childhood would have been so boring without you. Happy birthday! 

🎈 I don’t think you realize how much you’ve helped me all these years. Happy birthday, queen!Β 

🎈 You are my sparkle on a dull day. Happy birthday, beautiful! 

🎈 Happy birthday, diva! Congratulations for being one year wiser and one step closer to being able to enter a club.  

🎈 A super happy birthday to the coolest, most awesome sister that has ever stepped foot on this planet!

🎈 Happy birthday! If pharmaceutical companies could get a sample of your DNA, this world would be a better place. 

🎈 Even though we don’t talk like we used to anymore, you are still in my thoughts. Happy birthday wishes to my beautiful sister.Β 

🎈 You are a true beauty, always inspiring me to strive for the best. So, for your gift, I am returning your long lost curling iron. Thanks and happy birthday!  

🎈 Happy birthday, sis! Thanks for being mine and making my days so lively..

🎈 You have no idea how irreplaceable you are to me. Happy birthday, lil sis!

🎈 You might be my only sister, but you’re the best. Have an unforgettable birthday!

🎈 Our sisterly bond was created through the sharing all our happiness, the weight of our burdens, and all other triumphs in life… which makes our relationship so strong. Happy birthday!

🎈 Happy birthday! Having a thoughtful sister like you gives me peace of mind as I know that my journey through life won’t be lonely.

🎈 Like a fine wine, or a block of cheese, you get better with age. Hope you’ll have a memorable day!

🎈 I could never forget our awesome adventures… can’t wait for more! Happy birthday, princess!

🎈 Sisters will always be around. Wishing you a super lovely birthday!

Sisters, as you know, also have a unique relationship. This is the person who has known you your entire life, who should love you and stand by you no matter what, and yet it’s your sister who knows exactly where to drive the knife to hurt you the most.

Emotional Birthday Wishes For a Sister

🎈 Today, I want you to know that I will always be by your side. Happy birthday!

🎈 Happy birthday, sweetie! Most people identify wealth with money, but my riches are because I have you as my sister. 

🎈 We may have our ups and downs, but I could never want another sister. Happy birthday, girl!

🎈 You are truly worth a million bucks. Happy birthday to my lovely sister! 

🎈 Everyone knows that a good person is hard to come by, so having a great sister is a blessing… you must feel honored. Happy birthday!Β Β 

🎈 Have a wonderful birthday! I wish the kind of day you can’t stop thinking about for days to come.Β 

🎈 Congrats for making it this far in your life, sis! You are now officially a hot and legal cougar.  

🎈 At the end of every rough day, seeing you always makes me smile. Thank you for being my shoulder to cry on. Happy birthday! 

🎈 Happy birthday, cutie! There is literally nothing I would change about you.

How To Say Happy Birthday Sister

🎈 I have to admit, I can’t imagine how dull my life would be without my awesome and fun sister… who is also a bit crazy. Anyways, happy birthday!Β 

🎈 Here’s a trans-Atlantic message to wish a very happy birthday to my amazing sister!Β Β 

🎈 As you turn a year older today, I’m wondering why you’re becoming much more annoying rather than wiser… Just kidding, sis. You’re really amazing. Happy birthday!Β Β 

🎈 Thanks for being the perfect role model and my ‘cool’ life guru. Hope you’ll enjoy today!Β 

🎈 Thanks for being my side-kick in midnight get-food-from-the-fridge operations. Happy birthday!

🎈 I’m lucky to have a sister and a best friend in the same person. Happy birthday, beautiful!Β 

🎈 You are like a kaleidoscope… filled with vibrant colors and fascinating patters. Happiest of birthday!Β 

🎈 Happy birthday, my sister! May God grant all your wishes and give you a great life ahead.  

🎈 People could scour the entire universe, but I know that they would never find a sister as awesome as you are. Happy birthday, sis!  

🎈 Dear sister, we have shared so many wonderful memories and lifted each other up through some hard times. I know the future will bring more of the same. Happy birthday!  

We are sisters. We will always be sisters. Our differences may never go away, but neither, for me, will our song.

🎈 Wishing the best birthday to my forever partner in crime for shopping and wine tasting. Thinking of you today, sis! 

🎈 With you, love is true and never ending. Loads of hugs and kisses on your special day! Please stop growing so old…Β 

🎈 To my lovely sister, times with you are amongst the most precious moments in my life. Thank you for being there with me. Happy birthday! 

🎈 Thanks for setting me the perfect example when I was growing up. Happy birthday, beautiful sister! 

🎈 You have no idea how much I’ve looked up to you since I was little. I love you so much. Happy birthday!Β 

🎈 Happy birthday! It’s a rare gift to have a phenomenal sister like you, who always seems to wrap people in your warmth. and I’m so lucky for that.

🎈 You’re a blessing straight from heaven. Wishing you a wonderful birthday, dear sis!Β Β 

🎈 Happy birthday, dearie! We are each other’s soulmates, not even our spouses know us as well.Β Β 

🎈 You are so essential to our family, we would be clueless without you. Happy birthday! 

🎈 May the hardships of life never lead you astray and I wish you the greatest success in anything you decide to pursue. Happy birthday! 

Birthday Gifts For a Sister

How Do I Write A Birthday Card To My Sister?

🎈 Happy birthday, beautiful! Hope this message finds you enjoying your day. Love you. 

🎈 Thanks for not only being my sister, but also my best friend and my mentor. Have a lovely day! 

🎈 To my sweetheart of a sister, I miss you and your quirky ways. Also, I think you would make a great teacher. Happy birthday!  

🎈 You’re the most adorable, caring, and loving big sister anyone can have. Wishing you all the best!Β 

🎈 Happy birthday, my dear sister! Keep on being an inspiration to me and so many others. 

🎈 I want you to know that you are a very special person, not only a great sister, but a wonderful friend. Happy birthday!  

🎈 Guess who’s birthday is it? It’s yours, my best friend in this whole wide world! Now get up and enjoy your day!Β 

🎈 You are the best listener. I know I can always confide in you… Now don’t go spilling my secrets to everybody. Happy birthday!Β 

🎈 Happy birthday, dear sister! Just like you are always there for me when I need you, I will be with you through your ups and downs. 

🎈 No gift can compare to the gift of joy… and I wish you plenty of those today. Have a super birthday!Β 

🎈 Thanks for always standing up for me when no one else did. Happy birthday, sister! I love you.

🎈 Happy birthday, gorgeous! You are so precious to me… you deserve a unique birthday. Let’s celebrate!Β 

🎈 I’m sorry that I can’t be there for your birthday, but you are definitely in my thoughts. Happy birthday and see you really soon!Β 

🎈 Wishing the most amazing birthday to the most special person in my life! God bless you. 

🎈 Happy birthday to the best sister ever! In good and bad times, I will always be by your side. 

Inspirational birthday wishes for sister

Funny Birthday Wishes For Sister

🎈 Happy birthday! My life is so bright and sparkly with you in it. May God bless you with the strength and wisdom to achieve your desires. 

🎈 Let’s get a bottle of wine, order some sushi, and get straight to celebrating your birthday with style!Β 

🎈 As you get older, I would like to remind you that you are NOT too old to hang out with me. A very happy birthday to you, sis.  

🎈 Our sisterly bond is like no other. Happy birthday! (And hope we can still keep sharing some stuff…)

🎈 Dear Mom’s second favorite, happy birthday! But we both know who her number 1 is…Β 

🎈 Happy birthday, sister! Have an ultra nice one. 

🎈 Memories of us will never fade away. Happy birthday, bestie! 

🎈 You always protect me when no one else could… and I’m beyond grateful for that. Have a wonderful day!Β Β 

🎈 There is no where I’d rather be than in the arms of my cuddly sister. Happy birthday!

🎈 I know we have our differences, but even I can’t deny that you’re a treasure. Happy birthday, beautiful!Β 

🎈 I wish I could be there with you right now, my lil sis. I’ll make it up to you soon. In the meantime, have fun!Β 

🎈 I’m starting to realize how fortunate I am to have a sister who CONSTANTLY fills my life with smooch happiness. Wish you a great birthday!Β Β 

🎈 I know that sometimes I don’t act as nice as I should, but deep down, I enjoy having you around. Happy birthday!Β 

🎈 Having you as my little partner is the best. Happy birthday, love. 

🎈Happy birthday, sista! I’ll always be watching out for you.Β 

There is a language every sister knows, a language tender beyond words and rarely spoken. It runs like a string between two hearts, and we only pluck that string in times of trouble. This night […] we speak as sisters.

Happy Birthday for a Little Sister

🎈 I must be so lucky to have such a sweet and awesome sister like you. Wishing you a spectacular and unforgettable day! 

🎈 Congrats for making it this far in life, dearie! Keep on blessing this world with your charming smile. Love you! 

🎈 Happy birthday, my lovely sister. Thanks for your endless cheer and have loads of fun today!  

🎈 Happy birthday, cutie! I hope this year will bring you all the happiness and success you deserve.

🎈 Happy birthday! Whatever the world throws at you, you’ll be able to handle it ’cause I’ll always have your back. Sending loads of hugs and kisses your way.

🎈 Thank you for being so nurturing and inspirational. ‘I am proud of you’ is an understatement. Happy birthday, love!Β 

🎈 Long distances can’t stop me from loving you. Happy birthday, baby sis!

🎈 You are the cutest, best little sister anyone could have. Happy birthday little sister!

🎈 Words can’t describe how much I appreciate you. Enjoy your special day! I love you sister!

🎈 You must be the luckiest girl in the world to have an awesome brother like me. Enjoy your gift! 

🎈 Sister… thank you for being a friend, confidant, and motivator wrapped in one. Wishing you an awesome birthday!

🎈 It never ceases to amaze me how full of joy, love and youthfulness you are. I wish you a Happy birthday! 

🎈 Happy birthday my dear! No matter how old you get, you will always be my baby sister. Keep up the baby steps towards a great success! 

🎈 You are undoubtedly the coolest person in my life. Happy birthday, lil sis!

🎈 Happy birthday to my sister! Go ahead and reach for the stars… but never forget where you came from.Β 

Twin sisters laughing while sitting on the beach

Special Birthday Wishes for Your Sister

🎈 Happy birthday, my little sister! Let me give you a little piece of wisdom… keep going when things get tough. Never give up on your dreams because I believe in you.Β 

🎈 Along with Mom, you are easily the most important person in my life. Have a fun-filled birthday! 

🎈 As this is a special day, let’s eat our hearts out! My treat.Β 

🎈 Happy birthday Keep moving forward and chase your dreams. 

🎈 Thank God I don’t need to look further away than our house to search for the perfect sister. Happy birthday!Β 

🎈 Scientists say aging is inevitable… but they must not have seen you. You are still as beautiful and youthful as you were years ago. Have a fantastic birthday!Β 

🎈 Happy birthday to the most fabulous sister! Remember… enjoy your young years while it lasts.Β 

🎈 Happy birthday! Now that you’re slightly older, can I expect you to be slightly more sensible!Β 

🎈 Happy birthday, sister dearest! Go ahead and devour all those sweet treats. 

🎈 Dear sister, your intelligence and maturity are rare for people your age. Happy birthday! 

Sister. She is your mirror, shining back at you with a world of possibilities. She is your witness, who sees you at your worst and best, and loves you anyway. She is your partner in crime, your midnight companion, someone who knows when you are smiling, even in the dark. She is your teacher, your defense attorney, your personal press agent, even your shrink. Some days, she’s the reason you wish you were an only child.

🎈 I really appreciate you for being patient and putting up with me when I act out. Wishing you a very happy birthday! 

🎈 Happy birthday! Thanks for being the beautiful and captivating person that you are.  

🎈 Dear sister, thank you for teaching me all your ways. I owe a great portion of my success to you. Have a great day!  

🎈 Happy birthday from your best sister! I wish you all the joy and happiness in the world.

🎈 Happy birthday, sis! Let’s go celebrate your awesomeness.

How Do I Wish My Sister Happy Birthday?

🎈 I remember how I used to bathe and dress you when you were younger. Time flies by so fast… Wishing you a very happy birthday and all the best!Β 

🎈 You are more than a sister to me… you’re also my mentor and my best friend. Hope the universe bestows you with happiness today!Β Β 

🎈 Happy birthday, sister! With you beside me, I believe I can handle any challenge in life.  

🎈 Happy birthday, gorgeous! Even though you’re older and wiser, please don’t lose that youthful energy of yours.Β 

🎈 Remember those pillow fights we had as kids and those tiring days at the park? Such good times… Happy birthday!Β 

🎈 Dear sister, you’re kinda okay when you’re not cranky. Happy birthday and have a blast!Β 

🎈 Hope you’re enjoying all those delightful cakes. Have a lovely day!Β 

🎈 You really know how to have fun, don’t you… We’re THE dynamic duo. Happy birthday!Β Β 

🎈 Have an amazing sixteenth birthday! Don’t go too crazy…

🎈 Sometimes you annoy the hell out me, but most of the time you make me feel happy and loved. Thanks, sis… oh, and happy birthday!Β 

Birthday Gifts For Your Sister

Pinterest Type Crafts Delivered To You

🎈 I’d be gone when you wake up, but happy birthday, sweetest sister!Β 

🎈 As you begin another chapter in your life, know that I’m sending you my best wishes and love!Β 

🎈 I can only say I feel blessed to have a sister like you. Happy birthday! 

🎈 May God grant all your wishes next year. Have a splendid birthday!

🎈 I hope your birthday is packed with presents, sweet treats and cheer. Enjoy!  

How Do I Wish My Lovely Sister Happy Birthday?

🎈 Happy birthday, girlie! I might have annoyed you just to get your attention, sometimes… Sorry for that.Β 

🎈 On your birthday, remember to maintain your glee! Also remember that I’ll always be here whenever you need help.Β Β 

🎈 You are the epitome of a caring, loving and respectful person, what more could one ask? Happy birthday, beautiful!  

🎈 My childhood would have been incomplete and dull without you. Happy birthday, sis! 

🎈 Happy birthday, you little rabbit! Our adventures will always be for the history books.

🎈 Since today is your special day, you can have anything you want from my closet. You’re welcome… Happy birthday!

🎈 Don’t worry about losing me, I will always be your best friend. Have a great birthday!Β Β 

🎈 I would have been so lost in life without your guidance. From today onwards, I promise to be there for you too when you need anything!

🎈 Whether we are next to each other, or a million miles apart, I’ll always got your back. Wishing you a wonderful day!Β 

🎈 Happy birthday, my lil fairy! Thanks for being such a sweetheart and spreading glitter in my life. 

🎈 Every night, I thank God for giving me a sister who always thinks of my best interests and helps me fix all my problems. Happy birthday! 

🎈 One pinch of kindness, a teaspoon of coolness, and a sprinkle of courage, and you have the perfect recipe for YOU- the most spectacular sister. Have a wonderful day! 

🎈 We might be sisters by chance, but we are best friends by choice. Happy birthday, love! 

Two african american girls holding up the love sign with their hands

The Best Birthday Wishes For My Favorite Sister

🎈 I’m lucky to find a best friend and a loving sister in the same person. Thanks for everything. Happy birthday!Β 

🎈 Happy birthday, queen! I don’t know what else to wish you… God gave you everything- a beautiful face, a sunny disposition, and an awesome sister.Β Β 

🎈 I just want to say happy birthday to the cutest, most adorable sister in the world! 

🎈 On this very special day, I want to wish the most glorious, fun-filled birthday to my favorite sister! 

🎈 Its funny how we’re basically one soul… when you are sad, I’m sad too. When you’re happy, I’m happy too. But when you’re angry, I hide. Happy birthday!Β 

🎈 Thanks for always helping me through all my problems. I have lived a happy and successful life because of you. Happy birthday! 

🎈 Happy birthday, sis! You are truly the best for always lifting me up the ground, dusting me off and motivating me to move forward! 

🎈 Make a wish, blow the candles, cut the cake and spread the joy because its your special day!  

🎈 Despite all the misunderstandings, disagreements and fights, our bond is still stronger than ever. Happy birthday! 

🎈 Happy birthday, my sister! Nothing in this world matches your undying love. 

🎈 With you by my side, I never feel scared or alone. Have a wonderful birthday! 

🎈 Like Randy Newman says, you will always find a friend in me. Happy birthday! 

🎈 As I lay in bed every night, I remind myself that I am super lucky to have the most supportive, creative, witty and caring sister as my best friend. Have a wonderful day!

🎈 People like you make the world a more bearable place. Happy birthday, sweetheart! 

🎈 Happy birthday! Friends may come and go, but sisters are forever. 

50th Birthday Wishes For a Sister

🎈 We may not be perfect, but we still make a pretty formidable pair of siblings. Happy birthday!

🎈 You will always have a special place in my heart, sis. Happy birthday! Love you. 

🎈 Wishing you a wonderful birthday celebration full of happiness and laughter! My life got a lot brighter since you came into this world.  

🎈 Thank you for always having my back and sometimes guiding me back to who I really am. Happy birthday! 

🎈 Our relationship is like that of two puppies, continuously playing and enjoying each other’s company. Happy birthday!Β Β 

🎈 On your special day, I would like to wish you all the happiness, good health, and success you could ever have! 

🎈 It is a wonderful to have an effervescent sister like you. Happy birthday! 

🎈 Even when we’re fighting over little things, our love remains there. Have a lovely celebration!Β 

🎈 Happy birthday, my sweet little sister. Though I cannot be with you today, I will be there in spirit. 

🎈  You are a shining star to those around you, I hope that you will stay the same as you grow older. Have a nice birthday!  

🎈 If God gave me one last wish, I would ask him to give you all the triumph you deserve. Happy birthday, little princess!  

🎈 Happy birthday to my soul sister! In the coming years, I hope that our relationship will stay as divine as it is now.

🎈 All throughout my life, you are a golden thread. Happy birthday! 

🎈 I’m so sorry that I forgot your birthday, sis! Know that my love for you will never fade,

🎈 No matter how packed my day is, I would always make time to wish my cute sister a very happy birthday! 

How Do I Wish My Elder Sister Happy Birthday?

🎈 Life may have split us further apart, but you still have a VIP place in my heart, Happy birthday, dear! I miss you. 

🎈 Although we might not have been as close as sisters should be, I still cherish all those fun times we spent together. You will always be my adorable little sister. Happy birthday, precious! 

🎈 I hope this day brings you a fulfilling life ahead! 

🎈 Having you as my older sister has been a joyful experience so far. Happy birthday! 

🎈 The day you were born was as if you fell down from heaven. What an exciting day… Happy birthday, lil sis!Β 

🎈 Happy birthday to the coolest sister to ever exist! I love you for always cheering me up when I’m down.

🎈 Happy birthday! Stay cool and I wish you a life full of pleasant surprises. 

🎈 Nothing can describe how happy I am to have you as my closest friend. Happy birthday, sis!  

🎈 Celebrate your birthday like there’s no tomorrow, sis! After all your hard work, you deserve it.

🎈 Dear sister I hope you have a wonderful day! I would never ask for another sister. Happy birthday, dear! 

🎈 Happy birthday! Remember that you are so beautiful inside and out, don’t waste your gift!Β 

🎈 Happy birthday! I have a feeling that great things will happen to you this year. 

🎈 To the most beautiful and stylish girl I’ve ever known- happy birthday! You’ll always brighten up a room when you enter.Β Β 

🎈 Happy birthday, lovely! I wish you a joyful life and more memorable moments.

🎈 We have so much fun when we’re together. Can’t wait to see you again and celebrate our SISTERSHIP. Happy birthday!Β 

When my sister, Joan, arrived I asked if I could swap her for a rabbit. When I think what a marvelous friend she’s been, I’m so glad my parents didn’t take me at my word.

What Should I Write For My Sister?

🎈 I hope this day is as delightful as you are to me daily! 

🎈 Happy birthday, cutie pie. The laughter and joy you effortlessly bring me are undefeated.

🎈 A sister is like a different flower from the same garden… separated but still sharing the same bond. Have a wonderful day!Β 

🎈 Even in the figments of my imagination, you are the best sister and human I know. Happy birthday!

🎈 Happy birthday, dear sister! You add so much color to my life, its out of this world.  

🎈 A birthday cake is always delightful, but being able to give it to you personally here is way better. Happy birthday! 

🎈 Thanks for being such a great and understanding sister. Have a great celebration! 

🎈 Cheers to the person who helped me understood the world better and taught me to appreciate it. Happy birthday, sis! 

🎈 Happy birthday! Though we don’t always talk, you are still a big part of my life.Β 

🎈 You are my main source of inspiration and my greatest friend. Happy B’Day!Β 

🎈 Happy birthday, my gorgeous sister! The sun might run out of energy one day, but my love and admiration for you are undying and resilient.  

🎈 If I was asked to lay out all your amazing qualities, we would be here all day. Happy birthday, my loving sister!  

🎈 Happy birthday, beautiful! As a gift, I’ll let you borrow any of my clothes.

🎈 Sisters fight sometimes, but we always finish it up like best friends. Happy birthday! 

🎈 Happy birthday, sweetheart! May all your wishes come true. 

Two sisters hugging, one is kissing the cheek of her sister with a smile

How Can I Show Love To My Sister?

🎈 I must be the luckiest little sister to have you as my guardian angel. Happy birthday! 

🎈 Thanks, sis, for being an excellent friend. Happy birthday! 

🎈 Have a pleasant birthday! I hope the rest of your days will be just as special as this one.  

🎈 Have a wonderful birthday, my lovely sister! I need you to know that you are a true sister… the very definition of love and care.Β 

🎈 Happy birthday! And stop complaining, you still don’t have grey hair…

🎈 Everytime I look at myself in the mirror, I see your face. Happy birthday, sis.  

🎈 I do have a picture of you in my wallet… yes, you can be flattered. Happy birthday!Β 

🎈 Happy birthday! You may not be perfect, but your imperfections make you the most fascinating person. 

🎈 On this special occasion, I’m sending you greetings and all the best wishes. I will always love you!Β 

🎈 You are easily the most beautiful, smart, and strongest person I’ve ever met. Happy birthday!Β Β 

🎈 Happy birthday, my beloved sister! Thank you for always being there for me and loving me despite my occasional antics. 

🎈 Happy birthday to my shining star! Today, I hope that you’ll get anything you want!Β Β 

🎈 I wish you a life of wonder, joy, and prosperity, as you have been all those things for me. Have an extra nice day! 

🎈 Happy birthday, beauty! I love you different yet the same we both are. 

🎈 Happy birthday, sista! You used to drive me extremely crazy, but now you’re my go-to person for any advice.Β 

Hand written words that say Family 4 ever with a heart in the middle

How Can I Express My Feelings To My Sister?

🎈 My love for you reaches the very end of this vast universe. Happy birthday! .

🎈 Sis, I want you to know how valuable your advice is. You have single-handedly helped me to become a better person for my family. Happy birthday! 

🎈 You can’t stop being my little sister… its in your destiny. Wishing you a superb birthday!Β 

🎈 I’m gonna stop sending you makeup for your birthday. Truth is, you really don’t need it. Happy birthday!Β 

🎈 Happy birthday, little lady! I feel so lucky to have such a cool sister. 

🎈 Sending plenty of birthday hugs and kisses to the only girl I like to play dress up with!  

🎈 You are the only person who can convert my tears to smiles. I love you, sis. Have a wonderful birthday! 

🎈 Wishing a blessed birthday to the most beautiful sister, who just so happens to be my best friend! 

🎈 Piece all our little memories of our younger days, then we’ll have a grand story. Have a sweet birthday!Β Β 

🎈 Happy birthday! I can’t deny that I was a little jealous when mom and dad first brought you home. I was afraid that I’d lose all the attention and hate you for it. Yet, you have become an amazing friend of mine.Β 

🎈 I’m so lucky to have a close-knit relationship with my sweet and loving sister. Have a wonderful birthday!Β 

🎈 Happy birthday, young lady! We may have been sisters by a stroke of fate, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Love you!Β 

🎈 If you look up the dictionary for the definition of a perfect  sister, your face would be next to it. Happy birthday! 

🎈 Having the patience of a monk and a beautiful soul, you must not be an ordinary sister… but I’m privileged for that. Happy birthday!Β 

🎈 Happy birthday, dear sister! Hope you will be surrounded by abundant joy and laughter today.  

Birthday Gifts For a Sister

Best Birthday Wishes For a Sister

🎈 I’m so glad to be able to wake up every morning with a sister like you. Have a fabulous birthday!Β 

🎈 Your sisterly touch is like no other. Happy birthday, sweetheart! 

🎈 Happy birthday! Friendly reminder that as long as you are on this Earth, you can’t stop being my sister.Β 

🎈 I’m thankful for all the important things I’ve learnt from you. Happy birthday, big sis!Β Β 

🎈 Happy birthday! You are more than a sister to me… you are my best friend, teacher, therapist, and occasional advocate. Thank you for everything!Β 

🎈 On this day a few years ago, I got the most precious gift of my life. Happy birthday, baby sis! 

🎈 Happy birthday, sister! You are my hero in so many ways. 

🎈 Good sisters are like Tanzanites… only the fortunate ones have them. Have a prosperous birthday!Β 

🎈 Our sisterhood is the thing I most cherish in this world. Happy birthday! 

🎈 Happy birthday, sis! Because of you, my days keep on getting better… although you do get on my nerves sometimes.Β 

🎈 To have a sister like you is like finding a hidden treasure. Celebrate your birthday to the fullest! 

🎈 The love and attention we share is one of the best feelings. Have a brilliant year ahead! 

🎈 When the weight of the world is too much, I just look at your picture and I have the energy to get up again. Happy birthday, my shining star! 

🎈 On this very special day, I wish you a life full of smiles and away from sadness. 

🎈 Happy birthday, fairy! Thank you for being a sister who is always there for me, even when no one else shows concern or care. 

A sister is like yourself in a different movie, a movie that stars you in a different life.

Birthday Wishes For Older Sister

🎈 Happy birthday! From this moment on, just focus on yourself and be you.

🎈 Your personality is golden and unmatched. Happiest birthday, dear sis!

🎈 The comfort of your hug heals my pains like no other medicine could. Thus, let me send you plenty of hugs and kisses on you special birthday!

🎈 Dear sister, I wish you happiness, love, and prosperity for today and the rest of your life. 

🎈 Happy birthday, love! I wish you all the best and may you have a nice day away with your love. 

🎈 I’m so lucky to have you, heavenly sister. Happy birthday!Β 

🎈 It’s not the things we have that matters most, but the company of your sisters. Happy birthday to my partner in crime!

🎈 I would like to wish the happiest birthday to the world’s greatest sister! I love you!Β Β 

🎈 Happy birthday to my one and only, incredible sister! You mean the world to me. 

🎈 Happy birthday, beautiful! I will always be your strongest ally throughout your life’s journey, along with hope and optimism.Β 

🎈 Dear sister, it pains me to see you all alone. For your birthday this year, I wish that you’ll constantly be surrounded by your loved ones!Β 

🎈 Happy birthday! You are my dearest treasure in life and I vow to protect you at all costs. 

🎈 Everytime I need support, your hand is always there to guide me.  You are like my guardian angel. Happy birthday! 

🎈 Happy birthday, sis! Hope to see you home soon so we can have a little family reunion.

🎈Thank you for stepping up and taking care of me when mum and dad weren’t around. Happy birthday!Β 

How Do I Show My Sister I Care?

🎈 I know that you’re disappointed that I can’t be there, but my thoughts are with you. Have a great day!Β 

🎈 Happy birthday! Here’s the warmest hug to the best sister ever!Β 

🎈 Thank God that we don’t have to pay to choose our sisters… I would have been broke cause you are worth at least a million dollars. Happy birthday!Β Β 

🎈 You are super cool and know how to put a smile on my face when I am in a sullen mood. Wishing you a very happy birthday, sis.

🎈 Happy birthday, my beloved sister! You have the most unique personality and please do not change a thing. 

🎈 The only things I hope you’ll be overwhelmed with today are hugs and smiles of those dearest to your heart. Happy birthday!Β Β 

🎈 You are precious and adorable. Happy Birthday dear sister!

🎈 No one understands me better than you do. Lucky to have such a lovely and caring sister like you. Wishing you a very happy birthday, sister. 

🎈 The year brings so many joyous festivals but none of them is as merry as your birthday. Happy Birthday sis and always be happy!

🎈 I have many friends but none of them is as precious as you’re my dear sister. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

🎈 Happy birthday! I will eternally be grateful for all the laughter, joy and love you have given me over the years. 

🎈 I wish you an overwhelming birthday… but of good wishes, flowers, and lovely gifts!Β Β 

🎈 Happy birthday! I wish you good fortune, and a lifetime of joy! 

🎈 Dear sister, I would do anything for you, even fetching you the stars if I could. Happy birthday! 

🎈 Your birthday has arrived! Happy birthday, sis… Now, let’s go party and have the time of our lives!Β 

A pink cupcake with a candle surrounded by a pink background

Awesome Ways To Wish Your Sister Happy Birthday

🎈 Wishing a very lovely birthday, sister dear. May you be bombarded only with once in a lifetime opportunities, prosperity, and love. 

🎈 May you be overloaded with love and happiness and bombarded with lucrative opportunities and prosperity. Wishing you a very happy birthday, dear sister. 

🎈 As sisters we are bound to quarrel. but, let there be truce for one day as it is your birthday. Happy Birthday, sis.

🎈 Dear sis, when I am with you everything feels so happy and jolly. May you always be there for me. Wishing you a very happy birthday.

🎈 No matter what troubles I get into, you always pull me out of every situation. Happy Birthday, dearest sister!

🎈 There may be several superheroes on Earth but only you, my sister, are my wonder woman. Happy Birthday, sister!

🎈 Happy birthday! Wishing you an unforgettable birthday from afar, sis.

🎈 All the gold on this Earth can never match you love. Happy birthday, dear!  

🎈 Happy birthday, love! I hope for you to be the best version of yourself and a lifetime of success. 

🎈 Happy birthday, gorgeous! Put on your most fabulous dress and let’s go have some fun.Β 

🎈 To my sister and best friend, I wish you tons of joy today and forever.

🎈 One can choose his friends, but not change his blood. I’m lucky to have you as my sister. Have the happiest birthday!Β 

🎈 Your determination and motivation fuels me daily. Happy birthday, sis! 

🎈 Happy birthday, my sissy! As you grow older and more independent, I hope we can still keep sharing our clothes and notebooks. 

🎈 Happy birthday, super woman! You have no idea how much I admire you and your ways.

🎈 Happy birthday, dear! Go and have the most marvelous day.

Adorable sisters lying in bed with their arms around each other

Heart-Felt Birthday Wishes For My Sister

🎈 Happy birthday, lovely sis! As you become a better person, please remain my cute sis!

🎈 Happy birthday, my sweet sister. Keep your head up and continue spreading so much joy! 

🎈 You are unquestionably the most special person in my world. Happy birthday to you!  

🎈 My dear sister, you exude a warm aura that couldn’t be denied by even the most cold-hearted people. More importantly, you are my role model. Happy birthday!Β 

🎈 Be it times of joy and sorrow, its great to have you by my side cheering me on. Have a fantastic birthday!

🎈 Dear sis, I know we fight over little things sometimes… but I know that deep down, you care for me. Happy birthday!Β 

🎈 Happy birthday, stunner! Remember that you are unstoppable.

🎈 Happy birthday, sis! You are more than just family… you are my greatest, and wisest, companion.Β Β 

🎈 You are unbelievably adorable… and this means a lot coming from your sister. Enjoy this perfect day!

🎈 A very happy birthday to you, sis. You have such a beautiful heart and soul. Sending you my heartfelt wishes! 

Quotes About Sisters

You’re not my best friend. You’re my sister, and that’s more.

A sister is a gift to the heart, a friend to the spirit, a golden thread to the meaning of life.

She is the mother I never had, she is the sister everybody would want. She is the friend that everybody deserves. I don’t know a better person.

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost.

You know full well as I do the value of sisters’ affections; there is nothing like it in this world.

Friends grow up and move away. But the one thing that’s never lost is your sister.

I’ve known every love possible, but as the years stretched out, the love I longed for the most is the one I shared with my sister.

She is your mirror, shining back at you with a world of possibilities. She is your witness, who sees you at your worst and best, and loves you anyway.

A sister can be seen as someone who is both ourselves and very much not ourselves – a special kind of double.

Sisters. Because we all need someone who will defend us behind our back and then call us on our shit to our face.

I’m the big sister. I want to make sure she has everything, even if I don’t have anything. I love her too much.

The ones that stay with you through everything – they’re your true best friends. Don’t let go of them. Also remember, sisters make the best friends in the world.

A sister is someone who loves you from the heart. No matter how much you argue you cannot be drawn apart. She is a joy that cannot be taken away. Once she enters your life, she is there to stay.

But most are like my sister and me… linked by volatile love, best friends who make other best friends ever so slightly less best.

More than Santa Claus, your sister knows when you’ve been bad and good.