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Quotes And Sayings For Your Niece At Her Wedding

When your niece is engaged and the big day draws near, you may think to yourself, “I need to find wedding quotes for my niece!” Whether you’re an aunt or uncle, your niece’s special day wouldn’t be the best without a card, note or text message from you.

Congratulate her on finding true love and wish her a life filled with joy and happiness with one of these quotes, poems or sentiments.

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Wedding Day Quotes For Niece

  • The man you chose is like a dream come true- he’s kind, handsome and he truly loves you! Happy married life, to my darling niece.
  • Your determination and perseverance paid off when you were playing sports, taking tests or performing in school plays. Now my dear niece, you have the perfect skill set to be successful in married life. Congrats!
  • The most rewarding experiences in life are rarely easy to come by, so put hard work into your marriage and you’ll be rewarded with a life filled with love, joy and happiness. Congratulations on your wedding, dear niece.
  • Congratulations on your wedding day, to my niece and her betrothed- I couldn’t be more proud of you and how you’ve grown. To see you’ve found true love is surely a gift from God above!
  • Your husband’s potential growth is relative to his wife’s input- my advice, dear niece, is that you ask the most from yourself to bring out the best in him. Happy married life!
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  • I wanted to send a message to my niece on her wedding day; good luck isn’t quite what I wanted to say. Kindness, understanding and love is the way to have a marriage that’s meant to stay.
  • The best part of your husband is his wife- congratulations on married life! To a niece who’s kind and sweet, may your beau sweep you off your feet!
  • My niece has found true love, and I couldn’t be more proud! I hope every day from your wedding day on will be something to brag about.
  • My dear niece, on your special day I want to wish you the best! Remember that two heads are better than one, so as long as you stick together married life will treat you well.
  • You have to spend money on lots of things you don’t want to, but the important thing is to only spend time with people that matter to you. I wish joy and happiness to my niece and her husband as they spend their married life together!

It’s really special to have a niece because I have a son, so I get to have a little girl, too.

What To Write In Niece's Wedding Card

  • Our lives are shaped by our experiences, and I wish for my niece to find only joy and happiness from the experience of married life! Congratulations on your wedding day.
  • Since this is the first man you’ve introduced to your family, I’m sure it’s true love. Best wishes to my niece, and good luck on your special day!
  • It’s hard to imagine that two words could bring so much joy and happiness to your whole family, but hearing you say, “I do” brought tears of elation to everyone’s eyes! Congratulations to my favorite niece, and may you have a life filled with excitement.
  • Married life isn’t about not having bad times, it’s about staying together through them. Be kind and gentle with each other, my dear niece, and I’m sure you’ll have joy and happiness in your future.
  • You may fight with each other sometimes, but the important thing is that you fight for each other when it’s necessary! Congratulations on your wedding, my feisty niece.

Appropriate Wedding Gift For Niece

  • On your big day, you promise to spend your life together with your one true love. As my niece, I wish you only the best- but if it comes to the worst, you can always use my guest room!
  • Your future may not pan out the way you imagine it- you may end up with a different car, home or job than you thought you would have. For better or for worse, it’s what you make of it- so starting with your marriage, make the most out of life! Congratulations on your wedding, my dear niece.
  • You’ve always done your best at anything you try, so give married life your best shot! Wishing love, joy and happiness, to my niece.
  • Arguments come and go my dear niece, but true love lasts a lifetime. May your fights be few and your makeups be tender! Congrats on your big day.
  • The ring on your finger is a symbol of eternal love- so think of your married life as eternity, and you’ll be ageless! Congratulations on your wedding day, to the best niece of all time.
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Funny Wedding Quotes To My Niece

  • It’s hard to see my niece promise her life away to a man, but if you’re sure this is true love you have my best wishes. If you change your mind, my couch is ready for you! 
  •  Your husband knows that my niece is everything to me, so he better work hard to make married life a fairy tale for you. If not, I’ll turn into the wicked witch and he’ll be happily-ever-out-the-door!
  • You’re a princess on your wedding day, a subject of awe and adoration among your friends and family- in contrast, your husband kind of looks like a plumber. I don’t mind that my niece found true love with Mario,  your married life will be like a video game! May you find many 1-ups and coins along with joy and happiness.
  • I hope you get a warm welcome from your in-laws, and that they treat you with love, respect and dignity. You don’t get any of that from your blood-relatives, but we all know you too well. Congratulations on your wedding, dear niece.
  • May joy and happiness hold your marriage together like the glue that holds down your wig. Congratulations to my niece, from your aunt who does your hair and knows all your secrets!
  • I wish you all the best on your journey in married life. Lucky for you it isn’t a journey that requires walking, so you can do this for more than ten minutes. Congratulations on your wedding, my dear niece.
  • Some people in the family say you’re too beautiful for your new husband- but as my favorite niece, I know that your personality makes you lucky to have him! Good luck with married life, and remember to just keep quiet and be pretty sometimes.
  • Everything happens for a reason, but I can’t think of a reason that my niece wouldn’t be in my life- so remember after your wedding day, your aunt still makes Sunday dinner!
  • It’s not every day that my only niece gets married, so I’ll ignore the open bar until after the “I do’s”, but I still plan on being tipsy before the bouquet toss! Congratulations to my dear niece, who knows how to keep my spirits high!
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Niece Quotes From Aunt For Wedding

  • Being your mother’s sister means that I’ve been there for you since day one- and now that you’re about to begin your married life, that’s not going to change! Congrats on your wedding day from your favorite aunt.
  • May the love between you double with every year that you’re together, and maybe when you’re in your 90’s, the love between you will be as strong as mine is for my niece! Congratulations on your wedding, from an aunt that you mean everything to.
  • I’m your aunt, but the way you borrow my clothes, use my hair spray and mess up my bathroom makes you like a daughter to me- so on your wedding day, I feel like I’m giving you away. May he be the man of your dreams, my dear niece!
  • Your aunt can tell you that most things don’t last forever- but even if your marriage doesn’t, my love for you will. As long as you feel loved, joy and happiness will follow. Congrats and best wishes on your special day.
  • Today is your wedding day, my dear niece! Your family is overjoyed to see a bride as sweet as the wedding cake married off to a groom as picturesque as the cake-topper. May your married life together be like a slice of perfection.
Niece and her groom gazing at each other
  • If life were represented by the seasons, you would be in your late summer- I’m glad you decided to marry before your poor aunt entered late winter! Congratulations to my niece, who’s really a spring chicken!
  • Your big day is around the corner, my dear niece! You’ll be a blushing bride, and not just because your aunt is bringing all of your naked baby pictures to the wedding reception. Best wishes, and I’ll make extra prints for you!
  • My niece will always have unconditional love from me, but I expect no trouble from your marriage- your husband knows that you have an aunt that wouldn’t tolerate less than the best for you! Congratulations on your wedding, and may married life go your way.
  • Seeing my niece get married will be like getting married again myself- but I promise not to wear white or push you away from the altar! Much love and best wishes from your favorite aunt.
  • My sweet little niece becomes a bride. It’s the biggest day of my life! May true love give you all that you want- congratulations, from your loving aunt!

Poem For Niece From Aunt On Wedding Day

  • My dear niece, your big day is soon- you’ll be swept away by your true love, the groom! Your aunt will always be by the phone and ready to welcome you home. I hope your married life is full of thrills- congratulations on your wedding with all the frills.
  • Finally, my niece will celebrate a tradition centuries old; the romance and true love for which stories are told. On your wedding day your aunt wants you to have the best! You’re a beautiful bride, on a pedestal over the rest. So say your vows and get carried away- I wish you joy and happiness every day!
  • My dear niece and the man of her dreams- a three tier cake and sparkling rings! The guests are arriving in teams with a preacher in tow and a pianist that sings. Your wedding day will be one to recall, and I hope it’s all you want. May married life be the best of all, and congrats from your favorite aunt!
  • Get the flowers and bake the cake, my niece’s wedding day is at stake! As her aunt there’s lots to do- pick up the dress and shine the shoes. Find a flower girl last minute, if your dress rips your aunt will pin it! I’ve been there your whole life through, so I’ll be there on your big day, too.
  • I can tell he makes you happy by the look that’s in your eyes, so I wish you joy and happiness and never cheating or lies. Married life takes hard work but if you see it through, there’ll be nothing but true love for both of you. As your aunt I’d like to say, “Congratulations to you on your wedding day.”

Nieces are like sunshine on a rainy day.

  • To be a part of your wedding crew is like a dream come true! I made sure you had something old and new, borrowed and blue. Your aunt is so proud of you, and your love that’s proven true. I hope married life is good to you, my dear niece and your groom, too!
  • My dear niece, you’re such a pretty lady- combined with your husband you should make a pretty baby. If it’s a little girl you can name her after me, your favorite aunt who looks like you, see? 
  • I’m your aunt and if it was up to me, you’d only marry royalty. From England, Spain, or Denmark; I expected only nobility could give you the spark! When you decided to marry a common man, it was hard at first to understand. But on your wedding day, I saw true love’s kiss- that you enjoy married life is now my only wish! 
  • What’s luckier than a four leafed clover, a horse shoe or seeing a rainbow over? Being your aunt on your wedding day, is the luckiest feeling I would say. I hope your groom knows how lucky he is, having a bride like my niece to kiss!
  • Your birth was a blessing to the whole family, and as your aunt you mean everything to me. Now your wedding day is here, it’s hard for my eyes not to tear. Not because I’m sad to see you go, but because I’m glad I got to see you grow. May your married life be a whimsical whirl, like the times you had growing up as a girl.
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Niece Marriage Wishes

  • Congratulations my dear niece, I feel like I’m in a fairy tale on your special day. May your happily ever after be a dream come true for a princess bride and a prince charming groom!
  • To be a wife is not an easy task, but for my spirited niece married life should be a blast! Congratulations on your wedding, and may you have a life filled with joy and happiness.
  • You are a blessing to me and now a blessing to your groom, you’ll have a new home together soon. Your uncle wishes the both of you the best with married life, true love’s test!
  • Congratulations on your wedding dear niece, from your aunt who can’t wait to hear you say “I do” to something besides second helpings. May your married life be like a buffet of love that never runs out!
  • When you become married everything is shared, so you never have to face your troubles alone. Congratulations on your wedding, dear niece, and a life without loneliness.
  • I had every expectation of your wedding day being beautiful, but seeing my niece in white among the wedding decorations and guests is a vision of resplendence.
  • With a strong, handsome and educated man like your husband, you’re certain to have healthy and beautiful babies! Congratulations on your wedding, from an aunt that will spoil your kids like they’re my grandchildren.
  • I think of you and the woman you’ve become, and I can’t help but feel proud. You’re the best niece an uncle could have, and you deserve the best wedding day- not to mention, the best husband! May your married life be everything you deserve.
  • Thank you for including us on your wedding day! Seeing our niece get married was a once in a lifetime experience… Unless things don’t work out, and then we might get an encore performance from you!
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Quotes For Your Niece On Her Wedding Day

  • Wishing the both of you the best with married life, but also reminding you that there’s always room for my niece at my house! Congratulations on your wedding!
  • I’ve always thought of my niece as being Snow White- the fairest in all the land. Now you’ve found a prince charming to take your hand. Congrats for true love on your wedding day, may it last until you’re old and gray!
  • My regrets that I can’t be there for my niece’s wedding day- but I send you my warmest wishes for you to enjoy your big day. 
  • Wishing my dear niece well on her special day- good luck with your wedding, and enjoy the married life!
  • I tell everyone what a smart, resourceful and classy niece I have- now I can brag about how she brought an excellent man into our family! Congratulations on your wedding, from your proud aunt.

Beautiful Gifts For Niece On Her Wedding Day

  • Congratulations to my dear niece, on finding true love. May God bless your union and keep you committed to each other.
  • You and your husband go together like peanut butter and jelly, so I’m not surprised by your wedding announcement- or as I think of it, sandwich day! May the true love between you be the bread that holds you together always. Best wishes, my dear niece.
  • Celebrating the love between my niece and her husband fills my heart with joy and happiness- I plan on making each of your anniversaries like a repeat of your wedding day!
  • My beautiful niece, you could have had any man that you wanted- make sure your husband knows that! Congratulations on your wedding day, to a beauty queen with congeniality, grace and a lucky husband.

Message To My Niece On Her Wedding Day

  • Married life will have its hurdles, but you don’t have to jump them by yourself. Good times and bad, you’re in it together- and thankfully you’re both great athletes! Congratulations to my dear niece.
  • Just a small note to tell you how happy we are for you! We wish for our niece to live with only joy and happiness, and your new husband seems like the right guy to bring you just that!
  • Congratulations on finding that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life- your family has had enough for all of our lifetimes! Best wishes and lots of love from your aunt.
  • We couldn’t be happier to welcome your new husband to the family- we’ve been saying we could use fresh meat. Congratulations to my niece, and her free range man!
  • I feel like I’m losing my niece as you move out with your newlywed beau, but I’m also gaining a nephew. Congrats, and enjoy your home and married life together- and if you don’t, I’ll keep your room in my house ready!
  • “People are weird. When we find someone with weirdness that is compatible with ours, we team up and call it love.”- Dr. Seuss… With this in mind, you and your husband definitely have true love! Congratulations on your wedding, my dear niece, and may you both stay weird.
  • I went to a fortune teller and asked her to tell me about my niece’s married life; she looked into her crystal ball, and saw you having a life filled with love, joy and happiness. It’s crystal-clear to me that you don’t need any luck with your wedding day, or anything after! Congratulations on a marriage that you could bet on lasting.
  • The man that you chose is the knight in shining armor that you always dreamed of, and you’re a princess of unparalleled beauty. Even without a dragon, ogre or witch trying to stand between you it’s a fairy tale romance! May the true love between you last from once upon a time to happily ever after.
  • Two people join as one, and one cake is divided into many. The cake will be gone fast, but the salad will still be plenty! Congrats to my niece on her wedding day.
  • Everything happens for a reason, even the time you split your pants at school. Hopefully there’s no reason for a wardrobe malfunction at your wedding! Best wishes and good luck on your big day.


The moment my niece came into the world, I realized that logic can’t make sense of someone who’s so brand new to you.

To have your niece lie in your arms is the greatest gift from God.

She’s a different kind of BFF. One who is a little younger, and finds you so cool just because you care and have grown-up clothes in your closet. As she gets older, you might become her shoulder to cry on, but right now, you have so many smiles and snacks you need to share.

Though we’re aunt and niece, we always have a friendly relationship. I know you can feel how much I love you. Keep in mind that, your aunt can do anything for your welfare!

I could not have supposed that a niece would ever have been so much to me. She is quite after one’s own heart.

I didn’t give birth to you but raised you in my heart. You’re my life and I always love and care for you. I know God has the best plan for the best niece in the world! Love you a lot!

My niece, my little princess you totally rule my heart. In the story of my life you are the best part. Your sweet smile and magical ways bring happiness in my life and joy that stays forever.

An aunt and a niece, there is a special bond that grows with time.

My dearest niece. You may be your mom's daughter, but you are my best friend.

Nieces bring happiness and joy. They are so different than a boy. They are full of love and surprises too. They make life special, not blue.

Wedding Quotes For My Niece