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Say Thank You To Your Parents For Your Wedding Day

Congratulations on your marriage. Your wedding day was perfect and now it is time to write a note of thanks to your parents for sponsoring the  most beautiful day of your life.  Getting it right can be difficult so we have helped you out. 

Below you will find  over 60 original and well written sayings and quotes to put your feeling down on paper. Feel free to use them verbatim or as the basis for your own thoughts.  

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What To Write In A Thank You Note To Parents

  • Mom, you have always gone out of your way to ensure my comfort. Dad, you have only always provided me with the best. I couldn’t have asked for better parents, and I can boldly claim that you both are the most precious gems that have ever graced the earth.   Cheers, Mom and Dad. 
  • Memories would always be a part of us, and as for me, during the times we spent together, you both took conscious efforts to cater for me more like no other, and give me memories that I want to relive for the rest of my life. For all you have done, I say thank you. 
  • While growing up, you instilled ideals like humility, respect, love, you taught me that kindness doesn’t cost a thing. These values are still helping me live a good life now that I am an adult. These ideals have taught me that it is necessary to honor people and see beyond what they possess. Thank you very much for my special day!
  • “Believe in God always, and the sky is just the beginning,” these two cardinal rules guiding our lifestyle have been a huge life hack that I have picked up from you, and I have come to uphold it; not just as a reminder, but as my truth, and this remains even when things aren’t going as smooth as I would want it. Thank you for this foundation.
  • You have showered me with immense love, and I will always desire to give my children this kind of love. From the wedding plans right down to the big day. For being my heroes, thank you Mum and Dad.
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  • To Our Parents, We would love to start this with a thank you! thank you for supporting us, and thank you for all the love and nurturing we have always gotten from you over the years.

    We treasure this day and admit in our minds that this day isn’t close to achievable without your zeal towards attaining our goals and achieving our progress and ecstasy. You have laid the groundwork to effectively build homes together while upholding love, dignity, fortitude, and devotion. We’re surely following the path you have laid. With admiration, A & B
  • Mom and Dad, the truth is there is no way our appreciation will ever be sufficient for standing by us at all times, for your backing or even your long-lasting kindness within this period. You made all our fantasies come through and surpassed our expectations. There was no part of this preparation that you ceased to be by our side because you were right there to walk me down the aisle, to cheer me up, and to put tears of joy on my face with your life-giving speeches.
  • We are about to begin a new phase of our lives, and we would be eternally grateful and content to have you in our lives to shower us with your unflinching tenderness and support. Thank you, Mom, and Dad. With love from your daughter, Katie
  • Dear Mom and Dad, It would be an impossible task for me to quantify your motivation, assistance, and counseling these past months. You being there all through for me helped me a lot and brought some ease to our journey that I cannot thank you enough for.

    Our wedding day will always be one to remember, and this is because you consistently threw your weight behind us, you were there for the walk down the aisle, and never stopped cheering us on as well.

    A wedding, obviously, is about two people who are in love with each other and want to share the rest of their lives together, but beyond that, it also extends to those who are pillars of support to these two people in love.

    Saying we are lucky to have you as parents will be an understatement because having you as our parents in our life’s journey is everything.  A mere “thank you” message doesn’t cut it for all you have done for us, but it remains the best way we can express our appreciation in words. Love Always,

  • I’ve done a lot of introspecting lately, and I realized that all I am today is because of your unwavering support in the form of prayer and great words of advice. I thank you, mum and dad, because it has always been only loving from you.

    I finally figured that nothing beats having parents who still have faith in you even before you know what your goals are.
  • Your wondrous deeds and words will be etched on my soul forever. In tough times and when I am not close to you, it is knowing that you will always trust and love me that keeps me going. I love you and thank you!

There is no friendship, no love, like that of the parent for the child.

  • Cheers to the greatest parents on earth. I will forever be thankful for a mom who always made me feel comfortable and a dad who taught me such strong values. You both mean the world to me.  Thank you for the wonderful day and wedding gift!
  • Growing up you took the time to care, in my memory I have the loveliest memory of the time we shared together. I appreciate all you have done for me, thank you.
  • Thank you, mom, and dad. Growing up, you taught me the value of respecting people, as a grown-up, I have come to live a more fulfilling life, based on the value I see in people rather than the things they have. I am grateful
  • Always believe in God and the sky is the limit”, these are the words I learned from you and I have come to hold on to them, even when the going gets tough. Thank you for giving me a good footing in life
  • You have been perfect models for the love that I will show my own children.  Thanks, mom and dad for being great parents.

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How Do You Thank The Parents For A Wedding?

  • Mom and Dad, you played a massive role in our lives by giving up some of your dreams solely to provide for us and be great parents. We are indebted to you.
  • Your love was a leveler because we were all loved impartially and absolutely.  You gave up your own personal dreams, ambitions, and aspirations to pursue ours. Thank you, mom, and dad.   
  • I appreciate you, mom and dad, because you taught me the value of self-worth and how never to doubt my abilities. These values have opened doors in my career and personal life.

    Your teachings have only helped me in making the best decisions for myself. I can never pay you back for everything, but it will always be a source of pride to have learned from you.
  • You had the means to provide us with all our needs, which you did to the best of your ability. You gave us those that we needed and left out the ones that weren’t of any help to us. It was entirely not understandable then but looking back now; we realized you did it all from a place of love. We thank you, mom and dad.
  • I never saw you without happiness radiating off you. The energy you exude was always a positive one, one which has rubbed off on me; my greatest satisfaction comes from having you as my parents.  Cheers to being the best parents ever! 
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  • Parents are representatives of God on earth. They are divine vessels through whom we feel his love for us. You have never been anything short of individuals worthy of emulation.                        
  • I want to specially thank you, mom and dad and I am shaped by the great values you instilled in me. I will forever be in your debt.                       
  • Your teachings will always be the torch that lights my path and leads me to the right destination. I love you mom and dad, wholeheartedly, and thank you for everything.     


  • It took me as long as having kids of my own to know what it feels like to be a parent. I look back now, and I see all you gave up to give me a great life. I am beyond thankful and may your days be as long enough for people to think we still live in the days of Methuselah.                 
  • I know that no matter what life throws at me, I am never alone because you both will always be my guardian angels walking all steps with me. You both have become my support system, mom and dad, and I’m really thankful. 
  • You both have loved me unreservedly in a world where such love is hard to come by. I am always content, knowing that I have this love from you both. Thank you, mom, and dad.                            
  • During my youthful days, I questioned your love for me because of the things I never had but now that I am grown up, I realized I never lacked the necessary items. Thank you so much for your compassion and for holding on to me even when I became a rebel.               
  • If there is anything we should never doubt on earth, it is the love of our parents. They are a pillar of support, celebrating us for our small and big wins, and they are the hands that hold on to us when our plans don’t pan out as planned. Thank you, mom, and dad. 
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  • I am forever grateful for being a part of this family. You outlined the plans for my future and always inspired me to put in my best in all I do. I am indebted to you for everything mom and dad.                                
  • Dear amazing mum and dad, my love for you is endless. You have only always given me love and purpose; you still do. People tell me I am favored to have you both, and I agree because blessings like you can only be from God. I love you a whole lot, my adorable parents.

How Do You Say Thank You To Your Mom And Dad?

  • You have always given me love in full quantity and undoubtedly, I was given birth to by the awesome parents. Nothing completes me more, and really, thank you, mom and dad.                          
  • Mom and Dad, you are a whole lot to me; my parents, my life coach, my adviser, and my instructor. You have successfully carried out these roles at different points of my life that I needed it and I can only appreciate you for playing such roles to perfection.                               
  • A million respects to my awesome parents. To my gorgeous mom, I appreciate you for the smiles. To my dad, thank you for being the pillar to hold on to on my not-so-great days. My story really would have been different without you by my side at all times.   


  • There is no way words can accurately capture my love for you. My deeds in words and action do not come close to how much I love you. Thank you for being such exceptional parents.                    
  • I did attend a college but all I am today isn’t down to that college I attended. I had great dreams too, but I can’t attribute what I am today to my dreams. My friends were there too but still, there are greater people to credit my achievements to and those people are my parents.  
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  • Mom and Dad, I have always known that God is merciful but my best testimony yet is you both being my parents; you are heaven-sent, and I am eternally pleased with you. Thank you very much.                        
  • The depth of my love for you will never be known by anyone because you only know the sound of my heartbeat as I stayed for some time inside you.                
  • You molded me into the best I could be, Mom and Dad. Certainly, I am who I am today as a result of all you taught me. You will always be my beacon of guidance.                  
  • I want to appreciate you both for understanding my actions and inactions, and for seeing beyond the things I said. I don’t take your understanding for granted.                        
  • Mom and Dad, it will never be in vain; you strived and endured just for me. You never doubted me and I really want to prove you right; I will grow up to achieve all my goals.  
  • I have received lots of compliments and praise, but I never for once thought I earned those compliments because I know that they all should be belong to you. Without you both as my beacon, I wouldn’t be who I am today. Thank you so much, Mom and Dad.                               
  • I know for a fact that in this world, your parents will always support you and urge you to aim higher no matter the height you have attained in life.
  • You have sacrificed for me and you have endured pain for me. Mom and Dad, there was never a time I didn’t see all that you did, and I promise not to let you down or let your efforts go to waste. I will do all I can to accomplish my goals because it is the best thing to prove your belief in me right.                    
  • Mom and Dad, you showed me love and provided me with solace in the form of your warm embrace, making yourself accessible at every turn, and your lives laid an excellent example for me to follow. Nothing beats all of those, and I appreciate you both.                              
  • Dear mom and dad, you have been nothing short of fabulous parents. Your unwavering affection and all-time goodness to me never faltered, and even though I never appreciated you for years, you freely gave me enough of your love.                                  

What it's like to be a parent: It's one of the hardest things you'll ever do but in exchange it teaches you the meaning of unconditional love.

Show Your Appreciation for Mom & Dad

  • Hearty cheers mom and dad. In spite of the punishments and grounding, you both remain people. I still love you with all of my heart.                               
  • You both scolded me and I never loved those moments but I never doubted that it was all for my own good. Looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you!              
  • Your sacrifices mist times often meant that you had to let go of your happiness to make me happy. No matter how long it takes and for everything you have done, I will ensure I go the extra mile so I can repay you.   


  • My success story would finally be told and I won’t give the credit to the college I attended but to my parents, who made my success a reality.                          
  • It would be a tragedy of a one-sided narrative to talk up my determination to succeed without mentioning who taught me these things. Mom and dad, there really aren’t words that can perfectly capture all the sacrifices or the pain you had to endure so that I could achieve my dreams.
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  • I know I am just an extremely lucky person because I have done nothing to deserve marvelous parents like you. I want to assure you that I will do everything within my capacity to live a life that manifests all you have done for me. Thank you!           
  • Your arms were always my place of comfort on days the world shut me out. I always found my place in your hearts on days no one listened to me. You never stopped being there for me, thank you, mom, and dad.   
  • Life becomes an easy walkthrough when one has got parents like you. Thank you for not letting me move astray!    No amount of money could take me from your loving embrace.   


  • I have had friends and teachers but mom and dad, you both will always top that list because you have both been fantastic. I am forever grateful.         
  • I am grateful to you both for making me the central point and sparkle of your lives. Forget my teachers and friends, It is because of your upbringing that I am a high flyer today.
  • Everything I have achieved today is down to your sweat, and no words or actions of mine can genuinely communicate my appreciation, but I want you to know that you are the world’s best parents.                           
  • There was never a time that I looked back when I was young that I didn’t see you, and it took me so long to realize you were only protecting me against the troubles of this world. Thank you very much.     


  • You taught me how to confidently sort out all the problems life throws at me and this helped me realize that there is no obstacle I cannot overcome. Thank you, mom, and dad.           
  • Mom and dad, thank you so much for having unshakable faith in me even on days I questioned its existence.

Quotes About Parents

A father's goodness is higher than the mountain, a mother's goodness deeper than the sea.

A mother's love is patient and forgiving when all others are forsaking, it never fails or falters, even though the heart is breaking.

Love your parents and treat them with loving care. For you will only know their value when you see their empty chair.

We may not be able to prepare the future for our children, but we can at least prepare our children for the future.

Parents. They didn’t leave you when you were young. So don’t leave them when they are old.