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Good Morning Friday Messages for Friends

We all look forward all week to those couple of days that we get to let our hair down and do our own thing. So why not share your excitement with some good morning Friday messages for friends! 

Your friends will appreciate starting their day with a text from you or a good morning quote letting them know that you are thinking about them and the fun times to be had in the next couple of days. 

Below you will find over 160 sample messages to get you started (you’re welcome), and have a great weekend!

“Good morning!.  Ready for the weekend?”  It’s your friend sending you a text on this happy Friday morning.  You might still be in bed, but that doesn’t stop you from sharing a smile and sending some positive Friday wishes. 

Whether you text or call, here are some fun good morning Friday wishes to send to your friends.

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How Do I Say Good Morning to My Bestie?

🌞 Hey there, girly. I miss spending my Friday afternoons with you so much. Have a spectacular friday night! 

🌞 The Friday drink fairy is here. I keep telling her it’s too early, but she just laughs and says, ‘Go on, I dare you.’ Well, hun, you know me… I love a little challenge!  Cheers to a fun Friday evening!

🌞 Good morning Friday!  Days off are the best!  I love spending mine on a Friday because it means that all week long, we’ve been working hard for this one day.  That’s why I have dubbed Fridays as “friends fridays”  

🌞 Fridays are so awesome that every day in the week should be Fridays. Have a great Friday full of joy and laughter with your fam! 

🌞 The long-awaited Friday has finally arrived. Get ready to paint the town red tonight! Cheers to a great Friday night!

🌞 Dear colleague, it’s Friday!  We can take off our work clothes and put on glamorous clothes… that’s why it’s my favorite day of the week! Up for a little fun tonight? 

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🌞 Good morning, friends! Looking forward to another memorable night together! People like you make Fridays extra special. 

🌞 Sending happy friday wishes to my besties!  Good morning, sweetie. You know we can’t be friends if Friday is not your favorite day of the week.  Now let’s go out and enjoy a fantastic Friday! 

🌞 The first thing I do at the start of every week is dropping to my knees and pray for Friday to come as fast as humanly possible. Now that another Friday has arrived, I’m sending happy Friday wishes to all my friends.  

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🌞 It’s Friday!  The best day to spend time with your favorite people.  This whole week has been worth going through to get to this day!  Now let’s have an enjoyable Friday!

🌞 Fridays mean that a busy week is over and you can finally have the opportunity to relax and rewind before the next week comes. Have a wonderful weekend!

🌞 Friday is a great opportunity to get out of our daily responsibilities and do anything that we wish. I mean, it’s the beginning of the weekend… so brace yourself!

🌞 It feels good to be alive, especially on a beautiful Friday like this. Please know that I love you more each and every day. Have a great day and a sweet weekend! 

I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.

Good Morning Friday Wishes

If you’re in the market for some fun and cute good morning Friday messages to send to your buddies, you’ve come to the right place.

From puns to cute Friday morning messages, we’ve got you covered.

So go ahead and send some happy Friday morning messages to your friends!

🌞 Happy Friday, babe! Wishing you a weekend filled with fun and cheerfulness. 

🌞 Fridays are the closest thing we have to freedom. Cheers to a lovely weekend!  

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🌞 It’s Friday, people! I have been looking forward to this day for the whole week!  This is the day where we forget our problems for a while and have a little fun.  Happy Friday morning to all of you, today is all about fun!

🌞 Positive vibes only. Forget about all of your problems and let your brain take a break. We all deserve it. I hope you had a nice week and will have an even better Friday.  I will be on the couch watching Netflix!

🌞 Hey friends.  It’s Friday and that means the weekend is here.  Wishing you all a very happy Friday.  Let’s have some fun tonight.

🌞 Good morning, friends!  It’s officially Friday!  We made it through another week, yay!  Here are some Friday morning messages for my favorite people.

🌞 Friday is finally here!  The best day of the week in my opinion!  It’s time to relax and enjoy the weekend!  I am wishing you a nice Friday.  Love you bestie xo

🌞 Are you ready to have the best time of your life this weekend? Another Friday has arrived and given the fact that we haven’t spent time with each other lately, we need to make it a big one!  Here’s to us having a wonderful Friday.

🌞 Fridays are so special.  Wishing you a very happy Friday.  Love your bf x. 

Appreciation Gift For Friends

🌞 Good morning, dear. I hope that your Friday will be as swell and as free as it possibly could be! 

🌞 Special days should be spent with special people in our lives, which is why I’d love to spend my Friday with you! Have a beautiful day and see you soon! 

🌞 I wish every day was a Friday. You get off work early and can chill the rest of the weekend away. Have a perfect day and a restful weekend! You more than deserve it.  

🌞 It’s Friday, let’s get all crazy and wild!  It’s been a stressful week and now that it’s over, i want to go out and do some damage!

🌞 It’s finally Friday! Once we clock off work, we can do whatever we want to do. We can dance all night long, or go on a Harry Potter marathon at my place… either way, let’s welcome the weekend with open arms!   

🌞 No work, no struggle, but a lot of fun, drinks, and parties. This is precisely what weekends are for. Are you up for it? Well, I’m picking you up at 8, so you better be! 

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🌞 Happy Friday, girl! Whatever you do today, don’t forget to do it in style. 

🌞 Good morning, you! I love days like this. I patiently stare at the clock till it hits 5’oclock, then I get to meet up with my favorite people and just relax. Being one of my favorite people, do you wanna hang out soon?   

🌞 As the week comes to an end, may all of your hard work begin to bear fruit. Enjoy your day, I’m sending positive vibes you way babe!

Funny Good Morning Messages for Friends

🌞 Happy Friday, darling! What lovely day to be young and alive. Whatever you have planned for tonight, though, I hope that you’ll be responsible and safe. Have a great day!

🌞 I’m sorry I haven’t been in contact much.  But I hope you had a nice week, and may you have an even more wonderful weekend! 

🌞 Can you imagine a week without Fridays? I surely can’t. So let’s make this Friday a blast. Let’s go and have a well-deserved girls night!! 

🌞 Good morning, darling. Remember: make-up, high-heels, and a red dress – that’s all that you need to shine tonight. See you! 

🌞 Good morning, my dear friends, and happy Friday! May you all go about your days with voices of cheer and peace in your hearts. Also, may God bless you and your family 

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🌞 If you want my opinion, Fridays are the best days to hang out with our closest friends and catch up. Care to meet up for dinner later?

🌞 Happy Friday! It’s time to chill and forget about our work for a few days. Let’s go out and celebrate life! Here’s to a perfect day, beautiful morning, and tipsy evening!    

🌞 Here’s a day of the week when you can look forward to a sweet weekend. Happy Friday, my friend!

🌞 Wishing you a lovely Friday, dear!  I just want you to fully enjoy this day, I hope this morning brings you everything you desire.

Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.

🌞 Happy Friday my friend!  We’ve got a lot planned for the weekend, let’s get this party started as they say!

🌞 Good morning, it’s Friday! You are my special friend, so I want you to spend the most amazing time today. 

🌞 It’s Friday, which means I get to see you and have a fun day!  I can’t wait to spend time with you.  Love you xo.

🌞 Today begins the long-awaited moment of every week. Happy Friday, bestie! 

Friday Good Morning Quotes

🌞 Just a thought to start your day: Another week full of challenges done and dusted… hello, Friday!

🌞 Friday is that day when we have the patience for everything just because we know the weekend is right around the corner. Good morning and happy Friday!  

🌞 Hey, people! I waited all week for this special day, and this morning, I woke up with the biggest smile on my face because the time has finally come. I can’t wait for our little reunion!   Wishing you all a joyful Friday!

🌞 Friday equals spending quality time with you all. Happy Friday, my lovelies!

🌞 May your morning coffee be oh-so deliciously strong, and your Friday be oh-so enjoyable! 

🌞 Happy Friday, honey! Create many unforgettable moments tonight… work hard, play hard, right?  

🌞 Want some great news? Today is Friday and a wonderful weekend is upon us! We’re almost there! 

🌞 Good morning, lovely lady! Let this adventure called “Good Friday” be both gleeful and invigorating. 

🌞 ‘Happiness’ and ‘Friday’ should be synonymous. Happy Friday, peeps!

🌞 Day to get excited, to forget our problems, to meet the friends, to re-energize ourselves. Day to do whatever comes to mind… Good morning Friday!

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🌞 Happy Friday! Good luck for today, hun, I know you can do it! 

🌞 Good morning and happy Friday! Today is the beginning of an exciting trip, called the weekend.

🌞 Do you know that Friday is the International Day of Happiness? Well, at least it is that way in my head…  

🌞 Spending time with my friends on a Friday afternoon feels like the best thing in the world to me!  Cheers to a lovely week, have a fantastic day.  See you later x

Friday Good Morning Text Messages

🌞 Today is Friday, where worries and stress are replaced by hope and delight!  Did you read my happy Friday messages on social media today?

🌞 Waking up and remembering that today is Friday gives me the best feeling in the world!  Have a wonderful Friday friend!

🌞 I can’t wait to spend another Friday with you. Happy Friday!

🌞 Come on, it’s Friday! When someone says “good morning” to you, you say: “obviously”. 

🌞 Good morning Friday, let’s do this!

🌞 Don’t you just love Fridays? We can all finally breathe out and shake off our office-related problems because the next couple of days will be all about peace and harmony. With this, I wish you a good Friday! 

🌞 Don’t worry, it’s Friday already! Forget about the fact that you actually have things to do next week and spend this time living your best life. May this day be the beginning of the best weekend of your life!  

🌞 Wishing you the happiest Friday, bud! Drinks are ready, music is playing, and we’re having the time of our lives! I’m sorry you can’t be here, but I hope that you’re still having a hell of a time. Stay safe and have fun… forget the fact that Mondays exist for a bit, will ya? 

🌞 Hi friends!  How are you doing today?  It’s finally Friday and we made it to the end of another week.  Whether you are gearing up for a fun weekend or just taking things easy.  I hope you have a great one.  Here are some fun good morning wishes to start your day off right 🙂

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🌞 God bless Fridays. Can something possibly be better than amazing days like these? I hope you will savor your Friday and do whatever you want to do because it’s’ your life… only you decide what to do with it. Enjoy! 

🌞 Friday has finally come! I’m thinking of a nice after-hour drink and maybe a small movie night… what do you say? Let’s have a chill night to prepare ourselves for a crazy weekend!

🌞 Happy Friday, fellas! This is such a beautiful day to be living and breathing. I hope you have some big plans for today, and if not, you are welcome to join me and my family for a fun night-in!   

🌞 Friday, Fun-day! We can do whatever we want to do… as long as it’s responsible, of course… we’re grown ups! Anyways, I hope you will have a nice weekend away with your husband! 

🌞 It’s Friday and we’re finally getting a break from work.  It was such an intense week, now I am ready for some fun!  Wishing you a very happy Friday my bff’s

Friday Good Morning Quotes

🌞 Let tomorrow take care of itself!  Today it’s Friday and you’ve got this!  

🌞 I look forward to Fridays each and every week almost as much as I wait for my birthday. Leave your workplaces and let the fun begin, people! God created Fridays for a reason, and I’m pretty sure that the reason is fun!

🌞 Can you think of something more exciting than a Friday night? No, you can’t. Because Fridays have that special vibe that makes you feel like everything will be fine. After that, you have a whole weekend to rest and spend time with your loved ones, enjoy! 

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🌞 What a stressful week! It’s almost over, though, and finally we can have a bit of rest. May your weekend be filled with sugar, spice, and everything nice! Power through today, girl.  Wishing you a very happy friday. 

🌞 Friday is finally here!  It’s time to let go of the worries for another day.  The best thing about Fridays are all the fun things you can do!  Let’s surpass all your expectations and have a really good Friday!

🌞 Happy Friday! It feels so good to be alive on a Friday like this. I know you love today just as much as I do, so let’s go and celebrate! 

🌞 Are you ready to have the most fun you’ve had this week? Another Friday has knocked on our door and we really need to make it a big one. Happy Friday!

🌞 Good morning dear! Friday has come and we are getting closer to the end of the week. I wish you an amazing day and an even more amazing weekend with your family! 

🌞 No one knows how much I look forward to a Friday. When Fridays come around, I know I have to endure just a few more hours at the office and then leave my work behind for a couple of days. 

3 friends hanging at the beach

🌞 Don’t fret about what tomorrow may present to you. Its Friday, so live in the moment! Come with me and let’s have ourselves a bit of fun. 

🌞 I hope this Friday becomes the best Friday ever. God knows how challenging this week has been for the both of us. Happy Friday, sister!

🌞 Every day in the week feels like hell except for Fri🌞day, in which our wildest dreams have the opportunity to come alive. So, welcome to yet another Friday! Please be good to us.  

🌞 A good Friday can make you forget the long, harsh week you had to survive for the last five days. I hope this Friday will be a spectacular one for you!

🌞 Happy Friday! No work, no struggle, but tons of fun, good wine, and warm company. This is what Fridays should offer us every weekend. Are you ready to live it once again?  

The Perfect Gift For A Friend

Good Morning Friday Messages for Friends

🌞 Good morning to you. May every step you make today be filled with strength, happiness, and love.

🌞 How’s your Friday morning, going? Mine’s a bust but I hope that you’re having a great one! May this morning bring you nothing less than pure joy. Have a wonderful Friday.

🌞 All the good things in the world start with ‘F’, like ‘Friday’ and ‘Friend’. Let’s have another fantastic Friday this week. I’ll text you when you I have ideas for what we should do, and I am of course open to suggestions!   

🌞 All the good things in the world start with ‘F’, like ‘Friday’ and ‘Friend’. Let’s have another fantastic Friday this week. I’ll text you when you I have ideas for what we should do, and I am of course open to suggestions!  

🌞 Happy Friday! The horrors of the entire week can easily be beaten by a Friday evening spent with a good friend. Can’t wait to see you again. 

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🌞 Good morning, babe! Just thought I’d let you know how having you by my side makes me very happy.

🌞 The day we both have all been waiting for the entire week has finally come once again. Happy Friday, bestie! Let’s have an awesome Friday night after work. 

🌞 Fridays are mind-blowing only when we have good friends to have fun with. Without you, I think that this Friday is gonna be a bit dull… but we’ll have to make the best of it. Happy Friday, my friend! 

🌞 Top of the morning to you! I pray that your day is filled with positivity and blessings. God bless you! 

🌞 Every morning is a new beginning, a second chance that life gives you because you’re so worth it. Here’s to a fantastic and productive Friday!  

🌞 Morning, sunshine! I know it’s your lazy day, but when you finally get out of bed, don’t forget to thank God for giving you another day!  

🌞 Good morning, my friend! With every new day, comes a new set opportunities… so let’s grab ’em and give them our all! 

🌞 Hey, dear. I hope you’re having a nice morning, and I hope that you’ll get closer to your goals today! Much love. 

🌞 Good morning, princess! Hope you’ll have a blissful Friday. 

🌞 An inspirational good morning to you: Life rarely gives you a second chance, so try to make the most of it! Also, a wild idea… why don’t you start doing so this beautiful morning?   

🌞 For this Friday’s quote: life is full of uncertainties… but after every rainstorm, there will always be rainbow.

🌞 Happy Friday, girl!  Each day is an opportunity to grow, and I hope we don’t mess it up. 

Good Morning Lovely Friends Quotes

How do you wish your friends a good morning on Friday?  Some people might say “Happy Friday!” or “Have a great day!”.  But what if you want to be a little more  creaative and cute in your messages?

Check out these fun ways to send good morning friday messages to your friends.

🌞 Get up and make yourself a part of this beautiful world. A beautiful day is waiting outside your door. Wishing you a lovely Friday!

🌞 Happy Friday morning bitches!  Let’s get this day going.  I am planning on having a spectacular Friday night, what are you up to? 

🌞 Happy Friday, sweetie! Every morning brings you new hopes and opportunities. Don’t waste them all on sleep and being lazy!  

🌞 Morning! Its time to wake up, take a deep breath, and take in the sweetness of the fresh morning air. Wishing you a splendid Friday! 

🌞 Friday morning is here, and your extra cheerfulness should be too! I wish you a very good start to what is hopefully an extra wonderful day.  

Young girls blowing kisses

🌞 Rise and shine!  The best way to start a Friday is waking up early in the morning and enjoying nature with a good cup of tea.  I hope you’re doing this right now. I’m just kidding, I’m still lounging in bed in my pajamas.  “good morning Friday, I love you”.

🌞 Good morning dear! Wake up, dearie. It’s so beautiful out, you should not be spending it cooped up in bed. Wanna take a little walk with me before you head off to work?   

🌞 Mornings define the rest of our days. It’s all about how we start every morning and our outlook to life. So, get up and make a good start of yet another gorgeous Friday!

🌞 Believe me, breathing in the crisp morning air makes you healthier and wiser. Waking up early allows us to properly prepare ourselves for what may come. May your day be all you want it to be! 

🌞 Good morning, young lady! May your Friday ahead be as sweet as you are!

🌞 Hello there, love! Sending you a bunch of good vibes to start your morning with positive energy! 

🌞 Isn’t it a beautiful, sunny day today? May your day go as bright and smiley as the sun is!   

🌞 Good morning Friday! You are here finally.  Now let’s make some plans to make this  a really good Friday! 

🌞 Morning, cutie! I hope you had a good night’s rest. Now, it’s time to wake up and conquer the day! The sun is on our side. 

🌞 Good morning beautiful best friend!  We have been blessed with yet another day!  Let’s welcome it with glee in our hearts and peace in our minds.   

Female friends reading text message on a friday

Friday Good Morning Friendship Messages

🌞 If you ask me, nothing is more invigorating than a beautiful morning that calms your mind and gives you reasons to smile. How are you this good Friday morning? 

🌞 Another day has begun! Rise and shine, and welcome the bountiful blessings I’m sure you and your family will receive. I wish you a wonderful morning and an exciting day! 

🌞 Wake up like the sun every morning and light up the world your rays of queenliness. A person have so many great things to achieve everyday, including Fridays!

🌞 Good morning! No matter how hard yesterday was, today is a new beginning, so buckle up and prepare for a new adventure! 

🌞 Rise and shine! Wake up like the rockstar that you are and let the world know you’re not going to stop until you get what you want.  

🌞 Good morning! A new Friday has arrived bearing so many new opportunities for you. Grab them all and make the best out of your day, and henceforth the best out of your life! Wishing you all the happiness.

🌞 Wake up, have your glass of fresh orange juice, and let the morning fog energize you for the day. May you have a a good Friday morning and a good day ahead!

🌞 Good morning! I wish you a successful day ahead, my dear. You’ve been preparing and working so hard for this, destiny has to be on your side today.   

🌞 Happy Friday! No matter how rough yesterday was, just know that today is your day. Stay positive and keep being the brave woman you are.  

🌞 Get out of bed and get ready for another exciting Friday! Remember: life is what you make of it.

🌞 Mornings shape your entire mood for the rest of the day, so I hope that you’re having an impressive Friday morning!

🌞 Happy Friday, pretty one. My heart is so full of love for you. You are the sunshine of my life. Because of you, my life is never dull. 

🌞 Good Friday morning to you!  May this day go beautifully, and the rest of your weekend even more so!

Good Morning Lovely Friends Quotes

Good friends are like stars, you don't always see them but you know they're always there.

Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave and impossible to forget.

Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It's not something you can learn in school. But if you haven't learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven't learned anything!

The greatest gift of life is friendship.

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.

Friends are honest with each other even if the truth hurts.

A day without a friend is like a pot without a single drop of honey lest inside.

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.

It's not that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but it's your best friends who are your diamonds.

Friendship between women is different than friendship between men.

Good Morning Friday Messages For Friends