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Best Words to Describe Mom

When you think of your mom, what are the best words to describe mom?  For me, words like “selfless,” “generous,” and “strong” are always front and center. From the moment your mom brought you into this world, she has always been a pillar of support in our family.

Moms mean the world to us. No matter how old we get, no one can replace the bond that unites a mother and her child. In addition to being strong and smart, moms have so many other special qualities that make them extraordinary people. From giving hugs when we need comfort to sacrificing time and energy just to give us what we need, they show so much love every single day.  Often times without getting anything in return!  To honor your mom, here are some of the words that best describe them!

You can use these words to describe mom for mother’s day, or any day just to let her know she is appreciated by her family.

Older daughter giving mom pink flowers

Words to Describe Moms

Looking for the best words to describe mom this mother’s day?  We have put together the best words to describe mom.  Let your mom know how much she is appreciated by her children, let her know there are so many things you love about her starting with.  Use words like “best mom”, or “sweet woman”, or “strong woman.  Let her know you think the world of her this mother’s day.

👩 Happy mother’s day to one of the best mothers out there.  I am trying to find the right words to describe how wonderful you are.  You always put my well being ahead of your own.  I always remember you being a kind mom, who would pick me up when I fell down and scrapped my knee.  I love you mom.

👩 Mom, I love spending time with you, we have so much fun doing word searches together and trying to beat the other person.  Happy mother’s day.

👩 You are my sunshine on a rainy day.  When anything bad happens in my life, I know that you will be there to comfort me and make me feel better.  There is no-one better to do that,  Thank you for always taking care of my feelings and hearing me when I am in pain.

👩 There are so many words to describe mom – kind, sweet, loving, thoughtful, accepting, non judgmental.  Moms are the glue in every family unit, I am so glad that I have my mom, I know many who don’t!

👩 I remember filling in words to describe mom when I was in VPK, back then I didn’t really know what it was all about, it was just something the teacher had us do for mother’s day.  It means a lot more to me now that I am a new mother myself.  A mother’s love is nurturing and fills us with warmth, thank you for always being there for me no matter what.  You were and still are the best mother. 

Moms are one of a kind!

Good Words to Describe Your Mom

👩 This mother’s day mom, I want you to know what an amazing person you are.  You kept this family unit together, when we were going through tough times.  You always made me feel loved, thank you for that.

👩 My mom is the most loving person I know. She is always there for me when I need her and she always has my best interests at heart. I know that no matter what happens in life, she will always love me unconditionally.

👩 There are so many words to describe my mom – strong, loving, thoughtful, grateful, kind, forgiving.  Mom, you have a heart of gold and a smile that brightens up the world.  I am so thankful that you are my mother, and that we are the best of friends.

👩 Moms will do anything to protect their children.  I love that when I have a bad day, I know my mom will take care of me and make everything better.  My mom is one of a kind and I love her to bits.  Happy mother’s day mom.

👩 You are the most generous person I know, but you’re always the most protective mom.  Thank you for always having my back mom.

👩 Words to describe my mom, that’s easy – she is a beautiful woman, inside and out.  She loves her children fiercely, and she gets all of her joy in life from her kids.  We are super grateful to have her as our mom.  We love you mommy.

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Adjectives to Describe Mom

Moms are one of the most beautiful gifts we have been given in life. They are not just someone who gave us birth, but they are the ones who selflessly sacrificed their lives to raise us and make us who we are today. Each mom is unique, and each relationship with them is special. So today, I want to highlight a few sayings that may describe your mom and remind you of how much she means to you.

If you’re looking for words to describe mom, we have put together some of our favorite words to describe your mother.  Here’s our favorite words to describe mom, you can use them to brighten your mom’s day, or keep them for a happy mother’s day card.

A mother’s love is something that everyone should experience in life, but unfortunately that isn’t the case!  Mothers are so important to children, so take some time today to wish your mother a very happy mother’s day, and thank her for being her!

👩 My mom is extremely supportive of everything I do. She is always cheering me on and telling me that she believes in me. I know that I would not be the person I am today without her support.  A mother’s love conquers all.

👩 A mother is the perfect person to put you to sleep dreaming happy dreams. 

👩 I am so grateful that I am your daughter.  You have taught me so much, and have always been such a good friend to me.  No matter what happens in my life, I know that I can always come to you, that is an incredible gift mom!

👩 One of the best words to describe mom is caring.  Moms tend to be the ones who always remember to pick up your favorite cereal, or who know you won’t like what they’re making for dinner, so they always have a separate meal for their picky eaters. They know just what to make for you when you aren’t feeling well, and always make sure you are taken care of when you’re having a bad day. 

👩 Strong, determined, helpful, nurturing – these are all words to describe mom. Mothers are so important in families, so hug your mother a little tighter today, and thank her for all she has done and still does to this day. 

👩 Dad was always ready to teach us about life, mom was always so wise, we had such great discussions.  We were blessed with the best parents.

👩 Today is a special day for all moms out there.  I was extremely lucky to have my mom in my life.  She was my best friend and a smart woman.  She was a gift from god.  Mom, I love you and I miss you, thanks for always being around for me. 

👩 My mom always helped me make logical decisions in life.  She treated me with respect even when I was making the wrong decisions.  She always listened to my ideas, even when I was young.

The Perfect Gift for Mother

Describing Words for Mother

To honor our mothers, here are some of the best words to describe mom.  You can use these words to tell your mom how special she is to you this mother’s day.  Your mom will appreciate this beautiful gesture, maybe you could throw in some cute gifts too.

They say that there is no one quite like a mother. From childhood days to teenage drama to adult responsibilities, a mother’s love and nurturing have no boundaries. She is the one who cooks our favorite food, soothes our tears, and makes us feel safe when we need that.  The word “mom” stands for much more than just a title. It represents an entire universe of care, comfort, and support. As a way to thank her for all she does, you could take some time to write some words to describe mom that  would melt her heart and let her know she is doing a fabulous job!

👩 To mom this mother’s day, I want you to know that your daughter thinks the world of you.  You are humble and compassionate.  Your emotions are sometimes raw and honest.  Thank you for walking me to school every day, even when you didn’t want to.  You taught me how to be polite to my elders, and respect my peers, most importantly, you taught me how to smile and have fun as often as possible.

👩 I am my mother’s daughter.  For that I will always be thankful.  You are honest to a fault, compassionate about most things, and brave when it comes to protecting your children.  I love you so much mom.

👩 Thank you, Mom, for being my rock and my sanctuary. I can always count on moms unwavering support and comfort, especially during challenging times. She is the one who gives me the strength to deal with difficult times.  There is nothing better than a mother’s love.  

👩 A mother’s love is the only kind you need.  She keeps our family unit stable and calm, and is always coming up with fun things for us to do together as a family.

👩 My friends are jealous because they know I have the best mom, other moms are not like you.  You actually spend time with me and we have so much fun together.

Words to Describe Mothers

👩 My mother is one of the best people I know.  If I had to pick words to describe her, I would use the following adjectives: intelligent, loving, kind, thoughtful, a brilliant problem solver and unique.  

👩 My mom is a good natured woman, who doesn’t let much get to her.  She loves spending time with her grandkids now, and they love being around her too.

👩 Mom, your hugs are like magic potions that heal all wounds. Your hugs always make me feel loved and protected.  You always make everything better, no matter what is going on in my life.  

👩 Wishing my mom a very happy mother’s day.  Thank you for always being the best role model I have in my life.  You are a true blessing in my life.  I thank god for you every day (even on the days we argue lol

👩 My mother is my favorite human being on the planet.  She mothers me like no-one else and I love it.  This mother’s day, I want her to know how special she is to us.  She is my friend and my confidante, my go-to person for most of my problems.  She is my mother and will always be my mom first and foremost.

Mom reading mothers day card from kids

Words to Describe Your Mom

There are so many adjectives to describe moms and the mother figures in your life.  If you’re looking for some words to write in your mother’s day card this year, keep reading.  We have some of the best words to describe mom that should work for you.  When you are trying to come up with words to describe mom, be personal.

Think about your mom, is she fun, adventurous, loyal, quiet, thoughtful, loud?  

Maybe make her a card this mother’s day with only words to describe mom, I think she would find that pretty cool,

👩 My mom is the most loving person I know. She is always there for me when I need her and she always has my best interests at heart. I know that no matter what happens in life, she will always love me unconditionally.  She is the best mother I could have.  I love you mom, thanks for all that you do!

👩 I’m so glad I have a wise mother who I can turn to when I need advice about something.  You are one in a million mother, this daughter loves you very much.

👩 You have always been there in my good times and my darkest times.  I am blessed to have you in my life, no matter what I have going on, you are always there.  Thank you mom.

👩 Here are some words to describe mom:  intelligent, sincere, nurturing, sincere and my best friend.  Love you lots mom.

👩 Moms are the ones who teach us how to be kind and sweet to others, they teach us to be nurturing, and how we should always treat others with kindness.  

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Adjectives for Mom

This mother’s day take some time to come up with the best words to describe mom and surprise her with a really special card this year.  Mothers are a special brand and should be treated as such.  Take the time to find words to describe mom and surprise her this year with a beautiful mother’s day card.

👩 I am so grateful that I have you as my mother.  You are amazing, you always stay included in our lives, and you always remain positive even when we do certain silly things.

👩 My mom is one of the strongest people I know. She has been through a lot in her life, but she has never let anything keep her down. She is an inspiration to me and I know that I can always count on her to be there for me.

👩 My mom is an incredibly strong person. She has been through a lot in her life and she has always come out stronger than ever. I know that no matter what life throws at her, she will always be able to handle it with grace and strength.  My mother is one of a kind.  She is my best friend for life.

👩 Mothers are a gift to us all.  I know that I am very blessed to have mine.

👩 The best adjectives to describe mom are:  funny, genuine, kindhearted, present, and always fair.  She is good natured to a fault sometimes.  She is my mom, and I thank god for her daily.

👩 I call my Mom my superhero:   She always knows what to do in evert situation and she is always there to save the day. She is always there ready for us, ready to comfort and support us through thick and thin. I’ve always been convinced that mothers could and should run the world!

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One Word to Describe Mom

Here are 5 words to describe Mom, and why she will love them.  Using these personal words to describe mom will let know how much thought you put into your mother’s day card or just a note letting her know how much she means to you.

If you are looking for one word to describe mom, these are the perfect words to honor her and all that she does for her family.

Write these on a mother’s day card and watch her face light up.

👩 Inviting – Growing up, we were always the house where all my friends wanted to hang out, and it wasn’t just because we had a cool pool or a big TV. It was because they liked being around my mom, and she liked being around them. She was always interested in what we were interested in, and she always enjoyed having lots of kids at our house,  She always had a smile on her face and a warm, comforting energy that just radiated from her. A lot of my friends moms didn’t want kids hanging around their house, so ours became the fun house and I loved it.

👩 Accepting – I know that no matter what happens in my life or my brothers, my mom will accept us no matter what.  I know that isn’t the case for other kids, so it means a lot to me  us that we have that.

👩 Understanding – I flunked an exam when I was in middle school and I was nervous about telling my parents my grade, because it was so bad!  When I finally plucked up the courage, my mom was so wonderful about the whole thing.  She understood that I made some silly mistakes, but that I had studied hard, and I was already upset about the whole thing.  Instead, she consoled me and congratulated me for trying my best and helped me learn from my mistakes.

👩 Strong – I would describe mom as a very strong woman.  She went out and got a job when my dad lost his because of the economy.  She never let us kids know if she was worried about money or getting food on the table.  I know that no matter what happens, my mom is able to deal with it.

👩 Supporter – When I was in school I wanted to try everything – track and field, soccer, volleyball, basketball, you name it, I tried it!  My mom never said no, she drove me to each and every practice, games etc.  She would cheer for me from the stands, she was my biggest supporter!

This upcoming mother’s day, use these words to describe mom.  Mothers do so much for their families, they deserve a big fuss being made of them.  I hope I have given you enough words to describe mom that you can use for yourself.  Mother’s day is the perfect day to go all out and show her how much she means to you and how thankful you are to have a mother’s love like hers. 

What Are Some Good Words to Describe Your Mom?