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Send Your Man A Flirty Good Morning Text

So it is morning and you have woken up with more than coffee on your mind. Whether you desire some manly company, or plan to “go it alone,” let your man know you are thinking of him in a less than angelic way with one of our flirty good morning quotes for him. 

No matter how his day  is starting , it will be sure to change for the better knowing you are thinking of him  “getting up.” 

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How Do You Wake A Guy Up Over Text?

  • Doctor, I’m not feeling so well this morning, can I have a check up, please? 
  • Oh baby, I’m so glad you’re up. I’ve been craving some sausage !
  • Good morning, sweetheart. No talking, now go bring some bacon so I can serve up the eggs.
  • For your special breakfast this morning, we have buttered toast or buttered muffin. The choice is yours. 
  • I think I’m in the mood for some light breakfast today… how about  you turn me over-easy?
  • Last night was mind-blowing. Care to relive it again this morning?
  • Morning, baby. I really wish I was there to give you a proper wake-up call, if you know what I mean.
  • Good morning, handsome. I had such a naughty dream last night, can’t wait to realise it with you later tonight. 
  • Hey, hun. Hope you had a good night’s rest. If I were there with you right now, my lips would go ALL over you body. 
  • Baby! Just thought you would want to know… I was freezing this morning, then I thought about you and instantly got hot. 

Sex is always about emotions. Good sex is about free emotions; bad sex is about blocked emotions.

  • Morning! If I could wish for one thing in the world right now, it would be morning sex with you. 
  • Was just wondering, how do you want me to make you moan tonight?
  • Good morning, my love. I’m gonna hop in the shower, would you care to join me? 🙂 
  • Hey there. I really wish you were laying tight next to me… with nothing on. 
  • You’re my favorite (dirty) thought to have in the morning. Have a nice day! 

What To Text A Guy In The Morning To Make Him Smile?

  • Good morning, sexy. My bed feels so, unbearably empty without you in it… and so do I 😉 
  • Morning, honey. I’m just laying here imagining what I would do if you were here right now. Spoiler alert: I would not let you go out of bed. 
  • Hey, gorgeous, I wish you were here so we could have some good morning sex… followed by long cuddles… then, more sex…
  • If we were in bed together right now, you wouldn’t be beside me… you’d be deep inside me. Just saying. 
  • Hey! I literally just woke up and thought about that one time in the hot tub… it was so damn HOT! 
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  • Wake up, sleepyhead! I’m texting you with one hand, the other one’s a bit busy… wish you were here. 
  • Get up, you beautiful being. I’m so horny for some reason… wanna help your girl out? 
  • I can’t get all that we did last night out of my mind. Anyways, hope you’ll have a great day! 
  • Hey, there… I’m on the subway right now and I can’t stop blushing over the dream I had about us last night. 
  • Good morning, darling! So… I’m too sleepy to touch myself now, do you want to come over and do that for me?
  • Morning, boo. I have to go to yoga later today, so I need to practice putting my legs over my head. Wanna help me out?
  • Hey, it’s [the current time]. Small question: do you think it’s too early to masturbate, or should you come over and we can do better things together? 
  • Good morning, love! Remember, when you wake up, you have two choices now: you can continue to sleep and dream about me, or you can wake up and actually have me 😉  
  • It’s a beautiful morning, but it would be so much better if I had you next to me.  
  • I can’t believe I’m living the dream of waking up next to a king. Good morning! 

How Do You Say Good Morning In A Flirty Way?

  • Morning, babe. I had a thought: a bad attitude is like a flat tyre- you cannot go anywhere until you change it… and I happen to be in such a bad mood this morning. 
  • Before you say good morning and make me a cup of coffee, would you come come closer to me? Who knows what might happen… 
  • Every selfish man is apparently a self-slayer… anytime of the day. 
  • I love that the beginning of the day always starts amazingly with you… when I reach that high, nothing in the day can beat that feeling.
  • Good morning, you. The game of life is not about holding a good hand, but playing a poor hand well… and boy, you play it well. 

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  • If you don’t like seeing me naked in the morning, then why couldn’t you adjust the timer on your lawn sprinkler system?
  • Morning, sexy.  I miss you so much that I want to cry. But it’s not my eyes that are wet right now. 
  • From the first ray of sunshine to the evening’s last star, you and your moves are always on my mind, special one. 
  • Good morning to the hunkiest man I know! Here’s a special coffee for you, brewed with love and affection. 
  • Morning! May you start this day with a huge smile on your face and plenty of happiness for you to embrace… let me be a source of that. 
  • Your smile is the only inspiration I need, your voice the only motivation I need, and your good loving the only source of energy I need. 
  • Good morning, my angel. God, are you a blessing from the heavens above…
  • Morning, dear. Know that I care for you so, very much. Nothing and no one can ever replace you. 
  • I want to reach my ideal body weight- which is your weight- on my body!
  • It really doesn’t matter whether I drink tea or milkshakes- I’ll still feel warm knowing that I can come home to you every night. 

A gentleman holds my hand. A man pulls my hair. A soulmate will do both.

What To Text Your Boyfriend When You Miss Him

  • You are the source of my happiness, the center of my universe, and half of my heart.
  • You are the sole reason why I wake up each day with flares of love in my heart and butterflies in my stomach, and my hand between my legs. 
  • Good morning to the most wonderful man in my life. You’re kind, smart, handsome, charming, and humble… what a complete package! Oh, and I almost forgot the smile…
  • I love you as much as I love my first cup of coffee in the morning. I wish I could have you with me all the time. 
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Flirty Good Morning Quotes For a Boyfriend

  • Good morning! I hope that a this little text from me would perk up your morning… I wish you were here…perked up…if you know what I mean… 
  • If you were only HERE..I’d let you put it THERE!
  • Good morning, my sunshine! There is nothing more valuable in this world than you are to me.
  • Love is blind. Especially in the morning, because I can’t see a damn thing before sipping coffee… at least I can feel you. 
  • If you’re a good boy today, then maybe I’ll give you a sexy surprise before the clock strikes midnight.
  • I woke up craving you this morning…
  • Wish I could’ve just laid my head on your chest all day instead of go to work…
  • If only I was there to help you wake up…
  • It’s such a lovely morning here! Wish I could share it with you.
  • Wish I was waking up with you touching my bare skin.

Great Sexting Phrases To Send Him

  • I’m extra horny this morning… want to come by?
  • I woke up before my alarm went off, gave me enough time to fantasise about you.
  • I had a wild dream about you last night, I’d tell you more about it if you were here… and maybe show it too. 
  • Don’t you wish I could turn your morning wood into something real right now?
  • Somehow, I know I’m gonna to be daydreaming about your hot and sweaty body all day at work.
  • Imagining that I was waking you up with an amazing blow job?
  • I can’t control myself when I think about you in the morning, I just want to jump on you as soon as possible. 
  • About to get in the shower, want to get extra wet with me?
  • I love sleeping naked… if only someone was here to enjoy the view.
  • It’s so early, and yet I already wish that I was in your arms. 
two love bird staring at each other
  • Nothing could contain my excitement. I even woke up early because I just can’t wait to be with you tonight.
  • The way you squirm is the single hottest sound to my ears. 
  • Good morning, my prince. I dreamed about your dreamy eyes and playful lips last night. 
  • Thinking about you makes me unbelievably wet. 
  • I woke up today and thought of you…and touched myself…come over!
  • I have a million different and dirty ideas that I would love to try on you tonight. 

Good Morning Love Messages and Sexy Quotes

  • They may have come in pairs, but my boobs  were lonely this morning without you.
  • I woke up with a bunch of dirty ideas about what we should do this afternoon.
  • It’s national “happy morning” day. So, happy morning to my favorite person alive!
  • Here’s a picture of how I woke up. Don’t be shy, tell me all the bad things you’d do to me. 
  • Waking up next to you is my greatest blessing in life. Good luck today! 
  • Good morning, baby, I hope you had a good night’s rest!
  • Morning Stallion. How would you like to be ridden hard and put away wet? 
  • I always miss you as soon as the door closes every morning. Can’t wait for you to come home later!
  • Good morning, my sweet cheeks. 
  • Waking up to your dreamy eyes is like my own little piece of heaven.
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Good Morning Flirty Quotes For Him

  • I just wanted you to know I’ve been thinking about you all morning. Looking forward to our date later! 
  • I hate that I can’t see you… sending you virtual hug and kisses! 
  • Hope you’re having a relaxing morning. Sip some nice tea for me, gorgeous.
  • I am thinking about you right now, bad thoughts, I need a spanking!
  • Good morning 🙂 Know that I’m so proud of the man that you’ve become and of all that you do for us. Love you more than anything.

The art of seduction is knowing what she really wants and slowly giving it to her in a way that takes her breath away.

  • Fun fact: You’re the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning, every single day. 
  • Morning, honey! I hope I am on your mind as much as I am on yours. 
  • Good morning to the guy who makes the days brighter and m soul so much happier! I’m lucky to have myself a true gentleman. 
  • BREAKING NEWS! The hottest man on earth just woke up!
  • I think my pillow is starting to be jealous… it’s sensing that I’d rather be sleeping on you!

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  • Hi, hello, good morning. I woke up so happy today, hope you are too!
  • Good morning, sweetie! Friendly reminder that you are the bacon to my eggs, the PB to my J, and the butter to my toast. Okay, I’m getting kinda hungry now…
  • I’m truly looking forward to the times when I get to wake up next to you every morning .
  • You are the reason I get out of bed every day… so by the time I finish work, I could possibly end up at yours. I hope your day is more than kind to you, my lovely.
  • Do you have any idea how insanely happy you make me? If not, then I’m glad I told you, so you can start your day knowing that you have a woman who would do almost anything to make you happy… even the naughty things 😉 
  • I couldn’t get you out of my head all morning… must be because of last night. 
  • Good morning! If I could hug and kiss you through the screen, I definitely would!
  • Hope you’re having a nice morning, love. Get ready for a special date night! 
  • Even though I’m not there, I won’t stop trying to wake you up with a (virtual) smooch.
  • Good morning, baby. Know that your kids and I will always be proud of you. Would you fancy a weekend getaway soon, just the two of us? 😉 


The art of seduction is knowing what she really wants and slowly giving it to her in a way that takes her breath away.

I don’t know the question, but sex is definitely the answer.

Morning sex… Proven to be more effective than coffee…

I never understood why anyone would have sex on the floor. Until I was with you and I realized: you don’t realize you’re on the floor.

Nymphomaniac: A woman obsessed with sex as an average man.

Flirty Good Morning Quotes to Make Him Blush!