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Thank You For Your Patience

We’ve all heard the phrase “thank you for your patience.” Whether in person or over the phone, it is a common way to express gratitude and appreciation for someone waiting, listening, or being understanding in a difficult situation.

It’s most commonly used in a business setting.  You may hear it a lot from a customer service representative, both online or in person.  People use the expression when the process they are working on is is taking a long time. 

What the person or customer service representatives are trying to do is to ask for your patience during this long wait. They know you are becoming impatient and are tired of waiting, and they are doing their best to acknowledge that the process is taking longer than it should, and they are recognizing how patient you are being.

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When Do You Use the Phrase Thank You For Your Patience?

Saying thank you for your patience can make a huge difference to a situation where someone has been waiting much longer than they should have been!  By acknowledging there is an issue, you will immediately help your customers to feel better about waiting!

This will go a long way in keeping the peace and building better relationships with your customers or clients.

In this post, let’s go over some situations where you would use the term thank you for your patience in a formal way.

Where a teacher is taking a little longer to grade a paper for a student.

Last minute delays at an airport.

A customer waiting to talk to someone on the phone for a long time.

Waiting for a table at a restaurant.

Thank you for your patience during this difficult time.

Thank you for your patience while we figure out what happened today!

Thank you for being such a  good friend, your patience means the world to me, as I navigate through ____________.  Thank you for bearing with me, I appreciate your friendship so much.

Thank you for your patience today after our systems went down.  I was so glad when our good customer service people were able to help you out and take care of what you needed.

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How Do You Say Thank You For Your Patience in Waiting For a Response?

Thanking someone for their patience in waiting for a response is a sign of respect. It conveys the message that you are aware of and grateful for their time and willingness to wait. A simple, yet heartfelt thank you can go a long way in showing appreciation and setting yourself apart as an individual with excellent customer service skills.

Expressing gratitude not only acknowledges the feeling of courtesy, but it also reflects positively on yourself as well. Being polite and expressing your thanks to someone who has taken the time to wait patiently, makes them feel better about the whole situation!  This is a phrase that is NOT commonly used anymore!

  • I had no idea that was going on, I will be having words with the kids this afternoon.  I know the encounter was with a  friend, but that is all I know.  I am hoping the child in the wrong will be the one apologizing.  I will be in contact after we have spoken.   Thank you for communicating with me. 
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Thanks For Your Patience

I don’t consider myself a patient person, and I absolutely hate when I am sitting on a call that for MUCH longer than I should be!  

However if someone treats me in a polite way, and acknowledges there is a delay and admits things shouldn’t be taking so long, I will immediately calm down.

Here are some wonderful ways to thank someone for their patience.

  • Thank you so much for your patience, I am so thankful for you remaining calm during these delays.  I am working hard to resolve the situation.  Thank you again for your patience. 
  • I apologize for the inconvenience we are causing you, I am doing my best to come up with a solution that works.  Give me a moment while I speak with my supervisor.
  • I am so sorry that I am running late, I apologize for profusely, my eta is 5 minutes.

Thank You For Your Patience and Understanding Email

Here is an example of how to say thank you for your patience to a client or customer.  

  • I am still looking into exactly what went wrong with your customer order.  I am talking to one of my supervisors, hopefully they can explain what happened, and I will respond back to you with a new plan.  In the meantime we will be taking full responsibility, and offering a refund.  Thank you for your patience.
  • Thank you for allowing me to explain what happened with our team this week.  I will be talking with one of my Directors and we will be having an very honest conversation.  I can only imagine something happened on our side.
  • I wanted to send a quick note letting you know things did not go as expected.  I am apologizing, because it is our fault 100%.    I have the ability to step in to manage the deliverables, but we will still be a few days late.  Thank you for your patience. 
  •  We thank you so much for being remarkably patient with us, as we go through the restructuring of our company.  We are committed to providing excellent service, and clearly that didn’t happen here.  Please don’t allow this mistake to do harm to the relationships we have built over the last few years. I am writing to discuss how we can make things better after the delay of our last shipment.  We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.  As a company, we want to do things right by you. 
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Thank You For Your Patience Messages At Work

These thank you for your patience examples should be used at work with clients, or staff members.  Thank you for your patience is a phrase that you hear in business terms all the time!  Feel to use an example below, most importantly, always remember to remain polite and respond accordingly to the recipient of the message.  How you communicate with a client or clients, can make or break a situation!

  • I really appreciate your support in this matter, you have been more than patient, this will be taken care of today.  As soon as I hear from my manager, I will respond back to you.  Thank you again for your patience in this matter.
  • I really appreciate you both taking the time to meet today.  You both have good qualities, and so it is to be expected that sometimes people clash.  However there comes a point when we need to manage a situation like this.  I do apologize that it’s taken so long to do this.
  • There will be a formal inquiry into what happened.  I do apologize for the delay, I will point out the mistakes of this case to the person involved.
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Thank You For Being Patient

Here is an example of a way to say thank you for your patience in all kinds of scenarios. 

It’s always polite to say thank you, whether it be to clients, or a friend after something goes wrong. 

You will hear this phrase used all the time at an airport where delays happen daily.  It’s important to always be apologetic in this type of scenario, when people are tired and just want to get where they are going!

  • We should be the ones apologizing to you.  You are a valued client and friend, and we thank you for your patience after the delay of _____.
  • Give me a little bit of time and I will find out what happened, your patience is really appreciated.
  • We are committed to fixing the mistake we made.  We are here to support you, and are appreciative of how patient you have been during this difficult process.  I would like to set up a meeting asap to discuss the different ways we can ensure this does not happen again.  We will make every effort to be available to you. 

Thank You For Being Patient With Me