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Heartfelt Thank You For Your Hospitality

Being invited to someone’s house for a dinner or party is one of the nicest feelings in the world. However, it can be hard to find the right way to say thank you for your hospitality to the host.  

When someone opens their home to you, they are doing something truly special.  They are welcoming you into their lives  and sharing a part of themselves with you.

So when it comes time to say thank you to your host, be sure to express your gratitude in the best way possible.   

Here are some ideas on what to write as thank you messages to a wonderful host.

  • Your hospitality was truly heartwarming. Thank you!
  • We are deeply thankful for your gracious hospitality. Thank you!
  • Your hospitality made our stay unforgettable. Thank you!
  • We had such a lovely weekend, thank you so much for your genuine hospitality.
  • We can’t thank you enough for your warm hospitality.
  • Thank you for the lovely visit, it was really nice getting to meet your family.

What Should A Good Thank You Note Include?

While the perfect thank you note may vary depending upon who receives it, there are a few rules that apply to any message. A good thank you note should be written in a timely manner after receiving an invitation/event or hosting an event yourself.

The cards should also be handwritten and hand-delivered if possible; while typed or emailed messages are also appreciated, they are not a substitute for the handwritten ones. Personalized messages and stationery will be best received by your host.

A good Thank You note should:

1) Address the host personally.

2) Thank them directly.

3) Be specific as to the event, or time period in question.

4) Give a hopeful wish for the future- to see them again, or host them at your home.

5) Reiterate the message.

6) Close

How Do You Say Thank You For Hospitality?

🏡 Thank you for being such a wonderful host throughout my stay at your house. It was such a fun time.   

🏡 I am grateful for your kindness and generosity for offering me a place to stay at such a short notice.  You are a gracious host.  Your hospitality is second to none. 

🏡 You are such gracious hosts, and your husband is a wonderful chef.  Thank you for the beautiful memories.  We had such a great time.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!   

🏡 Thank you for your most thoughtful gift and your kind hospitality.  It was so wonderful meeting your family members.  We will have to come back soon.

🏡 Thank you for all the generosity you showed us last week when we were visiting.  It was such a nice surprise to meet your sister for the first time, she was so lovely, just like you.

🏡 Thank you again for making my visit pleasant. It was so nice meeting all your friends and family, thank you again.

🏡 Thank you so much for an incredible week hanging with your family.  It was so much fun for our kids to get to know your kids on a much deeper level.  We much appreciated all the trouble you went to for our trip.  Thanks again, and may god bless you and your beautiful family.

🏡 We had a wonderful time playing cards with you and your husband.  Also thank you for the wonderful dinner.  You are both such lovely people.  

🏡 Thank you so much for your hospitality and generosity during my stay.  It was such a blessing to be able to spend so much time with your entire family.  You are such a gracious host.  Thank you for a wonderful visit.  

Dad, mom and daughter holding door open for guest

Thank You Messages For Your Hospitality

Use these thank you messages to thank you host for the dinner party, or for staying at your home.

🏡 Thank you for your hospitality.  Your entire family was so welcoming and accommodating.  It was lovely getting to meet everyone, they were such a delight. Your warm welcome was much appreciated, and the flowers in my room were beautiful.  Thank you for going all out!

🏡 I want to take a moment to thank you for your gracious hospitality.  You truly went above and beyond to make me feel welcome in your home.  Your hospitality and generosity meant the world to me.  Thank you so much!

🏡 Thank you for being such a careful host.  I enjoyed every single moment of my visit. The dinner party you threw in my honor was so much fun.  I loved meeting all your friends and neighbors, thank you for inviting me to stay.  Now you need to come to mine. 

When friends are at your hearthside met, Sweet courtesy has done its most If you have made each guest forget That he himself is not the host.​

🏡 Thank you for inviting me to join your Superbowl Party.  Everyone gave me such a warm welcome, I had so much fun.

🏡 Thank you so much for the warm welcome.  We had such a wonderful evening with your wonderful family.  You are an incredibly generous host, and we are super appreciative of all that you do.  We will have you over to ours in the next couple of weeks.  We will try to make you feel as welcome with us, as we did with your family.

🏡 Thank you so much for being an amazing host.  Your wife’s cooking was outstanding,  your house rocks, and the lively conversation was wonderful.  All in all it was an absolutely incredible experience.  One that I won’t ever forget!

🏡 If I look up the words ‘thoughtful’ and ‘generous’ in the dictionary, your face would be displayed there.  Words can’t describe how thankful I am to you for making me feel so special.  Thank you for your hospitality.

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Thank You For Your Kindness & Hospitality

Use the below thank you messages to say thank you for your hospitality and generosity to your wonderful host.  

🏡 We can’t stop talking about the tremendous amount of fun we had with you. It’s always a blast to visit you, so staying for the weekend was extraordinary. My son was blown away by your video game collection.  I could hardly get him to leave. Thanks for all the amazing food.

🏡 Thank you for the royal treatment at your home.  I know it was short notice when you invited me to stay at your house.  Thank you again dear friend, you were a great host.

🏡 Thank you so much for your hospitality during my stay!  I really appreciate the warm welcome I received, and am grateful for all the hospitality and generosity shown to me.  Thank you so much.

🏡 I have no words to describe how much I enjoyed spending time at your house. It was beyond joyous and memorable. It was just the retreat I needed.  My kids especially loved the game room, we will be back for our next vacation lol. 

Thank you hospitality text in pink

Thank You for Your Hospitality and Generosity

🏡 Much thanks to you and your loving family for the hospitality! All the food, companionship, and little moments of my stay at your house were unforgettable.

🏡 Thank you for allowing me and my kids spend the weekend with you, that was such a generous gesture.  I hope your can do spirit rubs off on me with what I have to do moving forward.  Thank you for allowing me to forget my troubles for even just a while.

🏡 Thank you so much for inviting me and my family into your home.  Having a fabulous time surrounded by absolutely awesome people like you,  what more could someone ask for? Thank you for such beautiful memories!  Your hospitality and generosity were beyond, thank you again.

🏡 The kindness with which you took care of us was overwhelming. You deserve all the love in the world for your unforgettable warmth and hospitality.  Thank you so much for inviting us to join you at your special event, we had a super fun time. 

A yellow welcome note surrounded by pretty yellow flowers

How to Show Appreciation For An Invitation

🏡 The way you took care of me was more than I could ever ask for. I was welcomed with open arms and made to feel at home. Thank you so much for making me feel at home!  

🏡 I never thought that I could ever experience such a royal treatment. All I can say is thank you for your welcoming hospitality!  

🏡 I’ve always known that you’re a great friend, but I had no idea that you would make such a wonderful host. Thank you so much for giving me the royal treatment during my stay!   

🏡 Thank you so much for your hospitality.  You truly are a wonderful host.  From the moment I arrived, I felt relaxed and at ease.  I had such a fun time.  Your family were such a delight.

🏡 Thank you for inviting us into your home.  You have shown me amazing hospitality and generosity.  Your kindness is very much appreciated. 

People enjoying dinner outdoors

Thanks For the Hospitality

🏡 Thank you for the warm reception you gave to me and my family.  Your hospitality and generosity went above and beyond.  You were such a gracious host. 

🏡 The warm welcome we received at your home was truly thoughtful.   Thanks for being a thoughtful host!

🏡 Thank you for being gracious hosts who fed us memorable food, conversations, and everything else in between!

🏡 You went above and beyond with your hospitality and generosity.  Thank you so much for including me.

🏡 Thank you for inviting me to attend church with your family.  I thoroughly enjoyed the service and meeting your friends and neighbors.  Thank you so much for including me. 

🏡 Thank you for inviting me to your luncheon party. The food was scrumptious and the venue was amazing. Most of all, I enjoyed your company.  Thank you so much, I’m looking forward to seeing you again soon!

🏡 This note is to thank you again for your wonderful visit.  We appreciate the time you spent with our family. It’s no surprise that the kids always get so excited to see you. 

🏡 Your spectacular hospitality has been helping me go through these hard times. Thank you for staying despite all the troubles and for always trying to make life easier!  

🏡 Thank you for hosting a lovely dinner party last night. Your food was truly delicious and unforgettable. You would make a fantastic chef. Table for two, please!

🏡 Thank you for your warm welcome and hospitality. You are undoubtedly a great host!  Thank you for inviting me.

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Thank You for Letting Us Stay At Your House

Here are the best thank you messages to say thank you for inviting us to stay at your home.  Use words like “gracious hospitality”, or say something like “thank you so much for your warm hospitality”.  Sending any of the below thank you messages will leave a lasting impression on your host.

🏡 Thank you for inviting us to your dinner you hosted. It was an honor to celebrate your success with you. Congratulations, once more! 

🏡 Thank you for always giving me generous time, energy, kindness and love. 

🏡 I  would like to thank you for your unforgettable hospitality and kindness while I was in town. You made it feel just like home.

🏡 The atmosphere of home was extremely warm and welcoming. Much thanks for extending your welcome to me and for your hospitality!  

🏡 Our time at your cozy cottage was the perfect retreat from our frazzled lives. Thanks for letting us stay there and for your hospitality!  

Love you from the bottom of my heart in blue

Thank You For Your Gracious Hospitality

🏡 Much thanks for your hospitality and for surprising me with some delightful treats. How thoughtful of you! They’re almost gone already and I can’t stop enjoying them yet. 

🏡 Thank you for reminding me how to be happy and strong again! You give me a splash of energy every time. 

🏡 Let us take the time to thank people who make us feel welcome and comfortable with their immeasurable hospitality. For that, thank you, my dear friend.   

🏡 You are the best party host, in fact it should be your full time job lol.  Thanks for making us feel incredibly welcome.  It seems that your wife and my wife hit it off very well, so we shall be seeing more of each other.  Thanks again for a great night.

Blest that abode, where want and pain repair, / And every stranger finds a ready chair.​

🏡 On behalf of the whole department, I thank you for your generosity and hospitality during our company visit. Looking forward for another one! 

🏡 I don’t know how to properly thank you, but your kindness and hospitality will never be forgotten. God bless your welcoming family that feeds their visitors a hearty plate.

🏡 Thank you so much for hosting us.  We had a wonderful visit with you and your team.  We have been working super hard over here, so it was just the retreat we all needed.  Thank you for your kind hospitality and the wonderful dinner.  We hope to be back soon.

🏡 You were such gracious hosts, thank you so much for coming to our aid last minute.  The dinner party was fantastic and your wait staff were absolutely phenomenal.  Thank you again for the royal treatment.  We will be back!

How Do You Thank Someone For Hospitality?

🏡 From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you for welcoming us into your home under such short notice. Your hospitality is a blessing and you are our hero. 

🏡 I don’t know when we’ll be able to visit again, but I really hope its soon! It’s always nice to see you and we had plenty of fun last time we were there. Your family’s hospitality is unmatched. 

🏡 Thank you for inviting us to celebrate Thanksgiving with you. Your dinner, generosity and overall hospitality were exceptional. You really know how to kick off the holiday season!  

🏡 Thank you for constantly inviting us into your home and giving us loving hospitality.  We wish we could spend more wonderful time with you, but please know that we greatly appreciate every second you spend with us!   

🏡 Thank you for inviting us to your dinner party, we had a wonderful night.  The food was insanely delicious, the company was super fun, and your house is beautiful.  Thank you again.

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Thank You For The Hospitality During My Visit

🏡 From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you for your time. Your willingness to help out was a blessing and most gratifying. 

🏡 My family and I would like to thank you for inviting us to your beautiful home for the delicious BBQ. The children also seem to get along well.

🏡 Our heartfelt thank you for helping us freely and sincerely during our hardship. Being surrounded by tremendous love, care and support has allowed us to get through tough times. 

🏡 Thank you for letting our kids sleep over. They had a fun time playing games and exchanging stories with your kids.   

a welcome sign hanging outside a house

Thank You For Hosting Us

🏡 If my garage is a man cave, then your backyard is the Amazon! It is indeed the perfect place to host a BBQ. Thanks for being cool hosts!

🏡 Last evening with you and your husband was truly one for the history books. Your husband’s jokes were hilarious. Thank you for being such fabulous hosts! 

🏡 Thank you so much for throwing such a wonderful pool party for our kids! The food was mouthwatering and the kids loved it very much. 

🏡 Thank you for inviting us to your backyard BBQ party. The ribs were to die for, I would pay MILLIONS to get the recipe for your sauce! We had a great time! 

🏡 It was a lovely get-together you hosted. Its amazing to see that you are surrounded by such hospitable people. I would gladly open my doors for our next get-together.   

Thank You For Very Much For Your Wonderful Hospitality

🏡 You are selfless, giving, and always positive. That is why you would make the perfect role model for us and our kids.

🏡 Thanks a lot for surprising me with a heavenly lunch. It was lovely spending time with you over such a nice treat. 

🏡 You really know how to throw a party! Your house is the perfect venue for a remarkable one. Thank you for letting us enjoy and be a part it.

🏡 What a stunning party! You really know how to make people feel welcome and blow them away. Thanks for inviting me.  

🏡 I couldn’t find any “I think you’re cool” cards at the store, so this is a quick note to tell you just that. Thanks a bunch for the perfect evening. 

Hospitality Thank You Note

🏡 Thanks so much for always racing to help me despite your busy schedule. Its not like I meet people like you everyday, so I need to let you know that I’m grateful for to have you in my life. 

🏡 Much thanks for your help. This card is my token of gratitude and admiration.  

🏡 We cannot begin to describe how thankful we are. Thank you so much for welcoming us to stay at your place during those difficult times. 

🏡 No one would have blamed you if you had closed your doors on us, but you shared your home with us anyway. Thank you very much for your generous hospitality. 

A home with blue shutters and a welcome sign

Thank You for Hosting

🏡 Our vacation wouldn’t have been the same without spending time with you guys, our favorite people. Thanks for showing us great hospitality during our visit. Please let us know how we can return the favor. 

🏡 Thank you for hosting me during my work trip! It was great spending time with you and your hospitality is way more impressive than any hotel’s I’ve stayed at. Know that you are always welcome in my house. 

🏡 Words cannot properly express how thankful I am to you for letting us stay in your home. I know that my family is large and noisy, so having us around must have been overwhelming. I hope you’re enjoying peace and quiet now that we’re gone.  

🏡 Those few weeks hosting me at your home must have been troublesome. Therefore, thank you for your understanding and for giving me a temporary bed to sleep on. My door is always open to you, my special friend.  

Gifts To Say Thank You For Your Hospitality

🏡 Thank you for hosting the family reunion! It was amazing seeing each other after such a long time. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have remembered the good old times! 

🏡 Thank you for hosting my family members while I prepare for my father’s funeral. They were extremely grateful for your welcome and hospitality. You really came through for us, my true friend. 

🏡 Thanks for letting us stay in your house during our home renovation. Knowing someone so kind who’ll help out at the last minute is a blessing. 

🏡 Thank you for offering to host me and my family in your home during our vacation. Your company and hospitality made our trip more unforgettable. 

A woman relaxing on the couch with a book

Thank You Notes For Your Accomodation

🏡 Your amazing hospitality really showed in the way you prepared the apartment. The welcome basket was beautifully crafted and the instructions were clear. Thank you for allowing us to have a wonderful stay.

🏡 People say that the standards of service at your hotel was exceptional… and they were not wrong. Throughout our stay, your staff served us with top-notch professionalism. They even handled our late arrival carefully and speedily. Thank you for the first-class treatment. We look forward to our next overnight stay. 

🏡 My stay at your hotel turned out to be a surprisingly beautiful experience. Your friendly staff made my days brighter and their service made me feel like I am in the comfort of my grandma’s house. Thank you for your warm reception  and hospitality!

🏡 We are very grateful for your hotel’s assistance during my son’s illness. Your staff responded quickly and thoroughly, which made the circumstances more bearable. Our family cannot thank you enough. 

🏡 Our Airbnb accommodations were truly spectacular. They surpassed our expectations. The photographs on the site simply didn’t give them justice. Much thanks for renting us the gorgeous homes!  

a beautiful white flower with welcome beside it

Appreciate Thank You Messages For Your Host

Use these thank you messages to thank your host for the warm welcome or to say thank you for inviting me into your home.

🏡 We appreciate the concern, care and effort your staff gave in securing us a room when your hotel was fully booked. Thank you for the hospitality!

🏡 Thank you for opening up your home to us during our vacation here.  Having a ‘home away from home’ to return to everyday made our trip more enjoyable. Your hospitality was outstanding and much appreciated. 

🏡 Your staff was well prepared in helping us navigate the city for the first time and always ready to assist us in anything throughout our stay. Words cannot fully express how thankful we are for their hospitality. 

🏡 You wouldn’t normally expect to have a personalized treatment while staying in a huge hotel, but I was blown away by how the staff here would go the extra mile to ensure the guests’ proper welcome and needs.  They also made such a large establishment cozy and homy. The impeccable hospitality was much appreciated. 

🏡 Our vacation would’ve been a no-go if it wasn’t for you. So, we thank you very much for renting us your exquisite apartment, which fulfilled our every need, as well as for your warm hospitality.  

Thank You Quotes For Friends Hospitality

A table-full of welcome!

There is an emanation from the heart in genuine hospitality which cannot be described, but is immediately felt and puts the stranger at once at his ease.

When friends are at your hearthside met, Sweet courtesy has done its most If you have made each guest forget That he himself is not the host.

Blest that abode, where want and pain repair, And every stranger finds a ready chair.

The atmosphere breathes rest and comfort, and the many chambers seem full of welcomes.

The Best Ways To Say Thank You For Your Hospitality