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Ways to Say Thank You for Lunch

Have you ever had a colleague buy you lunch?  Or perhaps your boss took you out to a nice restaurant after a project turned out well.  Or maybe some family members took your out to celebrate a special occasion.  It’s always nice to be appreciated, but it’s also important to show gratitude in return and send a thank you for lunch message or note.  

 A simple “Thank You” goes a long way in showing your appreciation.  If you’re not sure what to write in a thank you for lunch note, today, I will go over 100 unique ways to say thank you for lunch that you can use for your own thank you note.  

people eating lunch at restaurant together
  • Thank you for lunch yesterday, it was absolutely delicious.  I tend to stick to my favorite restaurants because I like good food.  Thank you for introducing me to that new restaurant, I will definitely have to bring the wife back.
  • Thank you for our wonderful lunch yesterday, it was a delicious meal.
  • Thank you so much for your lunch invitation, I enjoyed our fantastic lunch.  The banana bread was my favorite.  It was such a pleasure to sit down and have a good chat.  We must do this again soon.
  • Thank you so much for lunch today.  It was so much fun to catch up about kids and families, it’s nice to have some one on one time with an adult.

Thank you for our lunch treat, let's do it again soon!

  • Thank you so much for taking me out for my birthday lunch.  It was an unexpected and welcome surprise.  Sometimes it’s hard for me to get out and about with my busy schedule, but I’m so glad I did take the time yesterday.  It was an amazing meal.
  • You are such an awesome person to invite me for lunch, what a kind gesture.  I was having a terrible day, and then your kind invitation changed all that.  That fruit salad was to die for.
  • Thank you for taking me to lunch today, you made my day!
A n array of food on table with dips

Thank You Note for Lunch

If someone buys you lunch, there are several ways to say thank you for lunch.  You could send a thank you note, or a nice text message.  If the lunch was with a personal friend, you could invite them for a lunch date of your choosing, or even better, lunch at your home. 

  • Thank you again for lunch today, the bacon wrapped scallops was my favorite, and the dessert wasn’t half bad either.  I enjoyed hearing all about your family, and what you are up to these days.  We should do this again soon.
  • I wanted to ask you about the restaurant name where we ate today, it was such a great lunch, and I want to share it with my husband.  Thanks again for the great lunch.
  • It was such an unexpected surprise to run into you today.  I’m so glad we decided to make a wonderful day of it and enjoy a great lunch together.  That place is my favorite restaurant, which was another nice surprise.  It’s so nice to spend time with a good friend that you haven’t seen in a while.  I really enjoyed talking with you.
  • I love to eat good food, but spending time with my best friend is even better.  Thank you for inviting me to lunch, it was so great spending time with you.
  • I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the delicious lunch you treated me to.  From the delicious food to the pleasant company, I had a wonderful time.  Please accept this thank you note as a token of my appreciation.
  • Thank you for lunch today, it was so great to see my great friend.  It’s been a busy few weeks, let’s not leave it so long until we see each other again.
  • Thank you for our beautiful lunch today, the food was top notch, but the company was even better.  I so enjoyed our conversation, we definitely need to get together and talk at least twice per month.  Let’s plan something for the week after next.
  • Thank you for ordering ahead and having all my favorite food at lunch today.  I am so grateful that we got to sit down, I loved our conversation.
Couple eating lunch at restaurant

Thank You for the Lunch

When someone takes you out to lunch or plans a special lunch for you, it’s expected that you send some thank you notes to show your appreciation.  We have compiled a list of our best thank you for lunch notes that you can use as your own.

  • I have walked past that restaurant a million times, but I have never eaten there in my life.  Thank you for sharing a new place to eat, I think my husband will love it.  Thank you for lunch, it was so nice to sit and chat, I had a really lovely time.
  • Thank you for my birthday lunch, it was so nice to get together with all my girlfriends, and have a fun time.  Thank you so much for putting this together.
  • Thank you for throwing my birthday lunch at {restaurant name}.  It was such a great way to ring in this year’s birthday.  I am beyond grateful that you took the time to plan this for me.  It was a wonderful meal – probably the best lunch I’ve had in a long time.
  • I was so surprised to arrive at lunch only to find out you planned a birthday meal for me.  Thank you for lunch, it was a truly sweet thing to do, I am so appreciative of you.
  • Thank you for lunch yesterday, it was so great catching up with you, it’s been way too long since we had a good natter.  Thank you for the lunch treat, the sandwiches were amazing as was the fruit salad.
  • It was so thoughtful of you to invite me out for my birthday.  I thoroughly enjoyed the lunch, and the company was exquisite.  I had the most fun time, thank you for making it even more special by making sure my mom was there too.

Gift for Lunch Invitation

Thank You for Delicious Lunch Quotes

When someone invites you for lunch, the right thing to do is to send thank you notes to let them know how appreciative you are of their invitation.  It’s a simple but thoughtful gesture.

  • Oh my goodness, thank you for lunch and for the fabulous conversation.  I’ve tried a few restaurants recently that have not been great. but this restaurant was a pleasant surprise.  The ambiance was beautiful, and the food was out of this world.  Thank you for the unexpected lunch treat.
  •  Thank you for lunch, I don’t often get the chance to eat good food during the week, normally I just have a sandwich at my desk.  Yesterday was a real lunch treat and a pleasant surprise, so thank you!
  • I had so much fun at our delicious lunch last week. It was such a pleasure meeting your college bound daughter, thank you for the invite.  
  • Thank you, once again, for taking the time to have lunch with me.  I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out today.
  • We need to get together for lunch more often, my heart always feels good after we hang out, we have so much fun together.
  • I cannot thank you enough for the lunch invitation.  I am new to the area and still trying to make friends.  This was so much fun, thank you for thinking of me.
  • I had a blast today at my birthday lunch.  It was so much fun hanging out with my besties, thank you for arranging everything.
Business lunch with boss

Thank You Note for Business Lunch

Writing a thank you note after a business lunch illustrates thoughtfulness and respect for the person who invited you.  Here are some examples of thank you notes to say thanks after a business lunch. 

  • Thank you so much boss for taking me to lunch on administrative assistant’s day.  It was a really nice treat,  You are a great person, as well as a great boss.  I enjoyed our conversation too.  Thanks for thinking of me.
  • I always look forward to our team lunches, we get so much work done, while having a fantastic time
  • What a pleasant and unexpected surprise to be invited to lunch today with my project manager.  Thank you for having a conversation about my future with this company.  I appreciated your career advice for me, thank you for taking the time.
  • I wanted to take a moment to send you a thank you note for my birthday lunch.  I had a great time, and really appreciate how much effort you put into it.  Thank you so much boss.
  • Thank you for the lunch treat, as you know I don’t get out of the office much at the moment with my busy schedule.  I am grateful that you pulled me out today, I appreciated our time together, not to mention how delicious the food was.  This has been quite a week, and I needed the time out.  Next time, it’s my turn!
A team of workers out for a team lunch

Thank You Note for Lunch at Someone's Home

When someone goes out of their way to invite you to their home for lunch, the least you can do is send thank you notes to acknowledge their generous invite to their home for lunch.  Below is our favorite collection of thank you for notes for lunch. 

  • Thank you for the amazing lunch today.  I haven’t been out of the house all week, it was so nice to get together with new friends.  I had an amazing time.  I hope we can do this soon.
  • It was such a pleasant surprise running into you at the shops.  Thank you for inviting me to your home for a lunch treat.  I had a really great time, and the meal was second to none.  It was nice to sit and talk together for a while too. 
  • Thank you for our wonderful birthday lunch last week, it was so pleasant to catch up on what’s been going on in your life.  Thanks for taking the time to set it up.
  • I had so much fun today, thank you so much for the lunch invitation.  Your food tasted so delicious, I thought I was eating at a restaurant.  I hope we can do this again soon, maybe at my house the next time?
  • With your busy schedule, I was surprised you had time to send me a lunch invitation.  The mean was restaurant quality and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  Thank you for taking the time to put this together, I hope we can do it soon.
Group of friends having lunch outside

Thank You Boss For the Lunch Treat

It may seem old fashioned but sending thank you notes after your boss or bosses took you out for lunch, is to be expected.  It shows appreciation for what they did and shows respect for your boss.  It doesn’t have to be a long letter, short and concise works too.

  • Thank you boss for taking me to lunch today.  It was so nice to get out of the office and chat about something other than work!  Not to mention the restaurant you took me to, was beyond delicious.  Thank you so much.
  • Thank you so much for taking myself and the rest of the team out to lunch today.  They have been working overtime to get this project finished, and I know they appreciated the break.  Thanks for thinking of us.  
  • It was a total surprise to walk into the boardroom today to see an eye-catching array of food.  As the leader of this team, I, personally wanted to thank you for putting such an amazing spread on for us.  It is so great to work for someone who appreciates their team as you do.  I feel recognized and I have you to thank for that.
  • Boss, you the man!  Thank you for lunch today, the sushi was so fresh and the view was stunning.  I appreciated you taking me out today.
  • It was so nice to get out of the office today, I really liked hearing more about {topic} over lunch today.  I appreciate you taking an interest in my life, having you as a mentor has made a huge difference.  Thank you again for the delicious lunch.
  •  Lunch today was outstanding, I really appreciate you taking the time to explain where you see my new role fitting in with your team.  I am excited to move forward with your offer.
  • Thank you again for treating me to lunch, it was wonderful, and it was nice to meet the staff from overseas.  Thank you for inviting me.
  • Boss – thank you so much for my birthday lunch.  It meant a lot that you went to that extra effort, I want you to know that I appreciated all of it.
Two girls meeting for lunch outdoors

How Do You Thank Someone for Lunch

  • Thank you for lunch last week, it was so nice to get out and have some girl time, I really appreciate you reaching out.
  • Thank you for the lunch invitation and the delicious lunch, I had so much fun, it was such a pleasure meeting your whole family.  You have a fantastic life.
  • Your banana bread is the best I have ever tasted, thank you for sending some home with me.  Most of all, thank you for the birthday lunch that you orchestrated without my knowledge.  You are one sneaky friend, that’s why I love you so much XO.
  • Thank you for taking the time to make me lunch yesterday.  I’ve told you time and time before, you should open your own restaurant, the food was out of this world.
  • I wanted to send you a thank you note for our lunch last week.  It was such a nice welcome back to me.  I am excited that I finally live closer to you now that I moved back.  Thank you, friend.
  • Thank you for lunch, I enjoyed visiting your home and your lasagna was delicious.  I’ve never tasted garlic bread that good!  Thank you for taking the time to put together such a spread.  I’m afraid to ever cook for you, your food was so good.
  • Thank you for your generous lunch treat the other day, It was an amazing meal, and I absolutely loved the diner we ate at.  Please accept this thank you note as an appreciation of your kind offer.
  • Please accept this thank you note for the beautiful lunch you treated me to last week.  It was utterly divine, I could have eaten everything.  Your kindness means so much to me, I value your friendship.

Thank You for Having Us Over for Lunch