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Have a Great Weekend Wishes

Everyone loves the weekend, right? We all wait for those two days to come so that we can unwind and recharge for the upcoming week. It’s the perfect time to meet up with friends, family, take a break from work, and do something that we love. Weekends are the time when the worries of the week fade away, and happiness takes over. So, what could be better than sending have a great weekend wishes to your loved ones? By spreading positivity and happiness, you can make this weekend even more special. 

Whether you prefer sending texts, emails or even a hand written card, it doesn’t matter how you send your happy weekend wishes, it just matters that you actually send some!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

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How Do You Wish Someone a Nice Weekend?

There are many different ways to wish someone have a great weekend.  You can shout it to your next door neighbor as you are getting the mail, or wave to your colleague who is leaving for the day and shout some happy weekend wishes to them.

What matters most is that you take the time to wish someone have a great weekend wishes.  If you’re not sure what to say, you can use some of our great happy weekend wishes below.

😃 I hope you have a lovely weekend with your parents in town.  This past week has been crazy busy, you deserve a fun filled weekend.

😃 Wishing you an awesome weekend, I’m so jealous, I would love to be going to _______ too, happy weekend to you and yours.

😃 I hope you have a ridiculously fun filled weekend with your friends.  Let all the stress of this week fall away and have an awesome weekend.

😃 May this weekend bring you everything you deserve after the week off hell we have been through.  Enjoy your weekend, go have some fun.

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😃 Wishing you a wonderful weekend, I hope you have a blessed weekend hanging with your girls.

😃 I know how much you were looking forward to this great weekend ahead, enjoy a restful weekend, this upcoming week is going to be crazy for our team.  Happy weekend, go have fun.

😃 I hope you have a nice peaceful weekend.  Make sure you take that bath tonight and get some much needed rest, have a great weekend mom XO.

😃 Enjoy your wonderful weekend filled with lots of girl time, happy weekend.

The best weekend is spent doing everything you love.

😃 Wishing you a very happy weekend.  I know these past few weeks have been crazy busy at work, so take this weekend to rest up before your long week ahead.

😃 Have a pleasant weekend, you deserve it x.

😃 To all my friends, I am finally off this weekend and planning to do lots of fun things. If you want to meet up, I will here _____ on Saturday night, if not, enjoy your weekend.

😃 This whole week has been incredibly stressful, I am ready for the best weekend.  Who wants to join me?

😃 Enjoy the relaxing weekend that you planned for yourself, you absolutely deserve it.

😃 Yes the weekend is almost here.  Two days of doing nothing, hello beautiful weekend, I’m coming for you.

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Best Wishes for Weekend

If you know someone who has been working hard whether that means at a job, or looking after the kids.  Make sure to send some sweet weekend greetings reminding that person to enjoy their lovely happy weekend and to enjoy some sweet rest as much as they can.

😃 Enjoy that well deserved cozy weekend with your boyfriend, I know how much you have missed him as you haven’t seen him for an entire week.  Have a very happy weekend (wink wink).

😃 I know you are heading out on the town this long weekend, I hope all your dreams come true and you meet Mr. Wonderful, have a wonderful weekend.

😃 May this weekend bring you all your heart desires.  It’s important to take advantage of these upcoming 2 stress free days to rebuild your mind and body to get ready for the upcoming working week.

😃 Yes indeed, weekends exist for _____. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

😃 You have worked super hard this week, it’s important to rest at the weekend and get back to it Monday morning.  Have a great weekend ahead my dear.

😃 I know you have some amazing weekend plans made.  You have worked so hard this week in school, you deserve to have fun in your free time.  Happy weekend to all.

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Have a Great Weekend Messages

Everyone looks forward to the weekend where you get to chill, and do exactly what you want (for the most part).  Why not send out some happy weekend messages to your friends to get them all fired up and ready to celebrate this weekend.  Make some weekend plans with your best friend.  Wishing everyone a very happy weekend.

😃 I am ready for a good weekend, last weekend sucked, but this weekend I have a friend coming in from out of town.  I am super stressed about next week, so I am ready to play hard to get all that tension out of my head, happy weekend to all!

😃 I hope you have a really splendid weekend.  This was a tough weekend for everyone, it’s time to go have some fun!

😃 I know this week’s worries have been weighing on your mind, Remember you have a new week coming up and it will  be so much better.  forget all the challenges of this week, and enjoy a wonderful day.  Happy weekend my friend.

😃 This weekend I am doing absolutely nothing!  Happy weekend to everyone doing the same!

😃 Weekend were created to sit back and relax, so I am going to lay on the couch doing nothing all day long but catching up on movies and eating fast food!  Happy weekend peeps.

😃 It’s Thursday, just one more day until my fabulous weekend is here, I can make it, JUST ONE MORE DAY!  Have a great weekend.

😃 This was a victorious weekend for the Irish, all your prayers were answered when we won the __________.  Happy weekend sweet friends.

😃 This has been a long tough week, use your weekend wisely, and don’t go crazy.  Instead take a short break, and take advantage of all the rest.  Have a great weekend, love dad.

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Happy Weekend Wishes

If you know someone who needs a happy weekend message, take the time to send one to them.  It may be a best friend who has been working hard all week long, or a best friend who has been known to party hard and overdo things a bit.  Whatever the reason, send some blessed weekend messages to someone and make their weekend!

😃 While you are busy chasing boys around this weekend and drowning all your sorrows in beer, I will continue to stay sober and rid myself of all the stress of the week by taking a hot bath, enjoy your weekend.

😃 The best memories are made with friends.  My best girl friends arrive in town this weekend for the whole week, I am so excited.  Happy weekend my friend.

😃 The weekend is a gift to ourselves after working such a hard week.  So go forth, have enjoy the hell out of this weekend.  Happy weekend.

😃 Allright friends, we have 2 days to get into as much trouble as we can.  Let’s get out there and start wreaking havoc on this place! Let’s have an amazing weekend.

😃  We have some challenges ahead of us, but together we can get through anything.  This week means everything to us, we need to fight through the tiredness and get this presentation completed!

😃 Here’s hoping your weekend turns into everything you are hoping for.  Wishing you a happy weekend.

😃 You have a big smile on your face, you must be up to something cool this weekend!  Happy weekend darling.

Happy Weekend Messages

Send some happy weekend wishes to those who need to hear them with these happy weekend messages.  Whether you know someone who has had a long, hard week of work, or someone who has gone through a breakup, sending happy weekend wishes can help turn someone’s weekend around.

Have a great weekend, you deserve it!

😃 Waking up on a Monday morning must seem like a rude shock after the weekend you’ve had!  Dear best friend, let’s repeat it all next weekend!!!

😃 I hope you have a wonderful weekend friend, doing all the things you love to do.  Happy weekend sweet friend.

😃 We most certainly did party hard last night, happy weekend friend.  Now I’m ready for a little vacation, enjoy the weekend buddy (well the rest of it).

😃 These weekend greetings are to remind you to enjoy your weekend and have some fun.  You deserve to blow off some steam. Best wishs and have a nice weekend.

😃 I cannot wait for the upcoming long weekend, I don’t want to see a computer for 3 days minimum, or talk to another human being for that matter!  Here’s to a wonderful weekend.

😃 I hope this weekend stays sunny and bright. Rain, rain, go away, and don’t come back ever.  Happy weekend to all my friends.

😃 The weather is supposed to be super hot this weekend so it looks like we have a beautiful weekend ahead of us.  See you next week.

😃 Have the most fantastic weekend filled with love, joy, and relaxation- you deserve it after this past week!  Happy weekend my friend.

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Weekend Greetings to Friends

As we come to the end of another week, it’s always a nice idea to reach out to someone to wish them some have a nice weekend wishes.  It’s especially nice for friends, so whether you’re meeting up with them at the weekend or not, wishing them happy weekend greetings, lets them know you’re thinking of them.  You can use our happy weekend messages below.

😃 Hello lovely weekend, I am ready to see you now, happy weekend friends.

😃 Wishing a very happy weekend to all my friends.  May next week not get here too fast!

😃 This week has been such a long week, I never want to see it again!  I’m going to my happy place, have a pleasant weekend everyone.

😃 I hope this weekend is filled with some rest, lots of fun, and good food.  Enjoy your free time everyone.

😃 I hope you have the brightest weekend my dear friend, you have worked your butt off this week and so you deserve the break!

😃 Let all the tension go as soon as you walk through those office doors, we all need some rest days after this week!

😃 This too shall pass, next week is a new week, and hopefully it will go better than this last week.  Happy weekend people.

😃 Enjoy this weekend morning, and sleep as late as you want

😃 Hey best friend, do I have plans for us this weekend.  We need to get together and go make some mischief, happy weekend to us. 

😃 To all my family and friends, may this weekend be exactly what you wish it to be.  Enjoy your weekend doing everything you love to do.

😃 Hello week days, I think we need to break up!  We need longer weekends and much shorter week days!  I think we can all agree on that, happy weekend.

😃 I am going home and changing out of these clothes into my fun clothes, then I am going out of the town to rid myself of this entire week.  It’s time to go party, let’s do this!  Happy weekend to all of us, we deserve it.

😃 Wishing a happy weekend to anyone out there who needs one!  I know I do, this past week has been hell!

😃 I think we can all agree this has been a long week, enjoy your weekend to the utmost, I know I’m going to, have a good weekend.

😃 I am so looking forward to this long weekend.  It has been such a long week, all I want to do is take a long hot bath, get into my jammies, and watch a movie.  My phone is on “out of office” for the whole weekend, I do NOT want to be disturbed. This is going to be a relaxing weekend for me. 

😃 I wish you a good weekend with all your friends and family.  I also have a nice weekend planned with my family who are in from out of town.

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Happy Long Weekend Messages

Weekends are an opportunity to recharge your batteries, spend time with your loved ones, and do the things you enjoy most. Whether you’re going on a romantic getaway or simply unwinding at home, we all look forward to the weekend. That’s why sending your friends, family, or coworkers a thoughtful message can make all the difference in their day. 

Here are some cheerful happy weekend messages you can send to your friends, family, and even coworkers.

😃 May your weekends be filled with happy moments and your weekdays be filled with peaceful memories created during the weekend.  Have a great weekend everyone.

😃 May your weekend be filled with adventure, laughter, and all the things that make life worth living.  Wishing you nothing but the best weekend.

😃 Wishing you a chance to take a break from the busy workweek and enjoy your hobbies and loved ones.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone, you deserve it.

😃 This past week has been really trying for us all, have a peaceful weekend.

😃 Take this weekend to recharge and indulge in the things that make you happiest, happy weekend to my favorite assistant, now go have fun!

😃 I hope you have a lovely weekend friend, I know this week has been especially hard for you.

😃 It is important to take time in one’s life to enjoy sweet rest!  This happy weekend message is just for you.  Take some time this weekend for yourself, indulge in yourself, and make sure to get plenty of rest..  Most importantly, have a great weekend.

😃 Have a blessed weekend my friend, we’ll catch up next week.

😃 Here’s to wishing you a weekend full of endless possibilities and countless memories with the people you love.  Happy weekend wishes from all of us.

😃 Sending good vibes for a relaxing, rejuvenating, and refreshing weekend.  Have a blessed and lovely weekend from all of us.

😃 May this weekend be a time filled with love, laughter, and some much-needed R&R. 

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Hope You Have a Great Weekend

There are many ways to wish someone a great weekend, but the most important thing is to make it personal and heartfelt. Whatever your happy weekend messages, make sure it’s sincere and thoughtful, and that your friend or loved one knows how much you care.

So send one of these  messages or create your own, and make someone’s weekend that much brighter. There’s no better way to start the weekend than with a sweet and caring message from someone you love.

😃 Have a blast this weekend!  Go out and let loose, and have some fun.  Enjoy this upcoming long weekend.  Wishing you a very happy weekend.

😃 It has been a long week my friend, go enjoy your long awaited weekend.

😃 Hey best friend, let’s close out this working week with happy hour, see you soon.

😃 My fellow colleagues, we have had a busy week, it’s time to go have some fun.

😃 Remember, good things take time. Keep hustling, and success will come. Have a great weekend.

😃 Have a blessed weekend with your family, enjoy the quiet time.

😃 Have a great weekend exploring new hiking trails, this past week was a super stressful one, enjoy the break.

😃 Have a fun weekend chilling with your buddies.  Have a nice weekend friend.

😃 Cheers to an amazing weekend peeps, I’m ready for some fun, are you?

😃 Wishing you a happy and energetic weekend.  I hope this weekend is what your heart desires.

😃 Have a good weekend my friend, you deserve to just chill and do nothing.

😃 Happy weekend to all my family, I wish I could be there with you this weekend, but I am stuck working, have a good weekend.

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Have a Great Weekend Quotes

Take the time this morning to send some have a great weekend wishes to your best friends to get them ready for the upcoming weekend.

If you’re not sure what kind of happy weekend message to send to your family and friends, use one of ours and get everyone all fired up for the weekend.

Check out weekend good morning wishes below.

😃 Wishing all my friends a fantastic weekend, we all need to go out and have some fun.

😃 I’m sure you are looking forward to this long weekend just as much as I am.  I am spending this splendid weekend with my friends and family.

😃 Enjoy the restful weekend you have been looking forward to all week.

😃 May your vacation bring happiness and lots of relaxation to you, enjoy your beautiful weekend. 

😃 I’m so glad that on our next morning, there will be no such alarm!  Have a nice weekend __________.

😃 Happy weekend friend, enjoy your little vacation, and take full advantage of the long weekend.

😃 Enjoy your pleasant break my friend.  You have worked extremely hard this past week, you deserve the break!

😃 Have a fantastic weekend with your sister, I wish someone would come see me lol.

😃 Yes, the weekend is finally here, and boy is it going to be a fun weekend.  Prepare yourselves everyone, we are going to have lots of fun where we’re going! 

😃 Wishing a very happy weekend to my bestie, thank goodness it’s a long weekend, so you can take advantage and sleep in as much as possible.

😃 Enjoy this beautiful weekend my sweet friend, I know how much you need the rest

😃 Good morning world,  let’s get this beautiful weekend started, shall we?

😃 Good morning to my favorite peeps, this happy weekend message is just for you, let’s make this a splendid weekend, are you in? 

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Have a Great Weekend Ahead

Weekends comes with so much excitement and fun, which is why they are considered the best part of the week. People have different ways of spending their weekends, but everyone wants to be wished a great time.

It’s a small act of kindness that can go a long way in making someone’s weekend brighter. Wishing people a great weekend is a way of showing that you care about their comfort and happiness. However, finding different and creative ways to say “have a great weekend” can be a daunting task. In this blog post, we’ll share some samples of how to say ‘have a great weekend’ to people.

The most common way to say “have a great weekend” is by simply saying “have a nice weekend” or “enjoy your weekend.” These phrases are simple yet powerful and convey your good intentions. It’s a straightforward method and still holds the charm of the traditional way of expressing care.

What better way to brighten up someone’s weekend than making them laugh? Using humor is an excellent way to show how much you care for someone. A light-hearted comment or a funny meme can bring a smile to their face and lighten their mood. You can try something like “make sure to fit in some Netflix marathons and pizza binges this weekend!” or “hope your weekend is as awesome as you are!”

Adding a personal touch in your message will make it more memorable to the recipient. You can add something specific that they enjoy, such as “I hope you enjoy spending time with your family this weekend” or “Have a great weekend exploring new hiking trails.” It will show that you know and care about their interests and hobbies.

Weekends are a time to relax and recharge before the new week starts. You can wish your loved ones a relaxing weekend by saying, “rest well and recharge your batteries” or “take a break, enjoy the weekend, and come back feeling refreshed.” It is a great way to let them know that you want them to take a break from their hectic routine and take care of themselves.

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Have a Great Weekend Everyone

Take the time to wish someone a happy weekend, it lets them know you were thinking of them, and that you wish them well.

😃 Enjoy your long awaited weekend, I know I’m going to enjoy mine!

😃 It has been a very busy week, I am looking forward to a nice weekend chilling by the pool.

😃 Wishing you a happy and energetic weekend, but remember we have a fruitful work week ahead, so don’t go too crazy.

😃 Wishing all my family and friends a wonderful and blessed weekend. May this weekend enrich your life.

😃 Good morning dear friend, enjoy spending time with your friends and family this weekend, let’s hangout next week.

😃 Good morning, I hope you have an enjoyable weekend, let’s catch up soon XO.

😃 Dear best friend, I hope you have a lovely happy weekend hanging out with your bestie – ME.  See you soon.

😃 Your awaited weekend is finally here, enjoy your weekend celebration.

😃 Good morning dear friend, I hope you have a superb weekend, I can’t wait to see you next week.

😃 It has been a long week, so make sure to get plenty of rest this weekend. 

😃 Good morning, I wanted to wish you a good weekend, if you’re feeling up for an energetic weekend, come rock climbing with us.

😃 You need to chill this weekend, so rest and relaxation are the only thing on the cards for this weekend.

😃 Wishing you a good weekend ahead, you deserve it.

Weekend Wishes for Friends