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Thank You Card for Neighbor

There’s always a little bit of trepidation when you move into a neighborhood and meet your neighbors for the first time!  Will you become friends, do they come across as a friendly neighbor?  There are lots of questions running through your head

So when you are lucky enough to have a fantastic  neighbor next door, one who picks up your mail when you’re away, or brings in the trash cans when you’re at work.  Take a moment to write a handwritten thank you card for neighbor.  Let them know how much you appreciate the thoughtful person they are, or how nice it is to have a great neighbor next door!

Here are some of our best thank you notes to send your wonderful neighbors.

Person holding brown envelope with thank you card

How Do You Say Thank You for a Good Neighbor?

A thank you note for a dear neighbor, doesn’t have to be overly complicated, all you’re doing is letting a friendly  neighbor know how much you appreciate them!

Who doesn’t love to receive a thank you note letting them know you appreciate their kindness.  Check out our examples of ways to send thank you to your neighbor.  

  • I hope you know how much we appreciate the fact that we have the best neighbor in our cul-de-sac.  Thank you for being a great friend to us during the last few months, we are so thankful to have met.
  • Thank you for being such a good neighbor last weekend.  Having your help with chopping down all that wood made a huge difference!
  • I’ve been meaning to tell you what a sweet neighbor you are for checking in on my mother.  She appreciated you taking care of her and bringing her some food until I got home.  I’m so glad you live close by.  You are such a good neighbor to have, I will forever grateful to you.
  • Thank you for the warm welcome when we moved into this community.  We are so excited to be finally here!

A small act of kindness can really make someone's day.

  • Thank you for being such a good new neighbor.  I really appreciate all that you do for me and our community.  The welcoming we received after we moved in, was such a nice surprise for me and my family.
  • I don’t know what I would do without new friends like you.  Thank you for always being there when I need help no matter what!
  • Your family have made such a difference in us relocating to a new area.  I’m so glad our children have become friends, and we got to spend the weekend hanging out.
  • Thank you so much for watching my house while I was out of town on vacation last week.  I’m blessed to have such a helpful neighbor in my life.  THANK YOU again!
Woman bringing food to older neighbor male

What Do You Write in a Card to a Neighbor?

There are plenty of reasons to send a thank you note to good neighbors.  Maybe they watched your house while you were on vacation, helped you with a home improvement project, or even just moved your lawn for you.

I hope these thank you neighbor examples give you some ideas of what to write in your own thank you note to a good neighbor.

  • Your support last weekend with my landscape project was a huge help.  It was actually fun to have someone help me, not to mention 4 hands is better than two.  I will be done with it by this weekend.  Your help was a huge blessing.  Are you and your husband free for dinner on Saturday night, so we can say thank you properly.
  • Thank you for your support las week when I needed help with my cat.  When I couldn’t get my husband on the phone, I was amazed at how fast you were to jump in and help me.  Your generosity knows no bounds, thank you again.
  • I can’t believe I came home to you shoveling snow off my driveway last week.  You are indeed a great friend.  Thank you!
  • I am writing this thank you note because I wanted to express my gratitude for all that you did for us last week.  It’s not easy moving into a new home, and I was astounded at how easily you jumped into help us.  Your kids were amazing too, please thank them for us.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Your Neighbor

How Would You Say Thank You to Your Neighbor Who Helped You?

Have you ever had a great neighbor?  Someone who is always willing to help, watches out for you, and makes sure you feel comfortable and at home in your neighborhood.  

They may not be family, but they are definitely someone you can count on.  So, what do you say to them?

How do you show them how much we care?  Sending thank you notes is a great way to start. 

First, consider why you’re thanking your good neighbor.  Are they always quick to lend a helping hand?  Do they go out of their way to make sure you’re comfortable, well fed?  Maybe they just put up with your musical tastes and never complain about the noise (even when you forget to turn down the volume at night).

Whatever the reason, make sure your thank you note is specific so your neighbor knows exactly why they are being thanked.

  • Thank you for helping me cut my overgrown lawn with your powerful riding mower, otherwise I would have been mowing all day long!
  • Thanks to my new neighbors for helping me to cut down some small trees that were in the way.
  • Thank you for the brilliant tips on getting rid of the squirrels in my yard, they worked!
Line of houses in neighborhood

Thank You Notes for Neighbors

A small act of kindness from a neighbor can really make someone’s day.  so if you’ve recently been on the receiving goodwill take the time to sit down and write out a thank you note showing your appreciation.  A few kind words goes a long way.

  • Thank you so much for watching my dog while I was at work yesterday.  If I can help you in any way, it would be my pleasure.
  • I am so thankful to have neighbors like you.  Thank you for watching our kids the other day as we were cleaning up the yard.
  • Thank you for those genius tips on lawn care.  I bought the recommended lawn care product and my grass is looking so much better.  I am thankful you took the time to come over and chat.
  • Thank you so much for holding my mail while I was away.  It’s a blessing to have you as as a neighbor!
  • Thank you so much again for allowing my in laws to park in front of your house during their visit.  We appreciate having a great neighbor like you.
Thank you note to neighbor in pink

How to Thank a Helpful Neighbor

If you have a neighbor that has gone out of their way to help you out recently, take the time to write them a handwritten note to say thank you, letting them know how grateful you are.  If you want to go above and beyond, consider giving your neighbor a small gift along with your note.  It doesn’t have to be anything big or expensive, just something as simple as a home-baked treat, or a potted plant can show them how grateful you are.

Check out these messages below, which are examples you can use for your own thank you card.

  • I am so grateful for the support you provided for our school swim team when you donated money to our cause.  The kids absolutely love their swim team, but the school provides no funding.  Thank you so much for your donation, the kids will be excited.
  • I have heard about people stealing Amazon boxes from peoples front porch, so I really appreciate you grabbing the box from mine and keeping it safe.  The box was a gift for my kids birthday, so thanks for putting it away and keeping it safe for me.
  • I really appreciated you taking the time to help me move all my things last weekend.  I couldn’t have done with without you!
  • Thank you so much for your generous offer of food last weekend.  It was so nice to come home from the hospital with our new baby and not have to cook dinner!  We’re looking forward to you meeting our little one.  Just give us a few weeks to get ourselves together.  Thank you again.
Thank you card, pen and black coffee

Thank You Quotes for Being a Good Neighbor

When you receive kindness from a person, let them know in writing, how much you appreciate the gesture.

Not sure how to say thank you to a wonderful neighbor, feel free to use our examples below as your own, but be specific to what they have done for you, don’t make it too generic otherwise it doesn’t feel heartfelt.

  • I wanted you to know in writing what a gift you are to this community.  You are such a treasure to us all.  We see you working on our entrance to our neighborhood, planting flowers and removing the weeds.  You are the first one to volunteer to help set up the Christmas decorations during the holidays.  You are a lovely human to be around, and I wanted to put in writing how much we all love and adore you.
  • Thank you so much for helping me remove all the snow from my pathway.  I was already late to work, you saw how flustered I was and came running out to help with your snow plough.  I can’t you tell you how thankful I am that you took the time to do that.  
  • Thank you so much for giving me a ride to the train station when my own car broke down.  You saved my life,  You are a truly wonderful neighbor.
  • You are a gift from god.  I cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciated you loaning me your car last week when I had to go pick up my kids and mine was broken.  You are a thoughtful neighbor and then some.
  • To the amazing neighbor who came over to my yard and cleaned up everything from the storm while I was at work.  You are a shining star and a super helpful neighbor.  You went above and beyond today, you are too kind.

Thank You Note to Neighbor