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Send Your Best Wishes To Your Love at Exam Time

Is someone special in your life facing an important exam? This can be stressful for anyone as they prepare for the exams, and they need your love and support. Here are  some words of encouragement that can help you to say, “Best wishes for exams to my love.”

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Exam Wishes For Students

  • Prepare for the upcoming exams, and I’m sure that you’ll be crowned with success. Crowns can be heavy, so prepare for that, too!
  • I’d like to wish you good luck with your exams, but luck is a fickle lady- so just rely on yourself, and study while you can!
  • Best luck with your forthcoming exams. With luck, intelligence and knowledge on your side, you should pass with flying colors!
  • Exams time is almost here- you’ve been working hard this year. Success is certain, never fear! Good luck with your exams, my dear.
  • I believe you are sure to win the battle of the examination hall. Wear your intelligence like armor, and wield your knowledge like a sword!
  • Your talents can’t be measured by test results, but keep in mind as you write your exams that your score reflects your passion. Do you best, and use your talent to reward your efforts!
  • As you prepare for the exams, you show no mercy to your books and no fear to the papers- keep this confidence for the examination hall!
  • You prepared well, friend of mine- now it’s nearly exams time! Rest well and refresh and remember to just do your best!
  • I’m sure you’ve had many good luck messages for the upcoming exams, but my words of encouragement are to stay focused. You’ve been an extraordinary student, and you don’t need to roll the dice on success.

Exams test your memory, life tests your learning; others will test your patience.

  • When you stopped believing in the monster under your bed, he went away. So, if you believe in yourself when you write your exams, you’re sure to succeed! 
  • I’ve seen you prepare for the exams, and I’m certain that you’ll pass with flying colors. Good luck my dearest rainbow chaser!
  • Wishing you good luck with your upcoming exams, although I’m sure you’ll ace them!
  • Good luck with the final exams. Let your success in the exams hall be the beginning of your fruitful career.

How Do You Encourage Someone For An Exam?

  • Instead of fearing the worst, just do your best as you prepare for the exams!
  • Your final exams are  a test of your knowledge, but also your calmness, stability and courage. I’m confident that you will pass your exams!
  • God won’t make the hills you climb smaller, but faith can make the climbing easier. Have confidence and faith, and you will have exam success.
  • When you enter the examination hall, remember these words of encouragement: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.”- Winston Churchill
  • While you prepare for the exams, remember the good luck messages from your teachers and friends, who already know you’re a genius- you just need the degree to prove it!
  • Pursuing your dreams with hard work is the best way for them to come true; I’ll still wish you good luck with your exams, though!
  • You’ve put in hard work as you prepare for the exams, so you don’t need good luck messages. I wished on a star for you instead!
  • You have learned so much at school, there’s no doubting your exam success- we know that you’ll pass with flying colors!
  • When you prepare for the exam, remember your goals and touch all the bases, and the final exams will be a home run success!
  • With your commitment to your studies, your hands are full, so you can’t catch any luck- but you don’t need any for the upcoming exams! I’ll put a lucky rabbit’s foot in your pocket, just in case.

Brilliant Gift Ideas For Passing Exams

  • The forthcoming exams are your time to shine- wishing luck on your exams to my shooting star!
  • Better grades can get you a better job, better car, and a better life- so you had better prepare for the exams!
  • Prepare for the exams, and rest up well- you’ve worked very hard, and your score will tell! Good luck with your exams.
  • Your exam success will be the key to your future, so think of the examination hall as the doorway to success!
  • Nothing in life is worth having unless you worked for it, so give it all you’ve got as write your exams.

Words Of Encouragement Before A Big Test

  • Failure and success are the two sides of the same coin- think of your final exams as a very expensive coin. Either way, showing up to the examination hall is worth a lot to you!
  • Failing isn’t the end of the world, so don’t face the exams today with fear of failure. You did your best to prepare for the exams, so I’m not afraid that you’ll fail, either.
  • Think of the upcoming exam as a chance to test drive your future- grab the keys and drive toward exam success!
  • Exams can prove how hard you’ve worked in your studies, so bring your “A” game to the examination hall!
pink and white Flowers
  • Nothing in life is certain, but working hard while you prepare for the exams will make you more likely to have success! Good luck with your exams.
  • Don’t be nervous as your final exams near, you’ve worked so hard my dear. For you exam success is sure, so never fear!
  • Not every venture in life can be successful, but a failure is also an opportunity for improvement. Best of luck with your exams, and make the most of your opportunities!
  • Good luck my dearest, for your final exams fear not; your scores are sure to be nearest the top!
  • Do your best as you prepare for the exams, so you can achieve your future plans. Pass your exams with flying colors!
  • You have been undefeated by classwork, so treat the exams hall like a battlefield and slay the test! Good luck with your exams, and may you be victorious.
  • I know you get good luck messages from all of your friends, but as your best friend, I wish you the best luck! 
  • Wishing  good luck to my dearest friend, when exams time is about to end. Study well and get some rest, and you’re assured exam success!
  • Give your best effort in the exams hall, and it won’t be like a test at all! You’ve studied hard and the time is near for you to pass your exams dear!
  • When you enter the examination hall, leave your stress at the door; also your wet umbrella and jacket! Good luck with your exams and stay confident!

Exam Success Wishes And Prayers

  • Final exams test our character as well as our knowledge; remain confident and honest, and you are sure to have exam success.
  • As your best friend, I know how confident you are and how hard you’ve worked to prepare for the exams. I’m certain that you’ll pass with flying colors.
  • Good luck with your exams, just do your very best- and when the test is over you can finally get some rest.
  • When you enter the exams hall, don’t worry about a thing- I’m so confident in your exam success I could sing!
  • Good luck with your exams, and don’t worry is all I can say; remember these words of encouragement on final exams day!

If my future were determined just by my performance on a standardized test, I wouldn't be here. I guarantee you that.

  • You have the sharpest memory, like a bee’s sting- so you should do fine on your exams today. Your personality is sweet like honey, so I know you’ll be fine through anything else!
  • Good luck on your upcoming exams, from your lover and closest friend; think carefully and do your best until the test’s end!
  • Whether or not your grade reflects it, you have a personality that shines like a star! Just do your best when you write your exams because you’ll shine no matter what.
  • Good luck my dearest, and if that’s not enough you’ll be in my prayers that your test won’t be tough!
  • May God guide you into the examination hall with confidence! I watched you prepare for your exams with heavenly calm, so the test itself should be a breeze!
Woman running with believe in you text written over her
  • Final exams are the foundation for your future, so enter the exams hall with the determination to build your career.
  • My prayers are with you in your forthcoming exams- may you make the grades to help with your plans!
  • Like how David conquered Goliath, I know that you can defeat your final exams- I’ll pray for your strength to overcome this giant test!
  • While you prepare for the exams, your parents aren’t in your room bothering you- if you don’t do well in the exams hall, however, they’ll never leave you alone!
  • You don’t need good luck messages to pass your exams, but I will send prayers that you keep calm and do your best.

How Do I Encourage Someone For An Exam?

  • Wishing you luck with your exams, and hoping you’ll pass- it’s almost exams time, so get studying fast!
  • The best way to get away from a teacher you don’t like is to pass your exams with flying colors!
  • The upcoming exams are tiny compared to your huge dreams- try not to wreck the exams hall with your enormous knowledge!
  • Instead of forgetting bad grades from your past, think of them during your final exams. I’m sure you won’t make the same mistakes twice, and you’ve made enough in the past to ace it this time!
  • When exams are near you may feel engulfed with fear. No matter what I’ll still be here, so good luck with your exams my dear!
  • I can’t sit with you during your final exams, but God is always at your side! I’m praying for your exam success.
  • You worked so hard to prepare for this day, when you write your exams I’m sure it will pay!
  • If you write your exams half as good as you look, they’ll be a masterpiece published into a book!
  • From someone who loves you and knows you best, I’m certain that you will ace the test!
  • You passed the test to win my love with flying colors- so do the same with your exam! Good luck, my beautiful rainbow of my heart.

End Of Exams Gift Ideas

  • I pray that the hard work you put in as you prepare for the exams is rewarded with the grades that can help you reach your dreams.
  • Don’t stress about the upcoming exams- I know you’ve got it in the bag! 
  • Good things come to those who wait, so don’t rush when you write your exams. Just don’t forget about the time limit!
  • I’ve seen your dedication as you prepare for the exam, so I have no doubts that you’ll pass with flying colors.
  • My prayers will go with you as you enter the examination hall, that you remember everything you studied. Good luck with your exams today!

Exam Wishes For A Boyfriend

  • Your exam score isn’t as important to me as your score as my boyfriend- and you’re off the charts! Good luck my dearest, just do your best.
  • I would wish upon a star, that with your dreams you can go far. Good luck, my prince charming.
  • I know you’re feeling stressed at exams time, but I’m sure you have the knowledge to pass. Leave that negativity at the door of the exams hall, and look forward to our positive future!
  • Good luck my dearest, on the exams today- may your worries and fears float away!
  • Believe in yourself the way that I do- you’re my knight in shining armor, a dream come true! Good luck with your exams, it’ll be over soon.
  • Prepare for the exams with God on your side- you’re sure to succeed with pride! Good luck my love, from your future bride.
  • Think of your walk into the examination hall as a walk in the park, and you’ll pass with flying colors!
  • Good luck my dearest boyfriend, I know you’ve studied hard- you’re sure to have exam success and knock it our of the park!
  • Sending exam wishes for a boyfriend who doesn’t need luck, from a girlfriend that believes he can do anything.
  • Good luck my dearest, with your final exams- from a girl who’s lucky to have you as her man!
cream flowers with pink ones and white text in middle
  • Exam wishes from your girlfriend should mean a lot- you’ve been ditching on our dates to study, so I know you’re prepared! Good luck, and let’s go out when it’s over.
  • Don’t worry or get stressed out, that isn’t what final exams are about! Just take your time and do your best, and you’ll be sure to ace the test.
  • As your girlfriend, you always treat me like a princess; and I have no doubt that my prince charming can have exam success!
  • You’re every bit as smart as you are handsome, so you should graduate with honors! Good luck with your exams.
  • I’ll make sure you have a reason to smile when you leave the exams hall, whether or not you pass your exams- after all, what are girlfriends for?

Exam Wishes For A Girlfriend

  • Good luck my beautiful girl, the upcoming exams will be done in a whirl! 
  • Good luck with your exams, remember the late night studying crams! Exam wishes for my girlfriend are sincere, relax and do your best my dear!
  • I wish you the best today and always- good luck as you enter the exam hallways!
  • Your late night studying is sure to pay off as you write your exams; now we can go back to spending your late nights together. Good luck with the exams today!
  • Rest well, try not to stress- when you write your exams just do your best! Good luck from your boyfriend.
  • As you write your exams, remember that failure is an opportunity to do better the next time- and I’ll be there for you no matter what!
  • As your boyfriend, I wish you the best, and I hope for you to have exam success.
  • As a girlfriend, you are excellent beyond measure- be the same kind of student, and you’ll pass your exams for sure.
  • Good luck my beautiful girlfriend, you’ll ace the final exams with certainty!
  • I’ve been searching for the right words of encouragement to help you pass your exams, but the hard work you put in to preparing is all that you need to be victorious!
  • You’re smart and beautiful, and I love you dearly- I have no doubt that you’ll pass your exams early!
  • With your final exams, may God grant you strength! Good luck to you, my girlfriend.
  • When you write your exams, go ahead and write an “A+” at the top of the page, and save the grader the trouble!
  • I always pray for you to have the wisdom, knowledge and confidence to reach your goals- you should have plenty to take into the examination hall with you!
  • You won’t be able to hear me in the exams hall, but I’ll be outside cheering for you the whole time! Try to pass your exams as quickly as you can, so that I don’t lose my voice before we can celebrate.
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How Do I Motivate My Boyfriend For Exams?

  • Good luck, prepare for the exams my dear; but hurry, exams time is almost here! I’ll love you either way, but good luck on your exams today!
  • I’ve been missing you as you prepare for the exams, but soon they’ll be over and we’ll date again!
  • I tried to think of some words of encouragement that would help you look forward to finishing your final exams: Pizza. Me. You. Movie. I’ll be waiting outside the examination hall!
  • As soon as your final exams are over, we can go out and have a blast! Until then, plan on making it a night to be celebrated.
  • Studying hard and  listening to your lectures has closed the door on failures. Best of luck with your exams!
  • You might have forgotten what I look like while you’ve been studying for the upcoming exams, but I can assure you that there’s a beautiful woman waiting for you to pass with flying colors!
  • You’ve been studying most nights, but tonight rest well; then rise and shine for your test, and do well!
  • Expect nothing less than excellence, and you’ll achieve exam success! No matter what, you’re the best- you can buy dinner after your test!
  • You make being my boyfriend look so easy, I’m sure your final exams will be a piece of cake! I wish you the best my love.
  • As you go into the examination hall, you’re running through my mind. Try not to tire yourself out while you write your exams!
  • Rise and shine! Today is the big day- as your girlfriend I wanted to say good luck with your exams today!
  • I know that you’ll pass your exams with flying colours- and then we can fly out of town for a celebration!
  • Go forth and be excellent in all that you do, and remember your girlfriend believes in you- good luck with your final exam, sweetheart!
  • You’re your teacher’s favorite student, so you’re sure to pass your exams- and as my favorite guy, you’re sure to go out with me to celebrate.
  • Do your best in the exams hall and make me proud, so I can reward you and take you out!

Funny Exam Wishes For Boyfriend/ Girlfriend

  • When you write your exams, go above and beyond- and your career will take off like a shooting star! Write me a message when you get there, my love!
  • I hope your exam success is like our relationship success- then we’ll truly be a power couple!
  • As you prepare for the exams, I can’t help but admire how great you look; but I think you’re really smart, too. Good luck my beautiful girlfriend!
  • Don’t worry about the upcoming exams, my dear- when it comes to studying, you have no peer! 
  • If you pass your exams, you’ll be one step closer to your dreams- I hope the next step would include me! Good luck with your exams, from your devoted boyfriend.
Pink flowers on the side with text
  • Best of luck to a guy who’s sweet- when you write your exams, don’t admit defeat!
  • If nothing else, I hope that you always find success. Finding treasure would be cool, too; but for now, I hope you pass your exams!
  • If you’re as smart as you are beautiful, you should get a crown instead of a degree after your final exams! Good luck, to the beauty queen with the most brains.
  • You always beat me at video games, so I’m sure you’ll finish 1st in your exams.
  • There’s no shame in having to take a makeup exam- if you pass this time, no one will remember the first one! Pass with flying colours, and you’ll rewrite history.
  • Good luck, to the hardworking Cinderella studying hard to realize her dreams; and when your exams are over, you can be the Sleeping Beauty that I admire!
  • I can tell the upcoming exams have you frazzled- I can’t wait for you to pass your exams, so I can take you out to be dazzled!
  • Be confident and relaxed in the exams hall- but be sure not to fall asleep unless you finish the test!
  • Close your eyes, and imagine the exam is over and you’ve passed it. Now that you’ve seen it happen, it should be easy to pass your exams today!
  • You have a beautiful personality that stands out from a crowd- that won’t pass the exam for you, but you’ll be fine even if you fail.

Encouraging My Love For The Big Test

  • Good luck wishes for a girlfriend who’s charming and neat- if you pass your exams, it would be really sweet!
  • May good luck follow you wherever you go, including the examination hall.
  • No matter what happens, I know you’ll do fine- I tell others I’m proud of this sweet girl of mine!
  • I know you stayed up last night studying, and I wish you luck on your exams today. If you get through this without falling asleep, I’ll buy you a cup of coffee!
  • You take my breath away with everything else that you do, so I’m sure that I’ll pass out after seeing your exam success!
You can do anything written on a blackboard
  • You have always been the top of the charts with whatever you do, so exam success is sure to pursue- you don’t need it, but good luck to you!
  • Good luck with your exams today, and don’t be nervous- if you ruin your appetite, I’ll have to eat your celebration cake without you.
  • I’m certain that you’re prepared enough for the exams, you could have written the test, yourself! Walk into the examination hall like a boss, and you’ll be sure to pass with flying colors!
  • Exam wishes for a girlfriend like you aren’t just for your studying to be through! Give your 100% when you write your exams, and your score will help you reach your plans.
  • I know you’re nervous about your exams, but preparing for them was the hard part! After your exam today, you’ll be free to relax and plan the future.
  • One grade won’t decide your future- but the future won’t start until after the final exams! Good luck with your exams, and everything you look forward to.
  • If your journey through school were a narrative, it would be a short story compared to the rest of your life. Good luck with your final exams, the first chapter of the novel that is your career path!
  • When you pass your exams, we can celebrate also your failures from the past- so get ready to party all week!
  • When you go into the exams hall, be prepared to give it your best shot. Don’t actually shoot anyone, though- good luck with your exams!

When you do exams you never want to be the one who finishes first and you never want to be the one who finishes last.

Words Of Encouragement That You Pass Your Exams

  • I know that you prepare for the exams with determination, I’m sure you’ll pass without limitation!
  • When you’re in the exams hall, say a little prayer that everything you learned will also be there.
  • The upcoming exams will test your knowledge, whereas your career will test your skill. Go out there and give it your best shot!
  • With confidence in yourself, nothing will get in your way. But don’t try to pass through walls until after you write your exams!
  • The same way that you score on the court, I’m sure you’ll be the MVP of the examination hall! Do your best and I know you’ll be a champ.
Pass the exam written in post it notes
  • Before you start your final exams, remember all of the tests that you’ve taken in the past- make this one your best, since it’s your last!
  • You’ve studied hard as you prepare for the exams, so we’ll have to party our hardest after you leave the examination hall!
  • Good luck messages don’t mean much to someone who’s always been the top of the class- I just want you to know that I’m rooting for you!
  • Cast away your worries like an anchor before you enter the exam hall, and set sail on the ship of academia across the sea of your dreams!
  • With courage in your heart and exam success on your mind, you’re sure to come out of the exams hall just fine!
  • You have burnt the midnight oil for weeks, so you should be on fire during your exams today!
  • Fear is your greatest enemy- defeat it and hide the body before you pass your exams, so you won’t have to deal with it later on.
  • Think of the upcoming exams as a painting, and you’ll pass with flying colours! You are an artist, painting the masterpiece that is your destiny.
  • You have studied your hardest all year now it’s time to pass your exams my dear!
  • These final exams are a test of your labor- and no one has worked harder than you! Congratulations, you’re sure to be the top of your class!
  • When you pass your exams, a bright and prosperous future will await you. When you’re rich and famous, don’t forget about me!
  • Be confident when you write your exams, and remember your future plans! When you’re in class you’re always the best, so you’re sure to have exam success.
  • Best wishes with your final exams!
  • From someone who watched you prepare for the exams, I’m sure you’ll pass with flying colours!
  • Banish all the negative thoughts from your mind as you enter the examination hall, and welcome your exam success!

Quotes About Exams

When you do exams you never want to be the one who finishes first and you never want to be the one who finishes last.

There's more to life than passing exams, and paper qualifications can only take you so far. A lot depends on luck, and on being in the right place at the right time, which was certainly true in my case.

To be better equipped for the tests that the year will bring – read a textbook. To prepare for the tests that life will bring – read a book.

If you fail an examination, it means you have not yet mastered the subject. With diligent study and understanding, you will succeed in passing the exams.

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.

Of course, it is very important to be sober when you take an exam. Many worthwhile careers in the street-cleansing, fruit-picking and subway-guitar-playing industries have been founded on a lack of understanding of this simple fact.

School exams are memory tests, in real-world no one is going to stop you from referring a book to solve a problem.

It’s very easy to be number one: find the guy who is number one, and score one point higher than he does.

Feet away, Professor Dema stood, carrying a large gunlike weapon with both her hands and a snarl on her lips. This was not the way final exams were supposed to go.

When you do exams, always remember the order in which to do the questions. 1 - easy questions, first 2 - medium questions, next 3 - hard questions, last If you do it in any other order, you run the risk of running out of time.

Best Wishes For Exams To My Love