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Valentines Day Quotes for Brother

 Valentine’s Day is a day to show love and appreciation for your family, friends and loved ones. One of the most important relationships in life is the bond between siblings, so this Valentine’s Day, why not send some valentines day quotes for brother?  This lets him know what an amazing brother he is and how lucky you are to have him as your sibling.  Let him know how much you care about him with these happy valentine’s day words.

Older brother and sister having a pillow fight

Happy Valentines Day Brother

It hasn’t always been the way, but he’s your best friend nowadays, and you know if you ever need him, he will be there in a second!  Let your dear brother know he is your person!

💕  I’m so grateful to have you as my dear brother. You’ve always been there for me, and I love you for that.  Happy valentines day, hope you’re having fun.

💕 Happy valentines day to my dear brother.  You’re one in a million big brother.

💕 You are the best brother, dad told me you would always be there for me, and he was right!  Happy valentine’s day brother.

💕 You are the only person I would trust with my life, happy Valentines day to the best brother around. 

💕 Happy valentine’s day little brother.  Have a wonderful day with _____ and the kids, I know they are spoiling you.  Best wishes to everyone.

💕 Sending happy valentine’s day wishes to my best friend and dear brother.  You’re one of the most important people in my life, I hope you know that.

Have a lovely valentine's day brother.

💕 Our relationship is one of the most special things in my world, and I love you for that.  Thank you for being a wonderful brother.

💕 I hope you are having a wonderful valentine’s day brother, you deserve it!

💕 Happy valentines day, I hope we get to celebrate you soon.

💕 I know you are having a wonderful valentine’s day.  Always remember your sister loves you. 

Valentines day quotes for brother

Happy Valentines Day Bro

Valentine’s day messages for brother, enjoy your special day!

💕 Oh the memories I have.  Happy valentine’s day to my brother.

💕 I cherish the day you were born.  Happy valentines day, hope it’s wonderful.

💕 I will always remember the day you were born.  Happy valentine’s day bro.

💕 I am sending this happy Valentine’s day card to remind you how important you are to me.  Mom says to call her, Love your favorite sister.

💕 Dear brother, have an amazing Valentine’s day today, and enjoy your special day with your family.

💕 I realized mom was right, brothers will always have each other’s back!  I’m glad you were born, just sayin!

💕 Today, Valentine’s day, made me realize that I did well when it comes to brothers, I am super glad you’re my big bro.  

💕 Thanks for always having my back at school.  The bullies stopped coming around when they knew who my brother was!  Happy valentine’s day dude.

💕 On this special occasion I wanted to say thanks for being my brother.  You are a joy to be around.  I pray we’ll stay close forever.

💕 To my brother and friend, from the moment we met, we have squabbled, but I know you will always be there for me!

💕 Happy valentines day brother, enjoy this special occasion, love your sister.

💕 Dad always told me, brothers are the best.  I didn’t get it until now.  You are my first call in this world, thanks for always being there.

Older brother and sister going for a bike ride

Valentine's Day Messages for Brother

Brothers have an important role in a person’s life, especially a sister.  Today, on Valentine’s day, let him know what a wonderful brother he is, with these valentines day quotes for brother.

💕 You are the best brother and best friend.  I actually wrote some valentines day quotes from the heart, love your sister!

💕 I love you, happy valentines day to my favorite person in the whole world, have a great day.

💕 Happy valentines day to my wonderful brother.  Enjoy this beautiful occasion with your beautiful wife.  I just wanted you to know I’m grateful to you!

💕 Happy valentine’s day to my big brother.

💕 Happy valentines day to my brother who is my role model.

💕 Happy valentine’s day to a very important person in my life.

Wishing brother a happy valentines day

Valentine's Day Wishes for Brother

Valentines day quotes for brother and make his day.

💕  You have been with me through thick and thin, happy valentines day brother.

💕 I may not always show you, but I do love you, sweet brother.

💕 I hope you have a great Valentine’s day, always remember how wonderful you brother.

💕 We had such a fun time growing up together, I am so happy you found your number one!  Have a great valentine’s day❤️.

African American sisters and their brother with blue overlay

Valentines Day Messages for Brother

Let your brother know how much he means to you on this special occasion, let him know how grateful you are for your special relationship.

💕 Wishing a beautiful valentine’s day to someone who has always been my protector ❤️.

💕 To my special brother, I hope you have a wonderful valentine’s day.  

💕 I know we don’t always see eye to eye, but I love you anyway. Happy valentine’s day brother.

💕 You mean the world to me, and I cherish our relationship, happy valentines day brother.

Valentines Day Quotes for Brother