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Happy 45th Birthday Wishes

No matter how you choose to express it, wishing someone happy birthday at any age is always special, especially when they turn 45!  If you have some best friends turning 45, let them know they are loved by sending some 45th birthday wishes on their special day!   

With these cute and heartfelt 45th birthday wishes, you can be sure that your loved one will feel celebrated on their special day. So go ahead and make their birthday extra special with some thoughtful happy birthday wishes, just don’t forget the cake! Happy 45th birthday!

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Happy 45th Birthday Quotes

It’s a special occasion when someone you love turns 45. Whether it’s a family member, special friend, or colleague, celebrating their 45th birthday is the perfect time to express your appreciation, admiration, and love. From funny quotes to heartfelt messages, here are some cute 45th birthday messages to help you find the perfect happy 45th birthday wishes words to celebrate this milestone.

🎈 Here’s hoping you have a great 45th birthday, of course you are at the age where you may be asleep by 11pm, old friend!!!!  Are you ready to party?

🎈 To my special friend, let’s cheers to celebrating another great birthday together, happy 45th birthday darling.

🎈 I was going to make you a 45th birthday meme, but it seems uncool to do that to someone so old!

🎈 Ooh the fun things we used to get up to when we were much younger, now we get to celebrate and have fun in a different way.  I’m looking forward to celebrating your birthday this weekend.

🎈 My dream is to celebrate all birthdays with my best friends and family.  I was worried that would not happen this year, and yet here you are all, especially my mom and dad.  I have many blessings to be thankful for.

We all turn 45 at some point if our life if we are lucky enough!

🎈 I can’t believe how young we were when we first met, and now here we are celebrating your 45th birthday.  I am so grateful for all the memories we share.  Feeling very blessed today.

🎈 Happy birthday to a very young 45 year old!  I will love you forever, thank you for all the happiness you give me each day.  I am so grateful to have you in my life. Best wishes on this special day.

🎈 May tomorrow bring you all the joy and all the gifts you dreamed of.  Happy 45th birthday dad.

🎈 Happy 45th birthday to my dear husband, the kids and I love you so much, your loving wife.  My wish is that we get to celebrate lots more birthdays together, and continue having lots of fun together. 

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Happy 45th Birthday

Send some cute birthday wishes to any friends or family who are getting ready to turn 45 years old.  You can either write some cute, heartfelt birthday wishes, or maybe some funny ones would work better.

Take a look at some of our favorite 45th birthday quotes below, pick out your favorite 45th birthday sayings and send it to your friend.

🎈 You make me smile every day and I am so blessed to be in a relationship with you, so happy 45th to the woman of my dreams.

🎈 This beautiful woman in front of me is turning 45 years young!  I am so thankful to celebrate another birthday with you, happy birthday to my forever girl. My wish is that I always have you by my side.

🎈 Wishing you many more years of health, wealth, and happiness.  I’m so glad we are able to celebrate another great life moment together.  At moments like this, I am reminded of how lucky we are,  happy 45th birthday dad.

🎈 Here’s hoping for lots of new adventures to enjoy during this next year.  I hope you have an amazing 45th birthday.

🎈 You have inspired me for the last ten years, I am so thankful that our children have you as their mother, happy birthday.  I hope you enjoy your birthday party tonight.  You look gorgeous my beautiful woman.

🎈 Why is it that you never seem to age, but yet you celebrate a birthday every year!!  That’s my wish every year, but I seem to age, but you don’t!  Happy 45th birthday wishes.

45th Birthday Gift Ideas

Happy 45th Birthday Funny

🎈 45 years old—you don’t look a day over 30!

🎈 45 years young and still rocking it.

🎈 Happy almost-midlife crisis

🎈 Happy 45th birthday! Can’t believe you’re only twice as old as me

🎈 Holy moly mom, you’re old, 45 years old!

🎈 To my wonderful wife who is turning 45 years old, you are now OLDER than me haha.

🎈 Welcome to the age where your body starts to hurt a LOT more!

🎈 That’s a lot of candles on your birthday cake!  Don’t count them, you may cry!

🎈 Happy 45th birthday to my favorite person in the whole wide world.  You are wise beyond your years, but you still love having fun and playing pranks.  Never change mom! 

🎈 Sending 45th birthday wishes to my childhood friend.  I am so glad to have a friend like you in my life.  We have lots of fun together, I can’t imagine what will happen at your birthday party.  There will be lots of joy, I know that much.

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Happy Birthday 45 Years Old

🎈 I’m waiting with excitement and anticipation to wish the most special person a very happy 45th birthday! You’ve been such an inspiration to me, congratulations on this milestone birthday.  This is a day where I get to remind you of just how amazing you are.  

🎈 I love the passion and pride you have in everything you take on, I am so looking forward to seeing what you get up to in this upcoming year, happy birthday.

🎈 Wishing you all the happiness your birthday can hold.

🎈 You’re not getting older, you’re just getting better.

🎈 It has been a pleasure to know you for the past 45 years of my life, my friend.  It’s been a wild ride and a  pleasure all at the same time.

🎈 Today marks your 45th birthday and I want to take this opportunity to wish you some heartfelt 45th birthday wishes! I love that we celebrate life together and I am so excited to celebrate you today.  Enjoy all the birthday wishes coming your way.

🎈 Sending 45th birthday wishes to my favorite partner in crime.  We have enjoyed going through life together for some time now, so thank you for allowing me to put on your birthday party.  I had some fun ideas so I hope you have a wonderful time tonight.

🎈 So there you have it: 45 of the best happy 45th birthday wishes around! We sincerely hope that you were able to find the perfect message for your friends and family members who are celebrating their 45th milestone birthdays.

🎈 Birthdays are always a special occasion, but turning 45 is definitely a cause for celebration. So make sure to let your loved ones know just how much they mean to you with one of these heartfelt messages.

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