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Best 40th Birthday Wishes

40 years! You’ve come a long way, and that’s something to be celebrated. As you reach the big 4-0, it’s the perfect time to reflect on your accomplishments, and look forward to everything that’s to come. Whether you’re celebrating with a big bash or something more low key, happy 40th birthday wishes are always appreciated. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of the best 40th birthday messages to make the big day even more special.

When you think of a 40th birthday, it’s natural to have mixed feelings. After all, turning 40 is a major milestone in life that’s often seen as a transition into middle age. While some people might dread the thought of hitting the big four-oh, it’s also a great opportunity to celebrate the birthday boy or girl with warmth, humor, and a touch of wisdom.

40th birthday wishes should strike a balance between genuine appreciation and a good dose of lighthearted fun. Your words can make the birthday celebrant feel special and loved. 

As you begin to explore different ideas for 40th birthday messages and quotes, consider what the birthday person means to you – their wit, wisdom, and influence in your life. This will help you craft a memorable and heartfelt message that truly resonates with the celebrant. So go ahead, put on your thinking cap, and start composing that perfect 40th birthday wish for a milestone birthday!

  • Happy 40th birthday to a wise and wonderful soul.
  • Happy 40th birthday wishes.  The best is yet to come!
  • Congratulations on making it to the big 4-0!  
  • Take time to celebrate you, and all your accomplishments! 
  • Welcome to middle age!
  • Lefe begins at 40 right?
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What Do You Write in a 40th Birthday Card?

Turning 40 is a milestone worthy of celebration. As you reflect on all you’ve accomplished and look forward to the next chapter of your life, happy birthday wishes can help make the day even more special.

From messages reflecting on your experiences to looking forward to the adventures to come, these happy 40th birthday wishes are perfect for anyone turning 40. 

Happy birthday, life begins at 40!

🎈 Welcome to the fabulous forties! Cheers to four decades of awesomeness! You’ve shown that age is just a number; keep shining bright and conquering milestones. Happy 40th birthday friend!

🎈 Congratulations on reaching this incredible milestone. May the wisdom of your 20s and the experiences of your 30s guide you through an even more amazing chapter. Happy birthday to my sweet friend. Live live to the fullest every day, and eat the birthday cake today – you deserve it! 

🎈 Embrace the adventure. Forty is just the beginning of new adventures and fabulous experiences. Embrace the journey with your head held high! Wishing you the happiest 40th birthday ever.

🎈 A toast to you. You’re not just turning forty; you’re leveling up! Here’s to celebrating life, love, and laughter for many more years to come. Cheers to you on your 40th birthday my special friend!

🎈 The best is yet to come!  Age is merely a state of mind, and you’ve never looked better! Keep embracing life with open arms, I see only good things headed your way this upcoming year.  Wishing you a very happy birthday sweet friend. 

Middle age is when your age starts to show around your middle

🎈 Keep defying expectations! Turning 40 is just another opportunity to show the world that you’re unstoppable. Keep defying expectations and reaching for the stars. Wishing you a fantastic 40th birthday, best wishes.

🎈 Your halfway point.  Give yourself a pat on the back—you’re now halfway to 80 (jk)! Hopefully, you can find 40 reasons to be grateful on your wonderful day. I am excited to celebrate life with you!

🎈 Today, we raise a toast to the incredible person who has touched our lives in countless ways—may your 40th birthday be as amazing as you are!  Congratulations on all your accomplishments, I can’t wait to see you at your birthday party tonight.  Sending you the most loving happy 40th birthday wishes.

🎈 They say life begins at 40; here’s your chance to prove them right! Embrace this new age with courage and enthusiasm. Wishing you a bold and beautiful 40th birthday!  You are absolutely fantastic – keep being YOU!

🎈 Keep adding to your story: Life is a book, and you have authored a splendid one so far. Remember to keep adding chapters full of love, laughter, and precious memories. Here’s to your 40th and many more great years ahead! 

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Happy 40th Birthday Wishes

🎈 A 40th birthday is a significant milestone in a person’s life. To make your friend or loved one feel special, it’s essential to craft the perfect happy birthday wishes for a dear friend on her or his milestone birthday! 

🎈 A good 40th birthday message should be a mix of humor, insight, and encouragement. Here are some tips on writing the perfect happy 40th birthday wishes for a 40th birthday card.

🎈 Be heartfelt: Express your love and appreciation for the birthday person. Example: “Happy 40th birthday to the most amazing friend in the world! Here’s to creating more memories together.”Funny messages: Keep the mood light with a touch of humor. Example: “Age is just a number, especially when it’s as fabulous as 40. Happy birthday!”

🎈 Encourage self-appreciation: Remind them of their achievements and the beautiful life they have built. Example: “You’ve accomplished so much in these 40 years, and we’re proud of you. Happy birthday!”

🎈 Highlight personal growth: Show how they have grown into a wonderful person. Example: “Over the last 40 years, you’ve grown into the inspiring person we’re fortunate to know today. Happy birthday!”

🎈 Emphasize friendship: A solid friendship makes every milestone special. Example: “Here’s to another 40 years of amazing friendship and making beautiful memories. Happy birthday!” 

🎈 Happy birthday to my best friend in the whole world.  Welcome to your forties – they’re not as bad as you think, I actually think you will like it here.  Are you ready to party girl?

🎈 Happy birthday to a wonderful woman who’s turning the big 4-0 today!  May all your dreams come in this new decade, I sincerely hope you meet the man of your dreams.  Until then, let’s enjoy a wonderful celebration in honor of your birthday!

🎈 Happy birthday to a positively wonderful human being.  Happy 40th sweet friend, enjoy your special birthday.

🎈 Thank you for all the amazing memories over the past decade.  I am excited to celebrate your birthday tonight, warrmest wishes birthday girl.

40th Birthday Gift Ideas

Heartfelt 40th Birthday Message

🎈 As you celebrate your big 4-0, you may want to include some special 40th birthday wishes to shower on your friend or loved one. Here are a few examples to help you find the perfect way to send happy 40th birthday wishes on a birthday card.

🎈 Welcome to the Fabulous 40s! Cheers to a fabulous year filled with success, laughter, and unforgettable memories. Embrace the next chapter with enthusiasm, and let your passions guide you.  Wishing you a very happy birthday.

🎈 Four Decades of Awesomeness: You’ve accomplished so much in the past 40 years. Take a moment to celebrate and look back on all the incredible memories you’ve created. Here’s to an even more amazing future, you truly are an amazing person.

🎈 Aging Like Fine Wine: Each year, you only get better and wiser. Your 40th year is no exception. Enjoy it to the fullest, knowing you’re entering a time of new possibilities and experiences. I can’t wait for happy hour so we can cheers to 40!

🎈 Forty and Fearless: You’ve proven time and time again that age is just a number. So, as you step into your 40s, don’t let a number define you. Keep living life to the fullest, pursuing your dreams, and inspiring others with your spirit.  Happy birthday best friend.

🎈 Life Begins at 40! They say life starts at 40, and we believe it! With 40 years of experience and wisdom, you’re ready to tackle whatever comes your way. Embrace the exciting journey that’s ahead and celebrate the person you have become. You are an amazing woman – never forget that! 

🎈 To New Beginnings: As you turn 40, remember that it’s never too late to chase a new dream or embark on a new adventure. May the coming years continue to bring you an abundance of blessings, joy, and success.

🎈 The Best Is Yet to Come: Turning 40 is a fantastic milestone, but we know this is only the beginning. The best is yet to come, so keep dreaming big and pursuing your passions with love and excitement. 

🎈 A Toast to 40 Years of You: Today, we celebrate you and the incredible legacy you’ve built and the meaningful relationships you’ve cultivated. Happy 40th birthday! Cheers to an even brighter future!

🎈 Setting New Goals: You’ve achieved a lot over the past 40 years, but there’s still so much ahead for you to conquer. As you celebrate this huge milestone, remember that the world is full of opportunities for your unique talents and abilities. Keep setting and smashing those goals!  Good luck in the year ahead.

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Happy 40th Birthday Quotes

🎈 If you know someone turning 40 years young, make their important milestone even better with some cute and fun birthday quotes for their birthday!

🎈 Remind them that this is an exciting decade they are entering – maybe don’t mention anything about middle age lol.

🎈 Check out our best birthday quotes for a 40th birthday!  It’s important to recognize this huge milestone!

🎈 Happy 40th birthday! Your journey through life is as inspiring as the adventures you’ve had. Your wisdom and kindness radiate, making the world a better place. Keep shining, my friend, best wishes, I’ll see you at your birthday party tonight..

🎈 Wishing a wonderful day to my dear friend who is turning 40 years young today!

🎈 Sending birthday greetings to my good friends who are about to join me in middle age lol.  These happy 40th birthday wishes are for them to mark this special occasion!

🎈 You are like fine wine, you get better and better with age. Old age doesn’t seem to catch up with you does it.  What’s your secret?  Happy 40th birthday lovely friend.

🎈 Happy birthday to one of my favorite people of all time.  It has been such a joy to be your friend all these years, I love you friend.

Middle school is for being like everyone else; middle age is for being like yourself

🎈 The sun rises on your 40th, a day as radiant as you. With grace and charm, you’ve aged like fine wine, let’s toast to your continued success and joy.

🎈 Look on the bright side, at 40, you’re twice as awesome as when you were 20! Here’s to embracing four decades of laughter, love, and life. Happy birthday!

🎈 Cheers to a fabulous 40-something! You’re living proof that age is just a number, and looking fantastic is truly an art. Stay young and gorgeous, my friend!

🎈 May your 40th birthday be as unforgettable as the experiences you’ve collected. You bring a unique blend of wisdom and curiosity to those around you. Happy birthday!

🎈 With 40 years of learning, growing, and evolving, your wisdom shines through to those who know you well. You’re just getting started!  Continue to live life on your own terms, love you. Happy birthday honey. 

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Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for a 40th Birthday!

Not sure what to write in a birthday card for a 40 year old?  We have put together a list of th ebest birthday greetings for someone turning 40!

Happy birthday!

🎈 It’s your birthday today, although looking at you, you never seem to age.  Happy birthday dear friend.

🎈 Happy 40th birthday wishes to an amazing person whom I look up to daily.  You look absolutely fantastic.

🎈 Best wishes to my middle age friend who is turning 40 today!  Happy hour to drown your sorrows?

🎈 40 is not old age, but just the beginning. You’re walking into a new phase of life filled with opportunities, adventures, and memories. Embrace your 40s with open arms!

🎈 We’ve celebrated so many of life’s milestones together, I am excited to celebrate you tonight dear daughter.  Happy birthday sweetheart. 

🎈 Let’s raise a glass to the memories you’ve made, the friendships you’ve nurtured, and the lives you’ve touched. Happy 40th birthday friend!

🎈 On your 40th birthday, let’s celebrate the love, warmth, and laughter that you’ve brought to all who know you. Wishing you a year filled with joy and the fulfillment of your dreams, best wishes.

🎈 Wishing a wonderful day to my best friend turning the big 4-0 today!  You’ve spent four decades making the world a better place, and today we celebrate your awesomeness. Happy 40th birthday!

🎈 You live life to the fullest and that’s how it shoul be lived.  Best wishes to you as you turn the big 4-0, I know old age doesn’t apply to you!

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Nice 40th Birthday Wishes for a Friend

Turning 40 is a milestone worthy of celebration. It can be tough knowing just what to say, but if you’re looking for some 40th birthday wishes for a friend, we’ve got you covered.  Here are some very happy birthday wishes to wish someone a happy 40th birthday!

You can compliment them about staying young even at this age, or you can have some fun and mention “gray hair” that’s coming, or poke fun with comments like ‘old age”, but remember to keep the mood positive and fun.  For someone people turning 40, this can be a hard birthday and they might be feeling a little sensitive!

Keep reading for the best 40th birthday wishes!

🎈 40 has never looked so good! Cheers to 40 years of a life well-lived. Keep shining, and happy birthday, enjoy your special day.

🎈 Here’s to your 40th and many fantastic years ahead! Embrace this milestone and enjoy all the moments that come your way. Happy birthday!

🎈 You’re no longer a 30-something but a 40-somebody! Keep making your life an epic event. Wishing you a deliriously happy 40th birthday and a lifetime of happiness!

🎈 You are getting ready to enter a new decade.  May your 40th birthday be just as sweet as you are. Cheers to another fantastic chapter in life!  Keep moving forward sweet friend, and make the most of your special day.

🎈 Turning 20 with an additional 20 years of experience sounds perfect, right? Happy birthday, and keep shining like the star you are!  See you at your birthday party, love you lots. 

🎈 Forty is the new fabulous, and you wear it well. Remember to smile, laugh, and enjoy every moment. Wishing you a happy, amazing 40th birthday!

🎈 As you enter your 40s, remember that age is just a state of mind. Believe you’re young at heart, and life will be a delightful adventure. Happy birthday!

🎈 Congratulations on your 40th! Life may have given you wrinkles, but it has also given you wisdom, love, and wonderful memories. Keep celebrating every day, and happy birthday!

🎈 Cheers to forty years of radiance, wit, and charm! Your youthful spirit and zest for life make your 40th birthday even more meaningful. Happy birthday to a very special person.  Here’s to the fantastic years ahead!

🎈 To a wonderful friend on their 40th.  May this milestone celebration bring you an abundance of happiness and success in all aspects of your life. Sending warm wishes, laughter, and love on your special day. 

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Happy 40th Birthday Wishes for Men

Here are some cute 40th birthday wishes that you can use to make that special man in your life feel appreciated on his big day.  Pick out some happy 40th birthday wishes you like and put them in a birthday card, he’ll love the gesture.

Happy birthday to the man in your life!

🎈 Happy birthday to an amazing, not to mention handsome 40-year-old  Wishing you happiness, good health, and success in the years to come. May your 40th birthday be just as fabulous as you are!  Happy birthday baby.

🎈 Let’s raise a toast to the fantastic 40-year-old who is my husband.  Welcome to middle age, but don’t think about buying any sports cars or doing anything else silly.  Happy birthday darling.  Cheers to four decades of incredible achievements and unforgettable memories. May your 40s be your most incredible decade yet!

🎈 Happy birthday to a wise and wonderful man who just happens to be turning 40: Embrace the wisdom that comes with age and make this decade count. Wishing you a fantastic 40th birthday filled with all the people you love the most.

🎈 Still looking fabulous at 40. You’ve only gotten better with time, and we know that your 40s will be your best years yet. Happy 40th birthday, and may you continue to age with grace and style!  Enjoy your special day sweetheart.

🎈 You have had four decades of greatness.  Congratulating you on four decades of life and accomplishments. May your 40th birthday be as brilliant as the path you’ve paved so far. Have fun on your special day.  Happy 40th birthday wishes on this big milestone birthday. 

🎈 The man, the myth, the legend at 40! As you celebrate your 40th, remember you’re just as legendary as ever. Keep shining bright and making the world a better place.  May all your dreams come true in this upcoming decade – you deserve it all.

🎈 To the rockstar 40-year-old. Your 30s may be in the rearview mirror, but your 40s hold incredible possibilities. Embrace this new chapter and make it count. Happy 40th birthday!

🎈 This is a milestone to remember: Turning 40 is a major milestone—embrace the moment and look forward to all the new adventures ahead. Wishing you a fantastic 40th birthday celebration!  Happy birthday.

🎈 You’re 40, you’re entering middle age when things are starting to go downhill – eat the birthday cake, life is short!  Happy 40th birthday wishes.

🎈 This birthday card is for a very special person who is turning 40 years old today!  This is a perfect age for you to settle down and have a family.  No, still partying and having fun?  Well I don’t blame you!  Happy 40th birthday bro! 

40 year old woman

40th Birthday Sayings for a Woman

Remember, when celebrating a 40th birthday, it’s important to express your genuine admiration and affection for the person. Use these 40th birthday wishes as a guide, but don’t hesitate to add your unique touch, making your message truly memorable and heartfelt.

A 40th birthday is a big deal in a woman’s life, so go easy on her and tell her she looks fabulous!

🎈 To the most amazing person I know, happy birthday, you make 40 look good!

🎈 Welcome this new decade with open arms and keep moving forward – remember age is just a number!  Sending you only the best happy 40th birthday wishes.

🎈 Enjoy your special day, make this year ahead the best year yet!  Happy birthday friend.

🎈 Are you ready to go celebrate turning 40 with your good friends?  Let’s hit happy hour and celebrate this new chapter of ours!  Happy birthday!

🎈 Happy 40th birthday to my bestie, and one of my favorite people on the planet!  Happy 40th birthday babe.  You make 40 look awesome! 

🎈 Raise a glass and say cheers to four incredible decades of fabulousness! You’ve grown in so many ways, and today, we celebrate you and your journey. Happy 40th birthday!

🎈 Wishing you a happy 40th birthday filled with love, laughter, and endless joy. You bring sunshine wherever you go, and it’s time to enjoy this special day. Embrace the fun and flourish in your next chapter!

🎈 Forty looks fabulous on you, and your ageless beauty is a testament to the beautiful life you’ve led thus far. Keep shining, and make the most of this incredible milestone! Happy 40th birthday!

🎈 Your style and charm only grow stronger with each passing year. As you cross the threshold of 40, may you continue to dazzle and inspire those around you. Wishing you a stylish and memorable happy 40th birthday!

🎈 Your strength and fearlessness are a beacon for others to follow. As you turn 40, remember that your spirit and determination continue to shape the world around you. Celebrate this milestone with pride, courage, and joy!  Happy 40th birthday to the most wonderful person.

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Funny 40th Birthday Card Messages

When someone is turning 40 years old, it’s okay to poke fun at them, but still keep it friendly and cheery. Always remember, life begins at 40 – or does it!!

Happy birthday!

🎈 As you enter your forties, it’s time to embrace the fact that you’ll never look as young as you once did. But don’t worry, there are plenty of benefits to getting older! You can now get discounts at movie theaters and restaurants, Just kidding, happy 40th birthday!

🎈 They say that 40 is the new 30, but I’m pretty sure that’s just something people say to make us feel better. Happy 40th birthday.

🎈 They say that 40 is when you really start to appreciate the finer things in life… like naps and comfortable shoes.  Happy birthday and best wishes.

🎈 At 40, you start to realize that your body is a lot like a car – it takes a lot more maintenance to keep it running smoothly.  Happy 40th birthday wishes.

🎈 They say that 40 is when you really start to come into your own… but I’m pretty sure I left my ‘own’ somewhere back in my 20s.  Happy 40th birthday! 

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Sweetest 40th Birthday Wishes

Celebrating a 40th birthday is a significant milestone, and it’s essential to make your loved one feel special on their big day. Here are some brilliant happy 40th birthday wishes to write on a birthday card to help you mark this occasion. 

Happy birthday to anyone celebrating a 40th birthday today!

🎈 You’re the finest example of aging with grace.  Cheers to forty years of radiance, wit, and charm! Your youthful spirit and zest for life make your 40th birthday even more meaningful. Happy birthday

🎈 Forty is fabulous. Embrace the milestone and wear it like a badge of honor. You’ve achieved so much in four decades, and there are only greater things to come. Happy 40th birthday!

🎈 To a wonderful friend on their 40th. May this milestone bring you an abundance of happiness and success in all aspects of your life. Sending 40th birthday wishes, warm wishes, laughter, and love on your special day.

🎈 Celebrating 40 years of awesomeness. You’ve reached a significant milestone, and your life is a testament to the impact you have on the lives of others. Wishing you a happy birthday filled with love, joy, and cherished memories. 

🎈 To the one who only gets better with age. Just like a fine wine, you’ve become even more delightful and enchanting over the years. Here’s to a magical 40th birthday celebration!

Fun 40th Birthday Wishes for Someone Turning 40!