Heartfelt Birthday Letter for Husband from Wife

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A Loving Birthday Letter For Your Husband You’re a loving wife with a busy schedule, so you may not have all the time in the world to think of what to say to your husband on his birthday.  The love and affection that he showers you with deserves a special message in his birthday card. […]

Long Heartfelt Birthday Wishes To Myself

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Send Yourself A Heartfelt Birthday Message Happy Birthday to you!  Turning a new year is such a fantastic, underrated feat. You are hale, hearty, full of life and ready to take on the new year. For some individuals they may be a little perplexed and for others, they may be excited to see what the […]

Birthday Wishes for Pastor

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Send Fond Wishes To Your Pastor On His Birthday Your pastor is such an important figure in your life. His/ her guidance and spiritual leadership helps so much when the world is not cooperating. On his special day, let him/ her know how much he/she is appreciated by sending a card or text that includes […]

Funny Late Birthday Wishes for Friends Family

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The Ultimate, Hilarious List Of Funny Late Birthday Wishes Being considerate enough to know that you need to tell someone, “I forgot your birthday” means that you also know that you’ve disappointed someone very close to you, and you need to put a smile back on their face. Whether it’s a blood relative, coworker, or […]

Pawsome Happy Birthday Wishes For Dog Lovers

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Send Your Favorite Dog Lover Special Happy Birthday Wishes When your friend, family member or coworker has a birthday approaching, you’re ready to give them a birthday card, text or email to let them know you wish them the best. However, when the birthday boy or girl is a devoted owner of a lovable canine, […]

Funny Quotes And Poems For Someone Turning 50

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Humorous Sayings And Quotes For A 50th Birthday If someone in your life is turning 50, you should respond quickly to their birthday invitations with a funny 50 year birthday card and personal birthday messages. To stand out in their memory among the other 50th birthday jokes from friends and loved ones, here are some […]

125 Biblical Birthday Wishes For Mother

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Say Happy Birthday To Mom With Biblical Phrases What better way to celebrate the blessing that is your mom, then to send her a birthday card with one of our 130 biblical birthday wishes for mother.  Getting a blessing from you on her birthday will let your mom know how much you love and respect […]

What To Write In Your Mom’s Birthday Card

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Figuring out what to write in your Mom’s birthday card can be especially difficult. Mothers are about the most special people in your life. She basically created and delivered you into the world. She watched over you  and made sure you grew up . She kissed skinned knees, and soothed broken hearts.  When it is […]

What To Write In A Grandmother’s Birthday Card

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How do you figure out what to write in a grandmothers birthday card? There is no one else like grandma.  Combine the love of a mother, with the experience of  a life lived and children raised and the ability to bake other worldly cookies- you have one very special woman. On Grandma’s birthday you want […]

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