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Happy Birthday Old Man

Turning another year older is fun, until you hit middle age, and hear a lot of “happy birthday old man!”.  So if you know someone who is turning another year older and you want to have a bit of ‘fun’ with them, we have some funny happy birthday old man messages that work well for the occasion. 

But don’t worry, with the right birthday wish, you can make turning a year older for him something to celebrate! If you’re looking for funny wording ideas or sample birthday wishes to send birthday wishes to the old man in your life, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for some hilarious ways to wish happy birthday old man to someone you know! 

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How Do You Wish an Old Man Happy Birthday?

🎈 Happy birthday old man! You’re not getting any younger, you know!

🎈 Happy birthday! Don’t let age slow you down,  keep on rocking and rolling!

🎈 Another year older…another year wiser. Happy birthday old man.

🎈 Time flies when you’re having fun,  happy birthday old timer

🎈 Happy bday to one of my favorite geezers!  I can’t believe you made it to another birthday.  Happy birthday old fart! 

🎈 I can’t believe you’re turning another year older.  Like, I really can’t believe it, I thought you’d be dead by now!  Congratulations on surviving and happy birthday you old fart.

Happy birthday, you made it this far!

🎈 Happy birthday, gramps! You’re looking good for your age!

🎈 They say that wisdom comes with age… so you must be pretty darn wise by now!

🎈 Happy birthday, old man! You don’t look a day over 40.  Oh you’re turning 37, well happy birthday anyway, you look good!

🎈 Happy birthday you old fart!

🎈 Age is just a number, well in your case it’s a pretty big number!  Happy birthday fart face.

🎈 Should I hope you are here next year to celebrate another happy birthday or do you think this is it for you?

🎈 Hope your birthday doesn’t stink!  Oh sorry, what I actually meant was I hope you don’t stink on your birthday, you know old man smells lol.  Happy birthday old fart!

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Happy Birthday Old Man Funny

Birthdays are always cause for celebration, even when they come with the occasional reminder that we’re getting up there in years ourselves! That doesn’t mean that birthdays shouldn’t still be fun though; if anything, they should be even MORE fun than ever before! 

 Whether he takes these jokes with stride or grumbles at them good-naturedly, these funny wording ideas are sure to get him smiling ear-to-ear on his big day!

So go ahead—have some fun with these witticisms or come up with some unique ones of your own.

🎈 I’m glad you were born! Otherwise, who would I have to give a hard time to.  Happy birthday old man.

🎈 You’re not getting older, you’re just becoming a classic.  Happy birthday old man.

🎈 Happy Birthday to the most experienced person in the room! No one else has been around long enough to understand all of your stories.

🎈 Let’s hope this birthday is more memorable than last year’s – at least you remembered that it was your birthday this year.  Happy birthday ya old fart.

🎈 Happy birthday old man, we thought about putting candles on your cake, but we were worried about burning the house down.

🎈 Birthdays are like boogers… the more you have, the harder it is to breathe. Happy birthday old man!

Gifts for the Older Man

Funny Birthday Messages for the Old Man

If you’re looking for some funny birthday messages for an older man about to celebrate his birthday, these happy birthday messages are perfect for you.

Find one that resonates with you and send the old man a big happy birthday.

🎈 Happy Birthday to someone who can remember when wishing someone happy birthday was done in person!

🎈 Happy birthday old man.  You are officially closer to death! 

🎈 Should you even be eating birthday cake at your age?  Happy birthday old man.

🎈 My mom taught me to be respectful to my elders.  Happy birthday old man.

🎈 It’s Your Birthday…Again?
It’s that time of year again and you’re aging gracefully…or not so gracefully. Another candle on the cake means one more year closer to becoming an old geezer. Happy Birthday!

🎈 Congratulations on another successful trip around the sun! You have seen more history than most textbooks can fit into one chapter. Here’s to another 365 days of gathering stories, facts, and experiences from the past.

🎈 Time flies when you have a lot of birthdays to celebrate! Congrats on another year under your belt…or should I say girdle

🎈 Happy Birthday from someone who can still remember what happened last week – not like someone else here… *wink wink

🎈 Should we even be celebrating you at this age, you’ve had so many past decades, should we just ignore your birthday so nothing happens!!

🎈 Happy birthday old man.  Don’t worry this year we won’t have any loud noises that ight scare you and yes, we’ll have you in bed by 8pm!  It’s an exciting life you lead.

🎈 I keep waiting for you to get smarter with age, but I think the smarts skipped a generation.  Happy birthday old man.

🎈 Here’s hoping you have an exciting birthday celebration, but let’s face it, you won’t remember anyway!  Have fun, you old fart.

🎈 Happy birthday old man!  Isn’t it about time for you to stop all those wild activities before you hurt yourself!  

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Old Man Birthday Wishes

From jokes about getting older to funny anecdotes about past experiences, birthday wishes should always be lighthearted and filled with cheer. So go ahead and make fun of your special someone while wishing them a wonderful birthday! 

🎈 Why is that even at this old age, you’re still capable of doing more stupid stuff!  Happy birthday old fart, glad you’ve managed to still stay a child!

🎈 Congratulations, you have now reached an age where wild activities are followed by a long nap!  Night night! 

🎈 I’d like to say stay healthy, but were you ever really healthy??

🎈 An older man should have more sense, but you don’t!

🎈 Aging doesn’t mean you have to slow down when it comes to doing stupid things, only that your reflexes will be a lot less sharp, so be careful.  Happy birthday oldie!

🎈 Do you even remember being young?  Happy birthday old man.

🎈 You survived disco, I think you can survive your birthday surprise!

🎈Have a happy birthday old fart!  

🎈 You may be getting older, but you’re not dead so there’s that!

🎈 You’re moving a lot slower these days.  Happy birthday old man.

🎈 You’re looking good for an old fossil.

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Happy Birthday Old Man Quotes

🎈 Happy Birthday, old timer! You know you’re getting older when a nap feels like an adventure.

🎈 It’s the little things that count, and speaking of little things, this is around the time when things start shrinking!

🎈 Happy birthday from one old fart to another.

🎈 I thought age brought wisdom, so what happened with you!

🎈 May god bless you, and keep you safe as you become another year older, but I do have the hospital on speed dial just in case.

🎈 You are the best company to be around, until it hits 8pm and then everyone knows it’s your bed time!

🎈 Age certainly hasn’t brought you anymore wisdom……..thank goodness.

🎈 Happy birthday to an old fart who continues to celebrate life daily.  Please don’t ever stop, but seriously, I don’t think we can fit any more candles on the cake!

🎈 Birthdays suck when you’re old, but at least you’re past the middle aged part of your life with your back pains, and sore knees.  Now you’re just old!  Happy birthday old man!

🎈 When were you born, the middle ages?

🎈 Start acting your age!  What do people even do at your age????  Enjoy your special day while you can!  

🎈 There are so many loved ones here to celebrate your special day….even if you don’t remember them, you old fart.

🎈 Your birthday is one of my favorite days, because I will always be younger than you, you old fart.

🎈 Happy birthday to an exceptional old guy, you age well, but then you’ve had lots of practice!

🎈Wishing you a very special birthday today!  I thought for sure your last birthday was going to be it!

🎈 When your knees stop hurting and your beck stop cracking, then you know you’re dead!  Until then, keep bringing so much joy into our lives.  You know we love you, happy birthday old man.

🎈 Stop acting like an old fool!  Oh wait, never mind, keep doing your thing old man.

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Happy Birthday Old Man Funny!

🎈 Sending only the best birthday wishes to you today old man! You have managed to stay healthy and alive for so many past decades, I can see you being around for many more.  Happy birthday old fart!

🎈 I’m so glad that you decided to grow old, but never actually grow up!  Enjoy all the birthday wishes today, you deserve them………at your age!

🎈 Happy birthday old man.  You have many new skills, you can now laugh, cough, sneeze and piss yourself all at once! I’m afraid to see what will happen when you blow out the many candles on your birthday cake!  

Gift Ideas for Older Men

Funny Birthday Wishes Old Man

🎈 At least at this age, it’s easier to figure out what gift to give you,  adult pull ups – you’re welcome!  Happy birthday.

🎈 Happy birthday to an oldie but goodie.

🎈 Happy birthday. Hope you enjoy the day as much as I’m enjoying being younger than you!

🎈 They say you get better with age, at your old age, you look damn fine!

🎈 Here’s hoping your back and neck stop cracking, but in all likelihood, that’s not going to happen, hence my brilliant gift – a bottle of aspirin!

🎈 I hope your birthday this year is even better than last year!  At your age, you should be eligible for senior discounts!!  Happy birthday.

🎈 Happy birthday old man, I’m so glad you survived for another birthday!

Old Man Jokes for Birthday