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Happy Birthday in Heaven Brother

As the happy birthday song goes, we all hope that our days are filled with good luck and happiness.  But for those of us who have lost a loved one, birthdays can be a reminder of what we’ve lost.  It’s natural to want to celebrate the life of a brother who is no longer with us, and happy birthday in heaven brother messages are the perfect way to do that!

Even though, he’s not physically here, sending a happy birthday in heaven message to your brother let’s him know that you’re thinking of him and that he still occupies a special place in your heart!

Send these happy birthday wishes to your brother today, happy birthday in heaven.

brother smiling on his birthday

Happy Birthday to My Big Brother in Heaven

🎈 It’s been a tough year without you, bro!  But I know you’re up there having a great time.  I can’t help but feel happy on your birthday, knowing that you’re probably partying with the angels.  I miss you so much, but I know we’ll be together again.  Until then, happy birthday in heaven brother! 

🎈 My dearest brother, I can’t believe it’s been a year since you passed.  It feels like yesterday that I was talking to you in the kitchen or getting a tight hug from my best friend.  I miss you so much sweet brother,  It is with deep sadness that I celebrate your birthday today, dear brother.  I hope all the angels today are celebrating you.  You are missed every day!

🎈 Wishing my amazing brother a happy birthday in heaven today.  Though we can’t be with him to celebrate physically, I’m sure heavens angels have gathered around him to make the occasion.

🎈 To my deceased brother, I miss you every single day.  Today is the second birthday you will spend in heaven.  It’s hard to not feel sad today, because we all miss you so much.  I know you have found eternal peace.  I miss you so much, happy birthday dear brother.

🎈 Today is my brother’s birthday, but he is not with us anymore!  So on this day, I just want to say happy birthday dear brother.  I hope you are having a great time up there enjoying a heavenly birthday.  We miss you so much down here, but we know that you are in a better place now.  I am trying to move forward with my life, but it’s not easy without you in it.  Sending you happy birthday wishes buddy, I wish you were here to celebrate!

🎈 My brother is no longer here with us, instead he is dancing in heaven’s arms.  You are sorely missed, happy birthday in heaven brother.

Deceased brother with pink heart

Birthday Wishes in Heaven For Brother

🎈 Today is a tough day for your family.  It’s your brother’s birthday, but he’s not here with you.  He’s in heaven.  So even though he’s not here in person, you know he’s with you in spirit.

🎈 You can feel his presence all around you.  As you think of him today, you can’t help but smile through your tears.  Your memories of him in your life are so precious, and they bring you comfort on this special day.

🎈 You know that he would be so happy to know that you’re celebrating his birthday, even though he’s not here in a physical form.  So blow out the candles, make a wish for him, and know that he’s celebrating with us in heaven.  Happy birthday, brother.  We miss you so much!

When Chelsea Handler was just 10 years old, her older brother died while on a hiking trip. Handler told Rosie O'Donnell: "My family wanted to talk to me about it but I was just, like, cut off because I didn’t want to cry in front of anyone."

🎈 There is an awesome party happening in heaven today awesome brother.  I hope you are having a wonderful birthday.  I love you so much.

🎈 I miss you like crazy little brother.  I can hear you right now saying “okay sis, are you up for a friendly game of basketball?”, and then you would proceed to annihilate me.  By the end of it, we were both laughing so hard, we didn’t care who won or lost.  I miss my happy life with you in it.  Sending heavenly birthday wishes to you today little brother, you were one of a kind!

🎈 Happy birthday in heaven brother!  You are surely having the best birthday celebrations up there.  I bet there are lots of good and joyful things happening on your special day.  I wish you could be here with us lovely brother!  Each and every family member misses you! 

🎈On the day you were born, the sun shone brighter and the sky was a deeper blue.  I was so happy and felt so lucky to have a brother like you.  Even though you’re no longer with us, here on earth, I know that you are still shining bright up in heaven.  We will sing your happy birthday son tonight and think of all the good memories, happy birthday.

Happy birthday to my deceased brother in green

Happy Birthday to My Brother in Heaven From Your Sister

🎈 Comparing your last birthday to this one is night and day.  I feel deep sadness today on your birthday, I wish so badly that you were here to celebrate with us.  Last year we had so much fun, today is a hard one beloved brother.  I don’t know why god snatched you away from me so early, I will see you in the next life.

🎈 I know you’re having a great birthday in heaven, and enjoying the best birthday cake!  I miss you so much, but I know that you’re always with me in spirit.  I’ll never forget all the moments we shared.  You will remain in my heart forever, happy birthday dear brother

🎈  I hope only sunshine and blue skies greet you today as you celebrate your beautiful birthday.  I am wishing you the most amazing day with your favorite cake and all the happiness in the world.  I’ll cherish our memories always XO, happy birthday in heaven brother.

🎈 Dear brother, I hope you are enjoying a lovely birthday today.  We are celebrating you today, but I won’t lie, it’s not the most cheerful birthday we’ve had for you! I keep remember all those moments where we hung out and had so much fun.  I wish we were celebrating together today, happy birthday little brother!

🎈 Today is my big brother’s birthday but he’s not here to celebrate with us!  He’s up in heaven shining down on us like a big star.  Even though he’s not here with us, I know he’s celebrating his happy heavenly birthday, surrounded by all the love that he left behind! 

🎈 I wish heaven had visiting hours, so I could enjoy your birthday with you.  I miss you so much, I think about all the extraordinary moments we shared in your short life.  Happy birthday in heaven brother!

🎈 Happy birthday in heaven brother.  I know that heaven is full of beautiful things and that you are enjoying your time there.  I also know that all the other angels are wishing you a happy birthday.  Enjoy the great party you are having today.  I miss you so much!  Sending you heavenly birthday wishes, we love you so much.

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Happy Birthday to My Brother in Heaven Quotes

🎈 Today is my brother’s birthday.  I can’t help but think about how much he would have enjoyed celebrating with us.  He was always the life of the party, always making sure everyone else was having a fun time.  I miss my best friend, happy birthday big brother.

🎈 Dearest brother.  I miss you every day, but your birthday is when I miss you most.  On this special day, I hope you are enjoying a heavenly birthday.  I miss not having you in my life anymore.  Happy birthday in heaven brother!

🎈 Happy birthday in heaven to my dear brother.  Even though he’s not here with us physically, he is always in our hearts and we know that he is watching over us from heaven.  Happy birthday brother, today is all about you!

🎈 To my brother in heaven, I miss you dearly, even though we can’t celebrate with you in person, we can still celebrate you!  Happy birthday brother, we are all doing well, but we all miss you so much.

🎈 Happy birthday in heaven to the best brother anyone could ever have.  I miss you every day bro!  Heaven is lucky to have you!

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Happy Birthday In Heaven Brother Quotes

🎈 It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since you left us.  It feels like only yesterday we were celebrating your birthday.  I still remember the words today that you said to me that day, “Live every day like it’s your last”.  I hope you’re having a remarkably blissful time, You are loved and missed deeply!

🎈 Today is a day that’s both happy and sad.  It’s happy because its the day my brother was born.  But it’s also sad because my brother is no longer with us.  He passed away a few years ago and I miss him like crazy.  I know he would want to be here if he could, but heaven is where he belongs now.  So on this day, I want to send my dear brother,  a very happy birthday in heaven.  I wish you all the happiness in the world.

🎈 Dear brother, I am wishing you a happy heavenly birthday today.  I can’t believe you are gone, I miss my brother so much!  Happy birthday in heaven brother!

🎈 Today is a day of mixed emotions.  It’s my brother’s birthday, but he’s not here to celebrate with us, happy birthday in heaven brother.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you!

happy birthday brother in heaven quotes in blue

🎈 Today is a hard one for all of us, we miss you like crazy every day.  I wish you were here celebrating with us, but unfortunately you’re not, so we will try and do our best without you, happy birthday brother. 

🎈 You passed away 4 years ago, and not a day goes by that I don’t think of you!  I still see you in my dreams, it feels like you have gone on a  long trip, but you will be back at some point.  Deep down I know that isn’t true.  I miss you so much brother, happy birthday bro.  

🎈 Dear brother,  I wish you were here to celebrate your birthday with us all today.  I remember how excited you would get, counting down the days until your birthday.  Your absence is felt deeply today, but I know you would want us to celebrate your birthday.  Happy birthday in heaven brother, we miss you like crazy!

🎈 Happy heavenly birthday to my dear brother.  It’s been a year since you passed away unexpectedly, we still miss you every day.  Your son is getting bigger and bigger, he looks just like you.  I wish you could see him in person.  Happy birthday to my brother in heaven!

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Happy Birthday Brother in Heaven

🎈 Today is a special day.  Today is the day my baby brother was born, I can remember it like it was yesterday!  We were always close growing up, even though there was a big age difference between us.  He was always kind and caring, always looking out for me, even though I am the big brother!  Happy birthday to my brother in heaven, I miss you so much.

🎈 Today we are celebrating my brother’s birthday, but unfortunately he isn’t here to celebrate with us.  We lost him two years ago and his loss left a huge hole in our family.  We try to honor his memory by celebrating his birthday each year, but it’s just not the same.  We send lots of birthday in heaven wishes to him to let him know that we still miss and love him dearly, sending heavenly birthday wishes to you.

🎈 Today it’s Mike’s birthday, but he’s not here to celebrate it with me.  He passed away 5 years ago and I still miss him every day.  I know he would be here if he could, but I take comfort in knowing that he’s happy in heaven.  I like to think of him as being surrounded by love on his special day, and I know he’s watching over me.  I send all my love to him today, happy birthday in heave brother.  We miss you!

I miss you every day in pink

🎈 Today I am missing you more than ever.  I know you would be here if you could, but heaven is where you belong now.  I want to send all my love and heavenly wishes to my brother.  Only heaven knows how much we loved him while he was still here on earth, happy birthday sweet boy. 

🎈 I hope you are at peace brother in heaven, because you could never find the peace here on earth!  Happy birthday to my favorite brother,  I miss you every day and will continue to do so.  Keep watching over me please, I can feel your presence within me!  Happy birthday brother!

🎈 Today I am sending all my love to my dear brother.  Happy birthday in heaven big brother, I know that you will always watch over me. 

🎈 I wanted to say happy birthday in heaven brother.  I know you’re up there having a great time, and I’m sure you’re still watching out for us.  We all miss you so much, but we know that you’re in a better place.  We love you, happy birthday brother!

🎈 Even though you’re not here with us on earth, we still want to wish you a happy birthday brother.  We miss you so much and think about you every day.  We know that you’re in a better place, and we hope that you’re having a good time up there.  We love and miss you.  Happy heavenly birthday brother.  Keep being you!

Birthday Quotes For Brother in Heaven!