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10 Year Work Anniversary Funny Quotes

In many ways, a 10 year work anniversary is a big deal.  It’s long enough to have put serious time and effort into your job!  So when someone reaches this milestone, it’s natural to feel proud of them and want to congratulate them with some work anniversary messages for such a loyal employee.

However we all know how boring work speeches can be, so let’s come up with some funny happy anniversary messages that will get everyone laughing!  Check out these hilarious tenth work anniversary quotes to make your work colleagues laugh!

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What Do You Write For A 10 Year Work Anniversary?

💼 If you look up the word “irreplaceable” in the dictionary, you’ll see your own picture! Don’t actually look it up, though. I know that you can take my word for it, since I saw your picture next to “gullible”, too!

💼 Thank you for going above and beyond throughout your career with this company. Your hard work and dedication deserves to be generously rewarded. We can’t give you a raise, but there’s a cake in the break room, and you can have a corner piece!

💼 Hey everyone, I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate my work colleague on their 10 year work anniversary!  I know it’s been a long road and you’ve probably put up with a lot of crap from us over the years, but congratulations from both the company and those in the trenches with you.  You know we love you! 

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💼 Congratulations on such an impressive milestone!  It goes to show you are not just a committed employee, but you really go above and beyond.  Stop doing that, you make the rest of us look bad!  

💼 We would like to offer our congratulations to you in your 10th year work anniversary.  We know that it has been a long journey and that you have lost count of the number of times you have been asked to do something that is “not in your job description”.  But we are happy to report that you have finally gotten a  pay rise.  Nah, we’re just kidding, but you have finally gotten the coveted “employee of the month” title for the first time!  Have a wonderful work anniversary from all of us!

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How Do You Congratulate Someone For Years Of Service?

💼 You’ve lasted at this company, longer than most celebrity marriages!  Oh and by the way we finally found the correct employee id, thanks for hanging around for so long to allow us to do that!

💼 Dedication may mean different things to different people, but to your colleagues, it may as well be your name. The ways that you support the mission of this company is truly admirable, Mr. Dedication!

💼 After a truly extraordinary year of your hard work, we all wanted to make a grand gesture to express our gratitude to you. Of course, nothing could really amount to your efforts, so we gave up and got you a card instead. Congrats on another year of excellence!

💼 When I interviewed you 10 years ago, you impressed me tremendously. I knew that you would work hard and thrive at this job, and you haven’t disappointed me. Everyone says that you are the glue that holds the team together, and we want to thank you for “sticking” around!

💼 You might not think I’ve noticed, but your positive attitude and unmatched skills make you an invaluable part of the team here at work. Now that you know this, you also know that you can’t get away with slacking off. Keep up the excellent work (because I’m still watching).

10 Year Work Anniversary Gift

10 Year Work Anniversary Quotes

When someone has lasted an impressive 10 years at the same company, it’s expected to send along some work anniversary congratulations!  Not sure what to say to an employee who deserves some recognition?  Check out these cute work anniversary congratulations to send a happy anniversary message to one of your favorite employees!

💼 Ten years ago, you started working at your current job.  and in all that time, you’ve never moved from your same chair, or computer.  In fact the only way anyone knows it’s your 10 year work anniversary, is because my computer reminded me!  Congrats on being a model employee.  (But maybe it’s time for a change of scenery.  Just saying).

💼 Many years ago, you joined our team as a motivated, young professional. You’re still that same person to those of us that work with you. Except for the young part. Happy Work Anniversary and may your accomplishments continue until retirement!

💼 Well the past ten years have been exhausting trying to keep up with you!  Cut it out will you!

I choose a lazy person to do a hard job, because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.

Quotes for Completing 10 Years in a Company!

💼 Today is your work anniversary, but it feels like you just started yesterday… so, report to the main conference room for orientation. Just kidding! But seriously, go to the conference room. We bought a cake!

💼 I’d like to take a moment outside of our work schedule to wish you a happy work anniversary, and many more to come. I’d like you to think of me as your friend, as well as your boss. As your friend, I should tell you to get back to work before the boss sees us.

💼 Is it ten years already?  Time flies when you’re surrounded by idiots!

💼 Here’s to ten more years of putting up with our crap!  I thought this past year would have done you in, but apparently not!

💼 I don’t know how you’ve survived in this place for ten years!

💼 Everyone here agrees that you are a gift to this company, that your commitment and contributions are unparalleled. I don’t believe in regifting, any way, so I told them that I would keep you around. Congratulations, and here’s to hoping you’ll stay with us for years to come!

💼 You have an indomitable spirit and passion for team work. You’re the kind of happy, peppy person that shines first thing in the morning… while the rest of us are still trying to wake up. Happy 10 Year Work Anniversary, and let’s stop this perky morning stuff for the next 10!  

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💼 When I think of all of the things that you do to keep this company running successfully… well, I can’t really think of anything. But you completely aced your interview, or you wouldn’t have been hired all those years ago! Just kidding with you, you’re one of our best employees!

💼 Every workplace has someone who stands out from the rest; a real go-getter that does nothing less than an excellent job every day…..and makes the rest of us look bad!  From all your co workers, we would appreciate if you would do a little less!  Warmest wishes from all of us.

💼 It’s only been ten years, I thought you’d be here at least 50!

💼 Congrats on making it to double digits!

💼 You’re really going to stick with us for another ten years!

💼 You must be getting good at your job by now, right!

💼 Hey, congratulations!  You’ve officially been in the same place longer than most people last in their jobs!

What Can I Say Instead Of Congratulations?

When someone lasts years in the same company, that is an valuable employee and that same employee deserves to receive appreciation from their fellow co workers and bosses. 

Not sure what to write in a work anniversary message, well we’ve got you covered!  Check out these funny work anniversary quotes you can use.

💼 Deciding to hire you was the best decision that we have made for this company, although, the new coffee maker purchase is a very close second!  Just kidding, the coffee maker was a much better purchase! Happy work anniversary!

💼 On your work anniversary, I have to commend you for having a personal dedication to getting the job done right. After all, you wouldn’t have made it to an anniversary if you didn’t! Best wishes, from all the people that enjoy seeing you both at work and outside.

💼 That’s a long time to be chained to a desk!

💼 You are a constant reminder that I need to do better at my job!  

💼 After being a part of our business family for 10 years, there’s no questioning your loyalty. By the way, you left a copy of your resume on the printer. Just kidding! We’re thankful for the confidence, passion, and unwavering optimism that you bring to work with you every day.  

💼 I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but you’re kind of a big deal round here!  It’s been an absolute pleasure working with you!

💼 They say the first 10 years are the hardest.  Congratulations on your anniversary today, you made it!

Best 10 Year Work Anniversary Gifts

10 Years Work Anniversary Message

💼 The effort and attention to detail that you put into your work over the past ten years makes you the perfect role model within our company. We tried to find the perfect gift to commemorate your service, but a perfect employee wouldn’t expect one, any way! Happy anniversary!

💼 Ten years is a long time to be in one place, and an incredible professional milestone. You were hired the same day that the fire hydrant was installed out front!  We’re delighted that you’ve both stood with us for all this time!

💼 Time flies when you’re having fun! Considering that, we must’ve been having a great time together, because I hadn’t noticed that you’ve been here so long until I checked with payroll. Happy ten years with the same company!

💼 After ten years of top notch commitment, a passionate and dedicated worker such as yourself deserves a big, shiny trophy. You really should treat yourself to one!

💼 Finally made it out of entry-level, huh?

💼 I’ve seen you run to the bathroom, so I know that you’re a great sprinter; but as your career has reached the ten mile marker, you’ve run a marathon! Congratulations on your endurance and diligence, and Happy ten years.  I hope you finally win something!

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Funny Work Anniversary Quotes

💼 “The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it.”

-Rafiki, The Lion King

Like Simba, you have persevered and grown over the last ten years, and like Rafiki, I’ve only had to hit you on the head a couple of times! Happy anniversary!  

💼 “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” 

-Michael Jordan

Your dedication as a member of our organization is what truly makes us champions in our business. You still need to work on your free throw average, but you deserve a ring! Happy Work Anniversary, to our MVP!

💼 Judy Garland once said, “Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.” You’re certainly no Judy Garland, but your originality and class set you aside from anyone else! Happy 10 Year Anniversary, to a legend in the making.

💼“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t– you’re right.”

-Henry Ford 

Much like Mr. Ford, your can-do attitude has lead you down the road to success. Thanks for letting the rest of us hitch a ride!

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10th Work Anniversary Wishes

💼 When you invest your money in stocks, you make smart decisions and watch your money appreciate. Similarly, you invest your time at work, and watch us appreciate you! This does NOT mean that you’re getting more money from us, however. All kidding aside, I want you to know what an awesome person you are, your countless contributions are appreciated here!  Now let’s go eat cake!  

💼 Like the song says, “Don’t stop believin’, just hold on to the feelin’.” You’re at the age where you probably can’t hold on to or feel much of anything, but you can still believe in yourself! Enjoy all the “funny” work anniversary quotes coming your way today.!

💼 If all of the employees here were as competent and dedicated as you are, I wouldn’t have the pleasure of firing anyone! Incidentally, can I speak to you in my office, later? Just kidding, you are one of my most loyal employees, right?

💼 Everyone in the company agrees that everything you touch turns to gold. I plan to sell everything in your office after work today, and if you don’t mind handing this card back after you touch it, I can get a good price for it! Happy 10 Years on the job, to our very own Midas!

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Quotes for Completing 10 Years in a Company!

💼 On your 10 Year Anniversary with our company, I’d like to thank you for your consistently excellent work and contagious enthusiasm. I’d also like to thank you for the contagious virus that you had last season, I was able to cancel a biannual dinner with my in-laws!

💼 I hope you have as many fond memories as I do of you, especially when you di that thing at the Christmas party, that was awesome dude, care to do it again this year?

💼 A lion can lay around most of the day, but is smart enough to be successful despite that. This is me finding a nice way of calling you lazy, but intelligent. 

Happy 10 Years Work Anniversary

💼 There are a few things that make up the best employees.  They work hard, they’re loyal and diligent and committed.  We’re hoping you have some of these qualities next year……otherwise budget cuts! 

💼 Your blood, sweat, and tears over the last decade have made this company the success that it is today. Also, they’ve wreaked havoc on the carpeting! Happy 10th Anniversary, and we hope to have you for 10 more.

💼 Your commitment to the company deserves the highest praise from the most important people. Unfortunately, you’re only getting “thanks”, and it’s just coming from me!  Happy anniversary!

10 year work anniversary in pink

💼 The way that you spread positivity in the workplace is like how a farmer spreads fertilizer, ensuring everyone grows and prospers… but without the smell! Happy 10th work anniversary, to the cream of the crop.

You are a constant reminder of what a crap employee I am.  Thanks so much!  

💼 Your hard work and motivation continue to inspire me to aim higher in my own career path… but I’m already your boss, and your efforts make me look really good! Happy a nniversary!  

💼 As a senior staff member, you are not just a great mentor, but living proof that hard work pays off. I saw your W2 on your desk last year, and I REALLY mean it when I say it “pays off”! Congratulations on your Work Anniversary, and may you continue to prosper!

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Work Anniversary Wishes To Colleagues

💼 Your commitment during the last 10 years is truly fascinating-!  Your relationship with this company has outlasted most marriages!   Congrats on your anniversary, and to many more.

💼 You are efficient, driven, and innovative in the workplace. You are like a force of nature, blowing the winds of change and inspiring us all to ride the waves. After 10 years, we thought you would be more like a hurricane, but we haven’t had to buy canoes, yet! Happy Anniversary, and here’s to riding out the storms together! 

💼 Just imagine where you’ll be next year.  In a different office I hope, or at least a different chair!

💼 Excellent. Amazing. Incredible! I’m just listing off words, but if you want to apply them to yourself, go right ahead. Happy anniversary.  

💼 We wish you lots of success in your future projects. You’ve been around a long time, though, so I don’t know how much more future you’re going to have!

Funny Work Anniversary Quotes

💼 It has genuinely been a pleasure on my part to work with such a hardworking, steadfast, and congenial person. I told the rest of the office to be extra nice to you for your anniversary, or else I would defer their bonuses to you!  So feel free to go outside of your norm and really push some buttons, today!

💼 You’ve had so many achievements in your time at our company. Don’t ask me what they were, but I’m SURE there’s a lot of them! We look forward to more of the same, whatever that may be, in the upcoming years. Happy anniversary! 

💼 Everything you do seems so effortless, almost like you didn’t do anything at all. As a matter of fact, have you been doing any work around here?  Happy anniversary!


💼 Working with you is less like a job, and more like a fun carnival… But without the rides, prizes, and funnel cakes. Happy 10th Work Anniversary! Congrats on surviving another year!

💼 Without your support and guidance, I wouldn’t be the kind of employee that I am today; that is, the kind of employee that says exactly what you tell them to say. I HAVE to say, “Happy 10th Anniversary, to an excellent boss”!

Show Your Appreciation With Humor

💼 Since day one, you have been a valuable asset to our company, and you have made yourself irreplaceable over time. With your pay and benefits, we won’t be able to hire another you for at least 10 more years! Happy Work Anniversary.

💼 Even after a decade of working together, you inspire me in every way. While we’re on the subject, where did you get those shoes? Happy 10 Year Anniversary, to a real trendsetter! 

💼 Your passion, hard work, and loyalty make your performance a sight to behold, like a famous work of art. We thought about charging admission to let patrons observe you, but we decided it would distract from your workload. Happy 10th Work Anniversary! 

💼 Like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, or Starsky and Hutch, or Mulder and Scully, we have an excellent partnership that has stood the test of time. It would be cooler if we were robbing trains, or fighting crime, or finding aliens, but I still enjoy working with you. Congrats on your work anniversary!

💼 Your talents and intelligence do not go without notice within the workplace- we were just waiting for a special day to let you know! Here’s to wishing a Happy Work Anniversary to an employee that we’re all proud to work with.

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Congratulations on Your Work Anniversary!

💼 Congratulations to the MVP of the office! Your dedication and commitment have made our company’s vision a reality. You deserve a trophy, a championship ring, and a parade, but we know that you’re too humble to accept any of that!

💼 When you look back over the 10 years you have spent here, I hope you don’t regret any.  In fact, let’s not even go there.  Happy anniversary and let’s leave it at that!

💼 You didn’t actually think you were going to get a pay rise for staying here ten years did you lol, I can’t stop laughing at this.  We wish you a happy anniversary you ol fool!

Ten Year Work Anniversary Quotes

💼 Happy work anniversary to you!  Has it actually been happy, or more like a life sentence??

💼 We owe you endless gratitude that you actually survived working in a place like this for the past ten years!  Where’s your pride man!

💼 I can’t believe that it’s already been 10 years since you started working with us!  I bet for you it feels more like a lifetime!

💼 Your antics around the office make you stand out from your coworkers- so much so, that I’ve marked every day that you’re still here on my calendar. Luckily for you, that means I’ll never forget your anniversary. Happy Work Anniversary, to someone who makes sure that there’s never a dull moment!

Cute Work Anniversary Messages

If you think your boss is stupid, remember: you wouldn’t have a job if he was any smarter.

The best way to appreciate your job is to imagine yourself without one.

Most people work just hard enough not to get fired and get paid just enough money not to quit.

It’s a shame that the only thing a man can do for eight hours a day is work. He can’t eat for eight hours; he can’t drink for eight hours; he can’t make love for eight hours. The only thing a man can do for eight hours is work.

As I have gotten older and wiser I discovered that there are six things that I really loved about my job. Pay day, lunch time, quitting time, vacation time, holidays, and of course retirement.

My keyboard must be broken, I keep hitting the escape key, but I’m still at work.

Every day I get up and look through the Forbes list of the richest people in America. If I’m not there, I go to work.

There’s no secret about success. Did you ever know a successful man who didn’t tell you about it?

There’s no business like show business, but there are several businesses like accounting.

The brain is a wonderful organ; it starts working the moment you get up in the morning and does not stop until you get into the office.

10 Year Work Anniversary Funny Quotes