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Send Her The Right Text Post-Date

There’s a lot to think about when you’re going on a first date with someone that you really want to leave a good impression on, and possibly have a lasting relationship with.

You probably spent extra time making sure that your hair, clothes and smell were perfect before you left your house, took her somewhere nice and said goodnight with gentlemanly charm. However, did you consider how long to wait to contact your date after you parted ways; moreover, what to text a girl after the first date?

It isn’t enough to take a special person out for a fantastic evening, you also need to know what to text a girl after the first date to keep her interested.

Maybe in the past, you waited too long after your night out to say that you had a good time, and the girl got snatched up by a more persistent suitor.

To avoid making the same mistakes that drive the lovelies away, keep reading for valuable advice on how to start a conversation with a girl texting, and secure a second date! 

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Everything You Need To Know About Texting After A First Date

The best question about following up a romantic evening with a communication is, “What is the etiquette for texting after a first date?”

Thinking of what to say is only half of the battle when you’re floundering in a sea of singles, just trying to catch “the one.”

Knowing whether or not you should wait, what tone to use, and how formal your wording should be can make the difference between a lasting connection and the one that got away.

Texting a girl after the first date can make or break your chance for that second date, or even a lifelong relationship.

Knowing whether or not you should wait, what tone to use, and how formal your wording should be can make the difference between a lasting connection and the one that got away.

Texting a girl after the first date can make or break your chance for that second date, or even a lifelong relationship. 

Is It Bad To Text A Girl After The First Date?

If you’re worried about whether or not to text a girl at all after the first date, then you’re already worrying too much! If you have her phone number, then she wants you to text her.

Not communicating at all can give the impression that you didn’t enjoy your time together, you’re not attracted to her, or even that you don’t care about her well-being.

Make sure that you call, text or email the other person after your first date out of courtesy, if nothing else. 

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When To Text After The First Date?

After your date, if you dropped her off at her home, there’s no need to text her about arriving home safely; however, if she had her own means of transportation you should definitely ask her to text you to confirm she gets home okay.

You almost can’t text too soon after your first date- perhaps wait until their Uber isn’t within your line of sight, and don’t pull out your phone while standing on her doorstep to thank her for the evening. 

If you’re wondering when to text a girl after the first date, it should be before a day has passed- don’t subscribe to the “3-day rule” ideology, this is outdated in the age of automatic communication.

Our current society is made up of short attention spans and instant gratification, and making someone wait to hear from you for several days can cause them to lose interest. 

How Often Should You Text?

You don’t want to “blow up their phone” with a litany of messages, especially when you’ve only had one date- this can give the impression that you’re possessive, controlling, or obsessive.

On the other hand, you don’t want to avoid texting altogether and alienate the person that you may potentially ask for another date from. Decide if you’re texting too much by reviewing your text exchange.

Are you dominating the conversation with more than half of the messages being your own? The best way to get a response is to send a text in the late afternoon or early evening, when most people are checking their social media and catching up with friends. 

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How Long Should You Wait For A Girl To Reply To Your Text?

During your date, the both of you had a great time while getting to know each other and said goodnight with smiles on each other’s faces. Perhaps you texted her once, but a few minutes later, she still hasn’t responded.

You don’t want to bother her with a barrage of text messages if she’s busy- maybe she had to respond to missed phone calls after she got home, or take a dog outside. You also don’t want to appear clingy or starved for attention by coming on too strong through your messaging. 

Give her at least a couple of hours before you assume that she forgot about you already, but don’t be confrontational or offended when someone doesn’t reply quickly to your texts.

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If she doesn’t send a message back that night, text her in the morning to thank her again for the wonderful time and hope that she got home safely.

Finally, if you don’t get any communication from her for one week after your date, it’s probably not going to work out.

Who Should Text First After A First Date The Guy Or The Girl?

It’s not necessarily the man’s “job” to text the woman back after the first date before she gets the chance to.

Likewise, there’s nothing misogynistic or possessive about the guy being the one to initiate the follow-up conversation and express how great the date was. Being the first when texting a girl after the first date is less important than replying to a message too quickly. 

If she texts you first, wait at least a few minutes to respond or else you may come off as desperate. You also don’t want to be sending way more messages than she does, or use any aggressive, vulgar, or misogynistic language in your texts.

How To Text A Girl You Like: The Dos and Don'ts

📱 My first date went really well, and I could tell my date had as good a time as I did; however, she hasn’t responded to the text that I sent her two days ago… DO follow up with her, since you know you made a connection. She might be busy, or you texted her when she was busy and she didn’t see it. DON’T be confrontational or accusatory in your follow up text- this sets a bad precedence and makes you look controlling.

📱 Should I text my date to make sure they got home safely?… If you didn’t see her enter her home safely, DO establish with her that you’ll text her to make sure she got home safe before you part ways. DON’T text her repeatedly or immediately after she’s out of your line of vision, and NEVER try to follow her physically if she didn’t want you to drop her off.

📱 What’s the best time of day to text a girl?… DO try to send a message between 2 P.M. and 7 P.M. Most people are active in their daily lives and on social media during this time frame, and you’re most likely to get a response if she’s already looking at her phone. DON’T text her at midnight unless you know for a fact that she works a late shift or something like that- talking about your careers and schedules on your first date can help you figure out the best time to talk with each other.

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📱 Should I send a thank you text after a first date, even if I don’t really want a second date with her?… DO thank a girl for giving you the time of day, no matter what. If you’re going to reject her anyway, still be nice- this could be your future wife’s best friend for all you know. DON’T be mean, offensive, or critical when texting any girl if you don’t want it to blow up in your face. Also, don’t have a date with a girl and never answer her texts and calls again; ghosting a girl is every bit as hurtful as calling her names.

📱 I’m not sure how to tell if a girl likes you over text. Should I send her a picture?… DON’T. Just don’t. You should have already reached out to her on social media, and hopefully you have tasteful pictures of yourself on your profile that she’s already seen. Don’t pressure her for pics, either- especially nudes. DO ask her if she had a good time and try to start a playful conversation. If she replies to most or all of your texts within the same day, she probably likes you. If you must express yourself through photos, think more along the line of kittens, puppies and memes that you know she’ll laugh at. 

Examples Of What To Text To A Girl After A First Date

You had the time of your life on a first date with an incredible girl, and although you didn’t want the night to end, you dropped her off and told her good night.

It’s been a while since you got home, and you’re trying to think of cute things to say to a girl over text. You want to know how to text a girl so that she knows you like her, but you don’t want to be overly romantic, sappy or corny.

Adversely, you don’t want to act too cool and come off as standoffish, uninterested or rude. If you’re wondering how to get a girl to like you over text or how to ask a girl out over text for your second date, consider some of the following quotes.

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Text Something Positive That You Enjoyed During Your First Date

📱 The sky was the same brilliant blue as your eyes, making a beautiful backdrop for our afternoon date. Thanks for going out with me for a picture-perfect time!

📱 I hope you had as much fun as I did at the zoo- let’s go out again soon for an elephant of a time!  

📱 Going to the movie with you was awesome, even if the movie itself wasn’t so great! I give our date two thumbs up.

📱 Getting to know you today was awesome- I think you’re the bomb! If we go out again and I get to know you even better, I’m sure we’ll both have a blast.

📱 Looking at the stars with you while laying in the grass was like swimming through the galaxy. Thanks for an out-of-this-world time.

📱 Going to a theme park is fun by myself, but with you it was a magical experience. Thank you for sprinkling pixie dust on our excellent date. 

📱 Going out with you was like a dream come true- how about next week, we have a round two?

📱 Seeing your face light up with surprise and delight during the show was more incredible than the performance. Having a second date with you would be a terrific encore! 

📱 I didn’t expect you to beat me at pool, but I had a great time! Let’s play again really soon.

📱 Bowling, air hockey, axe-throwing… is there anything that you’re not great at? Thanks for using your sweet skills to impress me with a fantastic date!

A perfect date is probably something somewhere where you can kind of communicate and talk to the person. I don't like movies as first date. I don't think that's a good idea because you don't really get to talk to the person. I think taking a walk or just having one on one time with that person is the best.

📱 A night on the town by myself isn’t anything special, but with you it was as though the city had been imbued with magic.

📱 The most amazing, fascinating, and captivating attraction at the state fair was you! Thanks for letting me be your escort for an exhilarating date.

📱 I’ve never sang karaoke before, but I had a great time trying- and as a bonus, my singing voice didn’t scare you off! On our next date, we should line up for America’s Got Talent. 

📱 I usually go to the park to stretch my legs, breathe the fresh air, and walk my dog. However, going with you was like an adventure in wonderland!

📱 I’m not much of a daredevil, thrill seeker, or risk taker- however, I’d go bungee jumping if it meant having a second date with you. 

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Compliment Her, Make Her Feel Special

📱 You looked so beautiful when I picked you up on your date, you took my breath away- and made me wish I had dressed up a little more! I promise to be Dapper Dan on our next date.

📱 Blind dates can be hit or miss, but ours was an eye-opener! Seeing you for the first time was a pleasant surprise instead of a blinding moment, and I’d love to see more of you.    


📱 You were dressed to the nines last night- and sure enough, spending time with you put me on “cloud nine.” Thanks for a date that was like reaching nirvana! 

📱 The shade of blue that you wore on our date will forever be my favorite color- and if you want to go out for a second date, you’ll be my favorite person!

📱 I told you how great you looked when I picked you up, but I wanted to reiterate that you were a vision of Aphrodite.

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📱 Our first date was like a slice of heaven- considering I went out with an angel, that’s no surprise!

📱 Beauty is only skin deep, but your looks are reflected by your personality- thanks for letting me get to know you well enough to see your inner beauty.

📱 Your hair, nails, makeup, and clothes were all perfect on our date- I just wanted to thank you for going through all that trouble to look amazing.

📱 Dancing isn’t my strong point, but you can cut a rug like a professional! Thanks for showing me a step or two; maybe we can step out together again soon! 

📱 The excitement, wonder, and merriment in your eyes during our date was more beautiful than the fireworks we were watching. 

📱 Sorry if I was a little quiet on our first date, but I was so dazzled by your exotic beauty that it was hard to choke out more than a few words. I’ll open up more on our next outing!

📱 No one wears the color purple like you do- your outfit on our first date is something that I’ll never forget! Thanks for dressing to impress.

📱 Like a fallen star, your beauty is rare, shining, and from out of this world!

📱 “Pretty as a picture” doesn’t apply to you, because you’re prettier than all of your pictures.

📱 Last night, you were dressed to kill- I would’ve died a happy victim!

Be Direct! How To Let Her Know You Want To Go On A Second Date

📱 Did our first date leave you thirsty for more? Call me Sprite, because I want to quench your thirst!

📱 First dates can be hit or miss; I feel like ours hit it out of the park! If you want to hit another home run, I’d love to take you out tomorrow night. 

📱 I had such a good time on our date, I wish that my life would be like the film, Groundhog Day- then I could relive that magical evening every day! In the mean time, would you agree to a second date with me?

📱 I can’t stop thinking about our first date- could you help me erase it from my memory with a second date?

📱 The great time we were having last night made me want the evening to last forever. Since it didn’t, how about we go out on the town again soon?

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📱 We ate like royalty on our first date- would you like a second helping?

📱 Taking you out for a great time was my pleasure, and nothing would please me more than to pick you up a second time.

📱 Time flies when you’re having fun, and it felt like we were only together for a few moments on our first date! If you want to time travel again, let me take you out tonight.

📱 Getting to know each other can be awkward, but you made it feel so natural that it doesn’t even seem weird to ask if you want to go on a second date.

📱 If you aren’t busy tonight, would you like a repeat of our first date?

📱 We enjoyed a beautiful day at the lake together- feeding the ducks, riding a paddle boat, and sharing an ice cream cone under a shady tree. On our second date, let’s have a romantic evening under the starry sky.

📱 Our first date was better than the best episode of my favorite romantic comedy series. I’d be happy with a re-run, but I bet our next date will be even better.

📱 We had a fun time, ate good food, and said goodnight with a little kiss: but wait, there’s more! When you agree to a second date, you’ll be treated to an even better experience! 

📱 Thanking you for the great evening requires more effort than a text message; however, taking you out for a second date might do the trick!

📱 My date with you was so incredible, everything I’ve done since then seems lame. Let’s go out again and have another exciting adventure!

Dating is pressure and tension. What is a date, really, but a job interview that lasts all night?

Examples Of What NOT To Text After A First Date

📱 I told you we were going somewhere nice, so I wish you would’ve worn a dress.

📱 Who’s the guy in your profile picture?

📱 I’m bored. You up?

📱 Why haven’t you responded to my message?

📱 Well, that was okay, I guess. Thanks.

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📱c Just checking in on you… What’re you up to?

📱 Send pics, please.

📱 Good morning, beautiful.

📱 You’re a great kisser.

📱 Last night was great, I hope you invite me inside after our next date. 

📱 Where do you live? What do you do for a living? What’s your favorite color?

📱 You smelled really good last night. 

📱 What’s your friend’s number? She’s cute.

📱 I can’t wait to feel your lips again.

📱 I’d like it if you brought breath mints on our next date.

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What To Text After The First Date If Not Interested In Going Out Again

📱 I enjoyed meeting you! 

📱 Thanks for going out with me- let’s be good friends.

📱 You’re really cool to hang out with.

📱 Sparks weren’t exactly flying, but I had a good time last night.

📱 I don’t think you were really into me on our date, but thanks for not ditching me!

📱 Hopefully you enjoyed our date, even though I’m hoping we can just be friends.

📱 I don’t want to waste your time; even though you’re really pretty and I had a good time, I just don’t feel romance between us.

📱 Our paths in life are heading in different directions, but the one night they crossed was nice.

📱 Thank you for seeing a movie with me, it was much better than going alone. However, we should keep our friendship casual.

📱 Anyone would be lucky to date you. Thanks for giving me the time of day, but I want to leave it at that.

📱 Things aren’t electric between us, so I don’t think you’ll be shocked when I say that was our last date.

📱 Our goals are too different for us to be on the same team, but thanks for going to the game with me.

📱 You’re an excellent woman, but I’m not saying that you’re my girl- would you be my friend? 

📱 We’re not on the same page, but thanks for sharing your story.

📱 I can see how great you are, but I can’t see us together.

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What To Text To Follow Up On A Second Date Request

📱 Whenever you’re not busy, I could treat you to homemade lasagna and tiramisu. Do you have dinner plans tonight?

📱 We had a great time the other day, and I think you’re really cute! I hope you’ll go out with me again this weekend.

📱 I was just thinking about what a great time we had last weekend. Would you like another night on the town this Friday?

📱 Hey, what’s up? I texted you a few days ago, just wanted you to know that I had a great time.

📱 While we were on our date the other night, we talked about going out again really soon- how about tomorrow evening?

📱 There might be plenty of fish in the sea, but you got your hook in me! If you want to go fishing with me on Sunday, I’ll buy the worms.

📱 Going out with you was a blast- I don’t want to leave that in the past. Let’s make plans for a second date, fast!

📱 If you enjoyed the dinner, movie, and dancing last weekend then you’ll love what I have planned for tomorrow night!

📱 You could stay home with your cats, or go out with me; otherwise, I could stay with your cats.

📱 Tomorrow night, I want to go out on the town and have a great dinner, see a funny movie, and dance the night away. Can I count you in?

📱 Thinking of the right thing to say to a cool girl like you is harder than you might think; however, if we go out on a second date, I think the words will come naturally!

📱 A few days ago, I texted you about going out tonight for dinner- if you’re interested, I reserved a table at a steak house! Just let me know by 5, and I can pick you up. 

📱 Having the opportunity to go on a date with you was one in a million, but I don’t want it to be a once in a lifetime experience. A second date with you would make me luckier than a lottery winner! 

📱 Remember what a great time we had together? Well, forget about it; your second date with me will blow your mind!

📱 On our first date, you mentioned wanting to see the new action film- I can get us two tickets for Friday night if you’re free.

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Thank You Text After First Date Examples

📱 Thanks for a wild time at the zoo- it was extra exciting to go with you!

📱 Last night was so amazing, I didn’t want it to end. Thank you for stopping time with me.

📱 Getting to know you over dinner was a real treat- thanks for going out with me to eat!

📱 Thank you for agreeing to a date with me, and being so easy to talk to. I had a great time.

📱 The city lights never looked as pretty until I saw them shining around you. Thanks for giving me a date with the brightest star in town! 

What Is A Good Text Message To Send To A Girl To Ensure She Got Home Okay?

📱 We said goodnight at the bus station, but I just wanted to know if you made it home alright.

📱 I hope your Uber ride went well- thanks again for the date!

📱 Did you make it home safely? If you need a ride, let me know!

📱 I just made it home from our date, thought I’d make sure you did as well- I had a great time!

📱 I understand if you had to soak your feet as soon as you got home- since we danced the night away- but I promised to check in that you made it to your couch without incident.

How To Text A Girl. 6 Ways To Text Her After The First Date.

📱 You’re cute, sweet, and lots of fun- just like a box full of puppies! How about we visit a pet shelter for our next date?

📱 That was a dazzling first date, thanks to your electric personality. 

📱 Is hanging out with you always that much fun? I want to find out this Friday!

📱 Having dinner is one of my favorite things to do, but it was even better with you there! Thanks for letting me get to know you better.

📱 Yesterday was incredible! I’d like it if you’d go to a movie with me this weekend.

📱 I feel like we really made a connection last night- want to reconnect soon?

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Getting That Second Date

Whether you’re sending your first text to a girl, when to text a girl after the first date, or how to ask a girl out over text, this article should’ve helped you make a meaningful connection carry over into your second date. What to text a girl to make her smile can be a mystery, but if you can keep her engaged then good conversation topics for texting a girl will come to you naturally. 


Key points to remember are: text her within a day of your date, make sure she got home safe, don’t text her more than she texts you, compliment her and thank her for your time together. If you had an amazing time and felt a connection, following those guidelines when messaging her will assure you a second date. 

If you don’t want another romantic encounter with this person, still use tact and thank them for their time. Adversely, if she doesn’t respond to your first few messages, she obviously didn’t feel the same sparks that you did on your first date. Finding cool things to talk about with a girl over text won’t help you if she’s ghosting you, and being angry or accusatory about it will make you seem like a creep. 

Quotes About Dating

Dinner is a great first date. Don't believe that stuff about girls not wanting to eat on a first date - sharing a romantic meal is so sexy.

If you think there are no new frontiers, watch a boy ring the front doorbell on his first date.

Any man who doesn't believe in carrying weapons on a first date is not a man worth knowing.

Different portions of the brain all look for information (sexual, intuitive, practical), through modes so torturous, a first date can feel like a cross between having a pelvic examination while applying for a small business loan. First dates should require anesthesia, and in some states they do.

If you go out on a date, for the first date, a guy should pay, a guy should be respectful and, you know, I'm not saying roll out a red carpet, but, like, open the door and just be polite and just have common courtesy. I don't think that's too much to ask.

You might be a redneck if on your first date you had to ask your Dad to borrow the keys to the tractor.

The best thing about being cheated on is I get to go on more first dates.


I spent the weekend after our date wishing I could stab him with my fluffy duck pen and staring at the phone hoping he'd call. Dating is a very tricky business.

Dating is about finding out who you are and who others are. If you show up in a masquerade outfit, neither is going to happen.

WHat To Text A Girl After The First Date To Keep Her Interested