237 Happy Fathers Day Wishes To Make His Day

A dad holding his young son on his shouldersRead more

Our Dads are so many things to us. Not only our creator, but leader, protector, hero, mentor, provider. So when that one day of the year comes along, how can we best convey some sweet fathers day wishes to the man who helped give us life?  The best fathers day wishes are those that let […]

Absolutely Awesome Birthday Wishes For Your Dog

Two dogs playing together with a ballRead more

How Do You Wish A Dog Happy Birthday? Wishing a dog happy birthday is easy. He wants your love, so give it to him. Whatever it is she loves to to do, spend time doing it with her. Everyone’s dog is a bit different. Some love to swim, some love to play fetch, some love […]

How to Write Sweet Graduation Wishes for Your Girlfriend

Graduating girls all crowded around a camera with their diplomasRead more

Spring brings the season of graduations. Whether it be high school, college or graduate school, we should celebrate and mark these momentous events. If your girlfriend is graduating, a well written card may be just the thing to bring a little extra joy to the occasion.   If you’re not sure how to write some sweet […]

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