Birthday Wishes for Pastor

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Send Fond Wishes To Your Pastor On His Birthday Your pastor is such an important figure in your life. His/ her guidance and spiritual leadership helps so much when the world is not cooperating. On his special day, let him/ her know how much he/she is appreciated by sending a card or text that includes […]

Funny Late Birthday Wishes for Friends Family

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The Ultimate, Hilarious List Of Funny Late Birthday Wishes Being considerate enough to know that you need to tell someone, “I forgot your birthday” means that you also know that you’ve disappointed someone very close to you, and you need to put a smile back on their face. Whether it’s a blood relative, coworker, or […]

Flirty Good Morning Quotes For Him

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Send Your Man A Flirty Good Morning Text So it is morning and you have woken up with more than coffee on your mind. Whether you desire some manly company, or plan to “go it alone,” let your man know you are thinking of him in a less than angelic way with one of our […]

Thank You Message To Retiring Teacher

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Tell A Retiring Teacher How Much They Mean To You Have you ever had an awesome teacher, whose inspirational presence still resonates in your heart? Maybe you’re an educator as well, or related to a teacher that’s near the end of their career- at some point, you’ll have to face the retirement day of a […]

130 Sweet Valentine Messages For Sister

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Send Your Sweet Sister A Memorable Valentines Message A sister is like no one else on earth. She will borrow your clothes, plan world domination with you, be your best friend and your worst nightmare. But the bond between sisters cannot be broken! She is there through all of your successes and sorrows and knows […]

Thank You Note To Babysitter

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Clever Ways To Write Your Babysitter A Thank You Note There are many people in our lives who deserve our thanks. These are the people whos work makes our lives easier. One person on this list to remember is the babysitter.  A babysitter plays a very important role in our life. They are the person […]

105 My Sister Is Having A Baby Quotes And Sayings

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Awesome Sayings And Quotes For A Sister Having A Baby Your sister has just announced that she’s expecting a baby! As the lucky Aunt or Uncle to be, you can celebrate her pregnancy with a thoughtful and personal note, text or card with a congratulatory message. Make sure that you are always the first to […]