Month: January 2021

April Fools Day Text Messages for Girlfriend to Make her Laugh

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Send Your Girlfriend An April Fools Text Message April 1 is undoubtedly the silliest and most fun day of the year if you love pranks, jokes, and the sort. In summary, I love how people are able to create very interesting plans on how to trick their loved ones and the outcome when they discovered […]

Long Heartfelt Birthday Wishes To Myself

Reminder Happy Birthday to me on calendar with confettiRead more

Send Yourself A Heartfelt Birthday Message Happy Birthday to you!  Turning a new year is such a fantastic, underrated feat. You are hale, hearty, full of life and ready to take on the new year. For some individuals they may be a little perplexed and for others, they may be excited to see what the […]

160 Good Morning Friday Messages for Friends

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Celebrate The Weekend With Good Morning Friday Messages We all look forward all week to those couple of days that we get to let our hair down and do our own thing. So why not share your excitement with some good morning Friday messages for friends?  Your friends will appreciate starting their day with a […]

What to Say in a Sympathy Card for the Loss of a Mother

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Finding The Right Words To Say To Someone Mourning The Loss Of A Mother Losing a loved one, regardless of your biological relationship in regard to them- is a heartbreaking, difficult, and exhausting experience; however, if your mother is your best friend, then you may understand how devastating it is for someone when their mom […]

120+ Sweet Things To Write In A Valentines Card

Love hearts with Happy Valentines Day writtenRead more

How To Write A Sweet Valentine’s Day Card No matter how cliché you may think valentine’s day is, it is, without a doubt,  quite a beautiful festivity. Although not an official holiday in most parts of the world, it serves as a day to remind us how to celebrate love and what makes us unique.  […]

Love Message For Pregnant Girlfriend That Will Make Her Melt

Multi Ethnic family expecting a babyRead more

Send Your Pregnant Girlfriend A Beautiful Message Of Love When a woman is pregnant, there isn’t much to do as her partner except give her unwavering support. Whether said or written, words serve as a great foundation and constantly remain in our memories. Knowing what to say or, better still, write, can be cumbersome; however, […]

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