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Send Your Girlfriend An April Fools Text Message

April 1 is undoubtedly the silliest and most fun day of the year if you love pranks, jokes, and the sort. In summary, I love how people are able to create very interesting plans on how to trick their loved ones and the outcome when they discovered they’d been played the fool. 

If your girlfriend/partner has a great sense of humor, then scroll down-we have a treat for you. A whole list of April Fools Day text messages for your girlfriend will help you to start her day the right way! 

This April fools day, take a look through our beautifully created and curated messages and get inspiration to be very goofy. Life is truly short, so have as much fun as you can. 


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April Fools Pranks Over The Phone

📱 Everyone becomes special on their day and, today is your day therefore, I’m wishing you a Happy Fools day

📱 What other day suits you perfectly than today April 1st, all fools day, consequently- Happy April Fools day!

📱 A wise man takes his time to think and sends meaningful messages but dumb men would rather observe and read just like you are doing now- being nothing but dumb!

📱 The mirror shows us what we look like. Meanwhile, this morning mine told me I’m beautiful. I can guess what yours said. It shouted Fool! Fool!!

📱 A terrible accident just happened to your very close friend and he is losing a lot of blood. Please come and give some blood to keep him stable. This Chicken is about to die. Hurry!

If every day were April Fools maybe people would stop taking life so seriously.

April Fools Pranks For Girlfriend Over Text

📱 On January 1st, I decided to follow a pretty lady on  social media platform, certainly, she didn’t follow back till February 1st. We started chatting, and on March 1st, I told her how I felt. She chose to respond to my love confession a month later, which was April 1st.  Guess what she said… She said ”They say Silence is the best answer for fools. I chose to reply today since it’s the perfect day for you”. 

📱 A fool remains the same throughout the year. We just chose April 1st to let them know they are still Fools, and above all, we will celebrate them again next year.

📱 Isn’t it such a delight to you that no one expects much from you except being the Fool you are? To clarify, Happy Fools day

📱 You deserve to be celebrated today for keeping up with being a fool.  Enjoy your day!. Meanwhile, Happy Fool’s day.

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📱 You don’t have to be sad or lonely when you are by yourself. The best person to cheer you up will be staring right back at you in a mirror. That’s what fools are for, to cheer others up.  In short let your image do the cheering. Happy Fools Day to you! 

📱 Sometimes I can’t contain the joy in me when I think about how beautiful, wonderful, Loving, Romantic, intelligent and caring I AM. Wait, you didn’t think was referring to you did you? April fool!!.

📱 It might be the time of the month for fools. But believe me when I say I’m not fooling you by telling you I love and cherish you. You mean the world to me and I adore you. Happy April fool’s day my Love. I mean what I said it’s not a prank

📱 I just had the best dream ever. It was an angel that appeared in my dream. Stand up and look into the mirror. The face staring back at you is the face of a fool not the angels. Hahaha Just kidding you are my angel. Most importantly, Happy Fools day.

📱 Today is all about you. Its worlds Fool day.

April Fool Funny Gifts

📱 You don’t have to feel sad or uncertain about what to do when you are unhappy. Therefore, Just call me and I will take you for a brief walk on the bridge, with the wind swirling through your hair. I will show you the right place to jump off! Happy Fools Day to you

📱 Don’t let the problems of the world weigh you down. Consequently, whenever you feel so sad stand up tall and square your shoulders. Look in the mirror and say” I am beautiful!” Even though it is not true try to believe it.

📱 I’m sorry to drop this bomb on you. Firstly, there is a girl my parents have been forcing on me. They have even chosen a date for our engagement April 1st. I’m sorry it had to end this way. Therefore, you are invited for our engagement as a friend. I need your support. I hope you know this a prank? Happy Fools day in advance

📱 Are feeling blue or gloomy? Do you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders? Anytime you feel like you have reached the end of the tunnel and all hope is lost. Pick my picture and stare at my face. For I am a much bigger problem than any problem in your life, most importantly,  I am here to stay

📱 The perfect month of the year to propose to a lady is April 1st. If you get a “NO” You can just laugh it off and say “April Fool”. But, if you get a yes… well it’s all good.

April Fool Day SMS Messages For Girlfriend

📱 Love is blind, Love is foolish. In conclusion, here’s to all lovers out there who are foolishly in love. Happy Fools Day                          

📱 Being in love with you was the craziest thing I ever did. I feel you everywhere. Most importantly, I enjoy every moment of our crazy love. Happy April 1ST. Its Fools day

📱  To love is risky yet to not love at all is foolish. I would rather be a fool for you. Happy Fools day to you my love

📱 If you can count the starts in the sky tonight I promise to bring them all down for you. Therefore, I will hang the moon on your Pouch and make you smile like a fool to night. Happy Fools Day

📱 Go outside briefly, feel the sun on your skin, can you hear the wind howling and the sky is so blue? I have a little message out there for you…. These are not your concern. Learn to focus on your life!!

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📱 ATTENTION! ATTENTION!! ATTENTION! There is a virus out there destroying people’s phones. It damages their Operating system. Consequently,  Just don’t turn your phone off else it will not come back on. And watch out for messages like this. They carry the Virus.

📱 Here is a message to all our men out there. Firstly, be careful about proposing on April 1ST because you won’t be so sure about the response you might get. If she says ‘No’, just Laugh it off and call her April Fool

📱 I want to take this time to appreciate you for your consistency. You have always been there reading even the least meaningful messages. Therefore, over the years you have proven to be my April Fool

📱 Nobody is unlovable, a heart is right there beating for you panting for you and will always be there for you through thick and thin. Don’t over think things dear. Its your own heart!  You April Fool!

📱 You have always wanted a day for yourself and that day is finally here. All for you! Its April 1ST a day to celebrate your foolishness 

📱 Whoever compliments you today really knows your personality so well. Therefore, today is your day. April Fool

📱 You are just so Cute!. I didn’t know what that word ‘CUTE’ meant until I met you.-C reating, U nwanted, T rouble, E verywhere 

📱 Let me take you out on a date, with candle light and champagne, After that, I will have your favorite song on replay, showing you lots of love as I look deeply into your eyes to whisper  these words into your ears “Pay the bill”

📱 There is a package waiting outside for you. You won’t believe the stress I went through just to have it specially delivered to you. In addition, April Fool!!!!

The real April fools are the ones who never joke around

April Fools Day Text For Girlfriend

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📱 You know you are cool, fun to be with and the best right? Above all, that you are that Fool that keeps me smiling all the time? Happy Fool’s day

📱 “Beautiful, fun to be with, smart, cute- all these and more describes my lovely pet here. Not you silly! Happy Fools Day”

📱 “A fool always finds something to complain about but the wise always finds something to appreciate”. Here is me appreciating you on your special day. Happy Fool’s day

📱 I love your beautiful eyes, they are so dreamy, you sweet smile, your soothing voice. Consequently, what I love the most about you is that you always believe my lies.

📱 One day I thought to myself who is the luckiest person on earth? In conclusion, that’s me. I am so lucky to have you by my side and I would rather stay a fool for you than be wise without you. Happy April 1st

Funny 1st April Jokes

📱 Today is chosen to celebrate everyone out there who never learn just like you. They are called fools. In addition, Happy April 1st

📱 Wise men think ahead about rainy days and prepare for it. But, fools never think yet today is for them. Happy April fool’s day

📱 The fools make it obvious that wise people exist. As a result, ,  we celebrate them today. Happy Fool’s day

📱 The perfect time to propose to your lover is definitely not on a Valentine’s Day. Make it on April 1ST so if she says “No” you like just stand up and laugh at her shouting… “April fool”

📱 You make being foolish quite easy. In short, it suits you just well

📱 Aren’t you glad your day is finally here? You can dance around and rejoice, you can express yourself any how you like. Its Fool’s day after all

📱 When you choose to keep quiet to observe things people will actually think you are wise. Please don’t fool them. .

📱 I must confess you look amazing, beautiful, intelligent, smart and outstanding you are also understanding. In conclusion, I bet you are grinning from ear to ear but hey its April Fool’s day

📱 I love you. Happy April 1.

📱 It has been proven that no one can touch their elbow with their tongue. Common try it. Do it again! Yeah it was also said that only fools will try it. Happy Fool’s day friend

📱 I really want to thank you my dear friend. Therefore, I get hopeful each time I think about you because I’m way more sensible than you. Happy Fool’s day

📱 I mistakenly burned your kitchen counter. Certainly, It is not a prank and not a joke.

📱 As a wise person I have come to acknowledge that there are times fools like you are right

📱 Do you know there is someone out there who misses you greatly and is looking forward to your visit? It’s your friend at the zoo the Monkey 

📱 I know how you feel about the cancellation of your favorite day. However, don’t worry. April 1ST will be here again next year then you can celebrate your Fool’s day

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How To Prank Your Friends Over Text

📱 I have decided to be nice to you today and not prank you over text. You’ll have to get to the office for your surprise.

📱 It’s important to make friends with other species of animals like you. After all, that’s why I’m friends with you; I try  to keep close to nature.

📱 I would never toy with your heart or try to make a fool at out you. Moreover, you are doing a good job of that all by yourself

📱 Meanwhile, that time of the year is finally here when I get to wish you a happy fool’s day.

📱  My prayer for you today is that you will be surrounded with pretty ladies that will be glad to have you as a brother. Happy fool’s day.


📱 I have never had the privilege of being friends with a fool until I met you. In summary having you as a friend has proven that Fools can be fun to be with.

📱 People might want to lie to you. Telling you stories of how beautiful you are, how intelligent, smart and cool you are. Don’t worry I will always have your back letting you know that they are bunch of liars.

📱 Try this simple test. Use your lips to hold out your tongue. Then try to blow out air through it. All the fools around are trying it, you should too! Good luck!

📱 Smart people don’t try to convince others about themselves only fools try to show people they are smart. Consequently, they end up doing a terrible job at it anyway. So why bother. Therefore, a fool will always be a fool. Happy fool’s day my friend!

📱 I just got a text from your girlfriend. She was so sad and heart broken, she said she can’t stay with a monkey anymore. In addition, I wonder how she didn’t notice this on time. How did she find out? Did you forget to tuck your tail in?

📱 If aliens were to land in your house and they needed your brains to feed on, I’m sure they will starve because all you have is an empty skull. April Fool

📱 Some great words ends with ‘fool’ like WonderFOOL, beautiFOOL, PowerFOOL and I’m grateFOOL there is a word that describes an amazing FOOL like you

📱 I commend all the effort you put at been and Fool and I must confess you are doing a good job at that. Keep it up and enjoy your day. Happy April Fool’s day

📱 Hi!! Your day is finally here therefore,  you can express yourself to the fullest. Its fool’s day enjoy it.

📱 Can we take a moment to reflect and appreciate the dumb thigs you’ve done through the years and how you have made one bad decision after another. In conclusion, I love you still.

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April Fools Day Pranks For Your Girlfriend Over Text

📱 Your car was just impounded and your fine is $400 please pay up today or it will be crushed. April Fool!!

📱 Congratulations you are the winner of our BMW car lottery please come down to our office to claim your price.  April fool!!

📱 The government just sent an empowerment fund into my acct. Have you gotten yours? April Fool

📱 You know you don’t need any special day to celebrate yourself. A Fool is always a fool every day of the year but today has been set aside for you specifically so enjoy it. Happy Fools day to you

📱 Scroll down to know the steps needed to be a super hero. Whao! So you want to be a super hero? How will you save the world when your wife has trapped in her love. Happy fool’s day

📱 You have to rush down to the County Jail, your boyfriend has been imprisoned for being a fool.. a fool for you. Happy fool’s day.

📱 He is always thinking about you, can’t spend a day without you, your thoughts always fill his heart and he wants the two of you to be closer than you are right now.. you already know who I’m referring to right? No it’s that Monkey at the zoo. Do well to visit him today. April Fool

📱 April 1st is the day we are reminded not to take everything too seriously. Happy fools day my friend

📱 I will really appreciate it if you will follow me to the airport today. I am relocating to Cuba in search of a better life. Meanwhile, let me see your fool’s face one last time before I leave

📱 I love you. You have truly captured my being and my heart and consequently I am a fool for you.

📱 You know I will always be here for you. Therefore, when you are sad just call me let’s hang out and get drunk together. Today is our day love. Cheers to our foolishness

📱 Roses are red, violets are blue. After all, I am a fool for you and that stays the same.

📱 The greatest prank you played was making me fall in love with you. Therefore, the biggest fool was I… because I love being in love with you.

📱 Today is that day of the year when we get to fool others and show off things we don’t have, playing pranks on them and shouting April Fool along the way! You are the perfect fool any friend could ever hope for

📱 So, this year is won’t be playing any pranks on you because I realised its no fun making a fool look like a fool all over again. Happy April 1st

📱 here is no point fooling around with you. You are not even smart enough to understand the simplest joke. Just have a great fool’s day

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April Fool Jokes To Text

📱 We are all fools in this world. In conclusion, you don’t know when you are born and when you will die.

📱 I love April fool’s day because people like me can get very wild and there is no judgement.

📱 Could we try not to burn down the house because of a prank this year? Getting a tattoo will have a much more lasting effect.

📱 If you were born on April 1-that makes you a complete joke!

📱 I refuse to make pranks this year. I am mature, sturdy and self sufficient. LOOOOOOOL. No.

📱 It is finally here. It’s your birthday right?? I guess you must be born on April fool’s day

📱 It feels quite awkward telling you this but, babe I will be getting married on the 1st of next month, I can’t wait for you any longer and its time I moved forward with my…… I’m just kidding Happy April Fools day

📱 The fun part of April Fools day is all about making an intelligent person think he is a fool but I’m not even interested in playing fools game with you. It will be quite boring making a fool feel like a fool. Where is the fun in that?

📱 You are the only person I know who is quite smart, intelligent and dedicated. Since, you know today is April fools day right. I’m just fooling you!

📱 On the occasion of today’s fool’s day celebration I want you to do something unexpected today just to prove you are the smartest friend anyone could ever have.

📱 Cheers to another Fools day! Have a beautiful day messing around

📱 Things will always play the way they should like the earth will always rotate around the sun, the birds of the air will always chirp happily as they fly around, the sea will always roll back to beat on its shore and your brain will always remain empty. April fool’s day was created for you.

📱 There is a special day I can never forget.  I could forget to wish you a merry Christmas, a happy birthday or even forget to congratulate you on your wedding day, but I will never, ever forget to send you my warmest regards on this special day. The Fools day. Therefore, Happy Fools day friend

📱 Yeah!! Today is finally here. Its your birthday right?? I guess you must be born on April fools day.

📱 Enjoy the day my friend. Or not. I believe therefore, I have lined up a series of pranks for you.

Best April Fools Pranks Messages

📱 Don’t believe everything you hear today. After all, some might call you smart, intelligent, beautiful, radiant, hardworking etc. I repeat, don’t believe them. They are trying to play you for a fool

📱 #Today is world fool’s day, therefore, I would rather not play pranks on you or send you fools day messages. 

📱 Everyone has a special day they are celebrated. I have been looking forward to yours. Consequently, the world celebrates you today. Happy Fools day.

📱 Fact: The sky is blue and you are a Fool. Happy April 1st

📱 There is a way my heart beats each time I see you.  Consequently, instead of the normal ‘thud thud’ beat it beats ‘’FOOL! FOOL!’’ Now that’s just a confirmation of what you are. Happy Fools day

📱 You and I are going to do very foolish things today.

📱 Do you want to go to the park, in silly costumes and scream April fool at  the top of your lung? 

📱 This day was created for us therefore, let us be silly together.

📱 Are you a fool?, NO? Look up. Now, look down. Why are you nodding?

📱 You are my favorite fool.

📱 We have known each another for so long ;I feel no one knows me more than you do. I’m also delighted to say that I know you quite well. Consequently, what I can really say about you is the fact that you are a Fool. Happy April 1st

📱 I absolutely adore everything about you; from your loveliness, calmness, passion to your foolishness.

📱 Let me try to describe you with these four words. Funny, Observant, Objective and Likeable. In summary, to understand how I really see you read just the first letters in those words. It reads FOOL.

📱 My very existence is dependent on you. I can’t go a day without you and definitely can’t have a life without you. Therefore, I live for you…. Oh no I’m not referring to you. I was referring to my heart.

📱 Research has proven that fools hold their phones in one hand and scroll with their hands just like you are doing. After all, they also try to change the way they are holding their phones just to prove they are not. But, it just clearly shows you belong to this category of fools. Have a great fool’s day dear.

April 1 Quotes

The first of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year.

In retrospect, waking the kids up and telling them Santa Claus came again wasn't the best April Fool's Day prank.

I’m a fool everyday. It’s just on April 1st I can celebrate it.

Boss said he's going to double my salary and my wife told me to bring someone home for a threesome tonight. April 1st must be my lucky day!

Here cometh April again, and as far as I can see the world hath more fools in it than ever.

There are two types of April Fools’ Day pranks: the funny ones, and the ones played on you.

On April Fool's people are tricked into believing things that aren't true, which kind of makes it a religious holiday.

I'm not allowed to do April Fools' pranks since the infamous "You're adopted” lunch note of 2014.

This year things are so fucked up April Fools will officially be extended by one day.

There's no escaping the fool in the mirror, so you may as well learn to laugh.

April Fools Day Text Messages For Girlfriend That WIll Make Her Laugh