Month: September 2021

350 Thoughtful Birthday Wishes for your Sister that will Make Her Day

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Sisters are one the most special people in our live. They can be -in equal parts- friend, mother, protector, antagonist. But you can always count on your sister to be there when you need her. But birthday wishes and birthday cards for sister can be hard to find.  It’s your sister’s birthday, but you’re not […]

September 2022 Writing Report
September 2022 Writing Report

The Best 19th Birthday Captions To Make Someone Special Smile

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19th Birthday Captions Why is 19th Birthday Special? 19 is a special age for several reasons.  For starters, its the last year of being a teenager.  18 is when you’re technically an adult, but 19 is when you’re really starting to feel like on. You’re old enough to rent a car, vote and join the […]