Month: June 2020

What To Write In A Grandmother’s Birthday Card

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How do you figure out what to write in a grandmothers birthday card? There is no one else like grandma.  Combine the love of a mother, with the experience of  a life lived and children raised and the ability to bake other worldly cookies- you have one very special woman. On Grandma’s birthday you want […]

185 Deep Love Messages For Her (Melt Her Heart)

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Send A Message To Express Your Deep Love For Her We should never forget to let the woman in our life know how special she is to us. Whether it be Valentines Day, her birthday, or just any old Tuesday.  Sending deep love messages for her will let her know you care.  If your relationship […]

The Perfect Birthday Wishes For Your Father in-Law

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Birthday Wishes For Father In Law It’s you father-in-laws birthday, so take the time to send a nice card or text to let him know he is valued by you. In-law relationships can be tricky so taking the opportunity to send fond birthday greetings to your father in law is just the right thing to […]

70+ Happy Independence Day Quotes That Will Make Them Cheer

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Independence Day- July 4th, the day our forefathers threw off the mantle of imperialism and made the bold choice to self govern. Each year we get to celebrate this monumental decision that formed the basis for our wonderful country.  As Americans, we find many ways to celebrate the day,  usually with bar-b-ques and fireworks with […]

125 Best Wishes For A New Job To Your Husband

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New Job Wishes For Husband Finding a new job has been really difficult in recent years. So when your loved one does find a new gig, it can be a very joyous occasion. If your spouse has gotten a new job, you want to find the right way to say congratulations. But what are the […]

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