We really wanted to be “those” kind of people- the kind who always drop a card at the right time. We know “those” people- even envy them a little. The card senders always seem to have it going on, like they are keeping an ancient tradition alive. 

Every time we would try to send a card,  we just couldn’t come up with the right words to convey our sentiments.  It seemed like every time we needed to send a card, we would lose the ability to use the English language.  Probably the same issue you are having right? 

We looked for help out there, but it the results were not good. We would inevitably end up in a site where the writers were obviously not fluent in English, so we would have to translate an idea into our own thoughts. 

So the thought occurred to us that maybe we could be the solution- create a site where people could come to get ideas, wishes, greetings and sentiments that wold make it easy to write cards or text the people in their lives. The Write Greeting was born. 

We hope you will use and enjoy the site- and come back often- we are adding new content regularly- ENJOY!