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Figuring out what to write in your Mom’s birthday card can be especially difficult. Mothers are about the most special people in your life. She basically created and delivered you into the world. She watched over you  and made sure you grew up . She kissed skinned knees, and soothed broken hearts. 

When it is time to deliver  birthday greetings to your mother, you want to make sure you have just the right words to convey your feelings.  To help you out, we have created  over 250 birthday wishes, sayings and greetings for mom.

a mom and her 2 daughters laughing on the beach

What Can I Write In My Mom's Birthday Card?

  • On this beautiful day, I’m not only celebrating your birth into this world… I’m also celebrating my luck in being born to you. .
  • There are countless reasons why you are so great. Most importantly perhaps is bringing me into this world… thank you for everything and I love you, Mom! 
  • Happy birthday to the most special, beautiful and wonderful woman in my life! 
  • Being one year older does not nearly change how amazing, youthful and loving you are. Best wishes and have a pleasant day! 
  • Your Majesty! You’re spectacular for always making me feel loved and special. I hope that you’ll feel as extra special today. 
  • A birthday never went by without me feeling super happy to be yours. I wish you the most unforgettable birthday celebration! 
  • You are so special to me that I can never picture a life without you, but one thing for sure is that it will lose its sunshine. Now, let’s celebrate how much of a blessing you have been to me and everyone else… I want you to feel as appreciated as possible. 
  • You are the kindest and prettiest woman I have ever met.  
  • To the most talented woman in the world! Nothing can describe how grateful I am to have you as my mom, but i know that you were born for plenty of other incredible purposes. 
  • A very special happy birthday to the one who clothed me, fed me, nurtured me, and protected me from all that is bad in the world. Know that you have a throne in my heart. Happy birthday, Mom! 
  • I knew exactly what you want for your birthday gift this year. Me… out of the house for a day. Don’t worry, though! I wish you a lovely day with Dad and your friends! 
  • Considering all the pain I put you through when I was a kid, you look magnificent for your age. Happy birthday, glamorous lady! 
  • Remember when I was young and I used to work on these really funny-looking DIY birthday cards for you? Well, the tradition has not stopped and expect an extra quirky one today. 
  • To the best mother I know! You have been my dearest friend, caretaker, teacher, guide and protector. You are a superwoman for all that you do and I am lucky to be your daughter. 
  • To the most amazing woman in my life! Every day is a blessing, especially with a mom as awesome as you. Being your daughter is such a blast and I am looking forward for more memorable days with you. 

All women become like their mothers. That is their tragedy. No man does. That’s his.

  • Happy birthday to the most extraordinary mother a daughter could ever ask for. May all your hopes and wishes come to life! 
  • Thank you for being my ultimate go-to person for good advice, warm hugs, and valuable wisdom. I wish you a very happy birthday and an even more amazing year ahead! 
  • I want you to know that you are my role model and I love you so much. 
  • It is an honor to have a successful, caring and thoughtful mother like you. I cannot thank you enough for always being there for me through every step. Happiest birthdays to you! 
  • Dear Mom, thank you for being my main source of inspiration and motivation in achieving my own ambitions. You are an angel sent from heaven. 
a grown up daughter kissing her mom on the cheek

Best Mom Birthday Card Sayings

  • Happy birthday to my mother and partner in crime! We are like two kittens in a basket ready to conquer the world. Here’s to more adventures together! 
  • From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you for sacrificing so much for me since the day I was born. My only wish for you on this special day is for all your dreams to come true. 
  • To the coolest, hippest and funniest mother anyone could ever ask for! I’m proud to be your daughter.
  • Any person would be lucky to have you as their parent. May you be showered with love, happiness and laughter today. 
  • You are and will forever be the only reigning queen of me. I wish you the sweetest, most fun and exciting birthday ever! 
  • Every day feels like a party with you in the house. Also, I’m glad to have you as my guardian angel. Hope you’ll have the most amazing birthday! 
  • To the mightiest woman alive! You just breathtaking in every single way. May your years ahead be filled with joy, laughter, and plenty of good times. 
  • From day one, you have been my best friend and the person I could always rely on. I can’t think of a suitable way to repay you for that, but I will still try. I wish you the happiest of birthdays! 
  • I must be so blessed to have a cool mom like you. The wonderful times and deep conversations we shared are the most precious jewels in my treasure box. Happy birthday! 
  • I would never ask for a different mother figure if I could, you are outstandingly remarkable just the way you are.  
  • To the most special person in my life. You so effortlessly make my life so heavenly. Now comes the time to crank up the stereo, bring out the drinks, and let the fun times commence! 
  • I have never seen someone tackle her challenges the way you do. Thank you for setting me a perfect example. I love you.  
  • To the prettiest, most amazing and fascinating woman, who just happens to be my mother! I hope you will have a great day and a successful year ahead! 
  • Being born to a mom as sweet and loving as you has got to be my life’s biggest gift. I wish you a delightful birthday! 
  • On this special day, we celebrate the birthday of an amazing, elegant, and brilliant woman… who else could I be talking about other than my mom?! Let’s raise a glass to her! 
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  • Your wonderfulness, insight, and pure love are truly unbeatable. You’re a gift straight from heaven. 
  • To the gracious lady who gave me life and always has a word of wisdom and a lap to sit on when I’m feeling lonely. I love you, Mom! 
  • The only thing I could think of to say to you on this special day is: thanks for being the BEST! I’m lucky to be brought up by you. 
  • I wish I could repay you for being the best mother any child could ask for. I hope today is just as gorgeous and special as you are to me. Enjoy your birthday! 
  • To the one and only… you have successfully taught me compassion, kindness and perseverance. For constantly showing me the beauty of life, I wish for all your dreams to come true! 

How Can I Tell My Mom That I Love Her On Her Big Day?

  • May your days be filled with persistent laughter, precious memories, wonderful friends, and loads of joy. 
  • I am an incredibly lucky young lady to have the most fun and all out amazing mother. I wish you a day full of blessings! 
  • I will forever and always be grateful to have you as my mom. You are absolutely brilliant, humble, and kind. I thank God everyday for you. 
  • Happy, happy, happy to the greatest mother to have ever walked this earth! You are a blessing to me, and I hope that I have been the same for you. 
  • May your glass be filled with laughter and your dreams with happiness. You will be loved until the end of time. 
  • My dear mother… on this perfect day, I would like to honor you for all that you do and everything that you are. Thank you for always powering through for us. 
  • To my superhero! Know that my heart will forever be thankful for you, as well as the for the unbreakable and everlasting bond we share. 
  • To the best human being ever! As the best, you deserve the best. I hope that your day will be filled with realized dreams. I’m glad to have you as my mom
  • Nothing can compare to having you as my mother. Happy birthday! I wish nothing but joy and all the best for you. .
  • Happy birthday to you, beautiful soul! Your personality is unlike any other. You deserve all the well wishes and dreams galore. 

I like it when my mother smiles. And I especially like it when I make her smile.

  • Thank you for always being by my side and showing me true love and joy. I appreciate you for that and much more. 
  • I might be well into my 20s, but your hug still feels like the warmest and safest place on earth. Happy birthday to my cuddle momma bear! 
  • To my favorite superstar! Yes, my favorite superstar is not a celebrity or personality… it’s you. Thank you for lighting up my life since the day I was born! 
  • Wishing you a very happy and lovely birthday! May you have a special day and a joyful life ahead. I love you to the moon and back. 
  • If I can be half the mother to my future child as you are to me, he/she would be extremely lucky. That makes me the most fortunate child in the whole wide world. I will make sure to instill you and your values in their hearts.
An older daughter and her mom laughing togethr
  • People say that mothers are the best teachers on this planet, and after all these years, I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for being my mom, teacher, and dearest friend. 
  • I know that you’re not the biggest fan of parties, but I feel like you’ve accomplished so much this year and I want us to celebrate that. Happiest of birthdays! 
  • I know in my heart that there are amazing things coming for you… just not me having a million grandchildren for you to spoil. 
  • Nothing I say will ever be enough to express my love and appreciation for you. You are the one person who I completely trust and I know you have tried your best to never let me down, so I will strive to do the same. I love you like I love my puppies. 
  • Thank you for being born… because without you, I would not be here too… Love you! 

How Can I Make My Mom Feel Special On h Her Birthday?

  • You are the angel who made my childhood extra special… because of you, I remember every single second of it in an amazing light. May you be poured with warmth, love, and happiness.  
  • I love you so much, Mom. I would not be the woman I am today if it was not for your grace, wise advices and true love. Happy birthday and may God keep showering you with success! 
  • For all that you’ve done for me throughout my childhood, even until this day, this special day welcomes you. Sit back, relax, and allow me to bring a smile to your beautiful face.  
  • You are the definition of a heavenly gift in my book. Every time I’m with you, my mind is calm and my heart is at peace. My dear, sweet mother… I wish you the best birthday you could ever ask for! 
  • No words could do justice to how much I value you, your sacrifices and our relationship.   

Unique Gifts

  • We might know the pains you had when raising us, but we do know that we love you with all our hearts. You have unconditionally cared for us, and we want to do the same to you, especially today.  God bless you! 
  • You make up who I am, and often times, you are the reason I smile. Thank you for always believing in me and my abilities before anyone else does, sometimes including me. You will forever be my soulmate and have my endless love. 
  • I love you with all my emotions, way more than you can imagine. Thank you for constantly being my support system, but I know that I can never thank you enough for it. You are the best (and prettiest) mom in this whole wide world. 
  • To my the most wonderful mother. Anyone would be blessed to have you.
  • I don’t know if you believe in miracles, but I do, because having you in my life feels like the ultimate blessing. Wishing you a very lovely birthday! 
  • All the gold, diamonds and luxuries of this world could not replace the love and care you have given me. Having a great mother like you is just priceless. Happiest of birthdays! 
  • On this special day, I would like to let you know that if I’m going through the hardest of troubles, your hug is where I always want to be. It is easily my favorite place in the world. I wish you all the best! 
  • I can’t tell you how blessed I feel to have a pure and beautiful goddess as my mom. I love you to death. 
  • Dear Mom, your birthday made me realize how I could never live without you. My life has been terrific because of you and your company. I hope that you are having an amazing birthday!
  • Nothing could be as genuine as me saying that I’m so glad to have you as my mom. 
  • You are so amazing, you must be God’s greatest creation.
  • Your love gives me hope, faith and makes up my entire world. Have a happy and lovely birthday! 
  • All my accomplishments and success could all be traced back to you, Mom. You are my role model and the superstar I always look up to. Now, there’s nothing else I can say but happy  let’s have a blast! 
  • My love and respect for you has no boundaries. You are the best thing in my life, so thank you for the constant and endless support. Happy birthday, my dear mother! I love you so much.
  • You have continuously taught be valuable lessons, as well as wholeheartedly loved and cared for me. Most importantly, you are protective and supportive no matter what.  May you continue to have a fulfilling and joyful life for many years to come. 

Lovely Birthday Messages For Mom

  • The sacrifices you make just to give a smile on my face will never cease to amaze me. I know you’ve been working so hard, so take a well-deserved break today and let’s share more tender moments. Once again, happy birthday and I wish you a wonderful year ahead! 
  • Thank you for being the perfect mother figure. 
  • You are a mother unlike any other. Happiest of birthdays! 
  • You are more than the person who gave birth to me… you are my teacher, strength, and support system. May God bless you with the amount of care and love you have given me.
  • Mom, you will forever be my first true love. I am who I am because of you, and for that, I owe you the world. Thank you for all your never-ending love. God bless you with infinite happiness! 
  • Happy birthday, Mommy! Great kids come from great moms. 
  • You are the sun that never sets in my life. I can’t imagine how dull my life would be without you in it. 
  • In the toughest days, you are often the reason I smile again.  May you be poured with love and happiness, today and forever. Love you. 
  • To the greatest hero in my life… happy birthday! 
  • We know that we might be hard to handle sometimes, so thank you for your immense and unconditional love. We are grateful to be able to call you our mom. 
  • Writing a birthday wish for someone so kind, talented yet humble, and loving is close to impossible. But I can say this… you are the greatest person I have ever encountered. 
  • Here comes the day where we have to celebrate someone extremely special to me. This someone has been a mentor, role model, and most importantly, my dearest friend. It’s you, Mom! Thank you for always caring for me. 
  • Happy birthday to the best role model I could ever ask for. 
  • You mean more than just a mother to me, you are also the greatest life teacher and the sweetest person I know, hands down. Thanks for being my my side through thick and thin. 
  • Mom. We hope that you’ll enjoy your favorite cake we ordered and the company of your favorite folks. Have an amazing time! 
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  • I can never express how much you mean in my life. You hold a super extra place in it. The love and care you showered me over the years have been overwhelming. May God give you a peaceful heart! 
  • If there was a ‘World’s Best Mother’ contest, you would undoubtedly win first place every single year. Happy birthday to the mightiest mother alive! 
  • On this special birthday, I wish you a lovely and healthy life ahead. May your heart always be content and your memories always be sweet. I love you, more than you could ever imagine. 
  • You have successfully made me feel so unique for every single day of my life, so on this extra special day, allow me to do the same to you. Wishing you the best birthday! 
  • mom. As my gift, I will personally make sure that you have the greatest day of your life. It’s going to be filled with plenty of shopping, partying, and all out fun. So get ready and let’s paint the town red! 

Birthday Greeting For The Woman Who Made You

  • Today marks the end of one wonderful chapter and the beginning of a more spectacular one. I wish you all the joy in your upcoming adventures. Have a warm and lovely birthday, Mom! 
  • Thanks for always standing close to me and guiding me out of my mistakes. But most of all, thank you for seeing things in me and believing in me when no one else could not. Happy birthday, my Queen! 
  • Every skyscraper is built on a strong foundation of pillars, and just like those pillars, you have made our family strong and united. 
  • If there was a single word in the English dictionary that describes a loving, wonderful, nurturing, caring and affectionate person, I’d scream it on top of the world, along with your name. 
  • I can never fathom how elegantly you have managed your own, dad’s, and our lives all at once. You deserve an award for that! For now, please accept my little token of appreciation. Cheers to the most amazing person in my life, and let’s hope she’s having a splendid time. All the best to you, Mom! 
  • Our mother-daughter bond is both unbreakable and priceless. Without it, I would be a lost soul in this vast universe. Thank you for all the love you have given to me! 
  • God must have loved me so much to give me such a wonderful angel as a mother.  I love you, Mom! 
  • Happy birthday, Mom! On this gorgeous day, I wish you peaceful and comforting days ahead. Love, your child who will always be proud of you. 
  • My dearest mother! When everybody tried to make me fall, you stood by me like a human shield and believed in my vision. Thank you for everything and making me what I am today. I love you to the moon and back!
  • The world might slip off my fingers, but the love you have shown me will forever stick to my heart. I wish you the happiest birthday, Mom! May you enjoy every single second of it. 

Unique Gifts

  • I remember making you cheap-looking and terrible birthday cards for your birthday when I was a child, but you still accepted them anyway. I hope that I will grow up to be as loving and amazing as you are!
  • Happy birthday, Mommy dearest! You are awesome for being the source of inspiration and guiding light for our family, and for many other reasons. 
  • I can’t think of a time when you put your own needs and wants before ours. As a thank you for all that you have done, we have prepared a day when you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy your pampering. 
  •  You are more than a mother in my book, but also a great friend and confidant. Dad is really to have you as his caring wife, angels are hard to come by these days. 
  • Mom.  Your birthday reminds me of how much you have sacrificed for us. It’s now time to weave more meaningful moments together and make this birthday a day to remember. 
  • Dear Mom, I fall short of words when I try to express my gratitude for everything you’ve done for me and countless others. Thank you for being our fairy godmother. I wish you a super special birthday! 
  • Have I ever told you that I want to be just like you when I’m older? Well, I do, because you are awesome in all that you do. I wish you a happy birthday and more wonderful presents to come! 
  • Happy birthday to a loving mom and extraordinary friend.  
  • Your words are the sweetest poems I have ever had the pleasure of hearing.  I can’t think of any words to express how much I love you. 
  • To the stunning woman who helped me make all my dreams and aspirations come to life. May your birthday be filled with love and delight! 

Happy Birthday To The Best Mom Ever!

  • You deserve the best on your special day, because you are simply the best. I’m so sorry I can’t physically be there today, but know that I am sending you hugs and kisses!
  • A mother’s love is special. It reaches the deepest oceans and the highest mountains. Also, it is the most endearing love of all.  Just a friendly reminder of just how awesome you are. 
  • Thank you for always making me smile so big it hurts and laugh so much I cry. I don’t know how you do that, but it’s so fascinating.  
  • Your strength, beauty, courage and wisdom are so admirable, people can’t help but be drawn to you. From your biggest and most loyal admirer! 
  • You are the funniest person I know, you fill my days with immense happiness and laughter. I hope that you know that I love you so much and I am thankful to have you in my life.  
a mom and her older daughter smiling at the camera outdoors
  • Mom, your free and cheerful spirit shines a bright light in my daily life. I hope that you will remain this way until your last days on this earth! 
  • Yep, you’re getting older every year… but at least you’ll still be younger than Dad. A little triumph is still a triumph. Happy birthday! 
  • Mom.  I’m sorry I couldn’t be there, so I’m sending warm wishes and huge hugs your way. Distance may separate us, but you will always be in my heart. 
  • To my beloved mom! I hope that when you look back on this day, you remember just how special every moment was. Here’s to more amazing moments to spend together! 
  • Thanks for always being my 911 and my wonderful companion. There’s just no words to describe how much I appreciate you, but I can start with ‘I love you’! 
  • From nasty diapers to nasty divorces, you have always been there for me and supported me regardless. I’m thinking of ways how I can properly repay your deeds, but do know that I love you so, so much. 
  • What an overachiever you are, Mom. You don’t just go through the different phases of parenthood; you go above and beyond for your kids. Your constant love, support and care will always inspire me for years to come. 
  • When I needed strength, you gave me hope. When I needed help, you gave me support. When I needed love, you gave me buckets of it, my heart would be overflowed with it. Thank you for giving me so much without a second doubt, I guess mothers really are gems.  
  • As much as I hate to admit it, your annoying advice and tough love have changed me for the better. Your love trumps all and is everything to me. I hope that your next year is burdened only with blessings and love. 
  • Happy birthday to the most influential woman in my life, my beloved mom. You were my everything when I was a kid, and you still are. May your special day be just as phenomenal as you are, Mom.
  • To the woman who gave me life! In my eyes, you are the most beautiful and influential woman. Until this day, you are my my everything and more. May your birthday be as out-of-this-world as you are! 
  • Mother love is all that you need to get through life. When I’m sad, you lovingly give me comfort, and when I cry, you lovingly make me laugh. There is no one like you. 
  • Oh, how are you still so youthful and stunning after all these years? It makes me glad to have your genes! Happy birthday to my one and only, and may your birthday be as incredible as you are. 
  • I have so many amazing and fond memories of you from my childhood, and I am so fortunate that I have even more of memories of you from my adulthood. Three things have always remained constant in my life: your love, affection, and support.
  • I know these words don’t usually come out of my mouth, but I really and truly love you. On this special day, I hope that you feel every ounce of my love for you, Mom. Have a lovely day! 
  • Thank you for showering me with your love and affection, just always giving me your all, ever since I was born. I am beyond thankful, and I hope that your birthday this year is filled with tremendous delight and wonderful memories! 

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Birthday Messages For The Most Amazing Woman

  • Knowing that you will always have my back gives me the greatest I’ve ever felt, Mom. I know how hard that kind of love and devotion is to come by… I’m so lucky to have it in my home. Happiest of birthdays to you! 
  • To the best mom ever! You may be a crazy diva, but you’re my crazy diva. A fabulous one too. Bottom line is I’m glad to be related to you. 
  • You are my number 1 superhero. I don’t care if you can’t fly high or lift buildings… you managed to survive hours of labour, and that’s just as amazing to me. Thank you for all the blood, sweat and tears in bringing me into this world, then raising me with your own strong arms.  
  • A love like yours is graceful and unlimited. Thank you for all that you’ve done, and may your birthday be packed with tons of amazing gifts, fancy wine, and delicious cakes! 
  • I would be lying if I said that you have never been annoying, but your presence has also been very motivating. Furthermore, you make being a mother look so easy. Happy day to my nagging yet lovable mother! 
  • Having you always cheering me on makes me feel that I am invincible. You’re my number one fan! I sure hope that it is as wonderful as your personality. 
  • When I feel like I have lost my way, I know exactly who to call. YOU are always my number one. Thank you for the years of encouragement, inspiration assistance. May your special day be filled with laughter and good times! 
  • I really don’t know how you do it, but with your age does not stop you from getting prettier year by year. I can only wish that I grow up just the way you do. Happy birthday to my role model in looks and in life! 
  • You manage to fill so many roles in my life: mom, teacher, friend, and confidante. I am grateful for all of them. Thanks for being my everything, Mom.
  • You’re not just my mom, but you’re also my teacher, friend, and confidante. Thanks for playing every major role in my life! I am grateful for you in every single way. 
  • Thank you for continuously instilling in me the value of hope and supporting me through my highs and lows. You are the best there ever is. Have a a splendid and memorable birthday, Mom! 
A sign on the wall with happy birthday mom on it
  • A very happy birthday to you! No gift would be as glorious as the gift you gave me, the gift of life. But, I still need you to know how much I love and appreciate you, Mom. I hope that you will feel so loved today. 
  • Whenever I am in doubt, you give me faith, hope, and love. Then, I feel lifted and back on track again. Thank you for your never-ending stream of patience and support. 
  • When I still couldn’t talk, you taught me how to take my first steps, but even as an adult, you help me to stand firmly on my own two feet. Thank you for showing me how to stand tall and keep my head held high. I hope that I can make you super proud one day.  
  • My beautiful mother! Every moment God blessed me to spend with you is so dear to my heart, I would never ever trade it for all the money in the world. 
  • Don’t you fret about getting older, my dear Mom. I will never neglect you because I will always be there by your side. I might have my own business and family, but you will never be excluded from my life. Happy birthday, gorgeous lady! 
  • The intensity of my love for you compares to Severus Snape’s “always”. It might sound cheesy, but you know I had to throw in a Harry Potter reference in there. Happy birthday from the most awesome geek in your life, Mom! 
  • You are one of the kindest, most thoughtful and loving person I know. That makes you so wonderful in more ways than one. I know good things are coming for you because you more than deserve it. 
  • Mom, your inner strength is really one for the books. The way you managed to raise me by yourself under hard circumstances is not just admirable, its truly legendary. I love you more than I can bear. 
  • Growing up, there were indeed times when I got mad at you for the smallest things, but my love for you never disappeared. Through the highest highs and the lowest lows, you have always been there for me. I am so grateful to have you as my mother.  
  • You have my heart for today and forever more. The tastiest cakes and grandest presents could never compare to that.  I promise to take care of you in your late years just the way you took care of me when I was little. 

How To Give Birthday Sayings To An Amazing Mom

  • Too my dearest friend and lovely Mom! Over the years, we have not only gotten closer… we have also become the keepers of each others’ secrets. I can’t wait to see what else we’ll become in the future, but I know that it will be bright because we will be together. 
  • Mom, everything great about me I learned from you. Much thanks for making me your mini-you. To me you are wonder woman! 
  • You are one of a kind, Mom. You are irreplaceable and my mind will never allow anyone to take your place in my heart. Happy birthday to you, my first and forever true love!
  • With all the horrible things going on in the world right now, I hope that you will never stop smiling… because your smile alone brightens up my day. It’s just one of the many things I adore about you. Have a lovely birthday filled with countless joyful moments! 
  • Birthdays are much like candles- after some have been finished, the ones remaining with light up the dark better. This is what I predict about your life, my oh-so luminous mother!
An older woman sitting outside smiling at camera
  • Your radiant energy and positivity towards life are reflected in everything you do, and they endlessly inspire me in my own endeavours. How blessed am I to have a mom with a vivacious spirit… Happy birthday and I hope that you will receive nothing short but the best this world has to offer! 
  • You might seem small and fragile, but you are cute nevertheless and are the strongest woman I have ever known. Your courage is so inspirational. Thank you for rarely nagging me, but always leading by example. 
  • Thank you for introducing me life’s great values when I was practically a baby. Remember when you first taught me about the importance of kindness? Well, in the spirit of kindness, I have made you a very special birthday cake.  
  • Happy birthday to my effervescent Mom! Age does not matter to me, and it should not matter to you. If you want, we can take off some of these candles and pretend that you are as young as your heart! 
  • I don’t know how you manage to do all that you do, but everything you’ve done for me will forever be appreciated. Thanks for giving me unconditional love despite me getting on your nerves sometimes.  May this upcoming year welcome you with joy and prosperity! 
  •  When my day gets dark, you are my moon and stars. Thank you for not only lighting my path, but also filling it with warmth and comfort. May this this day be as awesome as you are to literally everyone around you! 
  • Happy birthday! You are gorgeous, gracious, glamorous, and most importantly, you are as epic as a Harry Potter novel. I hope that your birthday this year is will be one for the history books.  
  • No one quite understands me like you, supports me like you, not to mention loves me like you. I am so glad that you are not just a once in a lifetime encounter. Happy birthday to you, my classy lady! A classy lady deserves first class indulgence, especially on her special day. 
  • If someone is searching the inter-webs for what the epitome of a perfect mom looks like, Google should show your picture. You are more than perfect, as a mom and as a human being. 
  • When I was a kid, I did not understand how hard it is to become a mother. Now, I have realized how much of an all powerful superhero you are. Thank you for always coming to my rescue no matter the weather.
Happy birthday text o a pink flower background
  • Every time I’m going through a rough time, I think of you, and I immediately feel that I can handle anything. Your encouragement and love helps me conquer the world. You are the most special person in my life! 
  • I used to hate being compared to you, but now I perceive it as the best compliment I could ever receive. I am so beyond proud to call you my mother. Have an amazing birthday full of joy and laughter! 
  • Happy birthday, my sun! For your birthday this year round, may you receive something that shines as much as you do, I also wish for your twinkle to never vanish, as it helps me find my way through life. 
  • Happy birthday to you, Mom! After each passing year, you only seem to gain strength, wisdom, and love…. it will never stop amazing me, 
  • We may not have had a lot growing up, but because of you, my heart was content. Please continue being your remarkable self until your last days on this planet. To the woman that not only holds our family together, but makes each of us become our better selves! 

What Should I Write To My Mom On Her Birthday?

  • Happy birthday to my angel! I am more than delighted to have such a spectacular mother. You are endearing, thoughtful, and fearless in the best way possible. 
  • From the deepest corner of my heart, I would like to say thank you for not just being a disciplinary mom, but also a mom I can always confide in. You understand me like no one else does, give great advice, and love without expecting anything in return. On top of that, you manage to do it all so elegantly. 
  • To the woman who opened my eyes to life’s endless possibilities! You are amazing for always standing by my side and guiding me on which doors I should open first. 
  • On this day, I wish for you a long, healthy life, and may you cherish every moment of it. If you thought I was going to say “live long and prosper”, you are wrong… but from one generation of Trekkie to the other, happy birthday! 
  • To the best mom ever! Throughout the years, your endless love and support have helped me find me way out of my toughest ordeals. When I’m wrong, thank you for for sticking up with me and showing me the right path. 
  • I’m sure you know that my love for you has always been free, but as I’ve gotten older, my respect for you has significantly risen. Now that I am a parent myself, I can see just how much you you sacrificed for me. I thank God every night for giving me a superwoman as a mother. 
  • To my wise and adorable mom! You have done so much for me since my childhood, there is just no way I could ever repay that. But, that’s not going to stop me from trying my hardest. I’m now going to break the news… you’re going to be a grandma! 
  • There were times where you lifted me, carried me, and pushed me to face life. It takes a strong woman to be able to do all that. Thank you for shaping and moulding me to be the young lady I am today. 
  • People say that the apple does not fall far from the tree. So, I guess when they call me a bit crazy, I can just blame it on you? Sounds good to me… Happy birthday, crazy Mom! 
  • When I was younger, I looked forward to the bedtime stories you would read to me. You made life seem like one huge, exciting adventure. Granted, sometimes that is not the case, but because of you, I have always strived for a happy ending for everyone I care about. Having you makes my life a living fairytale. 
3 generations of woman smiling at camera
  • Thank you for always seeing the best in me and caring for me so I can go a step closer to achieving my dreams. Your faith in me is what pulls me through life’s trying moments. I treasure you so much, Mom. 
  • Every time I do the right thing in life, it’s because there is your little voice in my mind that guides me. Thank you for passing on your morals and love. Hope you’re having a lovely day! 
  • Whenever people say I’m great at something, I know deep in my heart that it is all because of you. Thank you for being my guru, cheerleader, and constant supply of love. I wish you a birthday filed with happiness and hope! 
  • No matter where I end up in life, a piece of my heart will always belong to you. You are my forever shelter, the one person I’m glad to call home. Have a happy birthday and I hope that it is overflowed with delicious food, nostalgic music, and of course, good company. 
  • When I was little, there were times where I saw you as a Wicked Stepmother… but that’s just because I did not fully understand the value of your love yet. I was stupid for not seeing that you were my Fairy Godmother who wanted nothing but the best for me. 
  • I might be getting older, and I might have seen jaw-dropping places around the world, but my favorite place to be is still on your lap wrapped up in your arms. Your hug heals my soul.  
  • I am well aware that there were times I got to your nerves, but your unconditional love and patience made me the luckiest kid in the world.  
  • One of the many things I admire about you is your ability to see the bright side of things so easily. I can’t get you much, but here is a card as a small manifestation of my appreciation. Happy birthday from your broke but affectionate child! 
  • To my favorite old woman! It was a little difficult to fit all these candles on your birthday cake, but I made it! I guess all the sassiness and stubbornness I got from you finally paid off. 
  • To my awesome Mom! I hope that this year will be even more joyous, bright, and full of once-in-a-lifetime adventures than last year.

How Do I Write A Birthday Card To My Mom?

  • Mommy dearest! I was trying to find the perfect gift but then I realized that you already have the best gift anyone could ever have… me. But here’s some candy and cake to add on to it! 
  • To the kindest mother there is. I cannot thank you enough for loving and putting up with me throughout my angst, teenage years. However, I will always have your back… literally. At least it’s still years away! 
  • I wouldn’t be the lady I am today if it was not for you. Thank you for always inspiring and motivating me to be the best. Have a marvelous and fun-filled birthday!
  • Supermom! For all your might, you deserve anything money can buy and so much more, but I hope you can settle for my utmost love and attention this year. 
  •  I’m sorry that I can’t be there today, but I hope that your special day is just as fabulous and incredible as you are. May it be filled with tenderness and memorable moments. 

Art is the child of nature in whom we trace the features of the mothers face.

  • To my original bestie! You know exactly when to be a mom and when to be a friend. I sure hope that you will be showered with numerous wonderful gifts, indulgent cakes and delicious candy on your big day.
  • People are usually there for others only during happy times, but family stays by your side through anything, forever. Thank you for playing that role so well, Mom. Have a blast today! 
  • To the only royal in my eyes! You deserve to be treated like a queen, so don’t worry about any of the laundry, cleaning, and cooking. I am your loyal servant, today. 
  • Happy birthday to my sweet and lovely Mom! This may be a small message, but know that my love for you is gigantic. Have a great birthday filled with delight and amazement! 
  • Happy birthday, Mom! Thank you for your love, patience, support… and the list goes on and on and on. Enough for now, go have a spectacular day!
  • Much thanks for painting my life yellow whenever I am feeling blue. No one can bring glee into my life the way you do. Your wit, glitz and sparkle are truly one to contend with.  
  • To my absolute one and only! Wishing you all the success in the world… cash, jewelry, and cake would be awesome. Most importantly, I hope that your birthday brings you tons of joy. 
  • No matter how dark I feel some days, you are always there to cheer me on, without the slightest bit of judgment. No words in any language can express my gratitude for you.  
  • Happy birthday to my super gorgeous mom! Your shining smile and loving heart are just amazing, but it is your kind soul that I love most about you. Thank you for continuously giving and giving. I will dedicate my years left in this earth to repay you, mark my words.
  • I am so lucky to have such an intelligent and generous mother. Over the years, you have given me millions of moments of indescribable joy, so I intend to do the same starting today. 
  • Anytime life presents me with difficulty, I would think ‘What would Mom do?’. Your words of wisdom always guides me and your love puts me at ease… you are my stronghold.  
  • I am sorry that it took me having my own child to realize just how invaluable a mother-daughter bond should be. More importantly, I am so, so sorry for being an ungrateful brat for years. I vow to be more selfless to you and in everything else I do. I love you more than you can ever imagine. 
  • Happy birthday to my precious Mom! You always lead by example and your ability to show courage in hardships is so inspiring. There is nothing and no one I can think of that more remarkable than you are. 
  • May your days be filled with exquisite moments and happiness. We can start with your birthday, and for that, I have made some chocolate, cookies and cake to pamper you a bit. I hope you’ll enjoy these, and happy birthday!  
  • I thought long and hard on the perfect gift to get you for your birthday… then I thought of what I would want from you for my birthday, and that is a long, warm hug. so, open your arms wide, because I am running to caress you! 
Happy birthday text written on a pink background

Happy Birthday Mom Sayings

  • I know that you can be stern with me sometimes… yet I also know that it’s all out of love. I hate sappy, but I can’t help but expressing my immense love for you. Have a special and meaningful birthday, my beautiful Mom! 
  • To the most selfless and kind human being I know! Your sacrifices for my happiness and development throughout the years mean the world to me. I love you tons, Mom. 
  • Hooray! Your big day has finally arrived. Anyone who can put up with me definitely deserves a statue erected in her name. You deserve all that honor. Happiest of birthdays! 
  • You captivate me in so many ways. If I think of you, I think of a lot of things: you’re strong, smart, savvy, not to mention optimistic, warm, and loving.  
  • Dear Mom, you are like a star- you light up the world even from afar. May your shine last until for eternity, it truly is a blessing! I love you. 
  • Please, not even for once, think that you’re getting too old for me. I will never be sick of your love, support, and wisdom. Go on have a day as amazing as you are. 
  •  I don’t know how you remain so youthful… but I know you would look just as beautiful when age creeps up on you, anyway. 
  • Your birthday is the perfect opportunity to express my love and respect for you. I hope that your special day is everything you want it to be and more, because it’s about time your hard work pay off! 
  • I might complain when you push me hard sometimes, but now let me take a moment to say thank you for that… Deep down, I know that it’s because you love me and you know that I can do better. Your belief builds my confidence, big time.  
  • I hope you’re having a lovely birthday over there! You have so many commendable traits: kindness, conviction, sincerity, and your charming wit are just to name a few. I am truly blessed to have a stunning mom. 
  • I wouldn’t be as excited about growing up if it was not for you. Thank you for not only providing me with shelter, comfort and food, but also with true and endless love. Happy birthday, my greatest treasure! 
  • Mom, you always taught me to be respectful to my elders. So out of respect, and love, I did not put candles on your birthday cake this year… I know how insecure you are about it. No need to thank me. Just know that in my heart, you will always be young and wise.
  • There’s just not sufficient time or words in the world to convey my immense gratitude and respect for you. You have fulfilled your motherly duties well. Happy birthday and I hope that it brings you lots of love, success, and joy.
  • We may have our ups and downs sometimes, but my love for you will never die. You may be a diva sometimes, but your care is precious to me and I will appreciate that for eternity. Have a warm and wonderful birthday! 
  •  You must be a saint for putting up with me when I was a child, your patience is forgiveness is worth 5 stars, May your birthday be filled with inner peace and bliss only. 
cute birthday text written on a pink background with flowers
  • ‘Mom’ is not just your title… it’s your legacy. You have been a real blessing to our family and so many others, we will never forget it.  
  • During my upbringing, I was always trying to look at others for inspiration. I have just realized now that I should have taken inspiration from you. You are so successful and intelligent, yet so humble, kind, funny, and absolutely delightful to be with. Have a phenomenal birthday! 
  • Happy birthday, Mom! I could never forget your special day… the bond between a mom and a daughter is, as Bruce Willis puts it, unbreakable. 
  • I indeed got many of my good qualities from you, but it’s your perseverance that has really enabled me to stand on my own two feet, as well as to stand up for myself. Thanks for showing me what strength and courage are. 
  • Our blood may have related us to each other, but it is love that made us best friends. Whenever I need someone to talk to, you’re the first person I turn to. Happiest of birthdays! 

Best Ways To Say Happy Birthday To Mom

  • Mom, I don’t know how you manage to take care of us and put in some really hard work in the office. You are nothing short of amazing for pulling off the impossible. Have a wonderful day! 
  • Just so you know, you inspire me now just as much as when I was a toddler. You are quite the person to look up to. Thanks for everything… from making me feel loved to raising me right. 
  •  I’m starting to realize how you’ve done so much for everyone around you but receive so little in return. You’re the person I appreciate the most, and I can only hope to try to do the same for you as much as I can. To start off, hope you’ll like this gift! 
  • Thank you for always pushing me towards a better future and becoming a better human being, both emotionally and physically. Hope it’s at least half as amazing as you are. 
  • Your capacity for love and forgiveness are one to behold. Thanks for not sending me away when I was in my naughty and rebellious  days. May everything your heart desire come to you! 
  • The memories we crafted together are the brightest ones in my mind. They give off bright light and sparkles in times of despair. 
  • I can guarantee you that I’ll always be your number one admirer. I don’t see an end to my love and respect for you. You are my entire universe. Wishing you a momentous birthday! 
  • No one can ever replace you or come close to what you do as a mom, friend, and teacher.  
  • To my barrel of inspirations! Your thoughts and actions amaze my mind and many others’, it’s impossible to downplay it. For that, you deserve stars of many constellations. 

Mom Quotes

Mother is a verb. It’s something you do. Not just who you are

A mother’s love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.

A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.

A mother’s arms are more comforting than anyone else’s.

When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.

My favorite thing about being a mom is just what a better person it makes you on a daily basis.

I believe the choice to become a mother is the choice to become one of the greatest spiritual teachers there is.

A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to us, and endeavor by her kind precepts and counsels to dissipate the clouds of darkness, and cause peace to return to our hearts.

In a child's eyes, a mother is a goddess. She can be glorious or terrible, benevolent or filled with wrath, but she commands love either way. I am convinced that this is the greatest power in the universe

My mother was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my mother. I attribute my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her.