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Thank you for Your Assistant

Do you ever stop to think about how much your administrative assistants do for you?  Probably not, because your too busy working!  As a boss, it’s really important that you say thank you for your assistant to your assistant 

It is said that employees who regularly receive thank you notes and job well-done appreciation are more engaged with their work and more fulfilled.

 What are the best ways to say thank you for your assistant?  We have 40 beautiful thank you notes to send your Personal Assistant or Administrative Assistant on administrative professional day, which is the third or fourth wednesday in April.

Administrative professional writing in notebook

Administrative Assistant Thank You Note

😃 Dear ____________, with all gratitude, I want to let you know that your hard work and attention to detail are noticed and much appreciated.  Of all the secretaries I have worked with, you are the best!   Thank you for your constant support and consideration.

😃 Dear _________, it takes someone with an extraordinary personality to keep up with all the demands required to make our workplace run smoothly and you have done it effortlessly. You have been a great asset, I honestly don’t know what I would do without you!

Administrative Assistants do most of the work, while we get all of the accolades!

Administrative Professionals Day

If you have an administrative professional that you work with on a daily basis, it’s important that you take the time on administrative professionals day to let them know how much they are appreciated and how essential their position is to the company.

😃 I have been meaning to write this for a while but I just wanted to say thank you for all your help this past year.  You have become just an extension of me to where I can focus on other areas of the business.  This is why it has been a great year for the business.  I appreciate all that you do, you are an amazing administrative assistant!

😃 Your great skills and administrative professional attitude have always been a great asset to our company. Your talent and organizing skills always leave me in awe. You are a gem!  Thank you for your services.

😃 Our product launch event is a profound success because of your contribution and dedication to this company.  I appreciate your handwork and sacrifices.  This workplace is lucky to have a secretary like you.

😃 I wanted to thank you for your help and advice today with that situation with the employee.  I wanted to speak with you after the fact, but the day ran away from me.  I could not do this job without you to assist me!

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How Do You Say Thank You to Your Assistant?

There are so many ways to say thank you to your assistant.  A simple ‘thank you’ goes a long way, but there are other ways to show your appreciation too.  You could write them a handwritten note, give them a small gift, or even treat them to lunch, or a paid day off (too much?)

Whatever you do, make sure it comes from the heart.  Your assistant will appreciate the gesture.  Check out our examples of thank you notes for your administrative assistant’s day.

😃 On this wonderful administrative professional day we cannot but applaud the effort and services of our administrative professionals at this school. The dedication you put to running our office smoothly is commendable. 

😃 To  _______, thank you for taking care of my schedule so well, I don’t know how you do it, but I am so glad it is you doing it!  Your ideas are always appreciated, you are a huge help during meetings,  so please continue to bring your ideas to me, and keep doing what you are doing. 

😃 You are the best personal assistant I ever had and much more, you are such an amazing person with a can do attitude. Thank you for setting an amazing example for the rest of the staff to see.  You are the first to arrive and the last to leave.  I wanted you to know that I notice this every day, so thank you!

😃 Hello ________, even though your job title is a personal assistant I want to let you know that you are much more than that to me. You are a much valued colleague to this workplace, and we are super grateful to have you.  

😃 I really appreciate having someone like you who keeps me organized, and on track.  My company would not be here without you, so surprise, I am sending you and your husband on a cruise as my way of saying thank you and happy professionals day.  Please come back tho, I need my best administrative assistant!

😃 You are an outstanding organizer, an experienced decision maker, and a brilliant  communicator.  I know for a fact you make the school administrator’s work easier.  This thank you note is from all of us.

Thanks to administrative assistant in green

Thank Your Assistant on Administrative Professionals Day

It’s administrative professionals day, so it is expected that you send a thank you note or thank you notes to your personal assistants to tell them how grateful you are for all they do.  Stop whatever you’re doing and start writing a thank you note for your secretary, before you no longer have one!

😃 To my favorite secretary, I have been in and out of meetings all week long, but I wanted to let you know personally, how grateful I am for you every day.  You are a rare gem.

😃 I want you to know I appreciate all you have done for me over the years and I do not take you for granted. From the bottom of my heart, I want to say thank you for your contribution to this company.

😃 I’m so grateful to have you by my side. You are a terrific secretary and the best personal assistant anyone could ever have.  Please accept these thank you notes as a token of my appreciation.  There is even a gift inside and yes, I picked it out myself.

😃 I am writing this just to let you know that I consider myself lucky to have you as my personal assistant. You have lifted so much of the  burden from me since becoming my assistant. And have always made my work easier with your great attitude.  Thank you so much.

😃 Thank you so much for all the effort you put in to make sure that everyone was well taken care of. You are the best organizer. And we are lucky to have you.

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Thank You for Your Assistance in this Matter

Has your administrative assistant helped you on a big project lately?  It’s important that you provide them with feedback after they have helped you out big time!  Here are examples of what to say when your administrative assistant helps you out with a certain matter.

😃 It has been such a pleasure to have you as my secretary. on this administrative assistant’s day, I wanted to show my gratitude to you with these thank you notes.  All that you do for me does not go unnoticed.

😃 Dear ________. you are top-notch. You handled everything in this job with tact and a sense of humor. I brought you in here to assist with simple tasks, and now you are running this school!  Your advice is much appreciated.  I thank god every day that I gave the secretary position to you and not to someone else!

😃 The importance of your contribution to the team is never overlooked. And how you continue to flawlessly organize all our events and programs. You are the best secretary in the world! This school is lucky to have you!  

😃 To my favorite administrative assistant, I am using this opportunity to tell you of my deepest appreciation for your seamless ability to manage the team schedules, keep the team motivated, and encouraged everyone.  This company appreciates everything you do.  

Male and female secretaries in meeting

Thank You For Your Assistance

Here are examples of thank you notes to send to your administrative assistant to let them know they are appreciated for the job they do!

😃 On behalf of all our team, we appreciate your effort as we continue to build our great company. What would we have done without you? You are someone with such an outstanding work ethic. We can’t thank you enough, you are the administrative assistant this company needed!  

😃 We appreciate your hard work and exceptional work ethic. Every time we count on you to maintain and deliver all that is required for the success of our projects, you always deliver beyond expectation.  You were born to do this job!

Administrative Assistant Gifts

😃 Thank you for being such a professional. Your tenacity to make a success of each of our events and your impressive work ethic, which on many occasions involves working late in the office, and late-night phone calls, to make my job easier is beyond commendable.

😃 Your ability to develop positive relationships with all our clients has brought so much new business to our company. You always go above and beyond and they adore you.  On behalf of the whole company, we thank you and appreciate you.

😃 You are always a joy to work with over the years and you’re such an incredible human being. You are a great example to every staff member in this organization. Thank you

Thank You Very Much For Your Assistance

A thank you note is a small gesture that can have a big impact!  It shows that you appreciate someone’s help, and it reinforces your relationship with that person.  

😃 Your wonderful people management skills have been invaluable to our company and our customers. Your decorum and your willingness to offer assistance in every difficult situation are beyond remarkable.

😃 I appreciate your effort in everything you do. And the vivacious spirit you bring to work every day has made my life easier. You are such an extraordinary person and such an incredible person to work with. Thank you for all that you do.

😃 I always appreciate the unique perspective of your input. Did I ever tell you, that you are very perceptive? That you have an extraordinary way of understanding everyone’s perspective. You have such a great insight

😃 Your knowledge and skill, and your dedication to this company have been an inspiration to everyone. Thank you for being such a valuable employee.

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Examples of Thank You Notes for Administrative Assistant

If you know that you should say thank you to your administrative assistant on administrative assistant’s day, but you don’t know what to say, here is an example of what cute example of what you should say in a card.  

😃 To my favorite secretary, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help over the past few weeks.  You have been a huge assistance and I really appreciated it.  I lucked out when it comes to having the best secretary in the company.  In all seriousness, thank you for the advice give to me over the years, keep doing it please.

😃 You always step up to deliver more than expected every time we need you to.  I can’t even imagine what would happen if you weren’t here!  

😃 Your effectiveness and efficiency have made a very huge impact on our growth within the last few years. Your ability to make the right decisions even in critical times has been flawless. You are phenomenal and I really appreciate you. 

Male secretary typing on computer

Thank You Note for Administrative Assistant

😃 You have been a great support through thick and thin in this office, I sincerely appreciate having you in my life. Thank you so much.

😃 You have shown yourself consistently to be a capable hand and a valuable asset. I appreciate you and thank you very much

😃 I don’t know what I would have done without you. You have been the absolute best school secretary this school has ever had!  Thank you very much for taking on the task of career day for the kids.  I will ensure I am present for that day.  This school would not run without the help of our administrative professionals!

Compliments for Administrative Assistants