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Send Messages Of Sympathy After An Accident

When a friend or loved one has been in an accident, you want to let them know that you are thinking of them and wishing them a speedy recovery.   The recovery period after an accident can be a long and painful one so a sympathy message from you can be just the ticket to give them a smile. 

Finding just the right words can be a difficult task and we are here to help. Below you will find over 150 wishes, sayings and quotes to assist you in sending the right message.  Feel free to use them as written or as a starting point to your own thoughts. 

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Get Well Soon After Accident

  • I’m glad to hear that you’re okay now! I wish that I can be by your side and nurse you back to tip-top shape. Wishing you lots of love and a speedy recovery! 
  • I was on a training seminar when I heard about your accident… I hope you’re doing better as you’re surrounded by your family! 
  • I cannot imagine how hard it is for your parents to see you in a hospital… but what matters is that you’re safe now. Get well soon and hope that we’ll have a chance to catch up once you’re fully recovered! 
  • You’re in my thoughts. I wish you a very quick recovery, dear! 
  • An accident like this is always an unpleasant experience, but remember that this trial will pass and may God bless you as you go through it. You’re in my prayers, love. 
  • Thank God you are doing fine after that horrible accident! Get well soon so we can hang out again, buddy.
  • There is nothing I want more than your fast recovery. May God be with you through this! 
  • I am so sorry to hear about your accident. Thank God that the operation was successful! I’ll see you very soon, my friend.
  • I miss walking around the city with you during our lunch break, the city just doesn’t feel complete… Get well soon to my loveliest, prettiest sister! 
  • I was truly devastated when I heard that you got into this accident. I know that you will get through this… feel better soon! 

I enjoy convalescence. It is the part that makes the illness worth while.

What Do You Write In A Sympathy Card For A Car Accident?

  • After that dreadful accident, I’m going to make sure that you receive the best and most efficient care you can ever ask for… personally. Don’t worry about it! 
  • During this difficult time, know that I will always be there for you when you need me. Otherwise, get well soon because sunny days are waiting for you! 
  • You are Wonder Woman, don’t let this unpleasant experience bring you down. Sending you lots of love!
  • You are my heart’s most precious treasure, seeing you in this much pain hurts me too. Have a very speedy recovery, princess!

Get Well Gift After a Car Accident

  • I heard that you need at least 2 months bed rest before you can get back up on your feet… I do hope it can be sooner than that, though, because the office doesn’t feel the same without you. Remember to always take your meds and follow the doctor’s orders! Take care. 
  • You surviving from this accident was a miracle. It means that God still have something great planned for you. I really hope that you’ll recover soon! 
  • See you soon, sweetie! I hope that your condition will improve in no time. In the meantime, here are some flowers to remind you that you’ll always have me. 
  • I know this this accident took a toll on you, but may your strength be fully restored and your body be completely healed soon! 
  • I am so sorry that you’re going through this. Here is my message to you: you are spectacular, so lows like these will be made up by mind-blowing highs. Get well soon! 
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Well Wishes For Recovery After Accident

  • Condolences for your family’s loss. May the Lord be with you.
  • May the love around you help you go through these tough times. 
  • No words can describe my sorrow… but I know that everything will be okay.
  • May your heart, mind and soul find comfort in knowing that he is happy up there. 
  • You are not alone in this… We are always here for you no matter what.
  • You have my love and support, my dear. 
  • I can only imagine what you’re going through… I wish you and your family endless strength in this time of loss. 
  • May his/her soul rest in peace. If you need someone to talk to, I’ll be here. 
  • Your loss has left a big hole in all of our hearts. She truly is a wonderful woman.  
  • We still cannot believe what just happened. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. 

What Is A Good Sympathy Message?

  • May love and inner peace comfort you during this difficult times.
  • No one saw this coming. My family’s hearts are with you and your family.
  • We are very, extremely saddened of your recent loss. Our condolences.
  • He may be gone from our sight, but he will always be in our hearts.
  • During these challenging times, my heart goes out to you and your loved ones.
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  • Nothing can express how sorry I feel for your loss. I just wish I could make you feel better.
  • Our sincerest condolences for your loss. May her beautiful soul rest peacefully in heaven.
  • We would like to express our deepest sympathy for your loss. Our thoughts are filled of you. 
  • In your time of sorrow and loss, you have our hearts. 
  • For this moment, and for whatever happens next, I promise to stand by your side and share your pain. 

What To Say To A Friend Who Is Injured?

  • During this difficult time, my hand is here for you to hold. 
  • My family and I are incredibly sorry to hear of your loss. We are praying for you. 
  • I need you to know that I am always here to lend you a helping hand and a shoulder to cry on. 
  • May your memories with him give you peace and comfort.
  • Thinking of you, sweetheart. I hope you’re at least doing okay.

Sleep, riches, and health to be truly enjoyed must be interrupted.

Johann Paul Friedrich Richter Tweet
  • Someone so special could never be erased from our hearts.
  • For you, I am just one phone call away. Please let me know if I can help in any way.
  • When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. Your heart and mind will cherish it for eternity.
  • Words fall short of expressing my great sadness for your loss.
  • You and your family members are surrounded by love and support. Don’t lose hope! 
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Sympathy Message For Accident

  • I could only wish that you didn’t go through that terrible experience, but I also know that you are a warrior… you can conquer anything this world has to throw at you. Counting down to the day when I can see you again! 
  • I’m so sorry you had to go through that, but here are some words of encouragement: a person as brave, strong, and determined as you would never let an accident bring him down. Good luck with your recovery, I know that you will be up and fighting in no time!
  • Even though tragic accidents happen, I never thought that this would ever happen to you. You don’t deserve this in any way shape or form. I’m sending you lots of warm hugs and kisses, my angel. Get well soon! 
  • Although this unfortunate accident happened at a very inconvenient time, I know that it is not going to weigh down on your spirits. I pray that you’ll fully recover soon. Miss you lots, girl! 
  • Recovering from the traumas of an accident may be a long and laborious process, but you don’t have to do it alone. I know just how difficult it is, but if I had to bet on someone who can come out the other side stronger than ever, I would put my bets on you. 
  • I don’t want you to have to go though this, but in times like these, it is important for us to remember that everything happens for a reason. I hope that you’ll heal quickly, and when you do, the world is happy to welcome you back with open arms! 
  • Between us, you’ve always been the person that makes the best out of a situation. Now, I’m going to do the same for you… at least until you fully recover, and you will fully recover soon! Relax and have plenty of rest. 
  • Having to go through this is no fun for anyone… but you are a magnificent woman, I’m sure that you can handle this! I wish you all the best while you’re recovering and I’m hoping to see your energetic, effervescent self in the near future! 
  • When I heard that you got into an accident, I swear I had never been more terrified in my entire life. But, I know that you are going to get through this successfully, because nothing ever beats you down… you are like a phoenix!

What Can I Say Instead Of Get Well Soon?

  • I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of pain that you are going through currently, and I’m so sorry that I was not there to hold you. From now on, I promise to be near you, both physically and emotionally. 
  • An accident is a horrible thing to go through, no matter what type. I’m sorry that this happened to you, you’re the sweetest person I’ve ever met and I know that you deserve more than this. May you have a speedy recovery! 
  • You are a strong, determined person and I know that this accident will not put you down. I wish you a quick recovery so you can get back to enjoying your life as soon as possible! 
  • I’m sorry that you had that accident and are still in the process of recovering from it… but I know deep in my heart that you’ll be alright at the end. Get well soon! 
  • “It’s always sad when someone close to us goes through an accident. Instead of feeling sorry for you or sad for you, I’m harnessing all my energy at wishing the best for your recovery. You will get through this. 
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  • I hope that this accident won’t hold you back for a very long time. You may be having a bit of a hard time dealing with it, but I know that you will recover fully soon. Wishing you all the best with everything, babe!
  • It is important for you to realise that this accident does not mean the end of the world for you. You are not going to be down forever and you will get better soon. Sending you lots of love, dear! 
  • Hope you’ll get off those nasty meds soon! 
  • We are very much looking forward to seeing you back at work. We miss you!
  • Wishing you well, cutie.

How Do You Say Hope You Are Doing Well?

  • Take extra good care of yourself!
  • Here’s to you- may you get stronger and healthier every day!
  • We really hope you’re taking things slow and easy right now…
  • Take your time in getting well! None of us are going anywhere. 
  • Get ready for some good, healthy and positive vibes coming your way.

Luxury Sympathy Gift Baskets

  • Heartiest wishes for a speedy recovery.
  • This place is almost dull without you. Hope that you can come back soon! 
  • I may not be able to lift you with my body, but I sure hope my prayers can life your spirits!
  • I’m sure you’ll be hopping around town and doing your old tricks again soon! 
  • Hope you’ll feel better as the clock ticks.

What Do You Write In A Sympathy Card For A Car Accident?

  • You’re in all our deepest thoughts as you recover from your accident.
  • I really hope that it won’t be long until you walk out of the hospital…
  • This has got to be a sign… a sign that you should watch more TV in the house with me! 
  • At least you can pass the time reading your beloved novels now.
  • You mean the world to me. Hope you’ll be up and running very soon! 
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  • Hope it helps a little to know how much you’re in my prayers. 
  • May God be with you all throughout your recovery. 
  • Just sending a little get-well sunshine your way because you always a bright spot in my darkest days. 
  • I think of you all the time. May you have a quick recovery, you wouldn’t even remember much of what happened!
  • I love you, hun. I hate it when you’re unwell.

Sorry To Hear About Your Accident

  • I know you, and I know you’ll defeat this.
  • Ugh. How I hate it when my favorite person gets hurt.
  • I have faith that you’ll be better in the blink of our eyes. 
  • Sending big hugs for a fast recovery! 
  • Saying extra prayers so you’ll hopefully recover faster!
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  • Life is truly not fair… you’re way too nice to be sick like this.
  • I’m amazed by the things you’d do for my attention! Well, anyway, you’ve got mine for as long as you want. 
  • Get better and please get back to your fascinating self soon!
  • I realize just how much I need you when you’re out of commission… wishing you a speedy recovery. 
  • If you need me to come over to make you my famous chicken noodle soup, I’ll be at your service, my Queen. 

Get Well Soon Messages After Accident

  • Go ahead and milk this for as long as you can, and for that amount of time, your wish is my command.
  • I was so devastated when I heard about your diagnosis. As you begin your treatment soon, I’m sending you lots of love! (and care packages if you want)
  • May you feel God’s healing hands working within you. 
  • I don’t know why bad things like cancer have to happen to good people like you. But I want you to know how much my heart is with you and the rest of your family. Please, do let me help in whatever way I can.
  • Whatever makes you feel better and loved, that’s what I hope for you as you work through your physical therapy.
  • Whatever happens, I’ll pray with you. 
  • I don’t know what to say, except I love you and I sincerely hope that you’ll recover soon. 
  • Let’s hang out as soon as you’re well enough. Can’t wait to paint the town red with you again!
  • Wishing you nothing but lovely days to make up for all the crummy ones you’ve been having. 
  • This is indeed something serious. In the spirit of friendship, I’m ready to take it on together. 
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Get Well Soon Messages After Car Accident

  • Call me when you’re up to it? Would be so nice to hear how you’re doing. 
  • I’ve seen your smile countless times before, and I know that I’ll be seeing one again very soon.
  • Prayers for you are on my to-do list, but I’d like to be able to cross that item off soon. May you have a speedy recovery! 
  • Time to get better! At this point, I insist. 
  • Nothing seems to go right when you’re not here with me. Please get well soon so things can be back to the way they should be!
  • You being sick is making me feel sick. I hate it when you’re not feeling well… So, if you don’t want me to be sick too, you better recover soon!
  • Getting bad news from the doctor is really scary. I pray that God will grant you strength as you face this nightmare, because I know that life is waiting you after!
  • Have a speedy and complete recovery! I can’t wait until you get back on your two feet. I feel empty without you. 
  • The only thing more sick than you right now is me… I’m sick of seeing you laying powerless in the hospital bed. Hope you’ll get well soon!
  • You need to take care of yourself… drink enough water, eat healthy, get enough sleep, and then you’ll get back to being your energetic self in no time. Let me know if I can help. Talk to you later! 

Recovery Wishes After Accident

  • I hope that your full recovery package will come soon! I’ll see you soon when you get better. I love you, my darling. 
  • I miss spending happy hour with you. You know I’m not a patient person… feel better already! (with all my love)
  • I am praying for you. I am praying for healing, comfort, and peace. God knows that you need lots of those at the moment. 
  • Sweetheart, I’m thinking of you. I wish there was something I could do to make you recover soon. I hope that this card can at least make you smile.

Inspirational Quotes For Speedy Recovery

The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.

The power of love to change bodies is legendary, built into folklore, common sense, and everyday experience. Love moves the flesh, it pushes matter around.... Throughout history, "tender loving care" has uniformly been recognized as a valuable element in healing.

The treatment is really a cooperative of a trinity--the patient, the doctor and the inner doctor.

There is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great, and no tonic so powerful as expectation of something tomorrow.

Time is the best doctor.

Warning: Humor may be hazardous to your illness.

Accidents, try to change them -- it's impossible. The accidental reveals man.

The ideal man bears the accidents of life with dignity and grace, making the best of circumstances.

In life, more than in anything else, it isn’t easy to end up alive.

Accidents happen. Our bones shatter, our skin splits, our hearts break. We burn, we drown, we stay alive.

150 Sympathy Messages For Accident