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My Sister is Having a Baby Quotes

Giving birth is one of the most amazing experiences a woman can go through.  so when a friend or sister announces she is pregnant, be sure to send some pregnancy congratulations messages to them. 

It lets them know you are happy for them, and want to offer them some pregnancy wishes.  If you are not sure what to say, pick from our list of pregnancy wishes and quotes to send to your sister.

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Pregnancy Wishes For Sister

👶 Like an angel from heaven, your baby will be a blessing to the whole family! Congratulations to my sweet sister.  I know you will be the most caring mother.  

👶 As your sister, I couldn’t be more excited about this most precious gift.  May god bless you and this new baby.

👶 Welcome to the new mother’s community, where we prepare you for the joy, whimsy and sleep deprivation of motherhood. Just kidding, may this upcoming baby bring you much happiness and joy.

👶 Congratulations to my lovely sister.  I can’t tell you how excited I to meet this upcoming baby, this is such a wonderful gift for our family.  Cheers to a happy pregnancy!

👶 Hey sis, I am so excited to be an auntie.  I can’t wait to see that baby and mother bond that everyone talks about.  Most of all I hope that you have a healthy and bubbly baby, just like you!  Congratulations on your wonderful miracle.  Wishing you all the happiness in the world, not that you need it after this news!

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👶 Sending the best pregnancy wishes to my lovely sister.  We are all excited about the pregnancy news!  Your baby is so lucky because he or she will have the coolest uncle on the planet!  Enjoy your wonderful moment sis!

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👶 Dear sis, congratulations on your pregnancy sister.  I can’t believe you have a human being growing in your belly. If anyone is more excited about your bundle of joy than our mom, it’s me!  I can’t wait to meet my little niece!

👶 To my sweet little sister, welcome to the mom’s club!  You really don’t have a single life anymore, you have jumped head first into the family way, but I know you love it all.  I am so glad you have a passionate life partner to go through this with.  I love you sis! 

👶 Dear sister, I here a little niece is on the way!  Sending happy pregnancy wishes from all of us.  We love you.  

👶 Your big brother helped you learn how to ride a bike, and I hope to do the same for my nephew one day. Best wishes on your pregnancy!  

There is no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one!

Pregnancy Congratulations Messages For Your Sister

👶  Now that you’re about to become a mother, I am so excited to meet this human being.  May god bless you and ensure this baby remains healthy, as does his mom!  

👶 Congratulations on your pregnancy sister.  I know your upcoming daughter will be a very skilled bike rider, just like her mom!  

👶 Hey sister, the whole family is buzzing with excitement about your pregnancy.  Mom is going to ensure you have a healthy meal every day, your sweet uncle has decided to be your very obedient servant.  Basically we are all here to take care of you, we are so excited to meet our upcoming nephew.  

👶 Dear sister, I am so excited for your pregnancy, I know how excited you must be.  Whether it’s a baby boy or baby girl, I know you will be the best mother you can be.  Did I hear something about a marriage ceremony too?

Pregnancy Wishes Messages For Sister

👶 Sending pregnancy wishes to my favorite sister!  I was so excited to hear your news, and I can’t wait to meet my upcoming nephew.  If you need a babysitter, call me!    

👶 To think that my little sister has a little boy growing inside her is mind-blowing! Congratulations on your pregnancy, and I can’t wait to meet our baby.  Oh so you thought it was just your baby, nope sis, we are all going to spoil this beautiful baby!  

👶 Your heart has always been full of love and happiness, my big sister, and soon your arms will be too! Congratulations on your twin boys, I can’t wait to meet the bundles of joy 

👶 Your goal to become the most successful woman in our family has been achieved, now it’s time to chill and become a lazy person, and take care of this beautiful baby inside of you.  

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How to Congratulate a Pregnant Woman?

👶 As the day I call myself “Uncle” draws near, I’m thankful for a sister who’s kind and dear. I have wonderful memories with you, and I can’t wait to make more with your incredible daughter.  

👶 During your pregnancy I hope you stay healthy and stress free.  Right now as I look at you you have this incredible beauty that only pregnancy woman have.  Wishing you all the joys of life, as you continue this beautiful journey. 

👶 I’m so glad to hear that my big sister is pregnant with a baby boy.  I wish you a happy pregnancy, I know you are going to be the best mom.  May god bless you and your little one.  

👶 You’ve been a pretty cool sister, but as a biker I know I’ll be the coolest uncle to your little bundle of joy. I’m already looking for a helmet and leather jacket for my nephew!

👶 As your sister and also a mother of boys, I can assure you that you’re in for a bumpy ride.  As a one time lazy person, all that is about to change.  Enjoy the peace and quiet while you can!  

My Sister Is Having a Baby Gift Ideas

My Sister is Pregnant Quotes

👶 Your sisters before you have had daughters of their own, and you adding another girl to our clan only seems natural! Best wishes dear sister.

👶 Being pregnant with a girl must be a dream come true for you sweet sister , you always said if we had a third sister everything would’ve been more fun! I can’t wait for my niece to grow up and go shopping with us. 

👶 As the youngest in our family, your birth was the biggest deal ever.  Now that you are pregnant , we are so excited for another huge event in the lives of our family!   

👶 Knowing that my sweet sister is going to have a baby girl is the best news in the world.  What a wonderful moment for our family of boys!  

👶 You’ve been such a great sister, I can only hope that your newborn baby will be a clone of you, so I can watch you grow up all over again.   

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👶 Being a mother is like the ocean at high tide: every bit as extraordinary and breath-taking as it is terrifying! Congratulations on the precious daughter that you’re carrying.  Sending you nothing but happy pregnancy wishes.

👶 What could possibly be better than the joy you had, growing up as my big sister? Becoming a mother to a little girl,  you’re already trained and qualified for the position dear sister!

👶 Only mothers can understand the depth of love nd connection that comes with birthing a child.  You will now have that connection dear sis.  Wishing you nothing but a happy pregnancy!

👶 To call myself your brother truly is an honor.  Now I can’t wait to be called, “Uncle!” by your upcoming daughter! Congratulations on your pregnancy dear sis.

👶 From the start I only wished for you to have a healthy pregnancy, but to find out that “it’s a girl!” has me bursting with excitement.  I am so excited for our girls to grow up together.  Cheers to my pregnant sister.

Being a full-time mother is one of the highest salaried jobs… since the payment is pure love.

My Little Sister Is Having A Baby

👶 I’ve been your big sister up until now, and I won’t stop looking after you once you’re a mother. Huge congratulations to my pregnant sister.  

👶 For my little sister, I want nothing less than the best for you in life.  To find out that you have a newborn baby on the way, makes me happier than words can say! 

👶 Making a baby before your big sister isn’t against any rule, but I still think you cheated. Just kidding! Best wishes with your pregnancy!

👶 Being the youngest in your family has made you tough, so having your first baby won’t be anything you can’t handle! 

👶 My younger sister has always been behind me in life milestones: I was the first to drive, first to graduate, first to marry.  You however have beaten me to parenthood!  Sending nothing but the best pregnancy wishes for sister. 

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👶 Congratulations sis, on your long-awaited pregnancy! If all good things come to those who wait, then we’re all in for a treat when your newborn baby makes their debut!

👶 Everyone knows that you’re pregnant, and not because your big brother went around bragging about it.  Your belly is visible from space! Hope your pregnancy is out of this world, I promise to be an extraordinary uncle to your boy or girl.

👶 A big congratulations to a little sister that I love; a niece or nephew from you would be a gift from above!

👶 This is the most anticipated event within our family’s history, my little sister is having a baby! Enjoy being pampered and loved during your pregnancy, because all of that is going to change once the baby comes!

👶 After hearing your pregnancy news, I cannot wait to meet my  new niece or nephew.  I will be the proudest uncle in the delivery room!

What To Get Your Sister Who Is Having a Baby

How Do You Congratulate Your Sister For Her Baby?

👶 I’m wishing you good health and lots of love during your pregnancy. Congratulations on your pregnancy, dear sister.  

👶 Many, many congratulations on your pregnancy, to my sister that already has many kids that are growing big and strong. Just a couple more, and you can start your own basketball team! 

👶 The calming silence within your peaceful home will soon be broken by the relentless screaming and crying of your newborn child. I bet you’re glad that your insomniac sister won’t mind helping you out! Congrats, and call me any time.

👶 To become a mother is the best feeling in the world, dear sister.  I know you will make the best mom, sending all the love and happy pregnancy wishes for my sister.  

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👶 Take care of yourself and let nothing stress you out.  Enjoy this time growing a human.  Congratulations and lots of love, to my favorite sister.

👶 It may seem overwhelming to you to be pregnant, but the whole family wants their hands on this baby,  so just think of it as all of us carrying it with you! Well not me, that would be weird!  Best wishes with your bundle of joy, from your brother.

👶 I know you love babies, so having another one must be a dream come true! Congratulations on your pregnancy, and welcoming another member to your brood.

👶 Nine months from now, I’ll be the happiest sister in the world to welcome your newborn baby into our family.  

👶 I’m so excited to see your newborn baby, but the due date seems so far away.  I guess I’ll try to be more patient.  If there’s anything you need, you know you only have to ask! 

👶 Becoming a mother can be a real pleasure, but being pregnant can be a real pain. My advice, sis, is to hurry up and have that baby, so we can all get to the good part!

👶 “It takes a village to raise a child”- so just think of your family as the Village People! Congratulations from your favorite sibling, and remember that we’re all here for you and your baby-on-the-way. 

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What Do You Say to Your Sister Giving Birth?

👶 I don’t have my own child yet, so I will practice on yours.  I am so excited for this new chapter in your life.  I love you, big sis!  

👶 A sister-in-law can be a sister indeed, especially when pregnant with my nephew or niece! Congratulations on your pregnancy. 

👶 My sister is having a baby and I want to shout it from the rooftops, but my neighbors already complained about me doing that kind of thing, so I decided to just send you a card. Congrats!

👶 Having a baby can be like getting a new boss at work- they’re inexperienced and loud, and think they know what they need but you probably know better! Good luck with your new boss, sis, don’t let them walk all over you.

👶 I wish for my sister to deliver a cute, chubby and healthy baby.  I am so excited for you, wishing you nothing but a happy pregnancy!

👶 I wanted to congratulate you on becoming pregnant. As my big sister, you have always been really bossy, so motherhood should come to you naturally. 

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👶 This is an awesome and big moment for all of us, so don’t get sloppy and screw it up like your dance recital when you were 10. Just kidding! Congratulations on your pregnancy, from your sister who does everything else better.

👶 I’m super happy for you that you’re pregnant, I can’t wait to meet my niece or nephew!

👶 They say that motherhood can make anyone into a productive, organized and attentive person,  but if you manage to drop that ball, too, then your capable big sister is here to help! Congrats on your pregnancy.

👶 I’d like to congratulate you on becoming pregnant, and making mom and dad so proud of you.

👶 If life were a game of bingo, it took you forever to win on your card, but thankfully our parents are still around to see their grandchild. Congratulations on your pregnancy, and don’t be surprised if I yell out, “BINGO!” in the delivery room.

👶 I had a hard time imagining you as a mother when I first heard that you’re pregnant. But as my sister, I realized that you’re perfect for the role when I remember how many times I told you, “you’re not my mom!” 

👶 Best wishes from your big brother, I’m so proud that you’ll be a mother! Your bundle of joy is coming soon, I hope you don’t need me in the delivery room.

👶 When you have your newborn baby, I hope it’s as beautiful as our mother, as intelligent as your husband and as funny as me. I guess it would be nice if they had your eyes, too. Congratulations on your pregnancy, big sis!

👶 I used to tease you that no one would want to kiss you, but now that you’re pregnant, you have proof that I was wrong. Congratulations!

👶 Congrats on your pregnancy, and may your children look like your husband. Best wishes from your twin!

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Congratulations Messages Pregnancy Wishes For Your Sister

👶 My darling sister that I hold so dear, the day that you give birth is ever drawing near. I hope that motherhood is everything you dream, but if it gets tough my shoulder’s here for you to lean. So stay calm, rest and relax, and enjoy this exciting new journey!

👶 Congratulations on your pregnancy, sis! I hope that you feel like you’re up for this! Late nights awake and long mornings of sickness, and strange cravings for ice cream with pickles. Just know that your family will be there for you.

👶 Growing up so close in age has been amazing.  I can’t believe we are both pregnant at the same time, I am excited for our girls to have each other, just like we did.  I am so excited to be pregnant with you, and we didn’t even plan this!  

👶 I can’t believe my little sis is about to become a mom!  I know we tease each other all of the time, but i know you’re going to be an amazing mother, sis.  Whether it’s a little girl or boy, congratulations on your bundle of joy!

👶 Our mom always said you were the best daughter to be found, and I will say that you’re the best sister around. Your husband thinks that you’re the best wife, so there’s only one thing left to be the best at in life. Congratulations on your pregnancy, for the very best mother-to-be! 

👶 Your first baby was all the rage, the family couldn’t wait! Now that you’re on your second kid, we’re in the very same state! Congrats on your pregnancy, from your twin.  Here’s to hoping two is better than one for motherhood to be double your fun!

👶 As we wait these nine months long, your family hopes that you stay strong. We’re glad to hear you’re expecting a child to give you love and drive you wild! When times get tough we’ll all be here to lend a shoulder, a hand or an ear. You’re my sister and I love you so much.  Congrats on your bundle of joy, my niece if it’s a girl or nephew if it’s a boy!

Pregnancy Quotes

Being pregnant was the healthiest I’ve ever been in my life. Except for the cupcakes.

Everything grows rounder and wider and weirder, and I sit here in the middle of it all and wonder who in the world you will turn out to be.

Babies are always more trouble than you thought—and more wonderful.

What good mothers and fathers instinctively feel like doing for their babies is usually best after all.

You are pregnant and you are powerful. You are bold and you are beautiful. Go forward in your boldness, in your beauty and in your contentedness. Trust your body to birth and know that the collective power of women worldwide will be with you.

A ship under sail and a big-bellied woman are the handsomest two things that can be seen common.

In giving birth to our babies, we may find that we give birth to new possibilities within ourselves.

If I had my life to live over, instead of wishing away nine months of pregnancy, I’d have cherished every moment and realized that the wonderment growing inside me was the only chance in life to assist God in a miracle.

Before you were conceived I wanted you. Before you were born, I loved you. Before you were here an hour, I would die for you. This is the miracle of Mother’s Love.

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born. She never existed before. The woman existed, but the mother, never. A mother is something absolutely new.

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