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Happy Father's Day for a Friend

Father’s Day is an important day for all fathers, it’s a special time to honor and celebrate the role of the awesome dads out there. So, if you have a friend who is a dad, why not take this opportunity to let him know what an awesome job he is doing.  Here are some happy father’s day for a friend wishes you can send him.  Sometimes you’re not sure if you’re doing a good job or not, so it’s really nice when someone else reaches out to let us know that we are doing a good job as a parent!  Here are some ideas for sending your friend some cute happy father’s day wishes.

Father and toddler son on floor staring at each other

How Do You Wish a Friend Happy Father's Day?

This father’s day, take some time out of your busy schedule to send a heartfelt message to a friend who is a dad. Let them know they are a wonderful father, everyone likes to hear they are doing a good job from time to time. A simple happy father’s day wish telling them they are an awesome father would be much appreciated!

👨 I just wanted to take a moment to let you know what an amazing dad you are.  The way you take care of the twins and your beautiful wife, you’re a role model for the rest of us.  Happy father’s day.

👨 Happy Father’s day to the best dad I know.  You are doing an amazing job, dear friend.

👨 Hey Friend, I hope you know what a great job you are doing.  I see you with your kids and just wanted to tell you what an awesome dad you are.  I hope you enjoy celebrating father’s day with them today.

👨Too all my friends who are dads.  Sending happy fathers day wishes to all of you.  You are amazing dads!

👨 I hope you have a fun father’s day, my friend! You deserve it.

👨 You are such a dedicated father, your family is lucky to have you.  Happy father’s day mate.

Wishing you only the best happy father's day wishes.

👨 You are one great dad! I see you outside playing with the kids at the weekend, giving your wife _______ a break.  So not only are you a great friend, you are a fantastic father too!  Have a great father’s day this weekend.

👨 Wishing you a heartfelt father’s day today.  You are a dedicated father, as well as such a good friend.  I’m so glad you’re in my life, cheers mate.

👨Happy father’s day from one dad to another.  You’re always there for your kids when they need you, and I know they appreciate that more than you know.  You’re a good father and great friend, let’s get together for some beers soon.

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What Should I Write in my Friends Father's Day Card?

If you’re looking to send dome happy father’s day wishes to your best friend letting him know what an amazing father he is.  Use words like “amazing dad”, or “perfect father”, let him know what a great job he is doing raising his children.  Fathers need reminding they are doing a great job with their children too.  Check out our favorite wishes and messages to send him some happy father’s day wishes.

👨 You are one of the best fathers out there.  You’re an amazing role model for them, and I know they’ll be better people because of the example you’ve set for them.  Happy father’s day friend.

👨 I know that your children are so happy when you spend time with them, they are super lucky to have you as their dads.  You are the best fathers to these kids.  Wishing you both a great day today.

👨 I have not met a better dad than you, hoping you have a beautiful father’s day today.  The world needs more fathers like you.

👨 A dad is an important role in a child’s life, you are the best dads for these kids.  I just wanted to remind you what an awesome job you are doing.  I hope you have a really fun first father’s day with the twins.  This is a special day for you.

👨 You inspire me to be a better dad, I don’t know how you manage to do all that you do!  Your children are lucky to have you in their lives.  I know I’m lucky to have the friendship we share.  You’re my hero.

👨 Happy father’s day to a great father and true friend.  Today is the perfect opportunity to remind everyone what a great father you are.  Your son is a sweet, kind boy because of the example you set for him.

Good Ideas for Father's Day Gift

Fathers Day Messages to a Friend

👨 I hope you have a nice father’s day today, best wishes to you and ________.

👨 Enjoy this special occasion today, as you get ready to celebrate your first father’s day.  As your best friend, I will tell you that you were born to be a father, no matter what anyone else says, you are an awesome dad.

👨 I wanted to reach out this fathers day to tell you what an amazing person you are and one of the best fathers I have met.  I see you spend as much time as you can with your kids, you always seem to be having so much fun.  I just wanted you to know that your friends consider you a role model.

👨 Wishing you a happy father’s day on this special occasion.  I know you will celebrate like nobody’s business.  Have fun today!

👨 To my best friend, I don’t tell you this enough, but you are a fabulous father.  Just like you’ve always been there for me when I needed you, I know you will always be there for your children.  Wishing you a fun happy father’s day today.  

👨 Hoping you have a wonderful father’s day, I know this is a special occasion for you.  Enjoy your special day friend.

👨 My friend is an amazing dad and he goes above and beyond for his family. He puts in the hard work every day to provide for them, but he also takes time to enjoy life with them.  Wishing him a happy father’s day on this special day.

👨 No matter what, take time to celebrate this special day with your family.  You deserve all the love and wishes coming your way today.  You taught me how to be the best father my daughter would want.  I’m grateful for our friendship.

👨 Happy father’s day, your family love and adore you, and I hope you know that.

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Father's Day Quotes for a Friend

Do you know a dear friend who is an amazing dad?  Sending happy father’s day wishes tells them what a great job they are doing and lets them know what an awesome dad they are.  A great friend who is a dad needs to hear this once in a while, you can pick from our favorite father’s day messages.  Wishing you a happy father’s day.

👨 Hey _______, you are such a good friend, I wanted to remind you what a good father you are.  These happy fathers day wishes are for you, keep up the good work.

👨 You taught me how to be a better person and dad, the world needs more friends like you.  Happy father’s day to one of the best.

👨 Happy father’s day to the one person who showed me how to become a better dad.  You are the type of father I strive to be.  I’m thankful to have you in my life.  

👨 I can’t believe YOU have a child, and I can’t believe what a good job you are doing as a father.  You were born to do this.  Your friends are here if ever you need us, but so far, you’re rocking this father gig!

👨 I hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day, my friend! You deserve it after all you’ve been through this year.  Always remember, your friends are here when you need them.

👨 Hoping that this Father’s Day is everything you hoped for and more, my friend. You deserve it!

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Happy Fathers Day Message to a Friend

I truly believe it’s important to cheer on our friends, particularly dads, and tell them they are doing a great job.  These happy father’s day messages will do just that!  So, take a moment and send some happy father’s day wishes to your friend today.

👨 No matter what is going on in your life, you always have time for your child, I’m in awe at what a great dad you are.  Happy father’s day wishes to you and yours.

👨 Hey friend, happy father’s day wishes to you and the family.  I hope they spoil you rotten today.

👨 Sending happy father’s day wishes to my best friend.  I want to thank my friend for being such an amazing father figure, not only for his own children but also as a role model for all fathers around him. Happy father’s day _________.

👨 Wishing you a very happy father’s day! You’re an amazing father and friend, and I’m so lucky to know you.

👨 To all my friends that are dads.  Sending you all happy fathers day wishes.  Happy fathers day, you all ROCK!

👨 Happy father’s day to an awesome dad and my best friend.  You didn’t have the best father figure growing up, so I don’t know where you get it from, but you are doing an amazing job.

👨 Happy father’s day to an awesome father.  You make me strive to become a better dad.  THANK YOU!

👨 You are the most dedicated father I know.  You have such a high profile busy career, and then you come home and are a great dad to your son!

Happy Fathers Day for a Friend