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First Mothers Day Quotes

A first mother’s day is a really special time for a woman, and something they will never experience again.  If you know someone who has just become  a first time mom, let her know how amazing she is with these first mothers day quotes.   Use words to encourage them and let them know they are doing an amazing job.

Take the time to create something meaningful for this new amazing mom, who may be feeling overwhelmed by it all.  So from funny puns to sappy sentiments, we’re here with ideas and inspiration for what you should write in your first mother’s day card.

Mom playing with newborn baby on bed

What Do You Write in a First Mother's Day Card?

A new mom is still trying to figure out what she’s doing, she’s wondering if she’s doing the right thing or the wrong thing.  So it’s important to encourage her, use positive words, and tell her how fantastic she is. Use any of our first mother’s day messages.

  • Happy mother’s day to the most amazing mom.  You’ve always been such a great sister, so I knew you would be a great new mom!
  • Enjoy your first mother’s day, your baby is so lucky to have you!
  • Already you are an incredible new mom.  That baby is going to want for nothing.  Enjoy this first mother’s day.
  • Happy first mother’s day to the best mom I know.  Your baby is so freaking lucky to have you as their mom.  They are going to be an awesome kid.

Happy first mother's day to all the amazing moms out there!

  • Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Motherhood is one of the most amazing journeys you will ever go on. I am so excited to watch you grow and change as a mom.
  • Holding your new baby is the most wonderful feeling in the world.  Enjoy it all best friend, and always remember you are a great mom.
  • Happy mother’s day to a new mother who is killing it already.  I hope your daughter realizes how lucky she is to have you as her family.  Celebrate it all today, mom!
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Happy 1st Mothers Day Quotes

A first mother’s day is such a sweet day to celebrate.  So if you  know a friend or a sister who has just become a new mom for the first time, make sure she is celebrated like the incredible mom she is.  If you’re looking for ideas for first mother’s day messages to write in a card, we have some great suggestions for you. 

  • May all your mother’s day wishes come true.  Oh wait, they already have.  Enjoy this mother’s day with your beautiful sleeping baby.  Remember you are a new mom, go easy on yourself and get some rest.
  • I know that being a new mom can be tough at times, but just remember that you are an amazing mommy.
  • He was worth waiting nine months for, happy first mother’s day to a great mommy.  I will never forget the first moment we saw him.  Happy first mother’s day to the best mom!
  • There’s nothing better than a mother’s love.  I know you will be the greatest mom because you already are! Enjoy this special moment.

Best First Mothers Day Gift

Mothers Day Quotes for Cards

When you become a mother for the first time, you have to deal with all the sleepless nights with this new life, but you love it all (kind of).  Having a baby is one of the greatest gift that god gives you.  If you have someone who just became a new mother, send these first mother’s day quotes to remind her how amazing she is and what a wonderful mom she is.

  • Your child is so lucky to have a wonderful mother like you.  You are a great mommy, I can already see that you have so much love for your daughter. Take good care of your new family.  Happy mother’s day best friend.
  • You love motherhood even more than I thought you would. Enjoy all the first mother’s day quotes coming your way.  Wishing you a day as amazing as you are.
  • Congratulations, your sweet family is beautiful.  I hope you are able to enjoy it all.  Your daughter is the sweetest thing I have seen.  Growing a child inside of you means you have unconditional love for that child.  Happy mother’s day, call me anytime you need me, your best friend.
  • No matter what happens in life, know that I’ll always be here for you – Happy Mother’s Day!
  • Giving birth is an incredible experience that not all women get to enjoy.  Enjoy all your sweet messages today
  • Happy mother’s day, wishing you the best day today.  Have a wonderful first mother’s day with your family.
Mommy staring at new little bundle of joy

First Mother's Day Wishes

When you become a mother, you’re a little unsure about what you are doing, everything is a little scary as you start to take care of this new life.  A mother’s day message telling you how wonderful you are doing would be much appreciated.  So this mother’s day if you know a woman who has just become a new mom, take the time to send some positive vibes to her with some happy mother’s day messages letting her know she is doing great.

  •  Congratulations on your new arrival! Becoming a mother is one of the most amazing things that you will ever experience. I hope that this first mother’s day is as special as you are.  Congratulations and enjoy your first mother’s day.
  • Motherhood is such a special journey, and I am so excited to watch you embark on it. Wishing you all the best on your first mother’s day.  These first mother’s day messages are just for you.
  • Congratulations on your new arrival! I am so excited to meet your new little daughter and to watch you become a mom. Wishing you all the best on your first mother’s day MOM!
  • Congratulations on your daughter. I can’t wait to meet your new little one and to watch you become a mother. Enjoy your first mother’s day with your child.  Enjoy xo.
  • Happy mother’s day to the love of my life.  Baby girl, I can’t believe you are now a mother, you are going to be such a wonderful mother.  Enjoy this amazing first mother’s day.
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Happy Mothers Day to all Moms Quotes

Having trouble finding the right words to wish a new mom a happy mother’s day.  We have compiled a collection of the best first mother’s day messages to send to an incredible mom.  Celebrate her first mother’s day with these cute mother’s day quotes, she will appreciate the gesture.

  • Your baby is so lucky to have you as a mother, and I am so lucky to be able to call you my friend. I know ______ will think of a wonderful way to celebrate your first mother’s day.
  • You are strong, capable, and loving. Your baby is so lucky to have you as a mother.  Wishing you a blessed first mother’s day.
  • The biggest surprise from becoming a new mother is how much you can love this new child of yours.  You realize very quickly that would do anything for this kid!  Welcome to motherhood!
  • Believe in yourself, you are a great mother!  Happy mother’s day sweetheart.
  • A mother will always be a mama bear to her kid.  Welcome to motherhood, my beautiful daughter.
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First Mother's Day Message

Use these heartfelt quotes to wish a new mother well on her first mother’s day.  When you’re trying to figure out what to write in a mother’s day card, use positive words, encouraging words like “greatest mom”, “best mom”, or my favorite “best new mother.  Sending these first mother’s day quotes will absolutely make her day even more special.

  • Being a mom is the hardest job in the world, but it is also the most rewarding. You are now a mother, enjoy all the stress and sleeplessness that comes along with it all.  Wishing you all the best on this happy mother’s day.
  • The day you become a mother, your life change in an instant!  Your daughter or son becomes the priority in your life.  You were born to be a mom, you are such a caring woman with all your animals, your daughter is lucky to have you!
  • I love seeing how much tremendous joy this sweet baby has brought into your life.  Celebrate mother’s day like it’s your first because it is!  And remember to let your mother in law help out so you can get some rest.
  • Sending mother’s day wishes to the most incredible mother.  You’ve got this girl, you are doing awesome.
New parents gaze adoringly at their new baby daughter

1st Mothers Day Quotes

These mother’s day messages will brighten up her day even more, as she celebrates finally being a mother on mother’s day.

  • As a new mother, I can’t wait to see all the firsts that you experience with your little one. From the first time they smile to the first time they roll over, it is all so special. Enjoy every moment, even the tough ones, because they will be gone before you know it.  Happy first mother’s day. 
  • To the best new mom in the world, this bundle of joy is lucky to have you.  Congratulations to the new mother in town.
  • Welcome to the amazing world of motherhood, I’ll come by soon to see your new little one.
  • Happy mother’s day to my very best friend   This morning she became a new mother for the first time. I know she is going to be awesome at this as she is everything else!
  • Congratulations on becoming a mom… and giving up sleep for the next 18 years!
  • Congratulations on becoming a mom! Now you’ll never have a moment to yourself again…enjoy it!
  • You’re now responsible for another human being… no pressure or anything!
  • You’re now a mom… and there’s no turning back!
    8. Get ready for some sleepless nights, dirty diapers, and lots of love!

Funny Mother's Day Messages