What to Say in a Sympathy Card for the Loss of a Mother

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Finding The Right Words To Say To Someone Mourning The Loss Of A Mother Losing a loved one- regardless of your biological relationship in regard to them- is a heartbreaking, difficult, and exhausting experience; however, if your mother is your best friend, then you may understand how devastating it is for someone when their mom […]

120+ Sweet Things To Write In A Valentines Card

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How To Write A Sweet Valentine’s Day Card No matter how cliché you may think valentine’s day is, it is, without a doubt,  quite a beautiful festivity. Although not an official holiday in most parts of the world, it serves as a day to remind us how to celebrate love and what makes us unique.  […]

Thank You Message To A Nursery Teacher

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Send Your Nursery Teacher A Message Of Thanks When a parent puts a young child into a nursery, it is a very difficult. Entrusting the care of our special little one to someone else is never easy. It takes a special person to care for these precious gifts. So it is nice to se nd […]

Love Message For Pregnant Girlfriend That Will Make Her Melt

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Send Your Pregnant Girlfriend A Beautiful Message Of Love When a woman is pregnant, there isn’t much to do as her partner except give her unwavering support. Whether said or written, words serve as a great foundation and constantly remain in our memories. Knowing what to say or, better still, write, can be cumbersome; however, […]

50 Ways To Send Thank You Messages to Foster Parents

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Through commercials on TV, news articles and social media posts, you have probably seen that there are countless children that are in need of foster care all over the world. Consequently, the need for foster parents is ever-present, and becoming involved with social workers, health care providers and educational programs are just the beginning of […]

Morning Text Message For A Friend (Make Their Day)

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Send Your Friend A Quick Morning Message  The people in your life are there to share your day to day, or when you need words of encouragement.  Every so often it is nice to reach out and let your friend know that you are thinking of them. A nice morning text message for a friend […]

How To Send A Prayer For Boyfriend (8o+ Examples)

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Send Your Boyfriend A Prayer When your man is facing difficulties, or hoping for a favorable outcome, it may be time to ask help from a higher power.  Sending a prayer for your boyfriend will not only garner assistance from above, it will let your loved one know that you are thinking of them, and […]

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