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Fun Happy Birthday Wishes for Dog Lovers

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Super Cute Birthday Wishes for Dog Lovers Dogs are the best.  They’re always happy to see you, and always there to lend a furry shoulder to cry on.  If you’re a dog lover, then you know that your pup is the most important member of your family. Do you have a dog lover in your […]

Funny Vasectomy Quotes To Get Him Through The Procedure

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Lighten The Mood With A Humorous Vasectomy Card If you have someone in your life who is either going to have a vasectomy or is recovering from one, you know that they’re going through a stressful, elective, medical event. A great way to cheer up your friend, family member, or coworker is with funny vasectomy […]

350 Thoughtful Birthday Wishes for your Sister that will Make Her Day

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Sisters are one the most special people in our live. They can be -in equal parts- friend, mother, protector, antagonist. But you can always count on your sister to be there when you need her. But birthday wishes and birthday cards for sister can be hard to find.  It’s your sister’s birthday, but you’re not […]

280 Heartwarming Birthday Wishes For Your Daughter

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The Sweetest Heartfelt Birthday Wishes For My Daughter No matter how old your daughter gets, she’ll always be your little girl.  On her special day, make sure she knows just how much you love and cherish her.   Send her a card with a heartfelt message, or write her a letter telling her all the wonderful […]

Funny Coffee Quotes For Your Favorite Coffee-holic

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Funny Coffee Quotes To Start Your Day With A Laugh For many of us, the day doesn’t truly start without some kind of caffeinated drink; in particular, coffee is a favorite among people from all walks of life. Whether you enjoy it from a mug on your porch, in a to-go cup while driving, or […]

200+ Insanely Cute Christmas Captions

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What Are Some Cute Christmas Instagram Captions? This time of year, social media is buzzing with photos, videos, and updates showing friends and family enjoying a white Christmas- not to mention, catchy Christmas captions that tie together all of the sights and sounds of the holidays. The best way to spread Christmas cheer to all […]